Tuesday, August 21, 2007

A Monkey's Last Stand

A Monkey's Last Stand. Despite his patriotic stand, he will soon be stripped of his citizenship and banished to another country. Perhaps, our monkeys were already doomed when people in authority likened bloggers to them. The Cabinet has literally signed their death warrant by withdrawing protection for the so-called urban monkeys under the Wildlife Protection Act.
How can we stand tall as a nation, when we so casually shrugged-off our responsibility to protect the weak and defenseless?

The above is the intro to TV Smith's four-page photo essay on this state-sponsored cruelty against animals.


  1. Anonymous2:04 pm

    I weep a tear for these helpless, innocent animals. It just pains me to know how uncaring and cold this Govt has become. I would like to urge the help of all bloggers, animal rights movement and the general public to bring this issue up to the whole world to know. We owe a duty of service to save these innocent animals. God help us and help these animals.

  2. Anonymous2:07 pm

    OMG!!!Not only they are after 'monkeys' in cyberspace but the real monkeys. aren't the monkeys part of the land.I hope BN jerai didn't tell them to leave the country as well cos the monkeys will have gone on a rampage.

    BTW doesn't Islam Hadhari talk about environment etc.

    Maybe our royalty can step in to stop this cruelty cos this guys are not going to leave any monkeys behind nor pick and choose which ones they can take or can't take.

    Who has got the contract to get rid of this monkeys or export them??

    1st rocky.

    Daulat Tuanku!!!!

  3. Anonymous2:26 pm

    The only monkeys that should be banish are those corrupted politicians, corrupted civil servants and corrupted police personnel.

  4. Anonymous2:52 pm

    "The government has to bail out the Port Klang Free Zone (PKFZ) because the Transport
    Ministry had given undertakings it was not authorised to do so. The Ministry issued "letters
    of support" which were used by the turnkey contractor – Kuala Dimensi Sdn Bhd – to raise
    bonds for the RM4.6bn project cost and get an AAA rating from MARC. Bankers contacted
    said that in effect, they were letters of guarantee which onlt the Treasury could issue, as
    the ministry committed the government to ensure that at all times, the Port Klang Authority
    will fulfil all its financial obligations. The bankers said that since it was an undertaking by a
    ministry binding of the government, there was no option left but for the Treasury to issue
    fresh letters and make the guarantee letter retrospective". (Sun)

    Sorry wrong topic Bro, but it's so easy issit? Come out with statement like this, so ok lah, get away with it lah. Ini macam habis la

  5. Anonymous2:54 pm

    What's there to say. Monkeys are finally affected by human's obsession, so-called development progress, a misnomer in the animal kingdom. But human better be careful, the monkey is no ordinary animal. In Indian mythology, the monkey plays a leading part. Similarly to Tibtan myth and in South China or in Chinese legend, just like Hanuman (Indian monkey-god) or in "Sun Wu-kong" (monkey disciple) who accompanied Buddhist pilgrim Xuan-Cang to India and back to China carrying the Pali ancient language Buddhist canon text. Typically and popularly shown in movies as both a legend, and a popular novel orignated during the Sung Dynasty, but now known as "The Journey to the West", the monkey wu-kong is powerful in mystical magic and known to melt out justice against evils and rogues. Many temples in South China today pay tribute to the monkey-god. To Chinese, the monkey is revered and worship as "Qi-tian da-sheng, or interpreted as the great saint equal to heaven.

    So don't play play with monkeys. Anyway, it's time the monkeys should descend from heaven and have a look into our political landscape. Who knows, they might even give bloggers a helping hand.


  6. Anonymous3:03 pm

    Then, what can you suggest?

  7. Anonymous3:24 pm

    Don't think wu-kong is going to sit back while his "citizens" on earth are being bullied and push around!! Just sit back and watch the news....ha, ha.....divine backlash.

  8. Anonymous3:35 pm

    having a garblement downgrade the ppl to monkeys - that hurts like hell and i voted for them the last ge... like patrick say... niamah!

    sometime i really do missed dr m... at least i know his administration treat us like a human.

  9. Anonymous4:06 pm

    It is very good of you to defend our national primates. Don't let greedy Malaysians put them into cooking pots or turn them into lab test subjects. Sickening...very sickening and giving such a lame excuse as that for the removal of the protection. I wonder where are our animal protectionists, especially WWF Malaysia. Hopefully, they are not too busy soliciting funds in shopping malls and around bank corridors. Save Our Malaysian Monkeys. There are other method to control the primate population, for examples, selective sterilisation and relocation. w9

  10. Anonymous4:14 pm


    does this urban monkeys include myself ah?

