Thursday, September 27, 2007

From Nurin to Fairuz

28/5 Five people, including a woman, arrested early this morning in Shah alam in connection with the abduction and murder of Nurin Jazlin Jazimin/STAR
Click here for the Bernama report.
Corus Hotel at Jln Ampang
Sat 29 Sept, 2pm.

Former Deputy Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim is a speaker at this forum on "From Nurin to Chief Justice: A Collapse of Law and Order", which will debate some of the most-talked about issues these days.

Other speakers are:
Tunku Abdul Aziz (Transparency International)
Lim Chee Wee (Bar Council Secretary)
Param Cumaraswamy (ex-UN Special Rapporteur)


  1. Justice is that they make of it Bro! They split in in two,it becomes JUST ICE .It melts.

  2. Anonymous10:15 pm

    Rocky, please don't politicise Nurin's death. A child's death is very painful for any parent. If society is outraged by her death, than do something about it. Her parents and siblings are already suffering beyond human endurance. Put yourself in their shoes. Respect their right to grieve for their child without riding on it for political reasons. Have a heart!

  3. Anonymous1:59 am

    This is clearly an agenda of a failed politician, trying to do any circus-stunt what-so-ever it takes to get under the spot light again, even politicizing the tragic misfortune of a Kuala Lumpur family.

    Since 3 Sept 1998 "Reformasi" days, this failed politician tried so hard to mess with people's emotions to revolt against the system where else we was part of the system which he so-called fighting now!

    So insincere & transparent!

  4. Anonymous6:21 am

    I'm very sorry to say this. But is there possibility Nurin's death is related to someone she knows? What if the mastermind is someone she is so close to? Most murder related cases are.

    Probing into the parents and relatives is a required procedure by the police. I'd say they are just doing their job if they investigate every possible suspect.

    If I were the police, I will probe into parents and relatives as well, not for negligence, but to see if anyone is involved in the murder, nothing personal but strictly professional.

  5. Anonymous8:33 am

    You are right mr. BIGdogdotcom...and i believe there are many failed politicians out there who have done nothing for the country except for the sake of themselves and their clustered friends! So machiavellianism!

  6. Anonymous9:44 am

    Dear Tembam,
    aint it quaint?i thought the guvernment is politicising the issue.if u can't get the culprit go for the parents.get your facts right!


  7. Maaf saya tidak mahu merosakkan puasa saya mendengar cakap seorang bekas pemimpin negara yang munafiq, kuat berbohong, berpura2 dan bersekongkol dengan anasir yahudi dan zionis.

  8. Anonymous11:07 am


  9. Anonymous11:48 am

    Sdr Rocky,

    Your friend's hatred n jealousy of Anwar blinds his rationale. PERIOD.

    RAMADHAN should inspire us.

  10. Anonymous11:53 am

    I know I need to care more about the judiciary and the lawyers' march to save the judiciary. Forgive me, I can't. Not while there are sadists preying on our children. Who march for them?

    Mr L. Wong, Mother of Three

  11. Anonymous11:59 am

    People who criticise the talk are missing the point. Nurin and Fairuz represent the two ends of our justice system. If the apex of the justice system is rotten to the core, how can Nurin and ordinary citizens like you and me obtain justice? The rot started with Dr M and it will not die with him unless Pak Lah seizes the chance to set things right.

  12. Anonymous12:46 pm

    To tembam & bigdog,
    Come on la , it just so happen that Nurin's case is the latest in a series of cases of ineptness & inefficiencies of the PDRM.Are we going to just sit & be quiet & yes listen to our leaders & believe what they say about our police & judiciary.
    Apa ingat rakyat semua anjing kaa... "sit boy..down boy makan boy"...then wag our tails...
    Pegi jalan daa.....

  13. Anonymous1:25 pm

    Voice, Kokomeng and Bigdogdotcom,

    You guys are ONE person or you guys are 3 different persons. Either way, you guys sound like Khairy Jamalluddin, the good-for-nothing son-in-law. Zionist and Jews, puhhleease!

    Read what Lipreader had to say. Grow up, KJ or KJ lackeys!

    -- Dentist --

  14. Rocky!

    Dietrich Bonhoeffer, an anti-Nazi and Hitler, once said: "The test of morality of a society is what it does for its children." Malaysians, politicians are included, let us Lets ponder upon this quote for a moment.

    Selamat Berbuka Puasa.

  15. Anonymous3:29 pm

    Dear Malaysian, I did say that it was alright for the Government to policise it either. There was a great hue and cry from everyone, including me, about that. The same goes in this case. Two wrongs do not make a right. Thank you for your veiw but my thoughts are with Nurin's family.

