Saturday, July 14, 2007

Free Nat Now!

It's a relief to know that Nat is in the safe hands of the police. Isn't it?
Meanwhile, in China a blogger was arrested this week but for providing stock tips without authorization [Financial Times, July 13 - Chinese Blogger held over stock tips]. Exactly a month ago, a blogger was "kidnapped by the police" in Egypt. He was released a week later.
Global Voices Online has the story on Nat's arrest. No news on Bernama yet.

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  1. Anonymous12:55 pm

    It's a relief to know that Nat is in the safe hands of the police. Isn't it?
    yes,than forget about Altantuya.

  2. Anonymous1:20 pm

    message sent by Elizabeth Wong at 12.52pm, Saturday 14 July:

    "Despite reassuring us that we would informed in advance of what the police plans to do (free or remand him), the lawyers were only informed, just, that Nat has been brought to the Duta Courts. So they've rushed there now, and we're following soon.

    2nd Floor, Mahkamah Jenayah Majistret 10. "

  3. Anonymous1:39 pm

    Tangkap pun tangkap la, but why was did he disappear for 6 hours (at least that's what Liz said).

    I tak sedap hati la, Rocks, when people disappear in police custody.
    Call it total loss of faith.

    Heheh, must say Malaysian bloggers n Netizens are really thorns in the sides of many.

    I feel that to be literate and questioning is dangerous in Malaysia.

    How's that for 50 years of Independence? What did we as a nation really free ourselves from?

  4. thank god they found him in 1 pc!
    else we have another C4 case to worry about! poor politikus must be worried sick!

  5. Anonymous3:32 pm

    is this a POLICE STATE? Dont the PM and his cronies claim that the press and country is freer under his regime. more like a totalitarian regime,even intolerant of constructive criticism.

  6. Rocky,
    Malaysians have created a Frankenstein in the form of BN. The monster is loose and it can do anything with impunity.
    Do you agree that the media (TV, NST, The Star, etc) played a huge role in the creation and sustenance of this monster?
    Ironically, the voters will be happy to see this monster go on rampage for a long time to come.
    They will vote in BN again and again.
    Now, who do we blame?
    Regarding this arrest.
    We are told the 3 policemen did not identify themselves when they arrested Nat.
    What do we do if Nat was never found in Bukit Aman or any police station?
    What do we do if he had been brought to some jungle and blown up since explosives are so easy to come by these days?
    Can any three Malays, claim themselves to be police, walk in some house and take away the owner?

  7. Anonymous5:18 pm

    Nazis, fascists now rule the roost. These thugs use the state apparatus to achieve their nefarious ends. Hitler, Stalin and Mussolini would have been proud of them. Seig Heil. Nazism has finally arrived.

  8. Anonymous5:37 pm

    isnt the erasure of immigration records a threat to national security? Has the police started its investigation? or is it gonna be another cover up? selective persecution and prosecution again against small irritant like NAT?

  9. rocky,
    nothing has quite changed.
    looks like intimidation to me.
    According to Li Tsin, Nat seemd fine.
    hope they release him soon and not get a court order for an extension.

  10. That's the reason why the setting up of All-Blogs is so important for bloggers. I hope that dream is not dead. Together we stand, divided we fall one at a time with Nat as the first incarcerated casualty.

  11. Sdr Rocky Bru,

    Saya rasa lega kerana ada pengesahan bahawa blogger Nat Tan di dalam tahanan polis.

    Ini disahkan apabila mahkamah memberikan tahanan reman 4 hari walaupun polis meminta 14 hari.

    Seperti saya katakan, kes "black eye" Anwar Ibrahim dan pembunuhan Altantuya memberi dimensi baru kepada "police custody".

    Terima kasih.

  12. Anonymous7:53 pm

    Is it true that Nathaniel Tan is the one that is responsible for the setting up of the website that alleged that Datuk Johari Baharum received 5 million ringgit bribe to release organised crime boss or at least that is what the police want suspect.
    We all know Nathaniel is PKR webmaster and a IT genius.

  13. Anonymous8:56 pm

    Why would anyone want to waste any c4 on a nobody..grow up la. kalau nak sangat be in the spotlight.. grow up and face the challenges.

  14. Anonymous9:35 pm


    we all keep yelling out loud about what the government had done to us, and even until today, injustice and invasion of human rights are still ordinary occasions for the government.

    BUT, looks like we've done nothing much to change our fate. Many of us are still voting for BN. Once in five years, we would get something big. New schools for the chinese community, or some peruntukans for the indian temples/.. ONCE IN EVERY FIVE YEARS.

    what about PLUS? Samy Vellu and his projects? is there anything that the government ask its people to pay for and yet never let its people know what they 're paying for>? Unveil the agreement made between government and PLUS company. If the government has always been working for the poeple, they should not keep such an agreement in secret and rated as "sulit"; unless they're working for money, not malaysians.

    i was a SPM graduate in year 2005. I got 10As, and 9 of them are A1s. I could still remember how the MCA guys tell me " haiya, if you got 9A1s only, there are hundreds out there who got 11A1s. They told me that when i was about to appeal for JPA and Matrix after failing to get the offers. I was down and nothing much i could do.

    but then , things got 180degree changed when the election is around. 30++ of my juniors got JPA scholarships. Some of them got only 8As. some got lower. And when i asked them how did they get, they told me

    " those MCA people lar, they are so good what, they even rent a bus for us and brought us to putrajaya and help us to appeal."

