Saturday, September 22, 2007

After Nurin - A politician's promise and a cop's threat

Mark Shahrizat's words: "It won't happen again".
The Women, Family and Community Development Minister was quoted in NST as saying that parents whose negligence leads to their children being harmed risk being jailed. In the past, she said her ministry had been reluctant to act against errant parents as it deemed it sensitive to get involved in family affairs.

And the Inspector-General of Police may recommend to the A-G that Nurin's parents be charged for negligence.
Musa Hassan said there are provisions under the law to prosecute parents who neglect the safety of their children but they were never used. "I think it is high time that we apply the laws."


Or so said
Nuraina A. Samad. The blogger, a single mom of two, is sickened by Musa Hassan's lack of compassion and decency. "Trying to make a case against Nurin's parents is really going too too too far".
She isn't the only one angry. Mindacergas says going by the IGP's logic, he should recommend that the PM be charged for negligence as well.


  1. Anonymous4:07 am


    When was the last time politicians kept their promises?

    This is not the first time such a case happened. Too many.

    And if police cant do nothing about anything that means nothing can be done.


  2. Anonymous4:53 am

    Shahrizat and Musa are two mutts who do not know what they are saying. It is best they shut up.

  3. Anonymous5:01 am

    Another example of a politician & police talking thru their blardy a*se!!

    Ta der hati perut ke?

    Why is the IGP passing the buck? Shouldnt he be going after the murderer? Shouldnt that be his priority?

    Stupid! Stupid! Stupid!

  4. Anonymous5:36 am

    Isn't it the responsible minister and the police force shall be punished for failing to take care of the public security?

  5. With the number of crime in the countr, may be we can also press charges on them for their negligence in ensuring our safety after get their raise in july...

  6. it's very tactless, to say the least, the point the finger of blame at these grieving parents.

    truth is, the country is becoming increasingly dangerous for kids. (true also in britain)

    i do think though that there needs to be a drive to make parents realise what is responsible and what is irresponsible behaviour and draw up some guidelines. parents have to learn the ropes as they would for any job, and society has changed so much and so quickly here that they cannot draw models of behaviour from their parents.

    on the subject of parental responsibility - i can't believe that parents let their little kids stand up in the car without securing them properly in child seats.

  7. Anonymous6:25 am

    ahhhh !!! its that sharizat-wait-fot-something-to-happen-first minister.
    Remember how often shes always the last to say sometthing ? Usually, if not always, she'll wait for her political master to say something first,


  8. Anonymous6:38 am

    When was the last time polititian said rape victims was not the victim's fault? Snatch thieve victims was not the victim's fault? And now this?

    Instead of protecting the public and the innocence, they kept blaming the victims for negligence.

    The minister should be sacked.

  9. Anonymous6:44 am

    Double bollocks!

    One: The Police has made criminals rule our cities. More interested in shooting live bullets in political rallies than keeping law and order. What are all those FRU doing? Let them roam the streets, put some fear into the criminals, instead of people expressing their political rights.

    Two: How has the Women Ministry helped mothers like Nurin's, who has to cope with work & family, and a deteriorating lifestyle not helped by the Govt's blind moves to help the economy?

    I beg her constituents not to vote her come polling day. If you can't vote the Opposition, register a protest vote. Let her be voted by less than 20% of her constituents.

  10. Anonymous7:03 am

    Another way of diverting the attention to the current problem???

    What the two BOZOs expect parent to do ???

    Lock or keep their chlidren indoors at all time?

    Please USE your otak (if you have), instead of keeping the street safe, stop shifting the blame?

    DO you job, IGP?????? Or quit....

  11. Anonymous7:05 am

    I have a better idea for Sharizat, Musa et al. Why not run a competition?

    It'll go like this. Anyone catching a kid (a human one, not the one from Dolah's farm, I mean) walking alone to school, unattended at supermarkets, on the road, walking alone to the nearby store or pasar malam, and sending him/her to the nearest municipal council/police station, will nail a RM100 a head bounty. This reward will also be paid if the kid is dead because sometimes real monsters may have gotten to the kids first. This will also save the authorities a lot of time and energy responding to reports of sports bags or any luggage found unattended at shopping lots, in the belukar, near garbage dumps, etc. God knows our authorities are busy enough as it is.

    Then, go for the parents. Here the reward will be doubled for every parent brought in also dead or alive. Preferably dead since it'll take more to bring in the stronger and bigger parents who may even turn violent if accosted by these bounty hunters, unlike their defenseless children.

    Forget missing children notices in the papers, on milk cartons, etc., etc. That is This idea from bolehland's best will be a novel way to earn big bucks from the little kids and eradicate this missing kids menace once and for all. Who knows this might be emulated by government authorities worldwide. And Malaysian leaders will finally get the international recognition for innovativeness and intelligence that they so badly lack and crave.

  12. Anonymous7:26 am


    Semua dah gila! They're trying to hide that this country's security system is already $#!^&*-%& like hell! I pay a lot of taxes..and not a moment I feel I'm secured and protected as what it's suppposed to be.


  13. Anonymous7:27 am

    Shifting the blames to the parents ahhhhh?
    What ? Think we can make premonitions ahhh?
    My condolence to Nurin's parents.
    To the gomen.....just buck up lah!!!!!!

  14. Anonymous7:56 am

    Can the public sue the police department for negligence? Was there an act related to this? Anyone?

  15. Anonymous8:17 am

    With the exception to Nurin's case, I think charging irresponsible parents is the right thing to do.

    I have seen parents sending children to school with helmets or without stopping at traffic lights.

    Once I saw a man was riding a bike with a kindergarten girl sitting at the back and sleeping and in the front another younger child also hald asleep. I honked and reminded and pointed the child ws asleep and about to fall...but he just nodded his head and continue with his journey.

    Felt like going down and slapping the idiot.

    Sometimes, I see parents not really bother with the safety of their children. Some not even bothered about the children mental development. Some don't know how to dress the child properly.

    Leaving kids alone at home.


    So IGP, start charging now...catch the kids riding parents bike without helmet and licence...and charge the parents.

  16. Anonymous8:29 am

    oh yeah....btw the read this..

    "The decision, which was made in the meeting today, saw two senior officers being discharged from service and one demoted from his current position.

    Asked on the disciplinary offences commtited by the two senior officers, he said they married another wife, without their superior's consent."


    I got a case against policeman and until know nothing happened...but my complaint was just a small assault case not as big as the one mentioned there...

  17. where are their priorities?
    why waste time working to sue the parents?
    I read that the parents have pleaded to the public not to blame them for their daughter's death.
    let's not be looking for scapegoats.
    let's find the beast, the murderer.
    I agree with Nuraina, the parents have gone through enough.
    If it happened to my child, I think I would go mad....

    Let's hope the IGP will show us that he has mreo sense than that.

    And to the Women's Affairs Minister -- "whatever!"

  18. Anonymous9:05 am

    sdr Rocky,
    dalam dialek orang kedah,orang seperti sharizat dan igp ni dikatakan loq laq, tak dak hati perut.

    why say it at this hour? have both of them acted accordingly?

    it is very easy to put the blame game! so, if for example, your handbag get snatched, your car get stolen while it was parked inside your compound, if you report then you will end up being accused of negligence? what is this?

    come on sharizat and igp, get real!
    menyampah betul!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. Anonymous9:08 am

    castration is too good for these people (talking about the murderer, not the police)

  20. The parents are griefing beyond words. They have had to see a corpse, nurture a hope that that equally poor victim wasn't their daughter, and have that hope dashed in return; they have to go back home to comfort another daughter whose pain must surely be no less. They have to bury someone whom they cannot believe was their own blood. They have to listen to a psychologist give views on why they are behaving like that. Their world has been turned upside down, crushed, emptied of all meaning. The pain is worse than a thousand cuts.