  16. Anonymous3:39 pm

    Rather than heaping criticism and allegations on 'Yahudis' etc. (viz. to blindly incriminate individuals of a race -- an immature thing to do) or any group of people currently not directly involved in the matter at hand, we should take the opportunity to demonstrate support for a discussion on judicial corruption, whether the panel is participated by someone thought of as having plenty of flaws or not (some of these allegations could be propaganda or misinformation or partially true; in any case, be reminded that we ourselves have our flaws). The main point, which we shouldn't lose focus of, is this: provide support for any discussion that raises awareness of important matters that affect all Malaysians when those in power are doing quite the opposite -- attempting to brush a matter of national concern under the carpet. To use silly arguments such as (i) a professed aversion towards a panelist in the forum and (ii) that because it is Ramadhan, attending a forum participated by such a person will sully your spirituality is sheer nonsense and narrow-mindedness. Bukalah minda dan hati seluas-luasnya, saudara dan saudari. Yang penting, relevan dan utama adalah isu yang perlu ditangani di sini, bukan meja perbincangan yang buruk atau suara/latarbelakang salah seorang hadirin yang tidak sempurna.

  17. Anonymous4:16 pm

    this is truly a transparent blog.even admitting 3 KJ lackies into the fray.i'm not surprised this spin doctor's cronies are spreading their net in the www trying their utmost best to clean up their acts

  18. Saya setuju,

    Jangan politikkan kes Nurin!! Ini bukan masanya untuk bermain emosi khususnya kes Nurin. Lebih-lebih lagi siasatan sedang dijalankan. Anwar Ibrahim should focus on other agenda such as corruption, harga barangan naik dan lain-lain.

  19. Saudara Zainal, ANWAR was part of the system for 18 years . Whats his Agenda ? dont tell me he has none okay guys , pls.. i beg of u guys .. let the kid rest in peace . Please.

  20. Anonymous7:11 pm

    My typo there Rocky

    I did "not" say that it was alright for the Government to policise it either. I still say two wrongs do not make a right.

    Saya setuju dengan pendapat Saudara Zainal. Tambah pula dalam suasana bulan Ramadhan yang mulia ini. Selamat berbuka puasa.

  21. -- Dentist -- said I sound like Khairy Jamalluddin, the good-for-nothing son-in-law. Zionist and Jews, puhhleease! ANd I am KJ or KJ lackeys!

    It must be his/her time reading blogs ... :-)

    If it is any consolation, I agree that Khairy Jamalluddin is a good-for-nothing son-in-law.

    He and Anwar are in cohort.

    My judgement is not only not clouded and in fact I am very sure of it.

    Yang tak tahu, baik diam saja lah

  22. Anonymous9:56 pm

    Anyway, beware! for nothing good ever come out of that cursed hotel.

    Why Anwar chooses that venue? Oh I forgot his father used to receive patronage from the owner.

  23. Anonymous4:56 am

    Why not held it at Tivoli Villa?

  24. Anonymous11:07 am

    bloody fools...

    Anwar is just one of the speakers..if he is nauseating to you..when he speak, just get up and walk out of the room. They still have 3 other speakers. Are the three politician? You fellas are in the same shithole like the taxidriver minister....he condemned the lawyers as politicians when they made the WALK.

  25. Yes, those nauseated by Anwar should step out.

    Look .. there are many facets to an issue. I hope I am entitled to my piece of mind.

    The lawyers march is sparked by the alleged tape. Shouldn't the tape be proven first? Is the tape not another of Anwar's play acting like that arsenic poisoning.

    Anwar is a politicians with a power hungry past. A master at attracting willing martyr as supporters and drumming up gullible peoples' sentiment. When he gets what he wants, he has conveniently forsaken his supporters and people. Many have deserted him upon this realisation. Lets control our emotion, be objective and not be manipulated.

    Without the validity of the tape ascertained, Bar Council laid out a menu of demands more than just enquiry about the tape. Lets give benefit of the doubt. Perhaps there is something good.

    In the pictures, there is also opportunistic lawyers using the tape issue to win for their cases. They've been preempting their expected loss by blaming the judges as excuses. Poor clients taken for a ride. Justice anyone?

    Can't you'll see it? Its too obvious. So, lets be clear and righteous and not get messed by lawyers and their subjective debate of justice.

    Many expect the tape to be dismissed based on their doubt of the three panel members. What if it is actually true. Mind you it is not easy to proof. Will the lawyers marching be fair and gracious to accept it?

    Anwar, the burden of proof is with you and make it publicly available!