Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Too well done, the pics!

And Pasquale's not a Najib's apologist. Are these [click here] the pics of Najib and Razak/Altantuya? Pathetic. Well done, Pasquale [who is not a Najib's apologist but his supporter].
And Shar101, who has a word of advice for Tian Chua for publishing the picture. Read Shar's Well Done, Tien Chua and, from the eastern front, Sheih's You Give Us a Bad Name.


  1. Anonymous1:44 pm

    Yesh! Cut and Paste job. No doubt about it.

    Pssst, Rocky! It looked just like the Cut and Paste job of your face and head on Chow Yun Fatt's pirate photo on your blog celebrating your 1,000,000 hits.

    Your head looked a bit small, out of proportion to Chow's body, don't you think? I shiver everytime I see it. Blow it up a little but not a la Altantuya.

  2. Anonymous1:56 pm

    Aiks..(the pic)so obvious it's a copy and paste job.!

  3. Everybody knows it's a fake. Even a school boy knows it's a fake.

    It's a political satire.

    And, the lady in the pic is a Korean actress.

    So what?

  4. Anonymous2:45 pm

    i think the pic is just a hint for najib that they have the real ones..
    come one... TC is not that stupid
    play safe lagi laa najib.. tel*& kena tarik lagi...

  5. Anonymous3:01 pm

    Either YOU people are really THICK in the head or YOU are using this gimmick from TC to confuse the issue further.

    TC is not stupid - OK? There is more to come, just wait - OK?

    Soon the true of the 'doctored photos' will be out.

    Then all these thick heads will have shits all over their faces.

    For the 'not-so-smart-one' YOU will better try something else quick to hide your smart face OR look for some other diversions.

    Heard of a war plan using empty castle to frighten your enemy or better still using a school of boats, loaded full of scarecrows, to borrow arrows from your enemy?

    YOU people are really pathetic to the extreme, some more trying to be smart.

    No wonder the country is going down the drain with supposedly intellectuals of either camps of 'non-partisan' politics alike behaving like fools.

  6. Damn!
    Don’t stoop so low
    If there’s no picture
    Why make one?

    Najib had denied
    Because he knew no picture
    Karpal Singh will show his magic
    When the trial ends its day

    Wait and see
    It isn’t over yet
    Until that picture comes along
    To say once and for all

    I remembered Mahathir said of Anwar
    He got his own black eye
    In the end it was the former IGP
    Now we knew

    Will this be another case?
    Deny it until proven its source
    Right now Najib can enjoy his luxury
    Of denying until……………….
    A picture comes along

    But in the court
    A witness testified she saw picture
    Of Najib, Razak and Atlantuya
    So now we wait

  7. Anonymous4:34 pm

    sc.39. ext. day. coffeebeng cafe

    A self taught and a top angkat bakul sendiri politician is at the cafe with his laptop. His friend, RAMA, is with him.

    TIAN: Tiuuuu...!!! I taught ahh..this people AH when dey see der picture I made ahh..dey believe me one..

    RAMA: Dey Tian...I saw your pikcher...wahhh...its good quality forjeri...even i got tipud by it when you first shown me.

    TIAN: know how long it take me to make that foto ahh?

    RAMA: No long?

    TIAN: Bloody 20 minits you know...nearly hold day!

    RAMA: Fuuyohhh...dat long ah...I take shit shorter time dan dat woohhh.

    TIAN: I tot ah...its as good if not butter than that kickdefella bugger..

    RAMA: No lah...seriously not speaking ah...his one know he go to school one...not like you.

    TIAN: So you mean you go to school you can do better things ah..

    RAMA: Sure lah...the better the skool der better you get to be in life...

    TIAN: show example lah..

    RAMA: You challenging me ah..ok...i show know that PM's setan in law?

    TIAN: You mean JKR?

    RAMA: KJ Lah you bloody dimwit...

    TIAN: Same lah...Paklala oso said same thing what..KJ..JKR..KY all same ting.

    RAMA: OK know him right...he came from this place call Cowford.

    TIAN: Nolah..he came from Cumbridge.

    RAMA: No no...defnitly Cowford...i remember cause the beginning of the name I memorise like the animal in the padi field...but just in case I am wrong..we mix it together university in UK.