    So all this talk about it being their fault is wrong. Would a taxi driver know that it is the parents duty to make sure a bodyguard accompanies their child to a pasar malam? What next? To school every day?

    The suggestion that parents should care more should be taken up at a different place and time. Not now when both parents and the whole nation are grieving and angry. Why wasn't the suggestion made long ago after so many other cases of these beastly murders had been done on all those innocent children? Why now?

    We will never amount to anything if we don't tackle head-on this problem of killings, rapes and kidnappings of children and women. What is the point of sending someone to space or buying submarines, building industrial corridors and talking big about being glocal, if this one thing - the safety of children and women - in this country cannot be improved upon?

    It is not just a jungle out there. It has become a bloody killing field.

    If the IGP wants parents and the public to help, help first by giving out the profiles of all past murderers and abusers - we want a pattern to work on:

    where and when it happened
    age of the victim
    where was the victim found
    if the murderer/criminal was caught, where and when
    profile of the beasts - age, occupation, background details etc.

    There are laws which will restrain people from taking the law into their own hands; but these details will help everyone be more alert to what CAN happen, so that everyone can take steps to protect each other's children and women, and organizations can help to increase their surveillance and alerting facilities.

    Penalizing the parents in this case is the last thing that should be done. What have they done to deserve such a devastating suffering?

    The police should have made a statement that whatever it takes, the beast(s) will be hunted down. Show a stern face, start polishing those revolvers and go get those bastards.

    Enough is enough. If we cannot protect our women and children, we might as well all resign as human beings.

    How did we slide down to this animal level in our society?

  21. Anonymous9:38 am

    Shahrizat and the IGP really, REALLY should have known better than to say whey did at this point in time. Compassion is definately the thing they should have practised.

    I do not know parents of Nurin, but I am saddened by their loss, especially a loss which occurred in such a tragic manner.

    That being said there is some wisdom in driving home to parents the need for them to be vigilant over their children.

    I have personally come across lost children twice just these last 12 months. In both instances, the small child [of about 5 or 6] was crying and wandering around his parents. One was in a pasar malam, the other, in a shopping mall. In both instances, I calmed the child down and stood with him in the middle of the stream of pedestrian traffic [for visibility] till the parents came for in a short while. [In the case of the mall, a female security guard who was nearby tried her best not to see, and did not even want to know when I initially brought the kid to her and told her that the child was lost.]

    But what if I had malicious intent?

    I also come across cases of a schoolkid left waiting for his/her parent every now and then [my home is near a school]. Often it is already about 8pm when I stop to ask if he/she needs to use my handphone to make a call. And the kid is waiting at a rather dark street corner. And the street corner is within a few minutes travelling time of where Nurin's body had been found in a bag [not that places further away would have been safer].

    Parents have a duty to take care of their children in a responsible manner. And many fail to do their duty in a world which has grown, and is growing more, dangerous for young ones. Sometimes just because they were too busy grabbing bargains on sale.

    But now is not the time for Shahrizat and the IGP to say what they said the way they did, even if they wanted to do so to try to prevent more Nurin cases.

  22. Salam, bro..

    I'm saddened with what had happened to Nurin, especially with how the main media had sensationalized it (especially on the photo of her body)

    Btw bro..This is not the first time the current Govt has come up with promises which had yet to be fulfilled!

    But then again, when the Prime Minister breaks his promises, I do have so reasonable doubt about promises that had been made by his officers..

    No offence bro, just an opinion.

  23. Anonymous10:15 am

    "I think it is high time that we apply the laws."

    Hey Musa..selective prosecution ?? They have just lost their baby.
    Brainless mutt..better you apply the law on the kris waving seditious b@st@rds. One eyed Zack..plenty of cases for you. And we already have laws for sedition and corruption.

    my father will say "poo nia bor'

  24. Anonymous10:34 am

    Kenapa la Sharizat dgn Musa ni tak sensitif langsung? Dah la sekarang Ramadhan... : (

  25. The parents lost a child
    Grieving for her for the rest of their lives
    I know how they felt
    I lost my young sister when she was 3 years old
    I used to think of her till today

    Now the IGP wants to charge the parents
    Don’t they suffer already?
    Rubbing salt to the wounds, has he?
    Go after the beasts in the society

    IGP should get his priority
    Catching the beasts is his job
    Leave the grieving parents alone
    They have suffered for their own negligence
    This is punishment for their lives

    Political minister(s) wants to score mileage
    Open mouth say nothing useful
    Only want documentary evidence
    When it is given
    Say a different story

    Ah promises of many
    Like the sleeping beauty
    Waking up never know the time
    Of light of dark never getting to know
    Close one eye wishing everything goes away

    The road of power
    In the hands of incompetent leaders
    The many potholes on the roads
    Tell me when will I see transparency?

    Goodbye little girl
    Allah will make you a fine angel
    In His eyes you will be protected
    For eternity

  26. Bro' Bru,

    A-G had been positioned as God now by the authority, the police had done their part and they will leaves it for God to decide. But our A-G is as wise as God. Thanks God.

  27. Anonymous10:43 am

    for someone having bodyguards minding their childrens ( at the expense of malaysian tapayers ) its the most insulting & insensitive statement.

  28. Anonymous10:57 am

    I really don't know much about this, but I can see and understand parents would be angry, but I feel that parents should be responsible in their children safety as well, and not taking things for granted. That does not mean at all that the law and police force should just lay back and wash their hands off. That would be the very last thing on my mind. I think educating the correct protocol, the right community effort and the law enforcer should be in place to help have a safer and better world. The people, community ngos or official organisation (political as well), police and law enforcer should all play their respectivly collective role. There is a lot of work and effort if we all wish to have it this way.

    ... just my 2cent worth of thought.

    ** I may be steping on some people's toes or consider not being sensitive in my comment here. I do apologize before hand if that does happen.

  29. Anonymous11:18 am

    I do not know if anyone has recently made police report in a local station. I can tell you, the counter and the IOs are downright jaded that they do not think any thing deserves their attention anymore. Even if there are criminal element involved.

    They most likely ask the complainant to avoid this, avoid that rather than taking action to enforce the situation. I am thinking aloud, what are police force for if not to protect the rakyat from harm? When the rakyat is being harmed, they advise the victims to find ways to avoid the problem.

    Just like now they say fighting crime is a joint effort, I would like to know in what way it is a joint effort? Is the rakyat allowed to whack the shit out of the criminal and hand over to the police (that is if they have the manpower)? Otherwise, they can only call and wait for the police to turn up which most of the time, they do not have a workable schedule (I can vouch that they are seriously short handed). So how should the rakyat defend themselves or defend their rights?

  30. Anonymous11:26 am

    go ahead and charge the parents for negligence. i am sure the peopl will defend them to the last.
    this top cop is doing nothing but abdicating responsibility. instead of posting gestapos to watch Anwar and spending tons of resources trying to catch the flag burners, why cant these resources are used to enhance security. talking about security, look at the poliferation of usage of private security in housing estates. isnt it a sign of a major failure of the police to keep the people safe from harm? or the police's main role is at the bidding of the powers-that-be to intimidate and threaten those that are not in agreement.
    let me say this. be apolitical and perform your main roles which are to provide security and prevention of crimes as well as upholding of rule of law. if you as the top cop cant do that, then resign.

