Thursday, August 23, 2007

Here's your proof, CJ!

Of judges' inappropriate conduct. Blogger Ganesh Sahathevan has started to help out the Chief Justice of Malaysia. I got this e-mail from the blogger this morning:
Chief Justice of Malaysia Tun Ahmad Fairuz has time and time again called for "proof" that judges have been involved in any form inappropriate conduct. This blog is devoted to providing the CJ with the evidence.
Commentators are asked to limit their posts to documents already in the public domain.
To start the ball rolling, I , Ganesh Sahathevan (see, not hiding) will begin today collating on this blog matters where inappropriate conduct seems bloody obvious-unless one chooses not to look. - Ganesh Sahathevan, Australia
The first post concerns the case of Indah Saujana V Ors and Mr Justice James. Foong. Jeff Ooi has a series of postings that look beneath the CJ smoke-screen.


  1. Bravo and well done, G. Sahathevan. You too, Jeff.

    In the meantime, RPK's going for UMNO's jugular.

    We are witnessing 'blog' history in the making. Keep us updated, Rocky.

    Though it's pretty hard to decide between small bites and big chunks.

    *Mamak, teh-tarik-halia satu, kurang manis. Show sudah mula*

  2. Anonymous5:25 pm

    As of today, this proof is OSA-ed. Next please!

  3. Anonymous8:05 pm

    Jeff also asked what qualification the PM's sister-in-law has to be appointed to TA Securities board. The more basic question to ask is why would she want to be anywhere near, let alone in the same company as tony tiah

  4. Anonymous8:15 pm

    Wah spoonfed. So easy to become Chief Justice no need to do anything and every thing is provided for.

    Now what he has got to say. What excuses will he give the next time???

  5. Dear Rocky,

    Hampir kesemua pekerja yang membersihkan tandas di KLIA adalah dari Bangladesh. Saya sebut begitu tanpa memeriksa paspot mereka, hanya berpandukan pengetahuan sendiri mengenai kaitan antara rupa dan nationaliti. Secara kasar kita dapat mengelaskan rupa manusia pada rumpun kaum tertentu. Tapi saya mungkin salah.

    Saya sebut ini bukan untuk mempersoalkan tentang ramainya warga asing menumpang rezeki disini. Juga bukan bertanyakan berapa ratus ribu ringgit untung yang dikaut oleh ejen-ejen pengimport manusia. Juga bukan mempersoalkan usaha kerajaan ke arah penjanaan pekerjaan untuk belia tempatan.

    Saya ungkit tentang tandas semata-mata untuk menyatakan bahawa kerja yang dilaksanakan bukanlah rahsia. Tandas yang bersih adalah kpi pekerja-pekerja itu dan tentu sekali itulah juga kpi untuk syarikat pengendali. Kerja bukan sekadar wang yang diperolehi, tetapi prestasi yang dipamirkan.

    Setengah kerja, menjadi tontonan semua orang. Tentu sekali, orang merungut bila tandas berbau, dan saya yakin Menteri Pelancungan akan bersuara. Ya, kita malu pada orang luar, pelancung-pelancung.

    Kerja seperti Hakim juga diperhatikan oleh ramai orang. Dalam busines, customer complaints adalah penting dan menjadi input utama dalam proses penambahbaikan. Dalam busines, kita tidak boleh berterusan buat pekak tuli terhadap customer complaints, kalau enggan gulung tikar.

    Tentang kerja dalam bidang kehakiman, saya kurang pasti apa pentingnya customer complaints. Tapi isu utama bukan untung atau rugi, tetapi kredibaliti.

    Terima kasih.

  6. Bro
    dulu pada tahun 80 an, jika hakim tak dapat hadir ke mahkamah, mesti ada pengganti samada dari kalangan mereka atau pendaftar. tapi sekarang, majistret tdk hadir kr m.c, maka pada pagi itu segala saksi, org yg dituduh, dll yg berkaitan kes terpaksa balik begitu shj biarpun mereka dtg beratus km jauhnya. tarikh baru pula diberikan oleh jurubahasa atau kerani mahkamah. tapi kalau pegawai, saksi dll yang terlibat dgn kes tdk hadir, mereka disembur seperti budak-budak. dimana keadilan? perkara ini perlu diperbetulkan.

  7. Anonymous10:55 pm

    The judge also should make a judgement on the case of an RM2 ringgit company siphonung out RM250 million fro the terengganu govt: The two shareholders of the company who hold one share each of RM1.00 are Saharuddin bin Abdullah and Suhami binti Kiman. The directors of the company are Wan Hisham bin Wan Salleh (Terengganu), Mohamed bin Awang Tera (Terengganu), Chew Kok Foo (Petaling Jaya), Peter William Gilmour (Australia), Chua Hooi Sian (Petaling Jaya) and Lim Poh Tiang (Petaling Jaya).

