Thursday, July 05, 2007

070707 Concert

Green Every Day Concert.
Date: 7th July 2007, this Saturday
Time: 4 pm to midnight
Venue: Stadium Bukit Jalil
Admission: Free

More than 55 artistes, incuding the "Papa Rock" Ramli Sarip, will do their stuff in 8 hours of songs and entertainment for Mother Nature. Suria FM, the organiser aims to inspire music listeners to do something kind for the environment by making this Green concern an annual do. In some places, men have inflicted irreparable damage on their surroundings. So it's heartening to know that younger people like Engku Emran think that the situation is not hopeless. Emran, the Suria FM boss, came to a bloggers' weekly mi rebus do last Tuesday to preach about the Concert.

Go to the concert. It beats doing nothing.


  1. Oh what green man?
    The intention is good
    What we will see after that?
    Litters throwing about

    It is better to organize
    Ask the artistes to lead the way
    Community projects on that day
    Spread the artistes everywhere
    Dirty hands smell of sweat
    Clean the clogged drains
    Throw away rubbish

    They want to learn about green
    Go out do the things
    Strumming music and songs
    Only when the Earth gets her wishes

    You think the kampong folks know?
    At night they start burning
    Smoky air infiltrates neighbours’ houses
    Choking the inhabitants in it

    The town council employees
    They don’t think of greening the Earth
    Chopped off trees as they please
    And they tell you it is pruning trees

    It has to go back to the roots
    In the villages in our back yards
    Let these artistes lead the way
    I am sure many will come to do it

    In the Green Concert
    It is just a leisure walking to the park
    Nothing to dirty hands
    Won’t learn a thing or two
    It is business as usual
    The Earth will be unclean
    See the stadium witness the truth

  2. Anonymous6:06 pm

    Attending a Green Day Concert is just ONE way (perhaps a 'fun' way) to make us realise how we abuse nature and all its gifts.
    There are other ways, perhaps less hip and not so cool like - using smaller cars, reducing the gas-guzzlers like Pajeros and other SUVs (esp in KL, of all places), try(though it's not palatable) to use public transport more often, shut down the Standby on your electrical appliances, use fewer plastic bags (carry a bakul pasar like our mothers and grandmothers used to do - and they had to walk more too). Cut down on air travel where possible- like you need to go the Haj only once in your life and limit the Umrah to once per person. If you want to collect a lot of pahala, do more good deeds , give more to charity, be kinder and more generous to your fellow men/women and to the animals. There are simple things you can do like when you're in the LRT give your seat to the elderly, etc. and not pretend to be asleep. Malay youth, including cool-looking boys and 'hijabed' girls are notorious for that (ps saya orangMelayu).
    Concerts seem to be the in-thing- all shapes,and sizes of Celebs have suddenly turned green (it used to be the colour of envy) - there's cache in it. But I don't want to be a party pooper. While all of you are enjoying the Concert, please remember to pick up your litter, use public transport and don't drink too much Coca-Cola and burgers. Get your mum to pack you nasi lemak or mee goring. This is also a good opportunity to get your Celebs and all present to sign a petition for a greener Malaysia like pledging to cut down on their carbon emission.
    Enjoy yourself and heaven help us if this is all the world, including Malaysai can do to cherish and preserve God's creation

  3. Anonymous7:09 pm

    Hi, there's another concert that's taking place on the same day at the same time (but of course different venue - outside RP Saujana Subang) - 8th Charity Jam Session which is an annual collaboration of people in the hotel industry.

    Proceeds go to PICU of UMMC.

    If interested, can go read more about it at or


  4. My son's group would also be performing. I am glad they're doing something for mother nature. She needs all the help she could get.

  5. Anonymous10:24 pm

    rocky, by any chance u and ramli are long lost brothers? kahkahhh...

  6. hidup rock!

    -the creamcrackers crew-

  7. Anonymous1:09 am

    Yes but WHAT is being done to save our coral reefs, diving spots, virgin jungles, polluted rivers etc etc?

    We keep hearing and reading RAPE, RAPE, RAPE regularly. NOTHING is being done.

    Do developers CARE?

  8. Anonymous2:36 am

    hi guys,

    i know they r doin all this for the environment and all and i commend it, but did anyone think of the adverse effects of it i.e the amount of waste/litter/rubbish, the amount of electricity which will be consumed, the amount of feul emission from all those attending and so forth. it will end up being like the story of a certain prince who flew across the atlantic to collect a environmental award, and had hordes of so called escorts with him.

    maybe we can do something simple and effective like separating our rubbish, turning off the tele at its plug points, saving water and so forth.

    just an opinion..


  9. Bravo to everyone involved.

    It is timely that our 'artists' demonstrate a sense of responsibility towards the effects of human activities on the environment. As a believer of compelling logic in our positive actions, I am assuming this is not simply following the Hollywood trend [After so much over consumption, let us seek redemption together]. Then the so called developed countries impose environmental 'conditions' to other countries, not allowing them to extract from nature they way they used to.

    Isn't that what Tun M was referring to in late 1990s, ecoimperiliasm.

    However,Robert Redford's effort with the sundancetv is very encouraging.

    By 'considering' economic values to our natural capital, we might think twice before wasting/over consuming anything along our path, e.g. smoking a RM1K cigar.

  10. Go to the concert, have fun and enjoy it. Allow teh radio station teh publicity and chance to make money. But don't buy into this Moronic Al Gore bullshit.

    Al Gore driven global warming campaign is a gorishly scam. I do not know if this radio station people understand it.

    Here are some links if yoiu care to find out further:

    Global Warming Scam

    The global warming scam

    Eight Reasons Why ‘Global Warming’ Is a Scam

    Climate change 'is the norm'

    Global warming?

    LOts lots more here

    So do be aware that scientific phenomenon cannot be based by just any tom dick and harry observation and assumptions. It could be just statistically defined as spurious relation like babies and storks.

    Even if you do not want to believe the articles laid to you and written and commented by sceintist, remind ourself that this phenomenon is still debatable.

    Anything coming out of American politicians hides insiduous intentions. Lets figure out who will benefit from it, if it turnout to be untrue.

    Off course, some of us like to take all the precaution in case the scientist find out too late. If so, let the industrial power hosue take the resonsibility. Why burden on the 3rd and 4th world? They did it!

    Just like I got lots of scientifically untrained morons firing me on the mee rebus table, go ahead fire away if you like to be suckered by American politicans and their crony!

  11. My advice to all is "Just go and enjoy the music everyone"....lets not get into a knot about leaving rubbish behind or greening the earth...I'm sure you all are matured and decent enough to pick up you rubbish even if you are NOT at a "green" concert, right? and as the voice is debatable, long live rock and roll and peace to all men of goodwill !
    As Johnny Ho says....Enjoy !
    Don't let the music die !
    Cheers !

  12. kerp! you are right, my man, abang ramli and i are brothers! like you and i lah. btw, yr uncle zorro is supposed to discuss something with you with regards to a Merdeka Rally. perhaps i can try and get the Papa Rock to come along and meet our long-long brothers at Bukit Merah - the Orang Utans.

  13. Anonymous5:31 pm

    I hv not a clue abt the merdeka rally do but will definitely meet him up later and find out more. bukit merah spells fun to me.