Tuesday, July 10, 2007

The Malays are leaving

Tired of Malaysia? Between 1996 and April this year, 106,000 Malaysians gave up their citizenship: 79,199 Malays, 25,107 Chinese, 1,347 Indians and 350 other races. Marriage was the most common reason for giving up citizenship.
It has been the popular assumption that the non-Malays are the ones leaving Malaysia for greener pastures and the Malays have no reason to leave because comfort zone is here.
Are more Malays leaving the country (and not because of marriage)? Someone should conduct a survey. The other day, a Malay corporate figure told me that he was considering migrating. He said he was sick and tired with what's been happening in this country.
Another very high-profiled, jet-set corporate man (not a Malay) is also thinking of going. He told me he can't tolerate the racism anymore.

Read the story here.


  1. Anonymous9:20 pm

    Well bro, i'm not surprised at all. After making their many millions here, they'd probably prefer to settle in places like Port Elizebeth, Canada, New Zealand , why , even Perth would be a nice place to settle in in their spanking new 'palace'.

  2. Anonymous9:25 pm

    Migration is not an uncommon factor in any country. All countries in the world will experience migration of its people.

    At one look, it seems a lot of Malays are leaving. But if you look at the country's population, it is quite reflective of the country's population ratio. So it is not that alarming.

    It is not that easy to migrate to another country. One has to have the skills, money or lucky enough married a foreigner.

    One should not look at the outward migration figure but the net migration. Malaysia has a positive net migration of 1.6% of the population. It would be interesting if there is such a racial breakdown of the inflow migration statistics.

  3. Anonymous9:39 pm

    106.000 only??
    But i wonder how many are actually living and working outside Malaysia with no intention of ever returning except for a holiday....
    Since they have staying permits in their respective countries, they might have no urge to give up citizenship.

  4. Anonymous9:47 pm

    aku nak pinjam kata2 the Malay Male jap..

    to all these ex-malaysians, 'you can GETT OUTTT!!'.


  5. Hi,

    I think there are disgrunted Malaysians of all races.

    For the Malays, the NEP is backfiring. Whenever there is a misallocation of resources problems occurs. In the case of the NEP it's like the USSR where by if you are party official (UMNOputra) you benefit - all in the name of Communism (NEP - Bumiputra policy).

    Come on - though I'm Chinese I've many deserving Malay friends who just somehow don't seem to get the big success they deserve. I think the problem is that they are so busy doing that they dont have time to ball-carry.

    As a Chinese, I think Vietnam and Cambodia are beginning to look interesting. ....

    But its my children's future that I'm worried about.

  6. Anonymous10:36 pm

    immigration (migration) from a country is usually viewed as one of the indicators of trouble (economic, political, social) in that country, hence people leave

    similarly birds migrate during winter to escape the harshness in the environment for their survival

    this INDICATOR should be utilised as a call for attention to whatever it is that has destabilised

    it is worse when the top percentile of brains start to drain (immigrate) from the country, they are a limited resource not easily replaceable

    1 percent inspiration, 99 percent perpiration .... imagine malaysia trying to just make do without the 1 percent.

  7. Rocky if I kena big sweep millions I'll be throwing a farewell party too after I come up with some 1/2 bake story to JV with some local council & milk millions out from the rakyat.... hehehehe toilet billboard contracts anyone!

  8. Malaysians leaving
    And telling their sad stories
    They think over the fence
    There is much better world

    I say stay back fight for change
    Running away it won’t solve one’s affairs
    It will be there
    For generations to come anyway

    Every country every culture
    There will be racism in many forms
    In US of A on the blacks and Red Indians
    Australia on her sons of the soil
    In China racism on class cultures
    Here we hear stories they can’t stomach it

    Of course we hear about UMNO
    The ‘ketuanan Melayu”
    The “keris’ holding episode
    The favors for the Malays
    And on their cronies and families
    In every aspect of businesses
    Universities and social structures
    Do they think UMNO will do something different?

    These Malaysians should understand
    Any dominant race will fly up its color
    “This is my race; this is my country”
    This is the attitude of human race
    Religion will help them to understand
    Otherwise the dominant race will disappear
    As Allah will punish them accordingly

    I remembered once
    When Musa Hitam was the DPM and Home Minister
    I met him while he was on holiday
    And he told us young fellow then
    True many had migrated but many too wanted to return
    But he refused to allow them
    Saying these people have no hearts for the country
    Why must he allow them to return home?

