Friday, July 13, 2007

Blogger arrested in Malaysia

Nathaniel Tan. Three men who claimed to be from Bukit Aman were said to have taken blogger Nat Tan of to the police headquarters to "talk about the Internet".
I will bring you updates whenever I can but or may be quicker.

update 7.45pm
Spoke to Eli Wong, who is at Bukit Aman. She said the police told her and a group of Nat's friends and relatives that they had no knowledge of Nat's "arrest". She is filing a police report at this very moment.

update 1.45 am, July 14
It's confirmed - Nat has been detained by the cops to faciliate investigation into something related to the Official Secrets Act [here].
Penarik beca thought it was the IGP, not Nat, that was nabbed by the cops!
They said the cops seized his laptop and desktop.

Who said Malaysia was a police state?


  1. Anonymous6:04 pm

    this is off-topic but please excuse my ignorance. I see you guys use this phrase 'lol' alot.
    can someone please tell me what it means. I can make a few guesses but I dont want people to know I'm can somebody pray tell me.

  2. Anonymous7:52 pm

    I see you guys use this phrase 'lol' alot.
    can someone please tell me what it means.

    lol: laugh out loud

  3. Anonymous7:54 pm

    'Lol' is laughing out loud

  4. I think it would mean "Laugh Out Loud"

  5. Sdr Rocky Bru,

    Tiga perkara terlintas difikiran:-

    1. Benarkah Nat Tan "ditangkap" polis?;
    2. Kalau benar, apakah sebabnya?; dan
    3. Adakah dia "ditahan" kerana dia seorang blogger atau kerana dia dikaitkan dengan Parti Keadilan Rakyat?

    Dengan peristiwa "black eye" Anwar Ibrahim" dan perbicaraan kes pembunuhan Altantuya, berita/khabar mengenai penangkapan Nat Tan mempunyai pengertiannya tersendiri.

    Saya harap berita/khabar ini tidak tepat. Tetapi seandainya berasas, maka harus ada kenyataan rasmi demi menjaga kewibawaan dan integriti kerajaan yang bercirikan hadhari yang menjanjikan kebebasan serta hak asasi menusia kepada kita semua.

    Terima kasih.

  6. Wah,
    This is indeed turned into a Kidnapping case. Can SB make anyone 'vanishes'?

    Very disturbing since even B.Aman is denying they have him.

  7. Anonymous10:20 pm

    LOL..Laugh Out Loud.


  8. Nat was finally confirmed being held at Bkt. Aman at 10pm tonite.

    Why does Bkt. Aman lied in the 1st place? Disturbing.

  9. Anonymous10:41 pm

    more about nat

  10. Anonymous11:06 pm

    'lol' means laugh out loud. u should know how and when to put ur 'lol'.

    back to the topic.

    why would these guy go and apprehend that poor staff? that fella only do he asked to do. by, of course his superior. that would be any of those PKR leaders.

    now u see, he's eating the shxxs left by tian chua.

    poor him

  11. Anonymous11:12 pm

    Why are you so BLUR????...

    LOL= Laughing Out Loud

    i prefer ROTFLMAO... google it...

  12. LOL - I think it means "Laugh Out Loud"...

  13. Anonymous2:14 am

    lol - laughing out loud
    lmao - laughing my ass off
    rotfl - rolling on the floor laughing
    so ROTFLMAO? just combine both!
    ok internet acronymn lesson over. :) now back to topic.

    is this another case of intimidation of blogger? that is, if it has to do with nat as a blogger and not as PKR member. maybe both? i thought the one who is suppose to be detained is tian chua, the no. 2 man in PKR and not anwar's aide?

    anyway i am hoping that nat would be released soon.

  14. Anonymous7:21 am

    Please please do not blow him up with C4 or give him the black eye. Let the man walk freely please.

  15. Like dat kalu, do you pay compound, do you spend a couple of days in jail. Or are they gonna take you Macs or Pcs away? Or make you convert to being a non-cybernatics guy into an agrarian guy, working the land with cangkul and rake. Or make you break tons of hard rock with pick ax? Suddenly blogging sounds like an interesting thing to do because there's element of danger involved. It's gonna a roller coaster ride from here on down.

