Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Amir's in, Amir's out

The Malay Male bows out. Amir Hafizi has deleted his blog again. A lot of people, including me, will suffer from withdrawal symptoms.

Meanwhile, Amir Muhammad, I heard, will be writing for theSun. Hail Kay Tat and gang!


  1. aww mann...thats sad news really. no more the Malay Male. no more f**ks and dicks and c**ts and shits. and i doubt anyone can use these words more delicately than amir.

    amir, all the best to you, bro. i was one of you guys who went up to that gay plagiarist to get his crappy friendster blog down.

    ciao sin.

  2. Anonymous10:47 pm

    I am going to miss Amir Hafizi.

    Its funeral time... and I am praying for his resurrection... if not in 3 days, in 3 weeks, in 3 months, in 3 yeas... anything more than that will be Malay Male Fossilized Blog.

    Just when blogging is up and running and Amir decides to go and actually do the running...

  3. Anonymous11:34 pm

    All, all, all the best to, to, to you bruther. Ev-ev-ev-ry success to your nek, nek next endover.

    *uncontrollable mid-body jerking back and forth, neck contorted to right, black of eye rolled back, frothing in mouth*

    Can somebody tell me what's happening to, to, to meeeee, pleeees!

  4. Anonymous5:11 am

    He's going to have withdrawal symptoms soon. His ego is too big to keep silent for long. Any bets? And no, we're not partners in crime to share the profits one way or the other ...

  5. Weeks ago I thought I was gonna be a junkie already, so I took less doses of the Malay Male, like I was gonna quit the addictive blog. Now to know that Amir finally put the blog to a halt, I am very relieved. There will be no withdrawal syndrome for me. What we all will miss is his realistic and neutral analyses to the country's socio-politics where no one else could come close. Amir, hope your tobat is accepted by Allah s.w.t.

  6. Can someone out there give Amir Hafizi his US$200 million so he can blog again?

    I will miss his first party narration that allows me to make believe that I am a macho with that great shadong every women crave for.

  7. Anonymous11:41 am

    Just want to digress a little bit. This one Ahmad Merican, former RTM head honcho, claims in the Star, to have something to do with our national anthem - the Terang Bulan one. He said Tunku told him to anthemise it. What a lot of crock. I know this man. He wrote only one patriotic song and that too I can't remember which - could be Inilah Barisan Kita...nevertheless, who is he to tell us that he played a major part in the development of our national anthem? Especially when Tunku is dead and cannot verify. So to is Saiful Bahri who wrote the lyrics to our national anthem. As far as I know and I have listened to the original Terang Bulan version - the tempo and the music did not change much. Why suddenly the claim to fame from this Ahmad Merican.He misses the limelight is it? He has had 50 years to lay claim to such but only now? What a lot of crap!

  8. That Amir is asking us to fuck off and die..
    Maybe we should really fuck off and die...

  9. People, you can all channel that USD$400 million to my swiss account....I'm his proxy and have strict orders to entertain genuine donors only. so call over at my blog for details.
    And the rest of you can fcuk-off or I'll give him the go-ahead to al-Quida your asses !
    Comprende ???

  10. If our honourable Maddox of Malaya is gone for good, I want to "fuck off and die" anyway. :(

  11. favorite Malay Male! My kind of Malay Male... always getting fown and dirrrrty. Yay!
    Now, who can I turn to for that dose of dirrrt!
    where is he? what's his address? Maybe I can knock some senses into him!
    Damn... I need my fix! my entertainment!

  12. Need entertainment? The turn on the Tv, man. Just turn on the TV.

  13. i miss you too amir. there's a big gap in my life now. my only hope of rescue is the novel i keep telling you to write!!