Saturday, August 18, 2007

Ah, Aza!

Azalina to brief Umno on bloggers. The Sports Minister and I were quite close not too long ago. After I left NSTP we became less close, which was OK. And then I became a blogger. Even then we continued to stay in touch. For a while, at least. And then she was said to have been appointed chief of the Umno cybertroopers, whose mission is to give bloggers a bad name.

Today, at the PWTC, Aza is going to brief Umno members about blogs. I hope she'd tell them the truth about bloggers and the good that they can bring. I don't expect her to tell them that bloggers are this country's last hope in correcting the many wrong-doings, which was what Dr M, the man without whom Aza would be nothing, advocates. Aza is smart. She knows that Dr M is probably right. Heck, a few years ago, she would have put her life a stake to defend what Dr M said.

Khairy Jamaluddin will also have his own slot today but I don't expect anything good to come from him. In fact, blogger A Voice thinks he should not even be talking about blogs. KJ should explain to Umno members about how he bought millions' worth of shares in ECM-Libra and how the little investment bank not long after that merged with a giant (please read Khairy must first give "Penerangan" on ECM Libra-Avenue Merger Part l and Part ll.)


  1. Anonymous1:44 am


    How is Tun M right when all his criticism and praises go back to his rotting former party?

    And when the party is tailored from the same spec.?

    How else do you explain there is no change after his first of many barrages though?

    Fool me once shame on you, big M
    Fool me twice – we will not be ashamed, but sympathize with you for all the "woes" you brought forth.

    Too little too late.

    Unless of course you say the magic word - opposition. CAN YOU?


  2. Anonymous8:31 am

    She will perhaps demonstrate how her troop of cybertroopers invaded RPK's website and hantam dr m a few days ago, just to prove that the investment is paying off

  3. aza ini memang jenis manusia yg pandai pura2 bila mahukan sesuatu...dari TDM era hingga AAB dia berlakun spt pahlawan,bila Pas sekiranya naik pun dia akan kata pula Pas lagi betul daripada umno...tak hairan kalu dia mengutuk bloooger ini kerana dia mahuka tempat di Pru nanti(tak tahu dia mewakili kaum yg mana satu ADAM BUKAN HAWA PUN BUKAN)..Manusia begini dah biasa makan taik..

  4. AZA ini nak pastikan tempatnya di PRU tak tergelincir..dia sanggup buat apa saja walaupun kena makan taik.ini kerana dia sedar ianya tak mewakili sesiapa dlm parti..kaum ADAM bukan N Kaum HAWA pun bukan,entah kaum mana.manusia begini kawan2 dia pun lari kerana tak faham niatnya.jasadnya kalu di bedah penuh dgn dengki khianat n pura2.MARI KITA LIHAT N DENGAR UCAPANNYA YG PENUH PURA2 YG TANPA DIA SEDAR MENUJU KEHANCURAN...INGAT "ALLAH TAK PERNAH MUNGKIR JANJI"DAH TERTULIS DLM ALQURAN MELARANG SAMA SEKALI PERBUATAN ITU, MASIH KAMU LAKUKAN(KAMU FAHAM MAKSUD INI)TKS.

  5. Bro Rock
    It is UMNO interests to feed
    Half truths many Taekwondo chops
    Bending rules to serve its interest

    The lackeys of its partners
    Holding tails together
    Looking over shoulders
    Listening what to do next

    Now the cockroaches spread
    Passing messages through
    Like the moon cakes of Chinese history
    Throw away the tyranny in their midst
    And so beautiful sunrise in the sky

    The truth spreads silently
    Across the nation
    The UMNO IT specialists know
    Time they want to lock horns
    Again spreading half truths

    You know the Kata moves
    Alone or in concert
    Yet in UMNO and BN
    I already giving up hope
    They never move in cohesiveness

    Bullying and forever half truth stories
    In words and in laws
    When it comes to its own members
    Quickly close the tracks eyes look elsewhere

    The oily moves
    The dark shadow looms
    In time these leaders thought they win
    But they forget
    It is the people who decide their faith

    The Kata moves
    The BN bends its way
    In time it breaks a chain
    Then the whole reaction looms

    We see
    When the next GE comes to play
    In our hands we must make
    The way forward for our nation

  6. Anonymous12:18 pm

    TDM please wake up.

    The system which was created by you is now working against you.

    Be realistic lah.

    The system may work for you last time but now with a weakling like the present PM, it only protects him.

    How to remove him? Based on the UMNO rules and regulations, there is no way. Why it it so? Thanks your selfishness after you nearly lost your presidentship in UMNO.

    Why get angry now? If you really care and love your party(as you claimed) just do not grumble like an old man.

    Take up the courage and challenge Badawi in the next election or in Umno presidency.

    Then you are doing the country and people a great favour...grunbling would not help and it will not solve the present problem

    Please do not forget that you appointed Badawi as PM and since it is your mistake please fix it....

  7. Anonymous12:49 pm


    I thought you and Aza were buddies? I used to see you at her functions - main table and all, with her family...
    What price ambition. bro?

