Thursday, August 23, 2007

Husam vs Abdullah at Kepala Batas?

'69-like general election. Husam Musa has got balls.
The Pas' vice president said he is considering taking on the Prime Minister in Kepala Batas in the coming general election. There or Putrajaya, where the PM works and sleeps.
I admire Husam's guts but I'd rather he not commit political suicide. I urge him to contest in a safe parliamentary seat. God knows we need brave and honest representatives of the people in Parliament, not in the losers' pool.

Read the gist of Husam's interview with Oriental Daily at Sheih's blog here. Husam also recently wrote an open letter to Abdullah Ahmad [check here] which, among other things, damned the PM for the Pantai Hospital deal in March last year.


  1. Anonymous10:51 am

    Husam will get me and my family's vote if he stands in the constituent where I live. This guy is well known alright, perhaps he can awaken Pak Lah for the prolong slumber.

  2. Anonymous11:07 am

    Why not? The bigger they are, the harder they fall. Kepala Batas is not invincible. We must not be defeatist, that's why we fail. Remember how a small fry Kadoh Agundong defeated Harris Salleh, Sabah's Chief Minister and caused Berjaya's downfall and extinction? It can cause UMNO to breakup into Team A, B, C, D, E, F.......AA, AB..

    In any case, Husam would probably also stand for a state seat in Kelantan itself and should he win can still lead the State Government. He's got insurance. So what's to lose? He's got everything to gain.

  3. Challenging the PM does not prove anything as UMNO will use money to voters as they buy cattle at the market place.
    It is not wise.
    Husam must get elected and be in Parliament.

  4. if only i am registered in that constituency, I will without any hesitation vote for Husam.

  5. datuk husam going for broke or what?

  6. Anonymous12:27 pm

    Yb Husam,

    If you really anak jantan, why don't you face me.

    Choose any of my strong forts, I'll be there :

    1. Ulu Kelang
    2. Ayer Keroh
    3. Taiping
    4. Taman Negara.

    Your choice sir.

  7. Anonymous12:31 pm

    I bet Abdullah will not lose any sleep (pun intended) over any challenge by Husam.

    If the challenge comes to pass, incumbent will win, for obvious reasons.

    But the way incumbent is wired, he will think he won because he was an inherently superior candidate and an intrinsically better person.

    Not because of the grotesquely uneven playing field. Not because of the heavily loaded dice.
    But because people actually love him more. That people really approve of his handling of the nation's welfare. That he really, actually,genuinely has been good at his job.

    And Malaysians will continue to languish from this man's magnificent delusions for many more years to come.

  8. At the next GE, if AAB loses to somebody, anybody or a nobody, it will be a marked improvement for the nation.

    But someone's got to wake him up to tell him the bad news. I doubt anyone would care by then. Except, perhaps, JD.

  9. Anonymous8:39 pm

    My salute to Husam Musa.

    Hope he will win in Kepala Batas.

  10. Anonymous8:42 pm

    Has the SIL announces his intention to contest in the State or Parliment seat.

    If he does, I hope he kalah teruk-teruk.

  11. Anonymous9:26 pm

    I'm so damm excited to be registered under the Kepala Batas constituency and NOT to vote for Abdullah Ahmad Badawi.

    This is by far what I think is the most significant contribution from me to the rakyat Malaysia.

  12. The strategy to challenge PM will lead Husam to be known by Whole World and gain the political milage. By the way, parlimentary seat for him is not that important as he will win the state seat. What the saying is killing two birds with aone stone.........

  13. Anonymous2:29 am

    On the other hand Pak Lah will be forced to quit or be sacked by the rulers depending on unfolding events. Then RAHMAN will come to pass.

    But then what will be next for Bolehland?

  14. Anonymous9:09 am

    In addition to that Pantai deal, YB Husam should can add one more , the sale of Augusta for One Euro (RM5) to a company Gavi Spa.

    BMW reportedly bought one of the 3 brands of motorcycle belonging to Augusta for allegedly Euro 93 million.

    Well reported from Straits Times Singapore and the latest by Jayasankaran here (

    Those at Proton/Khazanah who made the decision to sell Augusta for One Euro must explain for accountability and transparency.

  15. If Husam runs against Badawi, the votes will be rigged BIG time.

    Guaranteed. Where can badawi lose face! eventhough he has lost his credibility, losing face is another issue.

  16. I think, superficially, it seems like an act of "political suicide" from Datuk Paduka Husam Musa, but if look carefully, it is a clever move.

    Let assume Datuk Paduka take on Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, all the government's machineries will be drawn to P41 Kepala Batas, and this will definitely enhance the chance of oppositions to gain on other constituencies. Not only PAS, but PKR and DAP in general.

    The odd of the opposition to win at other places increase dramatically!