  11. Anonymous6:39 pm

    Talk about stripping one's citizenship just becos sing Negaraku song in a different way. The government always think one side (only their own opinion).
    Hey, how about those who uses the Malaysian flag identity to make it as cloth and wears it (Siti Nurhaliza did that, no strip citizenship). Wonder what happens if NameWee makes a cloth and wears it (sure kena strip citizenship).
    Isn't it a humiliation for disfiguring a flag which is supposed to be fly and not wear on a body....
    Rest my case.

  12. Anonymous6:44 pm

    The pictures look doctored.

  13. Anonymous7:44 pm

    Monkeys? Urban monkeys? Why do you all think the government withdraw the protection? Why don't we find out the reason? But sad isn't it? I have read an article where caged monkeys are placed under a dining table (the head jutted in the center of the table) and the diners will crack open the head to savour the brain. Alamak, what kind of people have a heart to do that???

    Ehh, melalut pulak...

    Rocky, gi lah find out ngape gomen withdraw the protection..Dah you all asyik calling each other monkeys, elok lah dicari sebab musababnya.. Kot2 mereka kata monkeys lain kot...

    Btw, I wouldn't want anyone to trap the monkeys that come to my garden to share my rambutans during the fruit season, coz I cannot finish all the rambutans on the tree.

  14. rOCKY!

    I am appalled by the government decision to lift the ban on exporting our monkeys for whatever reasons. Our simian friends is part and parcel of our beloved land and we are the one who displaced them when we shaved their habitat. This government, in which I am slowly beginning to get angry with, must realise that taking short cut to anything is easier than to find a real solution to solve the problem.
    There are pockets of greens in the capital where wild life still abound. In Sungai Besi at the army camp, the patch of jungle there still holds many trapped animal such a tapir, lynx (harimau akar) and leopard (harimau bintang), leaf monkeys, gibbons although they do not shrill and call each other anymore, yes they have been sighted there!
    What kind of a government that professed a people's friendly style THEN turned around and with a stroke of a pen condemned our precious assets?!!!
    I am usually a docile citizen always supportive of the system, but this declaration to destroy and condemned our simian friends to a cooking pots somewhere, and for experimental purpose such as to be used as a guinea pig in a laboratory experiment or to test cosmetic I say the government had better rescinded the order which is akin to playing God to make decision to take away lives! STOP in the name of DECENCY, OR YOU WILL NOT FIND ME ALL THAT FRIENDLY!

  15. Anonymous8:18 pm

    Rusdi Mustapha. said...

    I am appalled by the government decision to lift the ban on exporting our monkeys for whatever reasons

    With so much money need for new mega projects ao fiasco, this is one way to raise money.

    By the way the government should also sell the SIL @ monkey, beruk or monyet first.

  16. Anonymous8:55 pm

    eh, ngade2 nye menteri yang cakap dia kena kacau ngan monkey masa tengah main golf...

    orang lain pun main golf tapi sightings of biawak, ular, monkeys dan lain2 species tu dianggap sebagai sebahagian dari pemandangan di padang golflah. ada orang kena baham ngan buaya kat padang golf pun ada... saman, jangan tak saman, tapi katanya signage cukup untuk beritahu tentang kehadiran buaya kat kolam itu.

    oklah, oklah nanti kita ajak pak menteri tu main golf dengan set PSP baby saya atau PS2, takde lah monkey yang ngacau.....

    satulagi, dah orang buat rumah kat hutan, tepi hutan, tentu lah ada monkeys..Ini kes siapa menceroboh kawasan siapa ni?? Buat rumah konsepnya pun Country Homes lah Country House lah, lepas tu tak nak share dengan penghuni asalnya...konsep Country Homes apekebendenye tu???

    Elok lah dikaji semula perlindungan yang dah ditarik semula itu, supaya ianya cuma untuk monkeys yang dah dianggap pemusnah kepada hasil tanaman dan pengancam keselamatan sahaja..janganlah blanketkannya..

    Kalau dah dibenarkan berburu monkeys dalam hutan, itu bukanlah namanya urban monkeys... urban monkeys yang meragut beg tangan orang kat bandar atau kampung(hehe ada monkeys yang meragut beg dan handphone kat padang golf tau!)

  17. aiseh, back to primates i see. i thought we were still in amphibious mood.

    i'll come back in a few days time and hopefully farm animals will be thrown in sometime soon.


    thank you.

