Sunday, September 23, 2007

The Black & White March

Save the Judiciary march. If you are a Malaysian and you care about this country's future, please join me this Wednesday, 26th Sept, at 11 am in Putrajaya.

Together, we will march peacefully from the Palace of Justice to the Prime Minister's Department, where we will hand over a memorandum to the PM demanding that his administration stop the rot in our judiciary.

Other Malaysians will march with us. Buses have been chartered and will leave the Bar Council's secretariat at 9 am to take us to the march. Those who prefer to make their own way to the Palace of Justice, do so.

Attire: What our lawyers usually wear (black and white, preferably with a jacket).
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  1. Bro, see you Wednesday, at 9a.m.

  2. Anonymous2:25 pm

    By now i think the 8 minutes clip has turned in one of the most watched "stupidity" in Malaysia. What we see is a person speaking about the "judiciary" or something. Who is on the side of the line, I don't think anyone of us know. And the man in the clip .. is a good actor. I doubt he was filmed secretly . From his body gestures, I think he knew that an accomplish is filming him. In fact, there instances where he looked directly into the camera. There are those who still believed that he is being filmed secretly using a "handphone" ? However, somebody pointed out that in 2002, the handphone is not that sophisticated as it is now. So the date and time of the film is a little bit sketching. I think R.Petra should do the honour of analyzing the clip just like he did with the "flag-burning" photograph.
    So what does this all tell us? Maybe DSAI may have in his excitement may have jumped the gun and as a DPM should know better. The best action that he should do is to personally hand-in his "evidence" to the authority and wait for their next course of action. Only when there are none that DSAI should make his move. And what is this about DSAI saying that he is protecting his source .. his "deep throat". Be transparent DSAI and don't hide anything ....because due to his "grudge" he will alway be accused to settle old score with the GOvt. So DSAI need to show that what he is doing is done sincerely and not due to his anger to the GOvt. Finally ... without UMNO ... he is never going to PM ...let it go Dato Seri.

  3. Anonymous3:55 pm

    The walk is just but a small step in our long and winding road of the struggle against lies, hypocrisy, stupidity, corruption. It is a long and winding road to Tipperary but ultimately we will prevail. We will triumph against those who mugged and sodomised our judiciary. The corrupt will never rest in peace because we are coming after you. We will win. To strive, to seek and not yield. We will walk together.

  4. Anonymous6:09 pm

    Malaysians, you guys miss this one, then you may just have to wait till Hailey's next return. So, you better come now! And pass the word around! - Amir

  5. In the name of natural justice march right on
    Doing whatever is necessary you must carry on
    Against all wrongs you must condemn and frown on
    It's time for positive actions and no more excuses to sit on

    (C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng Sun. 230907

  6. In the name of natural justice march right on
    Doing whatever is necessary you must carry on
    Against all wrongs you must condemn and frown on
    It's time for positive actions and no more excuses to sit on

    (C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng Sun. 230907

  7. Anonymous10:19 pm


    Shouldn't it be Wednesday the 26th...?

    Let's make this our Phallusgate, our first step in stemming the rot in not only the Judiciary but everything else on which these clowns have laid their hands on.

    All the best....

  8. Anonymous11:09 pm

    the CJ has to go thru the protector, Nazri of UMNO to issue a flimsy denial. his demenaour further affirms his guilt.
    think time for CJ and his gang to take an extended holidays in Australia as that lovely place has no extradition treaty with Malaysia. Now you know why our politicians and their cronies love to maintain a second home there.

  9. thx mr bojangles, correction made.
    see u there?

  10. Anonymous1:56 am


    Will have to watch and support from 13 time zones away from PutridJaya.

    But all the best. And pray that our law enforcers who themselves could do with plenty of enforcing, will for once rise above their third world mentality, take a leaf from their civilized country counterparts and allow this march to take place peacefully. Without any provocation, water cannons or bullets - rubber or live.

  11. Anonymous10:44 am

    Nazri wanna be hero again - he say no case

  12. Anonymous2:11 pm

    If you wish to publish, I have few questions:

    1. Is this march in reaction to the alleged judge fixing clip of VK Lingam? If it is, then it is premature. The tape is inconclusive. Is the hp technology then capable of doing so? Is the person conclusively proven as VK Lingam? Who is on the other side of teh conversation? Is it free from Anwar Ibrahim - his self interest and insiduous moves?

    2. Is this march related to interfaith issues, in which vested interest are questioning the status and power of the syariah courts? With the likes of Harris Ibrahim, Malik Imtiaz, Bar Council and maybe SIS and WAO involved, that can be a possibility. They seemed to ridicule teh constitution and law to find loophole in the Constitution to remove the Social Contract regarding status of Malay, Islam, Bahasa Kebangsaan, and Raja2 Melayu.

    3. Is this march reflecting the trend of All Blog to take a political position as a group, instead of earlier claim to defend blogging?

    There are bloggers not likely to agree. This would means All Blog takes side and as a Group (to be distinguish from individual blogger) has taken a bias stance. Off late, All Blogs seemed to be used by certain party for their legal and political battle.

    Whats your comment Mr Protem President?

    Observing from far

  13. So you got a tape. BIG FUCKING DEAL.

    Who the hell gives a shit, anyway?

    Not Joe Public. Not Jane Civic. Not even Raju Camry.

    Fact of the matter is, we can have Watergate in Malaysia and people don't give a shit.

    That's how it rolls here. And if you don't like it, you can GETTT OUTTT!!!

  14. We all gonna die, motherfuckers! AAAAAAAAAhhhhh!!!! We all gonna die!!!

    Ohhhh, the humanity!

    I hear people calling for Justice. I'm sorry, but the Justice League watchtower has been decomissioned, motherfuckers.

    Ain't no Justice League here. And the SUper Best Friends just bailed on your sorry asses.

    So whatcha gonna do when the shit hits the fan?

    Well, you can GETTT OUTTT!!!

  15. Anonymous12:38 pm

    Guys, i just heard from my colleagues who went to Putrajaya for meeting that the FRU has deployed some trucks on standby there...