    Don’t always think the green is beautiful across the fence
    When one lands there one will see what it will be like

    I will live and die in my country
    With all her shines and bad feelings
    This is my home
    The cultures of beautiful drum beats
    Songs and dances

  9. Walk away from a difficult situation and you're gonna keep walking for the rest of your life because you won't have the guts to look at the challenge in the eye to take it on. Walk away from a difficult situation and you are no better than a drunk chicken with a liver problem. Is being a colored guy in a white man's land any better? They're gonna keep walking.

  10. Anonymous10:53 pm

    more critically, its the brain drain. just look across the causeway and count the number of white-collar malaysians working there. they may still retain their citizenship but their home is no longer malaysia.
    sadly, this brain drain is not a priority issue with the government. in fact, their attitude is indifferent with the usual talk down " if you dont like it please leave".

  11. How many just leave the country but do not change their citizenship?

    You can go to Singapore, Hongkong, China (countries in the west too) and you will be surprised to come across the numbers of malaysians working in all kinds of jobs. Ask them why? Their answers are invariably (1) because of the childrens' future; (2) fed up with the racism and NEP in malaysia;(3) fed up with racial discrimination; (4) fed up with corruption and the government acceptance of it; (5) educational opportunities for themselves and their children.

    It is not easy for a person to pull up stakes and to resettle himself/herself in another country. New friends must be made; new culture to be learnt and to be accepted; emotional strain from the loss of family support etc.

    Yet, thousands are prepared to make such sacrifice for their and their childerns' future. Who are the losers and who are the winners? The losers - malaysia - the winners - the new countries who gain bright immigrants who contribute to their country's growth.

  12. I second that idea~!

  13. Bedol remains adamant to this diaspora, sulking little kid instead of doing anything about it. Golfing and honeymooning is on top of his list of priorities. He's so lost.

  14. Anonymous5:41 am

    Only fools will believes the Govt record, they consider those leaving Bolehland for Allaland as leaving. You got it?

  15. Anonymous7:38 am

    What greater proof of love for the man you marry than to give up king and country for him! That's what the romantics would say!

    To die for love (for a lover, for king and country)was the height of
    loyalty as it was to die for a cause truly worthy of one's faith and devotion!

    Thus the severity of punishment for treason/infidelity and abandonment of faith!

    In the days of old - of knights and warriors, of dragons and dungeons, of gods and unimaginable wrath, of indescribable love yearning - there were no two-ways about doing things. The paths of right and wrong were crystal clear at least to those who laid down the rules!

    You go never to return! Such was
    the strength of your ideals and beliefs.

    Modernity and modern modes (of communication, technology, logistics and lifestyle) has brought with it this awesome change in the way we think and conduct ourselves.

    Reality is now mere perception, living mere motion, ideals and beliefs mere interpretation! Love has been shorn of its emotions and devotions! SMSs of "Luv u" have replaced hours of shedding "fertile tears", of laughing and cryling on the phone or vicariously in perfumed letters!

    So what's the big deal if we desert our motherland when the going gets tough and want to come home when she's flowing with milk and honey!

    We are not disloyal - just pragmatic and practical so say the brains that have drained their mothers of their birth rights!

    GO AND NEVER RETURN! That's what I'll say to these cleverer-than-thou "citizens".

    GO SUCK AT THE MILK OF YOUR SURROGATE, ADOPTIVE MOTHERS! See if they'll love you as much or make as many sacrifices for you!

    Malaysia has no need or use for her OPPORTUNISTIC sons and daughters who calculate their "love" in terms of how much they can get out of her not how much they can give her!


  16. Anonymous9:05 am

    He said Malaysians, who have surrendered their citizenship, also cannot re-apply for citizenhood.
    WHY?WHY CANNOT RE-APPLY?WHY?WHY?FUNNY YOU KNOW,BEFORE SAY CANNOT,LOOK DEEP INTO IT,WHY?MAYBE BECAUSE OF-We all know about ECM Libra, Avenue Capital, Ethos Consulting, and Scomi, the flagships and ‘cash cows’ of the ‘First Family’ (and I use inverted commas for ‘First Family’ because there is no such thing in Malaysia, though the mainstream media insists on using this term). And we imagine these flagships as under the control of Kalimullah, Khairy and Kamaluddin (the ‘Three Ks’ mentioned in the previous episode of The Corridors of Power), as are Air Asia and those other ‘high fliers’ taking the Malaysian corporate scene by storm.

