Wednesday, July 11, 2007

The pot ain't black

A-G orders file on Jo to be closed. The Attorney-General said a while ago that he has ordered the Anti-Corruption Agency to close its investigation into Jo, the Deputy Internal Security Minister, for alleged corruption.
Wait for the English version of Siasatan Rasuah Johari Baharum dititup, kata Peguam Negara (Bernama, 6.51pm).
update 10pm: ACA probe against Johari Baharum, AG says

The A-G spoke the very day after Jo said the Ministry has filed a report with the ACA against Musa Hassan, the Inspector-General of Police, for alleged corruption [Bernama, July 10: Ministry lodges report on allegations of corruption against IGP].

Blogger SKThew says it is a case of a RM5 million pot calling a RM2.1 million kettle black. Read his posting here.


  1. Anonymous8:24 pm

    It is not only the pot calling the kettle black. Looks like the AG is even blacker that the RM5million question.

  2. Anonymous9:32 pm

    ..and live happily ever after!


    Hantu Gigi Jarang

  3. Anonymous9:57 pm

    oh! isn't it obvious!

  4. Anonymous10:08 pm

    I cover your ass and you cover mind. And, they live happily thereafter in their castles. Children stories' ending in real life.

  5. Allah has ordained it to go that way.

  6. Rocky,

    You had been Tagged! Would you consider playing the meme? It here

  7. Anonymous1:17 am

    Ah, i see. A quid pro quo.

    "Now everything ok. I tarik balik the ACA report on Musa", says Jo.

    Semuanya bisa diatur,

  8. Anonymous7:52 am


    "For the three investigation papers, the ACA investigation found that the said criminals had denied giving Datuk Johari Baharum money as bribe.

    "Two other investigation papers opened showed that several of the criminals who are important witnesses could not be traced after their release," said Gani.

    Look at the quality of investigation.

    Anybody with some cow sense will not admit giving the bride. Just becos of that just close the file... No other evidence???

    DO you believe that the important witnesses cannot be TRACED. So simple cannot trace, just close file???

    A school boy can do better than this.......

    Is it becos the AG has a share in the RM5million and that cause the lax in investigation??????

  9. Anonymous8:26 am


    Equally important is the question; who is the AG?

    After so many debacles, the latest being the Eric Chia acquittal, he may be less gang-ho.

    Was told he informed the PM just two hours before decisions were made to charge Chia and Kasitah Gaddam.

    PM wasn't made aware of these beforehand.

    See also who's behind the AG in these decisions; 4th Floor boys and KJ.

    They wanted the PM to look good on corruption. But the cases were weak. We were promised 20 to 30 high profile cases. All talk and AG knows it.

    He has files of ministers and former ministers, including one from Kelantan. But his hands are tied. These people are powerful and protected. They can blackmail Umno and the government.

  10. Anonymous9:06 am

    i don't think rocky have time to play meme! his blog is very political lah.

    everybody's corrupted in bolehland (ministers and those in authority)! A corrupt, B corrupt, A report B, B report A. C who is laughing silently because he also corrupt but never find out yet. so investigate... investigate... then later on close case... close case... and every corrupted persons live happily ever after... with their 'dirty' money.

  11. One does not go around asking the bribe givers how much they have gave. Those who give are those smart enough because they want to live another day and another. From the little investigative methods that I know, there are more surreptitious and effective ways to go about it.

    The only way the bride giver is going to blow the whistle is when he has got a bad deal. In this case all of them are freed which was exactly what they wanted. So why complain. This could be just another of the Malaysia boleh way of investigation. Lets have the next episode.

  12. Anonymous11:05 am

    you can see what is going on, is it?

    no wonder hundred of thousands people migrating to the other bolehlands.

    and no wonder, hundred of thousands more dont bother to register as voters.

    because of this cheap quality of ministers and high profilers. what would u expect?

    if i am one of the unregistered voters, no prize of guessing what i think - why would i spend my time and money going back to vote for sissy like them? i might spend the rest of the day having sex or watching movie or just chill with my kids or friends.

    and of course these guys know, Australian government give ASD 10K for each PR holders to buy houses there. (but what u expect of a country which full of convicteds to do to erase the bad history..)

    enough said!

  13. Regarding the investigation into the corruption allegation, did you see how they did it. Called up the alleged bribe-givers and they said no and the case is closed! Anyone with a little common sense will know that to transfer RM5 million would need some kind of documented transaction. Start from there please. Maybe it just you scratch my back and I will yours. So in Malaysia boleh, all investigations of VIPs will lead to dead end and all prosecutions of VIP will also lead to dead end.

  14. Anonymous11:19 am


    Does it occur to you that they are all blind ....


  15. Anonymous12:25 pm

    Things have really gotten out of hand. Open corruption cases and unexplainable wealth like Osu Sukams Rm134million gambling spree, police report on the Sukhoi kickbacks, Altantunya of the Scopene fame and numerous other cases by our fuedal elite is just kept silent....elengantlly silent as Musa anak Hitam says.......
    Dato Abdullah Ahmad (Badawai is an adoted name....there is no Arab blood, only HAinanese Chinese), you should resign if you have any dignity for incompetence and sheer lies.......Even Mahathir looks more transparent and clean now. At least he is competentent in what he does, even when lying.

    Next election, we should make sure BN gets 100% of the seats, so that they can drive us, the thinking people, crazy.........Up your Hadari!.....................

  16. Anonymous12:37 pm

    Well done, Patail. Fantastic job. You are the best AG we have ever had. Performance wise, I give you 20 out of 10. Keep up the good work. Who knows, you might be the Justice Minister one day. Once again, superb job Patail.

  17. indeed the best AG.ouch. i am just pinching myself to make sure its not a dream; a nightmarish one, of course.
    good luck m'sia. you need a large dose of it.

  18. Anonymous9:49 pm

    What a bullshit kind of delivery system from the AG department.

    Abdullah Bad_awi should be ashame with the kind of team he has in the system starting with himself.

    How these kind people can live with themselves everyday is just beyond my comprehension. How can they lied to Allah five times a day?

  19. Anonymous4:25 pm

    copy and paste.
    'How these kind people can live with themselves everyday is just beyond my comprehension. How can they lied to Allah five times a day?'

  20. Anonymous4:40 pm

    Malaysians must realize now that we have not arrived.
    we're still Third World.
    yeah, yeah.... fancy things we have.
    those are just FORMS...we have no substance.

    I know one thing, you CANNOT convict any VIPs here of corruption.
    Let's face it, they can plunder the country, rob our money (our taxes), squeeze our country's assets dry, and, can't do nothing about it.

    One hell of a leadership by example. What our future generations will be. An entire generation of corrupt and corruptible citizens.
    ... you have people who have contributed NOTHING to the country but have abused their position and shown corruptible tendencies and are hell bent on becoming our prime minister.

    A true Malaysian tragedy.

  21. Anonymous5:42 pm

    have a great chat with a business friend of mine. his insight. never trust a politician. they can talk about transparency, anti corruption, human rights etc. behind this talk, they are stuffing all your money into their gunny sacks and they will do anything to protect this. afterall, how can they be transparent which is an enemy of corruption.

  22. Anonymous10:16 am

    DO you believe that the important witnesses cannot be TRACED. So simple cannot trace, just close file??
    like NAT go thru.......