Friday, July 06, 2007

Why you shouldn't go sleeveless in an entertainment outlet

with updates//8 jul 07 - see end of posting
For Muslim women only. For exposing her arms while singing for a living, Siti Nor Idayu has been ordered to appear before the Syariah Court. She will be charged with"exposing her body" during a performance and "encouraging immoral activities". [Singer held over dressing, thestar online, 6 July]

Did Siti Nor Idayu (pic) expose her body and encourage immoral activities? I wasn't there so I won't know. But I am tired of this Apartheid. Some Muslims in this country derive pleasure from shaming other Muslims and you'd note that these happen only to the lower caste Muslims. They are never going to order the Muslim directors in Malaysia Airlines to appear before the Syariah court for allowing liquor to be flown and consumed on board, for example. Or are they?

There are a thousand other better ways if religious department still want to help promote a good image for Islam. Without shaming the Muslims, including those who are just having a good time and not hurting anyone.

update: Shanghai Stephen has asked Raja Nazrin Shah to step in and tell his state's religious department to chill. Read here.

update 8/7/07: Malaysia: Bloggers protest religious policing (source: Global Voices Online)


  1. Anonymous2:38 pm

    totally agree with you..after all she's just trying to earn a living. It's not like she's committing crime.

  2. I wonder if the men in my blog will be treated the same... they entertain and they are sexy

  3. Anonymous3:08 pm

    Remember P Ramlee's time, actress singing with sexy sarong cladded at river side. What is happening now in Malaysia. go astern lah instead of progressing....

  4. Moral policing ? Oh, how they belittle GOD by their sactimonious acts!

  5. Anonymous3:24 pm

    When contacted, JAIP director Datuk Jamry Sury said he was confident that his officers had not acted outside of their jurisdiction in issuing the notice.

    “According to Islamic laws, a Muslim woman is not allowed to serve or entertain a man who is not her husband in a place where immoral activities usually take place,” he said.

    In a place where immoral activities usually take place - WHY don't they seal the place and close it down!! 50 years of independence, we are getting this, Sigh!!!

  6. its dumb but the lower caste muslim don't mind to be harrassed as long as they get 'subsidised', at least majority of them. Else how would you explain BN's win over and over again?

  7. Anonymous3:46 pm

    When one believes in God and understands His truths, we have a believer.

    When the same believer takes the holier-than-thou step and imposes his or her understanding of Gods truths on another, we have religion.

    It's religion that is causing all this confusion and consternation amongst most believers. At the rate things are going, it's safe to conclude we have not seen the worst yet. Not by a long shot.

  8. sdr rocky:

    if malaysians of all creeds, colours and ethnic origins are not careful, certain self-APpointed groups will one day rush into our living rooms to conduct a house search in the name of local council's rules and regulations. Malacca started off with CM-snactioned Mat Skodeng, FT Religious Dept followed with similar cloned snoops in Putra Jaya; now the Little Napoleons in this little episode "bullying a singer" are again testing te waters to seek out less-privileged Malaysain strata society to victimise.

    Itchy hands with nothing better to keep occupied to justify their recent Civil Servants pay rise -- of up to 35-40% for this band? If right minded Malaysians -whether Muslim or non-Muslim, don't stay vigilant enought, these snoop squads will take on Bologsphere monitoring and policing. I have already seen some individual tenenecies smouldering somewhere, and some originate from quarters who should have knwon better. You want details? Meet Desi in Furong and pay for my cpuppa of tehtarik -- bedder still we meet at KTV lounge where the Eat, "Drink and Be Merry" millionaires at 27 gather, yes?:)

  9. Dear Rocky
    Amat sedih dengan apa yang terjadi. Kemungkaran sebesar zarah di lihat. Bangkai busuk depan mata, mata di butakan.
    amat malang untuk hidup di bumi sendiri.

  10. Anonymous3:58 pm

    Datuk Jamry Sury said,

    " According to Islamic laws, a Muslim woman is not allowed to serve or entertain a man who is not her husband in a place where immoral activitis usually tak place...."

    I am not a Muslim and would like th good Datuk to clarify this. In just about any hotel, what is defined as immoral in Islam but not for other races could be taking place. Does this mean that all female Muslim staff should not be working in hotels?