  17. Anonymous9:22 am

    malays shouldn't have a need to leave the country. it's worse for the minorities who have no rights whatsoever. they should just stay. they wanted it.

  18. Anonymous9:26 am

    Good of you to publish this fact. The government has been trying to hide this figure for a long time. I am very sad though; most were send overseas on government scholarships and the very least they could do was to stay and make Malaysia a better place. Education seems to make people run away from problems. Sigh. whispering9

  19. Anonymous9:27 am

    when i was in school, we just mingle around freely, we see other races as individuals, in fact i didn't we didn't even register their skin colour.

    Now i'm working, my colleagues and i still can get along and tolerate with each other just fine.

    i dare to say that the culprit of all these racism is the stupid politicians. Of late, i have no idea what is happening to our beloved country- the crims, prices hike, corruptions..etc, no wonder ppl are migrating and denounce the citizenship.


  20. Rocky,
    There are countless young people who are studying overseas are also not going to return to this country which is heading the way of Taliban.
    Being second class citizens, the non-Bumis have more reasons to leave.
    A study should also be conducted on former MCA leaders who have migrated.
    And many present two-faced ones will also leave when the time comes.

  21. The Malays are pawn of a political system and the Chinese do not give a damn, so I'd say more Malays should leave, and the Chinese would love that for they will have more space for them!
    The thing I loath the most in this country is that dreaded thing called "institutionalised discrimination" where every one is being placed in a neatly controlled boxes to be regimented and disciplined to toe the line! God luck

  22. Bro' Rocky,

    Some ex-classmates of mine, Melayu, of course, have long ago taken up US citizenship. It's not that they don't love their homeland. Two of them have PhD's in Nuclear Engineering and are Defense Contractors (running their own businesses), so the security clearance required them to be citizens. No choice, so to speak. But I also know a guy (also a scientist) who's there not only because he's a top talent - but of "lifestyle" choices. Suffice to say, back home he'll surely be persecuted, when over there he's safely out of the closet.

    Yes, it will certainly be interesting to see Gov't stats on the Melayu Migration phenomena...especially for non-marriage reasons.

  23. Anonymous11:07 am

    A worrying sign indeed!!!

    People only migrate when things dont fall into their plans. More so when there are all sorts of artificial obstruents to prevent one from achieving one's own dream!

    It doesnt help too when you're in the minority while the majority is hell-bended to 'claim' whatever entitlements, rightly &/or falsely, in a self-created sum-zero environment - ignoring the common goods for the whole!

    Within 10+yrs, 79,199 Malays have decided to leave & gave up the citizenship in a country where everything for them are 'make-for'.

    This group of Malay can be consider ed the cream of their race. Or else the foreign countries will not accept them as citizen!

    More scarely that these group of 'leavers' are educated, work-experienced & affluent middle class Malays - who are supposed to up-lift their people in this sum-zero trap!!!

    These 'leavers' left the country not only with their knowledges BUT also their financial wealths. Could these also be one of the reasons that the Malay-cake cannot be expanded? Being not Malaysians now their wealth-holdings are classified as foreign-ownership!!

    Almost 90%+ of the govt machineries - both public & GLC-related - are overwhelmingly run by Malay. Without these 'skilled' personnel to train their own kind for the experiences & skills one can expect the running of these services, essential & non-essential, will go down the drain.

    THE trend is actually been set NOW - the 1st world infra-structures & 3rd world maintenance - that we see everywhere.

    'melayu hilang di dunia' can sound so true & near if the rate of these group of 'Malay leavers' leaving accelerates.

    This pattern is ALARMING!!!!