  31. Anonymous11:28 am

    They just had to open their moutn and said something, no matter how stupid they may sound. If both Sharizat and Musa kept their mouth shut no one would even accuse them being dumb, and yet they have to open their big mouth.

  32. Anonymous11:45 am

    If i saw anybody's kid walk alone in the street, at playground, at mosque, at library, at school, even few feet away from their parent...I will catch them and get their parent to the police-charge them of negligence.

    Malaysia is now becoming a fearful place to live. No more happiness, freedom. Thanks to our pembesar negeri!!

  33. Anonymous11:48 am

    This is beoynd stupidity and compassion. Please solve the case, that is the priority. We are still angry, our tears have not dried, our fears are yet to overcome. But if you should enforce the law, the next time we see your kids or grandchilds playing alone in some playground, we'll sue you!

  34. Anonymous11:56 am

    Tolak angsa lagi? The police obviously don't know what they are supposed to do, so blame the parents. Sigh!!

  35. Anonymous12:07 pm

    Semua pihak secara langsung atau tidak langsung boleh dipersalahkan. Secara umumnya sesuatu tidak akan berlaku tanpa sebab atau penyebab.
    1. ibubapa dan keluarga bertanggung secara langsung terhadap anak-anak.
    2. masyarakat perlu mengambil tahu dan peka keadaan sekeliling.

    Apabila kejadian telah berlaku, semua pihak perlu mengambil tanggungjawab untuk mencari penyelesaian. Disini aspek keberkesanan mengambil peranan. berapa cepat pihak berkuasa bertindak? adakah masyarakat setempat membantu dengan menyalurkan maklumat secepat mungkin? adakah pemandu teksi juga membantu? banyak yang perlu diperhalusi. Adalah agak merungsingkan kalau masyarakat tidak mengambil tahu. Bagaimana kanak-kanak ini boleh disimpan oleh seseorang tanpa menimbulkan syak masyarakat?

    Media mesti memainkan peranan yang lebih baik. Laporan mesti berdasarkan fakta yang jelas dan bukan spekulasi atas penafsiran atau pemahaman sendiri. Kalau ada maklumat salurkan kepada pihak berkuasa bukan berlumba untuk mengeluarkan berita sahaja.

    Penjenayah akan terus berada dalam masyarakat kita. Jenayah boleh berlaku secara terancang atau secara spontan (peluang). Polis tidak boleh menjaga kita 24 jam. Polis tidak boleh tahu bila jenayah akan berlaku. Kita kena mengambil langkah keselamatan sendiri terlebih dahulu sebelum menyalahkan orang lain.

    Yang salah tetap salah, yang benar tetap benar.


  36. Anonymous12:11 pm

    Irregardless whether these ppl are of law, medic, engineering, ivy leagues etc graduates, once they’ve entered politics, once they have the title “politician”, these ppl automatically have a tendency of doing stupid things and making stupid statements. Whatever comes out of their mouth made me think that maybe their highest education level was kindergarten! No offense to the kindergarten kids out there.

    It was very frustrating hearing Shahrizat said there’ll be another 5 special hotlines cater for child abuse. What on earth la shahrizat? Hotlines will do the trick ke? Be smart la woman.

    And equally devastating when THE policeman talking about pressing charges on Nurin’s parents for negligence. Excuse me mr policeman, why don’t you press charge on your fellow policeman with 26million asset? Or maybe those trigger happy ppl of yours in Ganu?

    I wonder if these ppl knew that we think they are stupid.

  37. Our politicians and law enforcers are full of sh*t! Instead of using the time they have to find the ass punk murderer, they rather comment on how wrong Nurin's parents were! Oh c'mon! Give the family a break assholes!! Its so typical of our nation's politicians! Pointin fingers, and lazing on their asses, not doin anything to make the situation better! The murderer is the one guilty, u dumb idiots! Not the parents! But u know wat, blamming the parents is the easier way... thats why they do it! They're too lazy to get off their butts n work on the things that really matter! Afterall they're gifted ppl... gifting in letting c*ck flow out of their mouths gracefully! Honestly, if you wanna blame the parents for negligence, blame yourselves first, coz you're supposed to b keeping these monsters off the streets!! To me, you're as guilty as the murderer!! For heaven's sake, LEAVE THE FAMILY ALONE! They've been through enough!

    May you rest in peace Nurin, and may the peace of God b with her family & friends....

  38. Anonymous12:55 pm

    Mr. rocky,

    I’m wondering.

    Do reporters asked aggressively at PCs? Or was it only the style of Melodi’s reporter?
    Because I can’t help but thinking when Musa (and other authorities) gave a statement of negligence charges, why can’t a reporter reply back something like “how about the negligence of the police force for their lack of success in curbing crimes?” Was it somekind of thin line of offlimitness?

    *if you’are offended with my question, my apology in advance. Just to let you know, I love Malay Mail when you were in charged. Now, my family don’t read it anymore.

  39. Anonymous1:40 pm

    Can we, the public, demand from the police how the investigations on Nurin was conducted from the day the report of her missing was made until the day her body was found?

    It'd be interesting to know when they (police)first move their arse...and seriously look into the matter to investigate.

  40. Anonymous2:02 pm

    anon 12.55 pm

    journalism is literally dead here. except for a few journalists working for THE SUN, all the other the editors and owners have all sold their soul to the powers-that-be. does that answer your question. by the way, i have boycotted nasty pee and gang ( including malay mail) since they started the suit against rocky and jeff and i continue to do so until they drop the suit.
    back to the nurin case and IGP moronic threat. Will you recommend to the AG to charge Najib and Lee Lam Thye for negligence resulting in 14 deaths in National Service. will you do the same to CHAN KONG CHOY in regards to the more than 20 deaths in the tragic bus accident? Or your threast are just a diversion to cover up the incompetency of your police force?
    As the top cop of the country, if you cant do the job of providing security, prevention of crime and upholding of rule of law, then resign and dont be a disgrace to the position you are holding.

  41. Anon 12:55 who asked,
    "Do reporters asked aggressively at PCs? Or was it only the style of Melodi’s reporter?
    Because I can’t help but thinking when Musa (and other authorities) gave a statement of negligence charges, why can’t a reporter reply back something like “how about the negligence of the police force for their lack of success in curbing crimes?” Was it somekind of thin line of offlimitness?" -----------------

    Thank you, Anon

    I am responding because journalism is a matter close to heart and also because I am happy that you are concerned with where Malaysian journalism seems to be heading for.

    First thing first, you (yes, you) would make a good reporter if you have the guts to ask questions like that at press conferences. I am sure Citizen Nades would hire you.

    And (as Anon 2.02 was saying in response to your question), with people like Nades still willing to stay in the ring and keep the the journalism flag up, there is still hope.

    Apart form the language and writing skills, it's down to your guts and how big the fire in your belly is in wanting to report the truth and defend the underdogs.

    The reason why too few reporters would ask the hard questions or challenge the statements made by people in the authority is because most work in a newsroom environment that does not encourage them to be kurang ajar when you need answers.

    Globally, the New Media are helping the Old one to rebrand and reinvent. Grassroot journalism via blogs is thriving and provide alternatives. This is happening at a slower pace in Malaysia because the authorities seem to be discouraging the information revolution.

    The reason -- why they want things to stay the way they are -- are pretty obvious.

    thank you.

  42. Sorry to spoil the mood of a single mother of two, but in the great United States of America, Child Endangermen Law is real, applied constantly and consistently.