    TIAN: Ulu Kelang where got university...dat UIA in gombak mahhh

    RAMA: you shut up lah you . listen...he studied in London lah...

    TIAN: Ohhhh London in Germany.

    RAMA: Yes...all famoous people come from there..

    TIAN: I taught all famoous people come from MCKK.

    RAMA: Dat one different story...dat one jangan pandang belakang story.

    TIAN: Rama very naughty fella..

    RAMA: Err...what did I say ah?

    TIAN: Don't know...

    RAMA: What ah?

    TIAN: Never matter...must be something not important lah...ahh..see here i got dis foto of the Kedah King walking 20 kilometer to stadium...I put his picture..superimposing it on this picture of Jalan Alor I got last nite...than I can create good scandal...

    RAMA: Oooohhh careful..that one on the verge of being seditious lahhh...

    TIAN: What I care? i don't even know what dat word mean.


  8. Anonymous4:35 pm

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  9. surely everyone wd realise that TC put that thign up just for fun, believing that no one wd actually take the doctored photo seriously.

    just shows msian mentality. pssh!

    y waste time on this issue. if najib goes, he goes. if not, no worse than what we have now.

    might as well support the truly towering msians - the astronauts - support them at Unless we r all truly bitter n hate everything remotely connected to our natyion's effort to better itself. hope not.

  10. I've said it before, i'll say it again. This country lacks proper opposition, thus it comes to no surprise why BN play cowboys of the nation.

    p/s: I rather vote for PAS then Keadilan.

    -The Man Who Sold The World-

  11. Hi Rocky,.. I can't help but think that the joke's on us all. Look at the response you are getting! Cheers,

  12. Another cheap theatric of Tian Chua.

    Does PKR not have any more credible ppl for Information Chief, ke?

  13. Anonymous11:29 pm



  14. Sdr Rocky,

    Kalau NSTP dan empat pekerja atasannya boleh mengemukakan saman terhadap Sdr dan Sdr Jeff Ooi kerana apa yang saudara berdua siarkan dalam blog saudara, saya rasa pihak-pihak yang berasa bahawa Sdr Tian Chua telah membuat fitnah, mereka WAJIB menyeret beliau ke mahkamah.

    Beri peluang kepada mahkamah untuk memutuskannya. Ia mungkin mengambil masa, tetapi inilah cara terbaik.

    Tuduh menuduh hanya mengeruhkan lagi suasana dan menyebabkan pihak-pihak yang tidak tahu menjadi tahu dan yang tidak berminat menjadi berminat.

    Kini sudah wujud teknologi berkaitan “photo forensic” yang boleh memastikan sama ada sesebuah gambar itu asli atau direka. Malah penyelidik dan pencipta sudah pun menemui cara mengesan kamera digital mana yang digunakan untuk mengambil gambar yang menjadi bahan pertikaian.

    Inilah cara terbaik mengawal dan mendisiplinkan para blogger dan laman berita web daripada menggunakan kekerasan dan ancaman. Kita rujuk kepada mahkamah.

    Terima kasih.

  15. Anonymous9:21 am

    Strange how many people are saying that the posting of the picture is a joke/fun.

    To my knowledge, PKR is not a party known to indulge in jokes or fun, so to justify the posting on this basis of humour/joke/fun is really a weak response to criticism.

  16. Anonymous10:18 am

    Seriously. Another ammunition for ppl like who know who to attack bloggers. Not wise.

  17. Anonymous12:00 pm

    sory off topic sket..

    She was fluent in Mongolian, Russian, French and English.
    check out her police report..
    wat da fark..

  18. Anonymous2:03 pm

    The woman in the picture is not even Altantuya. The woman who was mistaken as Altantuya by even The Star (which published the pictures of the woman rumoured to be Altantuya last year) was actually a Korean Artiste called U'nee. And U'nee even committed suicide early this year because of depression over her lackluster sales for her albums as well as criticism about her image.

    Check out information on U'nee here.