    She needs to survive. she knows the game. that girl's got ambition, man.

    what it all shows -- with Aza needing to explain them ignoramuses about blogs and KJ (what a monkey!) also -- is that blog rock, man!

    Tahu takut! Ingat takut bayang2 rupa2nya takut blogs.

  8. Sdr Rocky's Bru,

    I have seen enough of Umno. And, like you, I used to be impressed with Azalina.

    But having worked with Umno from within, I must say that an intelligent person like Azalina has to dumb herself down if she wants to progress in the party.

    This is the case of masuk kandang kambing membebek, masuk kandang harimau mengaum.

    I think Azalina and you are more than aware that between the goats and the tigers, which form the majority in kandang called Umno.

    Azalina has to play by the rule even if it means dumbing herself down to the lowest common denominator.

    Whereas she may be aware of wrong things that are going on in the party and country, there's so much that she can do.

    The garabak, no matter how new and strong cannot move faster than the kepala kereta api, unless she doesn't mind being derailed.

    Azalina can try, but the bloggers will stay. Kita bukan makan gaji. Kita tak ada ada gaji. Kita guna duit poket sendiri. Kita lakukan semua ini atas kepercayaan dan iltizam.

    I hope there's still some fire left in Azalina's belly, and she knows better than trying to stop what has now amounted to a movement -- the bloggers and the citizen's journalists.

    I look forward to Azalina's cyber-warriors visiting our blogs and "fighting" like gentlemen.

    Maybe Azalina herself may want to start the charge by giving a thoughtful response to our postings and to the comments of our readers.

    Thank you.

  9. barisan nasional sucks. period.
    dacing not balance anymore...should change their logo to dacing berat sebelah.

  10. Anonymous4:18 pm

    I agree with anon 12.18 No amount of grumbling and blogging can change the situation. The system is such that only a small percentage of our population has a say in who becomes PM or for that matter members of parliament.

    Once the person is in the position he will have enough power (regardless of his ability) and more than enough money to make sure he stays there. It takes an extraordinary person to topple him.

    So blogs are not our only hope. Dr M is.

  11. salam Bro
    tahniah kerana dik lina dilantik mengetuai cyber trooper. maksudnya hak yg dikatakan menteri lelaki tu tak layak kot.
    ada satu pantun buat dik lina :

    rumah besar berpadi tidak
    kalau berakit berakit buluh
    adik besar berlaki tidak
    taruh penyakit di dalam tubuh.

  12. The reason Tun M said Blog are our last hope is simple: blogs gives folks like you and me voices, which is something B.N. or AMNO has never deal with before. Once these collective voices starts getting together, you either have coherrent opinions or just a bunch of noises, but it's bound to 'ring' into these politicians eardrums!

    Start blogging to those who kept procastinating, once you blog, we as rakyat has already won. Share your thoughts, start participating.

  13. Anonymous8:46 pm

    a kadir jasin said:

    "But having worked with Umno from within, I must say that an intelligent person like Azalina has to dumb herself down if she wants to progress in the party."

    "Azalina has to play by the rule even if it means dumbing herself down to the lowest common denominator."

    These 2 sentences give the impression that UMNO is party of dumbs and clowns, without principle and integrity. Sad isn't it? Indeed, decades of works are required to rejuvenate the party.

  14. Anonymous11:00 pm

    keh keh keh.. weird..
    ada org masih tgk kebelakang and blame the past..
    thats y malaysia and malaysian r not moving forward.

    Tun M made a mistake..bukan melayu mudah lupa..its Rakyat Mudah Lupa.

  15. Ah your basketball days with Azalina are over. You used to be an asset to her, today you're nothing but another blogger.

    You should know better, tables turn quickly. Don't expect any kind words from the minister or KJ.

    -The Man Who Sold The World-

  16. Anonymous1:14 am

    Thought you bloggers would like to know the msg I received from a friend:

    Advice from a certain, certain UMONO Youth leader:

    "Don't be picky about jobs. Look at me I am working for my father-in-law, how many would?"

    "The wide expereince will impress employers, who are always looking for something extra in the candidates, like licking your boss's ass"

    "If they are unable to land their dream career upon graduation, they should treat their first & second jobs as training ground. If all that fails, marry your boss's daughter. That should do the tricks on your dream career."

  17. Anonymous7:40 am

    Rocky, sorry, off topic!

    Merdeka is here again and so here we are again talking about Tunku’s favorite’s dishes, pen, car etc. I love Tunku, he should be talked about ALL the time, not just on Merdeka Day, be it special 50th or 100! Our children should know who Tunku is without those entire wasted page in newspaper come August month to remind us. And here we are again, spending and wasting mega $$ on celebration, mega firework, wasted rice on some building to create Jalur Gemilang etc. On the practical side, especially now, when time is hard for us the poor Rakyat, those money could have been channel to a better use.


  18. Anonymous10:52 am

    What's new Rocky?