  24. Bro,
    "You wrote: Malay are leaving"


    Put this blame on NEP.
    Because this NEP of us only benefit a very very thin 'layer of elite' Malay, most of those who benefit from it, get it once in his life time, because not every one is Tan Sri AMMB or Tun Daim.
    Once they strike this one of the life time lottery from the NEP Lottery, most of them figure out that this is not a promising land, not for himself but for his next generations, so they leave, just like the 99% of Malaysian Chinese who are planning or contemplating or figuring out how to leave ( who i guess 99% of those 99% are unqualified to leave, too bad).
    Don't belief?
    Look at yourself, how many time have you strike from this NEP Lottery?

  25. Anonymous12:30 pm

    The people (Melayu ka,Cina ka, India ka) who choose to migrate to other countries did so by choice and of course they will give all the reasons under the sun if so asked. I say the grass always looks greener on the other side.

    Why should we, who choose to stay and live in Malaysia be bothered about people who do not exist anymore in Malaysia. Lets talk about how WE who choose to stay can make this country a better place to stay in the future.

  26. Anonymous12:39 pm

    Women give up their citizenship to join their foreign husbands overseas because Malaysia doesn't treat its daughters with equal respect as it treats its sons. Foreign male spouses of Malaysians still have difficulty in getting work permits, PR or citizenship, as compared to the foreign wives of Malaysian men. The Constitution can say what it likes about no discrimination according to gender, but for as long as all the other laws are not re-aligned to ensure this fundamental right, then, it doesn't mean anything.

    Having thus moved overseas to the husband's country, it makes more sense to become a citizen of that country. This is especially so, if you have children. If anything goes wrong, as a citizen of that country (and not just a foreigner who can get kicked out at any time) you know you won't get screwed by the courts.

    I don't know why everyone is making such a big deal of this issue. We are a nation that was built on migrants anyway - yes, even the Malays are migrants from other parts of this region. Only the Orang Asal didn't migrate (give or take a couple of millenia).

    Migration is what has made this country rich. Migration continues to make this country rich. People go out, other people come in. If we didn't have this reciprocal out-flow, we'd sink. If we didn't have an in-flow, we'd be in-bred.

    I think it is too short-sighted and emotional of the PM to say that Malaysians who have given up their citizenship can't have it back. We are facing a brian-drain. We are trying to get Malaysians to come back here and serve the country. Humans can make mistakes and can change their minds. As a country, can we afford to be that foolishly proud?

  27. Anonymous1:20 pm

    Hi All,
    I am migrating not by choice. My husband couldn't get Malaysian PR.
    Will I leave my Malaysian citizenship? not if I don't have to (for any reasons).
    Malaysia doesn't approve dual-citizenship, if I want to take up the nationality of the country resided - have to let go my malaysian citizenship. some people let go their citizenship for $$ - to get hold of their EPF for eg. For me I will try and try to bring my family back to Malaysia - maybe one day a malaysian girl can bring her unmalaysian husband home as did her malaysian men bringing their unmalaysian wives.

  28. Anonymous2:50 pm

    I'm sick and tired of seeing my hard earned tax-money being pocketed left and right by the very people who were "hired" to serve us. With all the latest "mega-bodoh" projects being announced, my heart further sinks to know that more of my hard earned money is being made as part payment by the idiot ministers-in-charge for some luxury villa overseas or multi-million purchases of designer/couture wear by their wifeys/mistresses.
    I'm sick and tired of seeing the PM's "happy and satisfied" face everytime he is asked about his marriage but nothing concrete being done to take care of the rakyat. The nation's in chaos and all he can say is that "U want your PM to be, so now, I am Happy!!" What a total idiot!! I still can't believe he is my country's PM!!!
    I'm sick and tired of lousy and crappy education system, where everything's implementated based on race and not knowledge acquirement.
    I'm in the midst of finding my way to an Aussie PR, not bcos I think the grass' greener there but defnitely for the betterment of my future generation. There's always racist everywhere in the world...the only difference is whether racism is practised within the government policies or not....and for sure, it's in Malaysian policies.

  29. Anonymous3:45 pm

    For me, my brother & his family are one of the lucky malay, migrate to chicago in 1998 and now fully not Malaysian. I'm going to follow that path also. Hijrah is a good things.

  30. Where have the Malays gone to? Australia? Britain? Sumatra? Jawa?

  31. Anonymous5:15 pm

    79,199 Malays left? I bet for Indonesia, the Gulf states and Europe (mostly marriage). 25,107 Chinese, for USA, Canada, Australia and Europe (mostly work and businesses). 1,347 Indians and 350 other races for USA, Canada and Europe (mostly work). A survey of figures, locations, purposes and occupations would be interesting.