  11. Anonymous4:21 pm

    *sigh*...I wanted to leave some long analytical mixed with witty comments but...*sigh*..malas la. ntah apa-apa ntah...macam takde isu lain...

  12. Anonymous4:22 pm

    Read Raja Nazrin's latest speech, as reported in the NST today.

    He called on the ulema to be "neutral".

    I note that the Perak State Mufti was in the audience for Raja Nazrin's speech.

    Let's see if he has the cojones to respond to Raja Nazrin's remarks!

  13. Anonymous4:32 pm

    I once asked one of the senior PAS guys if the rules for men covering their aurat should be enforced - so Olympic swimmers and Malaysia's football team would have to cover down to their knees.
    Senior PAS guy said they'd be laughed at if they suggested it. Point is if you're going to take a 'fundamentalist' view of a religion then you don't get to pick and choose. It's like the taking four wives thing; the scriptures say it should be as an act of compassion, to care for widows and orphans - how many Datuks think it's a licence to be a randy dirty old man .
    At some point the tide must turn and the religion will be reclaimed by ordinary decent Muslims who are more concerned with leading by example than wagging their hypocritical fingers at other people.

  14. Anonymous4:41 pm

    This is bs. The fellows are too busy chasing people who are hardworking and trying to make a honest living.Where do their salaries coming from? Taxes paid by who?

    What about all the corruption and the blatant misuse of powers. yes they can't arrest but they can speak about it.They don't. What about all those ladies who never get their nafkah? Are they helping them?

    It seems we are going the Taliban way. And also the muslims in Msia are portrait as ones who are so weak in faith that they have to raid eating places, ban books etc.And yes god forbid, they see the singer they are will be encourage to do immoral activities. So weak kah???

    Cemerlang, Gemilang dan Talibanism!!!!

    the 1st rocky

  15. I may sound inconsiderate to those radical Muslims.
    I don't recall this problem being so in my younger days.
    My muslim friends mixed around much more freely then they do today.
    Today, I am careful as to 'not offend' my muslim friends when there are certain activities that are planned.
    The fault here, IMHO is that these 'religious police' are given too much freedom to infringe on individual's rights. So much so that they can even barge into a non muslim's room to demand proof!
    (can you recall the American couple's experience somewhere North in this country?)
    By not disbanding these 'Religious Police' and not defining their operational boundaries, the Govt is silently condoning it.
    Hence the negativity of it all....

  16. I was equally amused by the news report this morning.
    What about the Malay waitresses who serve liquor at hotels?
    And man, what about those VVIP's who consume liquor at Golf Clubs?
    What about female actresses who allow themselves to be touched/hugged by male actors?
    One can go and on?

  17. 1. Muslims in Pakistan keep dogs.

    2. Muslims in Iran and Turkey drink liquor. (smoking is also intoxicating, yet its allowed here but not drinking).

    3. Now muslims cant wear sleeveless but are allowed to wear tudung with body hugging mini-t and hipsters, riding on ciku bikes showing their butt crack to the rest of world.

    i've said this earlier, muslims in this country are very confused.

    -The Man Who Sold The World-

  18. Jabatan Agama enforcers are keen on going after people who expose their arms or legs and a very tolerant with tudung wearing girls. Tell me, which is better? a girl who
    i. Doesn't "tudung" herself but behaves appropriately
    ii. One who wears a tudung but behaves like a bohsia. There are plenty of those out there.

    Morals are at the end of the day subjective. What may be immoral to some may seem acceptable to others.

    Remember the rape case of the girl who wore a tudung but was raped by a bus driver in Klang some years ago? If immoral acts, like rape, are to take place, it doesn't really make a difference what the victim wears.

    This is just a case of selective moral policing. At the end of the day, to each his/her own....

  19. Now I understand why I could never give the attention to really appreciate wahida. Hey baby, show me some skins!!!

    Entertainment is partly about subliminal sex or satan worshipping (like in the reverse play of some heavy metal stuff).

    Look Siti Nurhaliza is waning becasue young hormones lost their yearning since she got married.

    When Ning Baizura was talkign abt her s** fantasy in whatcamacallit magazine, it makes me interested to hear her songs despite her rather off high keys.