    It's no surprise that ambitious young female/male political farts like the old female/male political ones have to tow the party line! In Malaysia and elsewhere that's the name of the political game!

    Loyalty takes on a different meaning and interpretation in politics here and elsewhere!

    Do you really blame these guys? A few do it out of real convictions; the rest don't really care. Simply echo each other and the party stand lah! That's political solidarity i.e. the stand that you make as a group. Personal interests (except for that of the pocket) are secondary!

    If you stand up to the tsunami of party interest you will be swallowed - as many leaders of the past have been!

    But you get to keep your personal integrity!

  19. Apalah sangat blog. Sekadar catatan pandangan dan pemerhatian. Macam sembang ringan dikedai kopi, di ruang tamu atau di stesen bas saja. Ada masanya blog menjadi serius dan berfokus.

    Parlimen pun bukan serius sepanjang masa. Perbahasan di Parlimen yang ditayang dalam TV bukannya semua 100 peratus serius.

    Kita berbincang dan bercerita di kebanyakan masa. Kebanyakannya boleh dilupakan.

    Apa nak heran sangat dengan BLOG. Blog hanya jadi salah kalau kita berbohong. Secara umum manusia tidak serik-serik berbohong.

  20. Anonymous1:16 pm

    Here's another advice from a man who knows how:

    "Education is a life-long process and it is never too late to acquire new skills. Take me for example, I am now learning to use internet to boost my vanity."

  21. Anonymous4:28 pm

    Sekarang era beru bermula. Wartawan Blogger seperti Datuk, Ahurudin Attan dan Dato’ Ruhanie Ahmad perlu disedarkan. Era lama sudah berlalu. Kini kita berada di era baru. Era yang lebih bebas dan telus. Umno hari ini bukan Umno 4 atau 5 tahun lalu. Kini Umno di era baru. Umno yang lebih bebas.

    Soalnya mengapakah orang seperti Datuk kini begitu kritis terhadap YAB Dato’ Seri Haji Abdullah Ahmad Badawi yang sedang membawa begitu banyak perubahan dan mengatasi kelemahan serta kekungkaran Umno dan kerajaan sebelum ini seperti rasuah, kronisme dan penyelewengan?

    Adakah kerana orang seperti Datuk sore looser atau Datuk cemberu dengan orang-orang yang dilantik oleh YAB Dato’ Seri Abdullah untuk mengambil peranan yang dulu Datuk dan kuncu-kuncu Datuk lalukan? Orang seperti Dato’ Seri Kalimullah Hassan, Dato’ Hishammuddin Aun, Khairy Jamaluddin, Dato’ Annuar Zaini dan ramai lagi orang yang berkemampuan dan berkredibiliti adalah nafas baru media massa sekarang.

    Apa salahnya YB Dato’ Azalina Othman Said seorang yang sangat dainamik dan berkemampuan diarah menubuhkan pasaukannya bagi menjawab dan melawan pembohongan orang seperti Datuk dan kuncu-kuncu Datuk dalam dunia blogger yang penuh kenistaan?

    Apakah buruknya YAB Dato’ Seri Abdullah kalau dia berusaha membasmi rasuah, penyelewengan, kronisme, pilih kasih, membaikki delivery system kerajaan dan membatalkan mega-mega projek yang tidak menguntungkan rakyat?

    Justeru itu saya sangat hairan mengapa para blogger seperti Datuk terus mempersoalkan kewibawaan YAB Dato’Seri Abdullah, ahli kabinetnya, anggota keluarganya dan penyokongnya dalam media massa seolah-olah tujuan Datuk adalah menjatuhkan beliau dan Umno.

    Dato’ Azalina, ayuh kita berjuang menegahkan kebenaran dan menentang kemungkaran semi agama, bangsa dan negara.

  22. Hi Rocky, I was just listening to a talk radio station here and this thing called Peter Principle was mentioned :

    "In a hierarchy every employee tends to rise to his level of incompetence."

    Its quite illuminating, check out wikipedia for the full run down on this theory. Cheers

  23. Anonymous11:43 pm

    KJ may think he has superior intellect but one thing he hasnt got is..experience and wisdom.
    How long has he got to prop up the PM?
    Sooner or later, the rakyat will see through the shambles!

  24. Anonymous12:42 am

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    keep on blogging bro


  25. Dear Rocky,
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  26. Anonymous1:20 pm

    wirasiber is dreaming...wake up man!!

  27. Anonymous1:23 pm

    Bermimpi kah anda wirasiber? Mungkin mimpi enak. Bagi kami semua - mimpi sedih dan mimpi menggerunkan!! Bila terbangun, kenyataan dan realitinya lagi teruk!!

  28. Anonymous3:05 pm

    Aza being a young minister who's also tech-savvy should advice the cabinet ministers what blogs are. I think, most of the old school ministers are not very sure what blog is. I doubt some of them have seen a blog. They only know how to criticise. Hey a lot of young government officers (in senior ranking) who don't know what blog is, the mechanics of it etc. What more the ministers.