    If you can't take care of your children, you should go to jail.

    A child below the age of 9 cannot cross the road effectively as an adult does. If a mother lets her daughter does that (crossing the road unattended), that mother should go to jail.

    The safety and peace of a child falls under us adults, like it or not.

  43. Anonymous2:56 pm

    If the mother fucker IGP does his fucking job properly this kind of fucking shit will not happen.

    What has he done to allow him to say what he has said. They fucked up the Koh Khim Teck case and now are they going to fuck this up.

    Our society is the one to blame - not the parents. Mistakes happen.

    Piece of shit IGP.

  44. Anonymous3:04 pm

    The child is the responsibility of the parents. The security of society is in the hands of the Police. The security and law and order situation in the country is in the hands of the PM and his political cronies. There is a failure at each level.

  45. Anonymous3:20 pm

    I read the sequence of event of Nurin's case with great sadness. How can the Police be so inhumane to make their own press release on Nurin's DNA findings without the family's presence. Or rather, shouldn't they share the findings with the family first before announcing?

    I thought movies always have police coming to inform you of the findings and bad news. I also read that the family was made to run from one place to the other to get all the information for DNA, investigations etc. Those who think the police after the naik gaji is doing their job please think again. You will not feel it if it didn't happen to you. Is our government infrastructure so bad that we have to be made to run around from place to place to piece together the bad news like Nurin's family case? It is definately not for the weak hearted.

    Then the final blow was that everyone blaming the poor family. If they are taking teh easy way out earning like some pembesars, it would have been blamable, but saying its their fault to be poor? can you imagine having 3 kids family in a 2 room apartment? I think the kids will grow up cuckoo lah. Going by thier arguments, its a crime for poor people to raise kids and if you go to most low cost apartments, you will know what I mean.

    Politicians and Police don't take the easy way out and make stupid statements. Instead of going after the real criminal, blame the parents? You should set example to be able to catch the culprit and ensure the person(s) gets the befitting punishments. If they are not able to do that, I don't think the rakyat will respect what they say or do.

    Excuse my long winded piece here Rocky but I think the police needs to put their priority right.

  46. Anonymous3:33 pm

    'In the past, she said her ministry had been reluctant to act against errant parents as it deemed it sensitive to get involved in family affairs.'


    Is she not the Minister in charged of family affairs? Why she said something like that one?

  47. Whatever said and done, it must be said that the parents' negligence caused the innocent gal's death. Who would in their right mind would send a child to the pasar malam alone.

    I live in the same neighbourhood as Nurin did and I would not let my child, if I had one, to go alone.As much as I m angry with the beast, I m equally angry with the parents.

    Altough it is insensitive, it is high time that parents bear the fault. Although no parent would cause their own any harm, they seem to have such a laidback attitude when it comes to their safety..judging on the numbers of children I see loitering in Carrefour etc on their own....

    Musa may have said it at the wrong time but it may be a warning to the rest of parents in Malaysia...there should a law to prosecute negligent parent..It is also another form of child abuse....

    Shahrizat..I do not have any words to say...She is just useless...Do you need a death to say these or do anything....What do you do the rest of the time??????? You had two cases before Nurin. Where was your mouth..geez....

  48. I am sad for the loss suffered by the parents of Nurin. But to state that severe punishment is prescribed by USA law regarding the protection of children and should be followed here is, at present, unrealistic due to different value systems.

    In the USA, I believe the safety standards prescribed for school buses set the benchmark for all buses. However, in Malaysia, our school buses can carry our school children but are not deemed safe enough for foreign tourists!!


  49. Anonymous4:21 pm

    You must forgive this high up people for they are not in thinking mode for this is the month of pesta makanan a month full of feasts all round as a way to networking and lobby for even higher position. Too many good lavish buffets with oyster to roasted Kambing where everyone can enjoy a wounderful buka puasa. If I am at that position I too would throw a fine buffets to secure my next nomination for MP, better still if it is under my ministry payroll and who says it cannot be approved if I ask someone more power to be the VVIP of the evening?

  50. Anonymous4:23 pm

    Bro Rocky,
    At the unstoppable rate you’re going, I’m sure by tomorrow or Monday, this influential blog will hit its 2nd million, much much earlier than what shar101 has predicted, and five months shorter than its first. Kudos for “berani melawan arus”

  51. Anonymous4:30 pm

    kepalaotak, these people lah!
    Wat negligence huh? Have they experienced what is living in flats/low cost apartments like huh?Space in the flat is definitely limited and all children in flats play outside always and people living there are not that paranoid about letting their kids out alone ...maybe because they couldn't help it!
    You guy start thinking of strategies now to make our streets safer not frighten us with more threats!
    and you lady! perhaps u can think of how to educate parents rather blame them for mishaps!

  52. hi rocky,

    can i comment on HANSAC's comment.

    I think the single mother of two is me.

    You know, I think it is clear what CHILD ENDANGERMENT is.
    Before we start invoking the harshest provision of the law against errant parents, why don;t we ask ourselves whether they deserve such.
    Do you not think that they should be educated first.
    Yes, if you let your child cross the street and she or he gets hit by a surely are liable. Even in this circumstance, there has been no suit or conviction.
    Maybe there should but I would also be against it.

    It is just so easy to take action against "errant" parents, I know.
    But is that really the answer.

    You abandon your child, yes,you have put her or him in danger.

    Hansac, you ask yourself whether Nurin's parents deserve to be taken to court. Deserved to be jailed.

    Perhaps they were so complacent...their neighbourhood pasar malam has always been safe for them....neighbours, friends out shopping, familiar vendors, traders....

    do you think Jazimin and Norazian intentionally sent their child to her death?

    You know, i do believe Jazimin and Norazian need counselling to help them get through this.
    In the absence of that, perhaps a little apathy and understanding from the community ...

    Sleep well, Hansac.

  53. Sdr Rocky's Bru,

    Talk is cheap.

    Tens of thousands of poor parents leave home 5 to 6 days a week eking out a living.

    Children are left alone or with maids and at neighbours' house.

    The perverts and sickos are on the prowl 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.

    Cakap mudah. Janji murah. Tangislah air mata darah. Janji tinggal janji. Lain di mulut lain di hati.

    Orang miskin merata-rata. Pengemis semakin ramai di kota dan desa. Penganggur apa kurangnya. Menteri bercakap dan bercakap jua. Janji dikota atau tidak itu lain cerita. Cakap murah harganya.

    Inilah penyakit pembesar kita di Malaysia. Bila orang sudah mati, sudah disiksa sudah dinoda, barulah dia bertempek di puncak suara.... jangan takut aku ada, aku akan bela, aku akan jaga, aku tangkap musuh durjana!

    Talk is cheap. Words are free.

    Good luck to all of us.

    Take good care of your loved ones.

    Thank you.

  54. Anonymous5:41 pm

    bagus igp, you baguslah...

    can't get the muderers/abusers go after the parents, so this is how malaysian police do their job?

  55. Kita orang melayu sentiasa berbudi bahasa. Dalam hal ini saya rasa kedua-dua orang besar itu tidak berbudi bahasa langsung.

  56. Anonymous6:55 pm

    Brother Rocky

    Strange that your focus is only on this case where the law enforcers make a statement that does not go down well with the public.