  16. Anonymous9:44 am

    It could also means:-

    lol - lots of love!


    P/s: How streesful life can be when gangster and Police terrorising us...sign!

  17. Kadir asked" Kalau benar, apakah sebabnya?"
    As far as I know SB does not need any sebab as they can do what they please.
    They may not have arrested anybody for sometime so they want to have some fun or entertainment.
    Since election is coming they may want to intimidate the Opposition.
    Or they might be carrying out orders from an UMNO bigwig or the SIL
    In a lawless state, we don't ask apa sebab?

  18. Anonymous10:16 am

    Nat was finally confirmed being held at Bkt. Aman at 10pm tonite.
    Why does Bkt. Aman lied in the 1st place?
    Musa was alleged to have received a bribe of RM2.1 million to release a group of gangsters.
    WHY.the rest keep quiet.
    damm it........we need many 'shooter'.

  19. Rocky!
    There must be a good reason for the detention! Kadir Jasin is right, is it because he is a blogger or a member of the opposition party who may have had information privy only to the government and spreading it to create tension.
    If his posting is considered to inciting hatred the police have the right to do the necessary. Remember the Tianahmen Square and the democracy attempt by a leader of the Chinese Politburo, who was later detained and died while under house arrest, who encourage a handful of people to partake in the the democratic campaign in a communist country of close to 2 billion people? Well, a small sacrifice has to be made for a common good! In a "backward" country of almost 2 billion like China, a communist system is the only viable system that can control and manage the country of such proportion.
    At Yalta after the second world war, where Stalin, Roosevelt and Churchill met, Churchill told Stalin that he had only two options to rule post-war Soviet Union that is either via communism or democracy, and Churchill advise Stalin to go for communist, if Stalin chose democracy he would have problem dealing with the Muslim republics then if democrcy was the system for the illeterate and the malcontents will not be able to excercise the freedom to decide!
    Back to China a workable system is needed to rule and that is communism!
    Back to Malaysia, in view of a recalcitrant society that we have now under a weak leader, it will take all the power to keep the system together, and arresting citizens who are bend on spreading rumours like disrepectfully posting fake picture of a country's leader in the internet, constitutes abusing the power of freedom. This can lead to chaos and to tension, well what can I say Rocky even in our newly found instrument of freedom via the internet I agree that we are not above the law!
    However, I hope the police will please explain the detention. Thank You!

  20. Anonymous12:22 pm

    Oh great. Another of those people who posts the "No Fear" logo on their site, and then makes excuses to support repression on folks who have opposing political views.

    Please go through his website and look for anything that "incites hatred". Then come back and tell us. Has Mr.Tan called for genocide on any race/religious group here? Has he called for an armed uprising? Has he sold state secrets to a foreign power?

    How can a blatantly fake picture cause riots in this country? Is it any different than those photoshopped pictures of Badawi and his mansion/jetplane/yacht/spaceship? Is Mr.Tan's blog any different than the other bloggers who have talked about abuses of power in Badawi's admin?

    Had it been a Najib/Dr.M supporter instead, these sort of people would be hysterically jumping around. Whatta bunch of hypocrites!

    Speaking of Communism, so perhaps it would've be a better system for us instead of the parliamentary democracy we have now? Don't forget, we were just as backward as China in '57. Oh yea, that would mean those MCP & Bintang Tiga louts (who are Communists, not Kuomintang,btw) will be going around and, ahem... "making small sacrifices for the common good".

  21. Anonymous4:43 pm

    'lol' thanks guy for the very quick response. you see my earlier guess was ' lord oh lord' Am I really that stupid?


  22. Anonymous10:43 am

    What kind of country the future generation would inherit? If this trend of arresting people that are voicing their opinion to the general public is continued.A country full of people that are close minded and afraid to voice out their own thoughts in fear that they might be next to be taken into custody.

    Meh..what a system.

    I'm wondering why they're so paranoid?