    WHAT THE HECK. during my year there were only 4 people who got JPA. and this year, 30++. this is the election. what do you think then? RENTING A BUS TO PUTRAJAYA? the MCA guy didnt even wanna lift his head up and see my face when i was asking for help. DAMN

    To me , if ever i have a chance to leave this country, I WILL.
    Not to say that I'm not loyal to Malaysia, but I'm TOO DISAPPOINTED with my government.

    We all have a wonderful country, Malaysia. But we've NEVER had a good government. CORRUPTED. I'm so sad to see the rotting government being voted again and again. AGAIN AND AGAIN/.


    I truly hope that Nat Tan will be released as soon as possible, and will be given a good excuse for such a stupid abduction.

  15. Anonymous10:00 pm

    kalau benar he was involved with the doctored picture of DPM, then he should take the rap. There is a differance between a real journo and a jester seeking spotlight.

    p/s: he just made a fool of the Harvard society.

  16. Anonymous10:12 pm

    i wish i could feel sorry for nat and his family...but the fact remains he screwed up.

    a young punk who wants to make a differance (or tries too)..but is made a scapegoat instead.

    Guess the education didn't serve him any good, as any educated person would not have approved a doctored image (based on Star report)of anyone , including the DPM, to be part of any publication.

    Let this be a lesson to be learnt. Be responsible, jangan main tembak're making bloggers and webmasters look bad.

  17. Anonymous10:17 pm

    IT genius? Oh please, you don't need to be a genius to set up a website. Anyone with a web authoring program or simple knowledge of HTML can code a website in a matter of minutes.

  18. Anonymous10:39 pm

    let's pack up our things and move to a nations where "the pursuit of happyness" is everyones rights!

    I don't believe in the system of our administartions anymore... the system failed! not concurrence with the declaration of independece where Tunku signed 50 years ago...

    and they said we are freed! out of the lions mouth and into the demon ass!

    cheers folks.. happy independence day datuk Jo! at least u understand the words free means!

  19. Interview Johari - takda duit lar
    Interview released criminals - takda bagi duit lar
    Ok guys case close we confirm no rasuah at all..... pegi tangkap itu NAT

  20. NAB aka ALLBLOGs committee pls read:

  21. Anonymous11:28 pm

    alor settar you dont have to try. just wonder how your family will feel if you are the one instead of Nat. but i dont think you ever will be the one coz i dont think you have the courage to stand up in what you believe. whats more pathetic is your comments which are downright condescending. maybe you have something against harvard graduates and not those oxfarts!
    Whatever others say, Nat you are in my prayers.

  22. The Star report alleging Nat Tan's links to the doctored pictures are a piece of slander. These days the Star just writes whatever their MCA masters instruct them.

  23. Anonymous7:28 am

    Bru, maybe all is not lost. Maybe Nat can tell the police about the Johari scandal.

    Should the AG closed the case when important witnesses are missing? It makes sense to keep the investigations open until those released detainees were found.

    This is what Bernama reported:

    "Gani said the ACA opened five investigation papers after receiving information on the matter on March 5.

    Statements were recorded from criminals detained under the Ordinance and related statements of accounts were also scrutinised.

    “For the three investigation papers, the ACA investigation found that the said criminals had denied giving Datuk Johari Baharum money as a bribe.

    “Two other investigation papers opened showed that several of the criminals who are important witnesses could not be traced after their release,” Gani said in a statement issued to Bernama

    How could he closed the case when investigations are incomplete. Maybe the police should get Nat help to carry out their own investigations.

  24. Now Nat Tan confirmed in police custody
    Detained him on OSA
    Right of freedom curtailed
    What the PM got to say?
    “I don’t know”

    The leaders shouldn’t be afraid
    Of what are posted on the blogs
    If they are clean as they claimed they are
    Why worry about postings in the net?

    Go and set one
    Tell us what you rebut
    In this way there will be a debate
    Many are willing to drop by

    We are the ones
    Voted them in every time
    Wake up people
    Time for change

    Passing laws without debate
    Saying they have the 2/3 mentality
    Quickly make into laws
    The peoples’ rights eroded

    There is no toll for the gravy train
    It goes on and on
    Every election the voters forget
    Elect the corrupted leaders once again

    Are we blinded by faith?
    Are we cowed by the heavyweight?
    The vote in your hand
    It is a decision making a difference

  25. Anonymous10:35 am

    To me , if ever i have a chance to leave this country, I WILL.
    Not to say that I'm not loyal to Malaysia, but I'm TOO DISAPPOINTED with my government.
    ME TO BUT I CAN'T................