    How about the case of Sujatha, the Tamil TV film actress from Cameron Highlands who worked as PA to a minister's son? (That guy was a 'leader' and a so called saviour of a co-operative formed with the blood, sweat and tears of the public - most of them poor folks who were promised the heaven and earth by a being who thinks he is so chaste and pure)

    This poor girl's death has hogged the media for many days and till now it seems impossible to nab the folks who were responsible for the situation!

    You dont want to say anything or get the public to express about Sujatha's case that is still moving at its own pace till now?

    So much so that the wrong doers are not being apprehended todate despite so many interviews by the law enforcers with key people?

    Are you also superficial - talking about action to be taken against the wrong doer in the case of the child, but do not want to say anything about the Sujatha case?

    Very sad-lah, you too are selective!!!

    Be truly Malaysian lah!

  57. Hansac, we're talking about a serious case: a child killed by a brutal serial-paedophile. We're living in a god-fearing country and we expect our country to be safer but why do I feel safer in a godless place like Berlin than I do in Malaysia?

    Needless to say, children are primarily the responsibility of their parents when general safety (like crossing the road, not leaving them alone in the house when they're under 12, teaching them not to talk/open the door to strangers, etc.) are concerned but how do we protect these innocents (and often quite forgetful ones) from cunning paedophiles with persuasive tongues or aggressive threatening ones?

    Besides, whose child has not been disobedient?

    Isn't it the people we trusted to keep us safe the people who should be keeping our streets free of sickos?

    By imposing a law jailing errant parents will not only result in parents not reporting sexual violations to the authorities if their children were involved but open Malaysia up as a tourist hole for paedophiles.

    Is it this way the country should be run? Silencing parents of victims in order to preserve a false picture of safety?

    The eventual losers are your children.

    Instead of wasting time blaming everyone but themselves, the people responsible for our and our children's safety should be out there persuading people to talk.

    The killers are - unlike the clueless police - not stupid. They will lie low for a while waiting for interest in them to die down before they strike again. And you can be sure they will, if they were not caught. And I do hope it's not your child because over your loss, you would probably be jailed too.

  58. As life goes on I’m starting to learn more and more about responsibility. I realize everything I do is affecting the people around me. So I want to take this time out to apologize for things I have done. And things that have not occurred yet. And the things they don’t want to take responsibility for.

    Because I love Malaysia I’ll take that blame. Even though the blame is on you. I’ll take that blame from you, and you can put that blame on me.

    Tak apa. Your kids safety is the responsibility of the police, of the politicians, of the government, of the Prime Minister, and not you, the parents. Tak apa. I am sure our beloved Prime Minister will lose some siesta over this.

  59. Anonymous8:57 pm

    Dear mr. rocky, (and anon 2.02)

    TQ very much for the explanation.

    I have to ask that question because it’s very frustrating. I’m bleeding whenever I’m watching the news and seeing all these reporters in attendance doing nothing but listening to these people making stupid statements. The reporters were there and having a chance to ask anything and yet they didn’t. so near yet so far.

    I wish I can transmit what I have in mind to the reporters on TV, but I can’t.

    It’s very frustrating.

    ~ Anon 12.55 & 12.11

  60. Anonymous9:19 pm

    May be we should take action against the police too for failing to ensure law and order in the country. If the police is not too busy catching opposition party members, they would be able to ensure the country is safe for the people and not the few who rule.

  61. Anonymous9:31 pm

    Parents and guardians are responsible for the safety and well-being of the children under their care. I think we all agree on that. We can't fault the IGP or the Minister for saying that.

    What I don't agree is with them saying it now, at a time of great mourning.

    It is their tactless approach that angers a lot of people here, including me.

    This is not the best time for it and this couple who have lost a baby this way have gone through enough pain.

    No need to crush their broken hearts.

  62. Alfatihah untuk Nurin, moga dicucuri rahmat.

    Semua orang terkejut dengan tragedi yang menimpa mangsa. Kita tumpang kasihan dengan keluarga dan rakan-rakannya.

    Tumpang terharu bila baca bagaimana guru mengalihkan meja Nurin di kelas untuk mengurangkan rasa hiba dan trauma.

    Tumpang sedih mengenangkan keluarganya sukar mengenali Nurin pada awalnya. Bukan mereka tak mahu, tapi wajah beliau jauh berubah dengan penyiksaan yang dialami.

    Tumpang marah mengenangkan pembesar kita tak berhati-hati dengan apa keluar dari mulut mereka.

    Bila fikir-fikir balik, memang patutlah begitu. Pembesar-pembesar kita tempuh hari berebut-rebut mencerca Tun Dr Mahathir... dan setengahnya berkata .. hey old man, your time is over.. stay put and shut up.

    We suddenly become heartless beasts! Oh God.

  63. Anonymous10:02 pm

    I have only this to say to the Minister Shahrizat and the IGP Musa.

    "We Malaysians paid you to do the job of administering the Malaysian Family affair and ensure the Safety and Security of all Malaysians are taken care at the utmost at all times.

    What have you both done?"

    "You both had failed!".

  64. Anonymous10:34 pm

    Bravo! Can we hold the PM accountable for every screw ups by his cabinet ministers too? Even if they commit crimes themselves?

  65. Anonymous10:43 pm

    I will chop off my limbs if this won't happen again. Babies lost arm due to Dr's ignorant. Women got rob and raped before being murdered. Little girls got lost and murdered. What make the minister think that this won't happen again? What have they done to make this not happening agian?

    What is the use to spend RM100 million to celebrate Merdeka? What is the use to send a Malaysian to Space? What is the use voting all this BN MPs to paliment? To rob the rayak? Even MP and former IPG homes are broken into and you tell us the common people to feel assured of your promisses? Please do not make the rayak fools. Why is that we do not see head rolls when minister could not deliver their job?

  66. Lepas ni, ada sapa-sapa berani buat laporan kehilangan anak di mana-mana balai polis?

  67. Anonymous12:56 am

    Sometimes those in power (read: VIPs)just forget or ignore the fact that we, 90% of the Malaysian population DO NOT have Gurkha bodyguards at the front gate of our house, and we don't have chaffeurs to drive our kids to school/soccer game/mall...

  68. Anonymous1:43 am

    Anda akan didakwa cuai Jika:
    Membiarkan anak perempuan anda menunggu bas keseorangan untuk pergi dan balik kesekolah. Oleh itu siapa yang bekerja kerajaan boleh menuntut mengurangkan waktu kerja anda lebih singkat dari waktu persekolahan.Jangan percaya kepada sesiapa.

    Anda akan didakwa cuai Jika:
    Nama anak anda kedengaran disebut dalam speaker shopping complex kanak2 yang hilang.Oleh itu tinggalkan anak dan bini dirumah anda sorang saja shopping hingga akhir hayat.

    Anda akan didakwa cuai Jika:
    membiarkan oranggaji kamu menjaga anak dirumah.Adakah mereka tidak cuai menjaga anak kamu.Oleh itu isteri yang mempunyai anak tidak dibenarkan bekerja.Jaga anak dirumah.(Menteri wanita termasuk).

    Anda akan didakwa cuai Jika:
    membiarkan anak kamu bermain dengan kawan dikawasan taman, bawah flat atau dihadapan rumah. Oleh itu ibubapa tidak perlu pergi kerja sebaliknya boleh monitor anak anda 100%.Kerana jika dibiar anak anda bermain sendiri tanpa kawan didalam rumah sampai berumur 18 tahun kelak mereka akan menjadi pemimpin seperti yang kita ada sekarang.(jiwa yang terkongkong).
    Anda akan didakwa cuai Jika:
    Cuai memahami hasrat kerajaan ini...