  19. Anonymous5:24 pm

    agree fully with doc.

    that - the picture of the lady not being altantuya - plus the fact that the photo was badly doctored should be a giveaway what tian chua was up to. yes he meant it as a satire and he purposely had the photo up to attract attention.

    so i can't understand why all the bising-bising from so many bloggers attacking tian chua. i am no fan of PKR at all but in this instance of tian's action, i would support him. he's a smart devil to post this doctored photo up. not only he got lots of traffic and publicity to his blog, but he managed to get the mainstream media talking about the photo amy mentioned "having dinner with a malaysian government official... his name was najib razak...", which in the beginning when it was mentioned by amy was not reported at all in the mainstream media.

    see? tian's objective was achieved.

  20. Anonymous5:46 pm

    Rocky mate

    it's satire. It's so obviously a scissors and glue job, it's not even done to look real.

    Perhaps knowing just how half of Malaysia is on a hair trigger all the time he should have made it absolutely clear it was a joke - but cme on - are you saying that the only comedy Malaysians get is a custard pie in the face? Is the nation that kampung?

    Sure it's not necessarily a great joke - but the bottom line is that in politics if you can't take the heat get out of the kitchen. None of these YBs were forced to stand for office. They chose. Anywhere else in the world except North Korea they'd have to answer hard questions in exchange for their salaries.

    Frankly Rocky you're too good a journalist to feel you need to hold anyone's hand over this. Najib is a big boy now. His main advisor and 2 of his bodyguards are on trial over a murder. He's going to get flack. Fact of life. And sadly if Malaysia's courts were seen as above political interference and its media less government friendly he'd have a better chance of keeping his reputation spotless. As it is when the papers write and the judges judge a good portion of the country doesn't know whether to believe them or not.

    Hoist, own and petard come to mind

  21. Anonymous10:26 pm

    A philosophical person will not do anything like this.He finds a more dignified and credible way.

    Things like this makes a valid and real issue be treated as a joke. We are talking about a person cruelly killed and her family is seeking justice for her death. Not to make a political statement.

    Its done in a bad taste and sickening as Tian Chua forgot that the person he superimposed is now DEAD.Is this what we call sense of humor. I call it sick.

    His intention is clear that he wanted to scandalise the entire issue for a political spin purely to injure the DPM and base on a very weak assertion made.

    The issue of the photo must get the public to demand the photo be made available and proved.

    It is like the 50 dalil issue when Anwar was accused of homosexual activity. The demand then was-Prove it.

    Malaysian agreed that the 50 dalil publication should not be used to kill Anwar as it is merely an assertion and not credible at all.

    The same standard must apply and leaders must observe this standards to maintain ones own credibility, especially for political parties who stands for justice and fairness.This cannot be altered for the whims and fancies with double standards.

    Now-in Najib’s context.We cant fix another 50 dalil type of stunt and try to spin it for political purpose.TC just did it and it is a shame.

    He did something that he himself once condemn it with disgust.

    Politicians must stand the high moral ground and must give a person the presumption of innocence.If not,we go back to the dark ages and turn it into middle east politics. Insanity on stilts.

    There are ways to take this issue forward in a more credible and fair manner.

  22. Anonymous11:40 am

    Barisan, particularly Umno, is not averse to using the most vile methods to get their messages across. I dont see any reason why Tian Chua should take them on with kid gloves. Pascquale, this is politics, this is not a kindergarten tea party. Barisan does not respect people, so i dont see any reason why people should respect them.

  23. I never have..

  24. Anonymous8:58 pm

    Hmmmmmm!!!! Looking at the two pictures.

    Najib at the boring World Economic Forum wishing he was "there".

  25. Anonymous9:55 pm


    it's unbelievable that some people could dismiss tien chua's posting of the doctored photo as a joke.
    it seems to be said so, only after the fact.
    i'd like to know what tien chua has to say if it was his picture that was superimposed. but then, that would be a real joke.
    satire? i know satire. that aint no satire, man.
    i agree with the observer. this is not funny. a joke? then t's a cruel one.
    oh, lucia. Puhleeeze! go tell that to the marines!
    you must think that the murder trial is a joke... very laughable?

    bro, we know what's going on, dont we?

  26. Anonymous4:16 pm

    you fuggers, wailing and stamping your feet just cos you all were caught seeing something that wasn't there... you need to stop taking yourselves more seriously than really warranted.