    For details visit

  8. Aug 23, 7:09 AM EDT

    Malaysian government to bail out port stuck with US$1 billion debt

    Associated Press Writer

    KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia (AP) -- Malaysia will give a soft loan to rescue the country's main port authority from a debt of US$1 billion (€750 million) in a free port project, the government said Thursday.

    The loan to the Port Klang Authority - tantamount to a bailout - is likely to raise questions about Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi's pledges to boost transparency and battle financial mismanagement in mega-projects.

    The scandal centers around the Port Klang Free Zone, or PKFZ, a much-hyped shipping area that opened in western Malaysia last year. It's original cost of 1.845 billion ringgit (US$527 million; euro405 million) ballooned to 4.2 billion ringgit (US$1.2 billion; euro923 million) by the time the project was completed in four years.

    However, the total amount committed to the project by its 30 investors is only 725 million ringgit (US$207 million; euro160 million).

    "Because the cost of PKFC is so high, the government has agreed to give a soft loan to (Port Klang Authority). The details are being worked out," a statement by the Transport Ministry said. It did not elaborate.

    The problems with the project's finances became apparent after the Dubai-based Jebel Ali Free Trade Zone Authority, or JAFZA, said last month it was pulling out of a pact to manage the zone because of what it called strategic reasons.

    In its statement, the Transport Ministry put part of the blame for the debt on JAFZA.

    It said the project was initially supposed to be developed in two phases, covering 500 acres (200 hectares) at a cost of 400 million ringgit (US$114 million; euro88 million).

    "However, on the advice of JAFZA, the PKFZ was developed in a single phase involving 1,000 acres (400 hectares) at a cost of 1.845 billion," the statement said.

    The development costs, professional fees and escalation of prices raised the figure to 4.2 billion ringgit, it said without elaborating.

    The statement also said that "the government respects JAFZA's decision to pull out, but the move will not have any adverse impact on cooperation between JAFZA and Port Klang Authority."

    Industry observers have been alarmed by the scandal because the government apparently ignored early warning signs.

    Malaysia's National Audit Department, in a 2004 analysis on its Web site, said the Port Klang Authority had liabilities of 1.7 billion ringgit (US$500 million; euro380 million) because of the purchase of the free zone land.

    Ronnie Liu, a member of the opposition Democratic Action Party, has already filed a police complaint seeking an investigation into land deal irregularities and cost overruns that are believed to have triggered the debts.

    Government bailout of prominent companies occurred regularly in the 1990s, damaging public confidence in big state projects.

    Opposition leaders blamed the bailouts on corruption as well as undisciplined spending by former Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad, whose 22 years in power were marked by expensive modernization initiatives.

    Abdullah succeeded Mahathir in 2003 and said he would not follow on Mahathir's path of costly projects.

  9. Anonymous5:19 am

    Just after taking breakfast while walking to the car, I noticed some MBPJ workers were erecting a signboard at the road side.

    Stood there for a couple of minutes just to see what they were doing.

    I started to count how many staff and workers were there. Guess what was the number. There were eight (8) of the consisting a supervisor, driver and six workers.

    Just imagine it needed 8 people to erect and paint a sigh post. Just the painting itself, two people were needed, one painted the white colour and another the black colour.

    If this is the reflection of the civil services of the country, then the judicial system of the country is no exception.

    In the Malaysia's civil services there is no such thing as customers services. The little emperors do not serve anyone except themselves and political master.

  10. Anonymous6:34 am


    The “sitting pretty” cj is making the news again only for the wrong and stupid causes.
    He has been sitting pretty for far too long and is getting numb and oblivious to what constitute fair and unprejudiced judgment.

    It is amazing how such a bozo can be elected a cj, just wonder.

    Maybe he is having fetishes with NUDE BODIES.


  11. When Tun Haniff Omar hinted something about the two camps in the police force, i began to wonder.

    People are beginning to form their own perceptions on major issues. It is good in a way. Questioning is a technique to derive at conclusion. Pluto has done it thousand of years ago.

    Now, as i look at the flag waving madly on top of other people's car, i remembered Bernoulli's principle; on high speed low pressure and low speed high pressure. Is Malaysia experiencing some form of pressure or we drag ourselves into it?

    On any green, at any golf course, as the ball rolls into the cup, my heart always twitch.

  12. Anonymous11:06 am

    chief wants proof. its all out in the papers now. so, who is "fitnah". you wonder, how did this guy becomes the honcho of the judiciary? by merits, yes? readers take, please.