  69. Anonymous1:45 am


    unbelievable that you are questioning Rocky'a highlighting of little Nurin's brutal murder and his silence on Sujatha's murder.

    and becos he has not posted the Tamil actress' case, he is selective?

  70. Anonymous1:48 am

    They should concentrate on getting the murderer...instead they are thinking of stepping on the grieving parents. Are these big shots human at all?? I couldn't believe my eyes when I read it in the news.

    My heart goes out to Nurin's family. They need support in their moment of grief. Their lives would never be the same again. The last thing they need is a public persecution. Haven't they suffered enough? Dah lah jatuh, ditimpa tangga pulak. And shame on those who bombarded them with harsh SMSes and telephone calls. You think they like seeing their child dead??

    Nurin is with God. She is in safe hands. No one can hurt her now. Rest in peace little angel. You've had more than your fair share of hurt from this world. Syurga menanti mu, sayang. InsyaAllah.

  71. Anonymous2:18 am

    Orang tua-tua kata; "dah terantuk baru nak terngadah!"

    Dah jadi macam nih, baru nak buat macam.

  72. Anonymous2:37 am

    Like thousands of others, I pray for Nurin. Feel so sorry and sad for her parents. Angry with whoever that captured and tortured her.
    But why are the politician and police so quick to shift the blame? Suddenly the parents are the guilty ones? They do that here, in England too. The evil people are still at large, free to do the unthinkable. Or free to leave the country as the press and the public have turn their attention to the helpless parents that lost their child.
    The parents should be left alone to grief not put under public glare!
    Why, is it suddenly "high time to apply the laws"? Do they need to apply the law today? this week? after a tragic accident like this happened? With their carefully crafted words, and their kind hearts, can't they kindly advise all parents on 'child neglect' only after they catch those that took Nurin's life?

    We are supposed to spare our thoughts for Nurin's family,but instead feeling angry and disappointed with politician and police statements.

  73. Anonymous5:17 am

    The next time you have lost your child, before you report, think first if the police will charge you for negligence!

    Your child is sexually abused by someone? Well, think first before you make a report. You could be charged with negligence and be sent to jail!

    The next time you see an unattended child is dragged in to a van, the first thing you must do is make a parent negligence report to the police because according to a politician, if all parents are not negligence anymore, child abduction will not happen, ever again.

    Breakthrough of the century: Solution to child abduction cases - catch all negligent parents.

    Criminal on the loose: Laughing all the way while he is on the way to hunt for another victim.

    I never said parents are not responsible for their kids but shouldn't we have a heart. There is no need to punish a couple for the nation to see and realise the importance of parents care. Is this a "kill one warns a thousands" strategy? If it is, I'm telling you it's very cruel. Even if the laws say it clearly that the enforcement has all the right to jail the parents, it is very heartless and cruel.

  74. Anonymous5:47 am

    This is purely my thoughts but nothing to do with facts.

    I don't think Nurin was a random victim. Most crimes are well planned, that's why they are hard to catch. If Nurin had not had gone to the pasar malam alone, would the criminals aim for another victim? I don't think so. The beast could've chosen a different time and place such as school. Thre are so many school children that walk to school unattended, especially those live within 1 km from school. There are so many easy targets, so why did the criminals chose Nurin?

    If we think careful enough, we should know it is not a one man's job. Nurin was dragged into a van by a man. There is another person, the driver. The abduction was done in a pasar malam, a busy place, they would do it the quickest possible. CCTV footage revealed someone on motocycle dropped a bag with Nurin's body. This person (so called the suspect) may not be the killer (most probably not) but could lead the investigation further. There is a mastermind. It was the work of a team of people.

    The IGP said only involved one person. Is this really so?

    Judging from the van incident in the pasar malam, it is quite possible that more than one person is involved. One person would not be able to handle a struggling person while driving.

    So it is not a serial killer's job because experts say most serial killer s works alone. They work for challenge and excitement.

    A team of criminals works for a reason. Mostly money related.

  75. Anonymous11:23 am

    Rocky, normally I just read blogs but because I am so outraged by what the IGP and some irresponsible elements of the media are doing to this couple that I had to comment. Thank you bloggers for being a voice of sanity amidst this mindless, senseless and totally irrational time. The Malaysian public identify with this tragedy and need to express their grief, anger and sorrow. But what does the IGP do instead of assuring the public that they will find the killers and make it safe for our children to walk the streets again. Had he been as eager to throw the full force of the law into the face of the perpertrators, the police would have struck terror into them that they would have left this sweet child still alive. Instead, he intends to strike terror into the hearts of the poeple who have suffered most, the parents? Please lah....I am too sad to laugh!

    As I posted on Nuraina's blog: "The IGP is suffering from "Foot in Mouth" disease rampant among our public figures when a tragedy hits us. Who made those in high positions holier than thou? We are all humans. Whatever the lapse in judgment of Nurin's parents, this could have happened to anybody's child. While we watch Nurin's burial, our tears flow just as fast as those of her heartbroken parents. Tuan IGP, spare a thought for this taxi driver struggling to support his family. How much more blows can the man take before he breaksdown completely? Maybe if your family live in a cramped flat in Wangsa Maju you might not be so quick to put your foot in your mouth."

  76. Anonymous11:56 am

    I support the call to hold parents accountable for neglecting their kids. HOWEVER...let's not be selective here. Don't just look at Nurin's parents, look at other parents too. I know parents who allow kids to go out of the house too, riding a motorbike without license, ect. The only difference is, they come back unharmed. MM question is, what constitutes NEGLIGENCE? Do we cry negligence only when a child is missing, injured, or DEAD?

  77. Anonymous1:38 pm

    I think we all pretty much agree that it is a dumbass move to charge the grieving parents. We, parents of this country, should come up with concrete ideas to give to Ms Minister 'wont happen again'. Here're my suggestions:-
    1. Every community by law should have a secure playground/field/park for the children of that neighborhood.
    This will require local councils to be involved in proper city planning. We think city planning sucks right now - KL alone is becoming a concrete jungle. More Mat Rempits than badminton players as a hobby.
    2. Childcare centres to be set up in work areas, office buildings. Do you really think the majority of people can afford maids or live on 1 income these days?!
    3. More CCTV in public.
    4. More police patrol around.
    5. Border control. Human trafficking is a major but hidden problem in this country. Children and women are being trafficked both in and out of the country by vice syndicates. Police not doing enough on this issue.
    6. Encourage community centres - message boards, activities to bring the neighbours together and know who are your neighbours and who are not.
    7. City planning - I can't say this enough, having lived in different parts of the world. It really sucks here - no pedestrian walkways, dark and hidden paths, pasar malams that are dirty and haphazardly set up, list goes on ... all badly planned. Local council simply approve projects for money. Developers simply construct for money. Think!!! What do the residents want to do besides going to work and sleeping? It all starts from the Basics, may sound simple but it really is - for eg. ask why did that fella commit a crime 'cos he was on drugs 'cos he met some people who did 'cos he was hanging out at bars/joints 'cos he wanted to have a good time 'cos there was nothing else to do around. Don't laugh but it all start from the basics.
    I'm sure there are more good ideas out there which we can forward to the Ministry instead of waiting for them to come up with them.
    And make them implement them!
    Enough is enough - too too much crime in the country. We cannot go on like this. Time to take action!

  78. If passing the buck or blaming other people for your own shit is an Olympic sport, Malaysia could very well contend for the top three medal tally rankings every four years.

    Yes, it is 'fashionable' to persecute the parents who have lost their children in the States because, as it turns out, some if not most of the abductions were done by either parent.