  18. To whoever who intends to engage in the sale of monkeys:

    please don't do it.

    come to your senses and walk away from the business.

    otherwise something awfully bad will happen to you and your loved ones in ways you can never foresee.

    please trust that i know what i am saying.

    please see them as neohuman living things and in all decency accord them protection thereof.


  19. Anonymous11:27 pm


    Its better to put the primates to sleep without pain than exporting it as delicacies! They think that the others countries import these monkeys to balance their eco-systems is it?

  20. When I read the title, I thought this was an article about the SIL...

  21. On a different topic, is Gwen's clothings any worse than the F-1 girls in Sepang?

  22. walla at 9.54pm,

    I agree with you that they have no idea what they are doing!
    Once I told my friend who kidnapped two baby monkeys from Bukit Melawati and took them to Negri Sembilan, when I told him that he should return the babies to their natural habitat and to their parent or something will happened to my friend's family, well my friend just laughed and guess what his wife died unexpectedly the next day, and guess what he took the babies back to their natural environment! Coincident or not the cabinet must and should rescind the order to lift the ban on export of our simian friends, just do not take any chance of their families will die too from the cruelty!

  23. Anonymous10:13 am

    The UMNOputra will say it is part of NEP.

    Anything that can make money for themselves will do, even by selling their souls.

    NEP only makes UMNOputra richer.

    Have you seen poor UMNO branch committee members/leaders, division heads and etc, etc, etc.

    All of them are very rich. Look at the man who build a palace in Klang. Look at what his position is in UMNO and he is a multi millionaire.

    Do they realise in ten or twenty or even thirty years time when the instant bumiputras (eg foreigners who converts and become instant bumi) will probably join UMNO and take over the country?

    Then they will realise what their NEP policy has done to the Malays.....

  24. Anonymous1:53 pm

    tv smith will be bir trouble when the ppl in gov see this putting monkey beside jalur gemiliang .... another act of seditious ?

  25. The monkey last stand
    Holding Malaysia flag
    Proudly displaying the patriotism
    Yet the government decided otherwise

    Don’t allow export of monkeys
    To people who want to crack its brains
    Humans are civilized homo homo sapiens
    Our government action derailed its dignity
    It makes the nation utterly insensitive
    To defenseless creatures

    50 years achieving a noble society
    Running through the marks of history
    Now we have the pirates in modern times
    Sitting planning executing orders
    Legally without persecution
    Poor monkeys the government sends you to die
    In a torturous ways of the greedy eyes

    Holding flag of Malaysia
    Perhaps asking for a reprieve
    Let them live in peace
    In the wilds of Sabah and Sarawak
    Maybe send them to the forest reserves

    Don’t let them be condemned
    For some who want quick money
    In the hands of sadistic people
    God creatures suffer torturous deaths

    We are the keepers
    For God’s creatures in the wild
    Now we elected this government
    Our hands are sinned because we did
    Allowing them to execute orders
    God’s creatures have no place to hide

    So now we know
    We have to do something right
    We have the will in our minds
    Lend a hand make it counts

  26. Garret,
    the article on SIL is here:
    http://mob1900.blogspot.com under the title of 'The First Monkey We will Trade off"

    Great shots by TV Smith with short and powerful write-up.

  27. Perang ada peranan penting dalam sejarah. Disebalik kemusnahan, ada sesuatu yang baru muncul. Perang, walaupun memusnah, dapat menjana ekonomi baru. Lihat saja perang-perang besar dan kecil serata dunia; punca dan kesannya!!

    Kerapkali pemimpin mencipta musuh, walaupun keadaan ternyata aman. Blog dan bloggers agaknyalah, termasuk dalam senarai musuh-musuh yang dicipta. Dan musuh secara lazimnya, wajar disiang, dan dipotong-potong!!

    Dalam sejarah, musuh pada suatu era, mungkin menjadi hero dalam era berikutnya. Dato Sagor adalah musuh dan pengkhianat pada satu era, tapi kini dalam sejarah disebut pembela, pejuang dan pembebas. Beberapa pemimpin juga disebut pengkhianat pada era 1987, tapi kini beraja di hati.

    Ada juga usaha untuk mengubah persepsi terhadap bekas pemimpin kominis Malaya. Walaupun buat masa ini sanjungan belum diberi kepada bekas pemimpin kominis, tapi belum pasti keadaan kekal sama 50 tahun kedepan. World is fairly dynamic!! Perang dan Konflik sentiasa kompleks dan serampangnya berpuluh mata!!

    Bagitulah lazimnya perjalanan dunia. Maaf, kalau pengamatan saya terlalu simplistik.