  32. Anonymous5:52 pm

    IF Malays are leaving the land of Bumiputra, then other races should think twice now! What's left for the minority who cannot even get the Bumiputra status? Is life really good on foreign countries?

  33. Anonymous6:15 pm

    Assume the statistics are correct. It would seem the bulk of chinese migrating has peaked years ago. Now the Malays are taking the lead.

    This is a success story on a policy that does not promote meritocracy.

  34. Anonymous6:22 pm

    Can we ask Badawi and the whole family to migrate?

  35. Anonymous8:15 pm

    I am a non-Malay. In my immediate my family and among close relatives, those who are well educated have ALL emigrated overseas. However, they have all KEPT THEIR CITIZENSHIP - and will do so as long as the parents are still alive. In the case of one of my sisters, she has lived outside Malaysia for the last 30 years (from student days), but is still legally a Malaysian.

    I believe that the figures for non-Malays emigrating are far higher than for Malays. I think a proper survey should be carried out - then we will know for sure.

    As for me, I am comfortable here in Malaysia - after coming home from working overseas for quite a number of years. It's my children's education and future that I am worried about. One thinhg's for sure, they will need to work outside this country to earn a decent living. The wage levels in Malaysia are a joke and even our executives earn less than a secretary in say Hong Kong. I just don't want my children to be seen as beggars when compared to their relatives overseas.

  36. Anonymous10:12 pm

    abdulah will say...

    "I don't know and I don't care" "I am not involved"

  37. I just don't want my children to be seen as beggars when compared to their relatives overseas.

    Alas we just BEGGED China for 1.7bil to build another penang bridge... malaysians never shy from begging didnt you know! Guess who pays back?

  38. Anonymous2:58 am

    I was speechless for a minute after reading the Bernama story. It is difficult to fathom such backward thinking from a leader of a country.

    In the first place, shouldn't a more reasonable response be to understand why your citizens are leaving the country and to try to address those issues and remedy the situation? It seems rather assinine to say that since you've given up your citizenship, therefore you can never become a Malaysian citizen again. Much like cutting off your nose to spite your face.

    People leave for many reasons and I don't see how penalizing them for doing so benefits anyone. It seems to me that in this case, it puts Malaysia at a disadvantage. Wouldn't it want to lure back the expertise that has gone elsewhere?

    The other point I wanted to make is that I'm sure that those figures do not provide a true picture. There is no way of capturing the real statistics. Notice how he said that those stats are of Malaysians "who have surrendered their citizenship"?

    How do you collect stats on those people who become citizens of other countries and do not surrender their Malaysian citizenship for various reasons?

    I became a citizen of another country many years ago and I have never officially surrendered my Malaysian citizenship for the simple reason that it just never occurred to me that I had to do this. For me when I became a citizen of my adopted country I took an oath to give up any alliance to any other country and that was good enough for me. How many people are out there like me?

    You always have to look at stats with a wary eye. And let's look at them without emotion and rhetoric to cloud the real issue(s).

  39. Anonymous6:59 am

    "The Malays are leaving".... and more and more Indonesians are coming....

  40. Bergen, at least they are walking...whereas you just talk. Walk in their shoes and you will empathize.

  41. so the no. 1 reason is marriage, eh? ok, nor ismat is of to woo some japanese ladies into marriage, and leave for japan! emm... maybe a job first, then a japanese lady...

    it's not that surprising to hear that many malays are leaving the country. perhaps they have finally figured out that the saying, "hujan emas di negeri orang, hujan batu negeri sendiri, lebih baik negeri sendiri" makes no sense at all.

  42. Anonymous10:57 am

    Hi all,
    We think the grass is greener on the other side. I dont think so. these matsallehs are more racist than u think. Ppl who have migrated are to embarassed to tell about how they are treated in their adopted country, so they got to "telan"like it or not.

  43. I think the data is kinda misleading.

    Many people have migrated but still are maintaining their citizenship. I am one example that probably dont show up in the statistics.

  44. Anonymous2:43 pm

    Whoever wants to leave can do so. It is a free country...free to leave...don't come back and good riddance.