    In Nurin's case, is there any evidence to suggest that it was an inside job?

    I think the police read up on the Internet how the US police and the media/public turned their eyes and fingers towards Jon Benet's parents, so they thought it was the next thing to do.

    THAT, or they watched an episode of CSI.

    They don't get it. The about-turn was because of new evidence. Let me put that in big letters. NEW EVIDENCE. The US law enforcement did not 'simply' accuse the parents.

    It's like all those hip-hop wannabes and black wannabes in Malaysia. They got the form, but no fucking substance. ALL bling, but inside got nothing.

    No soul, motherfucker.

    CONSPIRACY THEORY!!!: Is the police trying to protect the identity of the killer, who might be a VIP? Or the son of a VIP?

    Usually, with high-profile killings and sexual assault, only the rich and/or powerful have enough resources to escape the law.

    Well, that's the way this country rolls. And if you don't like it, you can GETTT OUTTT!!!

  79. Yes. Only the rich and/or powerful can escape from sexual assault-turned-homicide cases like this one.

    I mean, does anyone of you remember Noritta Samsudin and Shahidan Kassim? OOpps! I mean, Noritta Samsudin and her still-mysterious killer?

    No, not Shahidan Kassim. Definitely not him.

    This country is like Basin City, from Frank Miller's Sin City graphic novels. The only difference is, we don't get any heroes. No Marvs, no Dwight.

    ALl we got are Senator Roarks. Lots of them.

  80. Anonymous2:11 pm

    How could they say this. They are the one who is supposed to safeguard our safety. I would in fact, ask them, what was the result of their 30 days investigation? I thought witnesses said they saw Nurin being bundled up in a white van....aren't they teaming up with JPJ to check the owners of such vehicle? and why is there no road blocks organized to find the vehicle? ANd not a single suspect?

    I wonder if Nurin's name is Nurin Jazlin Binti Tan Sri so and so...I'll bet, the whole country will be moving with the speed of light to find her. I guess, in Malaysia, even kidnapping and missing person cases will need "cable".

    Ministers, MPs, ADUNs and VVIPs, can always say that we need to be more careful of our children, you who have at least 1 officer aka balachi to assist each of your family members in their everyday's life, their chauffeur driven life, their first class/business class travel life, their shopping in every corner of the world life. Stop giving your advises, it is annoying and insulting.

  81. I once passed by a school in Sungai Buloh primary school in the evening at about 7.30pm and saw a young school girl standing infront of the school gate which was locked. Further more it was about to rain at that moment and the sky was almost totally dark. The gate infront of the school was not lighted up, and it seem so dangerous to see her standing all alone. I stopped to keep her company until her father came. It seem he was caught in the heavy traffic jam at an area which was raining heavily on his way to fetch his daughter. I explained the danger his daughter is facing, and he fully agreed but can only shake his head and sigh, " what to do? the school do not want to see to make sure all the children are safely taken away by guardians or buses." Can the ministry make it compulsary for the schools to ensure all the children are safe within the compound until they are taken away by their guardians or buses? Not a too big a task to handle considering the safety of those innocent kids.

  82. Anonymous10:09 am


    I do agree. When I was in my school days, teachers would actually stay back or would call whoever their guardian (contact that is given to the school authority for emergency cases that can be obtain). There are different teachers that would rotate to take up such duties and sometimes the guard or gardener would help out because they are also the ones that stay back late to clean up the school. Prefects and teachers that stay back for extra classes or clubs do keep a watchful eyes as well. Other than that school children is suppose to stay behind the gate until being pick up and not at the road side - that's a safety protocol. Not to say I am an angel myself during those days, always fighting with others to be the first to get my favourite seats in the "bus sekolah"... roflol ... but I must admit they do keep a watchful eyes on us ... I was wondering why on this matter?

  83. Anonymous12:30 pm


    nampaknya ramai yang berminat membincangkan perkara ini. ada yang menyalahkan pihak berkuasa dan ada juga yang menyalahkan keluarga.
    dari laporan media atau blog pihak keluarga tidak menerima tuduhan yang mereka cuai/lalai.

    pihak keluarga mesti menerima hakikat bahawa ada unsur kecuaian dipihak mereka, kalau tidak banyak sedikit. mengikut laporan mereka ada tetamu dirumah dan anak mereka keluar semula setelah pulang kerumah. dari fakta ini jelas mereka sibuk melayan tetamu dan terlalai SEKETIKA dan tidak menghiraukan anak keluar semula (menganggap bersama kakaknya). disinilah kelalaian atau kecuaian selalu berlaku iaitu sibuk melayan tetamu dan sebagainya dan menganggap sesuatu (ASSUME).
    fakta ini tidak boleh dinafikan oleh pihak keluarga. tidak ada siapa mengatakan pihak keluarga tidak sayang anak mereka. semua orang sayang anak mereka. mengakui kecuaian atau kelalaian tidak bermakna mereka tidak sayang anak mereka.

    pihak masyarakat melihat perkara ini dengan penoh emosi. dalam keadaan ini semua orang akan mencari siapa yang patut disalahkan. pilihannya ialah keluarga atau pihak polis. oleh kerana simpati kepada pihak keluarga maka yang akan disalahkan ialah pihak polis.

    cuba lihat semula kes budak yang hilang di sogo dan ditemui semula. mula-mula masyarakat simpati dengan keluarga yang kehilangan anak dan menyalahkan polis. sedangkan jelas keluarga berkenaan cuai/lalai ketika membeli-belah di sogo. apabila budak tersebut ditemui/dipulangkan masyarakat yang terlalu emosi menyalahkan polis kerana menyoal siasat pasangan yang kononnya menjumpai dan memulangkannya sedangkan keterangan pasangan berkenaan banyak yang meragukan.

    perbincangan kes/isu ini akan berlarutan sehingga raya nanti tetapi semasa raya nanti berapa ramai keluarga akan cuai atau lalai dalam mengawasi anak-anak mereka.

    selepas itu kes/isu ini akan dilupai oleh masyarakat. pada masa ini semua pihak akan keluar membuat kenyataan dan menonjolkan diri. dari ahli politik samada kerajaan atau pembangkang, ngo dan sebagainya akan menggunakan kes/isu ini untuk kepentingan mereka.

    semua ini terlalu jelas.

    bersambung lagi

  84. Anonymous2:13 pm if the parents haven't suffered enough. You think they really wanted their daughter to go missing and then be raped and killed?

    i think they have gone through enough torment. Now is the time to offer them our sympathy, not heap blame on them.

  85. Anonymous2:13 pm if the parents haven't suffered enough. You think they really wanted their daughter to go missing and then be raped and killed?

    i think they have gone through enough torment. Now is the time to offer them our sympathy, not heap blame on them.

  86. maka mencadanglah shahrizat (aku dengar kaki kang2)..... untuk pesalah seks pakai gelang.... gelang yang mcam mana tak tau.... kalau macam menantu bodo la pakai tu ok jugak.... tapi yang penting mesti mahal dan dia dah ada nama suppliernya.... at the end... tak de apa2 pun yang jadi.... dia untung.... budak2 tetap kena....

    bodo la punya kera jaan.....