  28. Anonymous10:50 pm

    Sorry Bro, wrong topic but can't help it, it's so interesting:

    Now hear this, 2 months ago NAZA ordered 1000 Sportage vehicles from Korea. They declared all as CKD’s but in fact only 800 CKD’s the balance 200 was CBU models.

    Custom Northern region got wind of it and raided their warehouse. Impounded the 200 CBU’s and was preparing a case in court. Our good Tan Sri NAZA called mamak Tan Sri Yahcub ( Dp. Finance Minister and fat lady Raf i Dah ) for help .

    Northern customs chief was told to keep quiet as 78,000 workers livelihood at stake and not forgetting this also second National car ( after conning Tun by Fat Lady ).

    The solution, kasi Ampun saja lah, no big deal, blame the forwarder for making a false declaration , a genuine over sight lah, close one eye and close both legs otherwise panties can c thru mah,.. JUST SEND THE VEHICLES BACK TO KOREA.

    What about the 1000 CBU NAZA Ria’s brought in and masqueraded as local assembled for the official launch and Fat lady knowing all about it and Tun kena screw by her..

    The Sportage are at the port for deportation as they had no passport nor visa for entry.. you can check with Northern customs chief or any crony at NASA Juru branch / factory…

    Courtesy of aisehman

  29. Anonymous10:52 pm

    As the original land in Port Klang belonged to Persatuan Nelayan, somebody suggested that the RM2 billion or whatever profit be distributed amongst all the fishermen in the area.

    I think it is a good idea.

  30. Anonymous11:17 pm

    Thanks Rocky for highlighting this sorry plight of these monkeys. At our 50th year of nationhood, Malaysia should take care of her animals instead of forsaking them to researchers and gluttons.Please also do something about this before it is too late.

    God Bless you.


  31. With the persistence and resilience that only an 'unemployed' blogger can have plus the extreme effort put in 'googling for evidences', it is with great pride that this 'newbie' blogger hereby submit the following irrefutable proof that the unwanted simians of various categories i.e. monkey, chimpanzee, gorilla, baboon, ape, siamang, etc are predominantly living on the following branches:-

    a) The executive branch - one or maybe two.

    b) The legislative branch - several types (see above).

    c) The judicial branch - ditto (b).

    d) The 4th estate is not classified as a branch simply because they are not elected nor appointed and therefore will be exempted. (Except in obvious cases where members of the 4th are seen to be too chummy with a), b) and c) for their own good).

    Will the appropriate authority kindly issue the hunting licences and export documentations for the necessary action to be taken. Final destination(s) for the captured primates will be declared at the relevant times through the PKFZ customs office (are they operating yet?) and 20TEUs (unrefrigerated but sound-proofed) will be the preferred mode of transport.

    Ahhh..I can't figure out what name to register the company with.

    Any suggestions, folks.

  32. Anonymous11:24 am

    I say man. In about a short while some sensitive Minister like Nazri or Culture and Heritage Minister or Zam the Info Minister is going to cry for your blood for DESECRATING the Malaysian flag and insulting the nation a la Namewee.

    They would demand that you be investigated for sedition for(say) implying Malaysians are monkeys, you know, kerakuku. Don't worry, they will find some cuckoo reason (Malaysia is Planet of the Apes ah? or are we run by monkeys?) for Lim Keng Yaik and the Attorney General to investigate and the Kabinet will support them although they may, just may, accept your apologies, if given, but not likely.

    Poor monkeys, poor Malaysians.

  33. Anonymous6:43 pm

    The cabinet must rescind the green light to export these monkeys. I just read what Pasquale said and i agree that this payback happens to people who do wrong by letting it happen.In this case it will also affect the nation.If allowed the monkeys will be decimated lawfully besides what is already happening unlawfully.Not to mention other species already being decimated. True Malaysians SHOULD NOT allow this to HAPPEN.

  34. Anonymous2:35 am

    Yeah !!! Export them monkeys !!!

    Not them furry ones !!! Those in the Ogos House!!! Those that go "Racist, racist, racist", "stupid, stupid, stupid", "bocor, bocor, bocor", "monyet, monyet, monyet" and the like.

  35. Anonymous12:57 pm

    Malaysians should protest this heinous crime of exporting monkeys to other nations for research and exotic food supply. In case the authorities have not realised,it is really a CRYING SHAME that it has come to this for the primates of Malaysia.

    Nation Treasures.

  36. Anonymous9:38 pm

    Dear Rocky,

    The lifting of ban for "sale of monkey" story CANNOT be allowed to be buried by subsequent equally important national news.These monkeys need a human voice(s) to ensure their survival.Kindly do the necessary to ensure something more is done!