    Can't stand the racism, huh? Depends on how you look at it. Why? have you been bashed in the streets cos you not a Malay or a Chinese, or what?

    You've made tons of money that allows you to now migrate. Just reflect...racism? You made that fortune here, among other things and now you say you are leaving because you cant stand the racism here? Oh, please...

    And there are those already residing abroad saying that the Govt ought to look at the reasons for Malaysians leaving, etc.

    As for me, its simple...just leave. Malaysia losing expertise to other countries? Brain drain? No, I don't agree at all. Nobody is indispensable...life goes on. No one misses you...honest!

    Whether the system is seen as good or bad in Malaysia, the fact is it works...unless of course, like the ups and downs in life, when some things do not go your way -- thats when most people tend to look for faults, reasons and scapegoats. These are selfish people whom I'd encourage to migrate without delay.

    As for losing expertise...the work culture and mindset in Malaysia is very different from other countries. Therefore, the so-called perception of expertise set against the backdrop of a local mindset just will not have much validity...of course, unless you constantly have the view that other countries are much better than your motherland.

  45. "Nobody is indispensable...life goes on. No one misses you...honest!"

    A valid reason for ppl to leave cause ppl with this sort of thought.... Nobody is indispensable... so when are they indispensing semivalue and kakpidah and najib? no one will miss them too....

  46. Anonymous7:26 am

    I reckon that the govt to solve the internal problems first instead of engaging in trivial matters.

    Too much time to spare? Do what is needed foremost, clean up the house. Nobody enjoys living in a state of mess.

  47. Anonymous10:29 am

    I worked my butt off in Malaysia and left with $30,000 after 10 years. I worked in Australia for 18 years and I live in a MYR$3 million home overlooking the sea, my kids go to selective schools (for gifted children)for which I pay MYR$3,000 pa. My wife and I drive late model cars (costing about MYR$130,000 and MYR$350,000 resepctively - all fully paid off). I got citizenship for the asking. My kids are citizens. They can enter local universities after HSC..no race quotas (except for our orang asli)and no corruption. Fantastic healthcare (even though we complain). Freedom of speech, religion & thought. Great weather..long sandy beaches, snowy mountains, etc. Best of all no Taliban! Why would anyone want to refuse all this even if they are Malay, Jakun,Khek,Cantonese, Tamil or Javanese? It is a no brainer. Pak Lah can keep his citizenship by his "citizenry"(sic) is definitely voting with their feet.

  48. Anonymous12:37 am

    maybe this is why the malays still look like they are underperforming in the NEP...coz the well to do ones leave! So of course, the stats will show that Malays are still poorer...get scholarship, go overseas, work there, settle there...

    if you can trust the stats i mean...

    whatever, Pak Lah still remains a katak di bawah tempurung for me. Even countries like India can give dual citizenship, expects that when their non-resident indians, once have done well for themselves, will eventually return with their brains and pockets to their motherland...bodoh takdak tempatlah PM ni...

  49. Kata Hang Tuah "Takkan Melayu hilang di dunia"

    I think its the best way that Malays are migrating overseas so that we can not just promote our culture, but also show that we're capable to settle almosty everywhere in the world.

    You can simply see Chinese & Indian in every country & setup their Chinatown or Indian street.

    Why not Malay in every country?

    Even the Malay language was formerly ranked top-5 among the world spoken language!

  50. Anonymous9:48 pm

    In this increasingly borderless world, we should not be shocked, sad or surprised that people move/migrate to where they feel they will fit better. One man's meat is another man's poison, isn't it, so why not let people go where they are going to be happier? And if they should one day want to come back, they should still be welcomed back with open arms. This world belongs to everybody, and we all deserve to be where we want to be.

  51. Anonymous7:38 am

    Interesting figures & quite surprising stats for Malays shedding of Malaysian citizenship. I know for a fact that former Malaysians residing in the US visit Malaysia frequently. They spend alot of money there as tourists & local consumers. They send tons of money home to families in Malaysia. Successful former Malay-Malaysians overseas buy properties overseas thus giving more money to families in Malaysia & carving Malay imprints here in the US. They make donations to Malaysian charities & help build/setup colleges in Malaysia.

    Looks like Malaysia's economy could get a boost from these former Malaysian citizens.