  87. Kepada Encik/Cik Bersambung Lagi (aka anonymous 12.30pm),

    [pihak keluarga mesti menerima hakikat bahawa ada unsur kecuaian dipihak mereka, kalau tidak banyak sedikit. mengikut laporan mereka ada tetamu dirumah dan anak mereka keluar semula setelah pulang kerumah. dari fakta ini jelas mereka sibuk melayan tetamu dan terlalai SEKETIKA dan tidak menghiraukan anak keluar semula (menganggap bersama kakaknya). disinilah kelalaian atau kecuaian selalu berlaku iaitu sibuk melayan tetamu dan sebagainya dan menganggap sesuatu (ASSUME).
    fakta ini tidak boleh dinafikan oleh pihak keluarga. tidak ada siapa mengatakan pihak keluarga tidak sayang anak mereka. semua orang sayang anak mereka. mengakui kecuaian atau kelalaian tidak bermakna mereka tidak sayang anak mereka.]

    Baik. Namun, untuk menghukum mereka begitu awal, dan menuding jari ke arah mereka tanpa menumpukan usaha ke arah penangkapan mereka yang secara langsungnya bersalah menculik, merogol dan membunuh, adakah ini tindakan yang betul?

    Lagipun, siapa yang sanggup melakarkan garisan pada apa yang dikira kecuaian ibubapa dan apa yang dibolehkan?

    Contohnya, jika kanak-kanak itu diculik dua meter di luar rumah, adakah berbeza jika diculik 200 meter dari rumah? Bagaimana kalau dua kilometer? Apa kata kalau ia terjadi di sekolah, atau di pondok jaga? Atau di balai polis?

    Memang boleh untuk menguatkuasa undang-undang cuai, namun apakah timbal-balik yang hendak diikuti?

    Pada pendapat saya, langkah menerkam ibubapa kanak-kanak yang diculik, dirogol dan dibunuh tanpa bukti kukuh, sebelum kes ini benar-benar selesai merupakan tindak tanduk mereka yang dalam hati perutnya cuma ada tahi.

    Dan saya mengulang sekali lagi yang jika benar mereka cuba mengalih perhatian dari usaha penangkapan pesalah dan pencegahan perkara ini dari berlaku dari pihak mereka sendiri (bukan menuding jari kea rah pihak lain), maka sememangnyalah ada sesuatu yang tidak kena dengan kes ini.

    [pihak masyarakat melihat perkara ini dengan penoh emosi. dalam keadaan ini semua orang akan mencari siapa yang patut disalahkan. pilihannya ialah keluarga atau pihak polis. oleh kerana simpati kepada pihak keluarga maka yang akan disalahkan ialah pihak polis.]

    Tidak juga. Bagi ramai orang yang mengikuti kes ini, seperti saya yang kacak dan sasa, kami tidak berminat dengan siapa yang harus dipersalahkan melainkan orang yang telah emnculik, merogol dan membunuh budak tersebut.

    Tak kiralah sekiranya ibubabapanya, orang lain, pihak polis, Sharizat, KJ, Kalimullah, Shahidan Kassim, VIP, VOIP, TCP/IP. Siapa yang menculik, merogol dan membunuh, dialah yang bersalah.

    Yang pihak polis nak perasan orang nak cari salah mereka apahal? Kenapa defensif? Tahulah imej dah jahanam. Tapi, menindas orang lain dan menuding jari kea rah orang lain untuk mengelak beban tanggungjawab sebenarnya akan menajdikan pihak itu lebih nampak bersalah lagi.

    Saya fikir, pihak polis sewajarnya mengambil saya untuk menguruskan hal-ehwal perhubungan awam mereka kerana cara mereka mengendalikan media dan imej luaran mereka amat memalukan dan setanding pelajar darjah satu punya PR.

    Dalam erti kata lain, Piiiii Raaaaaaah!

    [perbincangan kes/isu ini akan berlarutan sehingga raya nanti tetapi semasa raya nanti berapa ramai keluarga akan cuai atau lalai dalam mengawasi anak-anak mereka.]

    Keluarga cuai akan kehilangan anak mereka. Sapa suruh beranak tak reti nak jaga?

    Malah, yang jaga anak pun akan kehilangan anak mereka. Pasal apa? Pasal polis dengan menteri, dengan orang awam bukan nak pergi tolong cari dan tangkap orang, tapi nak bergaduh sama sendiri pasal nak tunjuk siapa betul. Pasal nak elak dari dipersalahkan.

    Biar aku cakap senang je:

    Aku betul. Korang semua salah. Kalau tak suka, hisaplah jubur aku beramai-ramai.

    [selepas itu kes/isu ini akan dilupai oleh masyarakat. pada masa ini semua pihak akan keluar membuat kenyataan dan menonjolkan diri. dari ahli politik samada kerajaan atau pembangkang, ngo dan sebagainya akan menggunakan kes/isu ini untuk kepentingan mereka.]

    Kalau ada, baguslah. Sekurang-kurangnya, isu ini dapat perhatian. Daripada tak dapat langsung?

    [semua ini terlalu jelas.]

    Dah, habis tu? Kalau dah jelas? Nak buat apa? Nak buat kuih samprit?

    [bersambung lagi]

    Sambung kak/bang, jangan tak sambung.

  88. Anonymous9:35 am

    Bila nak jalankan hukum Islam, kita persendakan. Bawah hukum hudud, bila dapat tangkap penjenayah dan terbukti kesalahannya, hukumnya pancung kepala. Hukuman dijalankan di tempat yang boleh disaksikan oleh orang ramai. Oleh sebab kita ada banyak stesen TV, pemancungan hendaklah dipancarkan melalui TV. Bagi mereka yg nak lakukan jenayah akan berfikir banyak kali. Yang dapat ditangkap dan dikenakan hukuman, pasti tak akan mengulangi jenayah sebab 'dah masuk kubur. Polis pun senang kerja. Penjara pun tak penuh sesak. Samalah juga dengan lain-lain jenayah. Kalau mencuri potong tangan termasuklah mereka yang curi duit rakyat melalui rasuah. Kalau dah kena potong tangan tak ada siapa yg berani nak mencuri dan merasuah. Kalau merogol, hukum pancung saja. Habis cerita. Kalau bunuh pun pancung sja kepalanya. Ada yang kata ini tak "human". Nurin mati dengan seksa yang amat sangat tu "human" sangat ke?

  89. Yaaaa. Hukum Hudud. Hukum Tuhan.

    tapi, kalau la aku dengan empat orang lagi nak pedajal kau atau bapak kau, aku buat aje laporan yang mengatakan bahawa aku lima (bukan empat, aaah) orang dah nampak kau dengan bapak ko mencuri, merompak dan membunuh.

    Oleh kerana kami berlima lelaki, akil baligh, tersohor, dipercayai, disayangi, dan tidak buta, maka kau dengan bapak kau kena potong tangan dan kena pancung pulak lepas tu. kalau kena kisas nya la.

    Aku tak bangkang langsung hukum hudud. Buatlah. Cuma...macamana nak menghalang orang-orang yang berfikiran macam aku dari menuduh orang-orang yang tidak bersalah macam kau dan bapak kau?

  90. Anonymous1:54 pm

    Malaysian IGP have no brains. If Royal Malaysian Police Force is so good, they should arrest the psychopath and prevent him from killing another child. Let me tell you, the psychopaths will not give up after killing/raping 1 child and probably this is not his 1st time doing it judging from his modus operandi. The thing is his past crime might not be reported that's all. RMP should buck up instead of pushing the blame to the grieving parents.

  91. Anonymous6:45 pm

    if the police cant do their job, they should all resign as they are like UN with which nothing happens, if they don't one of these days people are going to shoot all the cops dead and by then i say the police deserve what they get if ever anyone tries to kill them for what has been going on in malaysia