    Seriously, this is partly the dilemma of institutionalising religion - laws need reinforcement. I can't deal with it.

    However, for Jakim to resort to all this, wonder why nothing was done to P Ramli movies that had Sarimah in bareback? Wow! Seniwati sariiiimaaaa...

  20. Rocky!

    I was so proud when one of my cousins became Miss Malaysia in the 60s, she was Miss Johore and became Miss Malaysia, then she was sent to Miami to represent the country wearing swimming suit and all, we were proud of her!
    Then she came back and she was chastised for it! Now the Malay system is constantly trying to do the same thing trying to control Malay-Muslims by using religion as a "border collie", border collie is an analogy when a special breed of dog in Scotland used to control the flock of sheep. The analogy of border collie is apt because Islam, if not properly propogated is going to be a much hated religion even by the Malays, I am saying this because I have seen how an oligarchial system and a special interest elites trying to cling to power by instilling fear on the populace failed in the end, after being cornered, the people will fight back and this will be nasty! Let Muslim find their own ways to earn a living as long as it is not going against the real norms and mores of the Malay culture! If you hypocrite bastards want to Islamised this country shut down the casino, get rid of illegal gambling machines where there are thousands in this country, check the Vegas night club where even police personell frequent, so do not be a self-righteous hypocritical bastards and let the singer sing as long as she does not strip and show her naked body, you freaking dirty minded religious police bastards you!

  21. Anonymous5:26 pm

    I fully agree with you.

  22. and yet they close 1 eye to all the corruption and abuse of power that's going around...

  23. Interesting thing you brought up about the behaviour of some of our religious authorities. With already a jaundiced view developing about the religion among non-Muslims worldwide, most especially in the west, such actions by overzealous religious authorities seems to be doing more harm than good. For only they seemed to think they are doing a great job. Others just view them as morons whose actions somtimes borders on lunacy. Permit me to relate another incident. A little over two years ago my grandmother passed away in KL at the age of 96. About the time she died I was somewhere in Petaling Jaya having coffee with a friend. Nobody could get me until about 2am because my mobile phone ran out of battery. Still I was glad she did not die alone but with her loved ones around her – my aunt, her husband and their two children. And her maid, a girl name Puji. As it turned out only Puji knew what to do. She took out her Surah Yassin and recited the verses to my grandmother, a devout Buddhist, during her final moments. It was to me the kindest, most unselfish act and precious gift one human being can offer another, regardless of what the other person's religion may be. In an environment that is slowly becoming more polarised and intolerant, an uneducated Indonesian maid from some remote area in Java did what very few religious leaders armed with their rhetoric and high moral standards could ever do. In one simple act of kindness she portrayed the most beautiful part of the Muslims and Islam to somebody from outside her faith. To me she will always be a credit to her name and religion. I would choose to have her around anytime over the overzealous officers of the religious department, unless of course I suddenly develop an urge to titillate myself by looking at some Malay girls' arms or backs in some lounge in Perak of KL or Selangor in which case I would readily volunteer to accompany them on such raids. Or better still to go peep at couples making out. And I'll make sure I have my camcorder with me. After all we need photographic evidence to prosecute, don't we?

  24. Anonymous6:27 pm

    I fully agree with you regarding this matter. Sometimes it makes me wonder if our government is that free, so free that they could find faults with such a small issue, while those that really need attention are just left aside. Besides, these idiots also give Islam a very bad name...

  25. Anonymous6:29 pm

    Talibans, Malaysian style.

    Where is the Life we have lost in living?
    Where is the wisdom we have lost in knowledge?
    Where is the knowledge we have lost in information?

    (Quote: T.S. Eliot) madmonk

  26. Anonymous6:37 pm

    Dont they have anything better to do ...these so-called ulamaks?


  27. Anonymous6:41 pm

    congratulations! spoken like a boozer and womaniser!

  28. Anonymous6:51 pm

    Rocky, you mentioned that you are tired of this "apartheid". Some may say, the term's usage in this situation is an "overstatement" as far as this country is concerned when one starts to compare situations.But then,to each his own ..i suppose!

  29. And I have always been convinced that Islam is a religion of compassion. I feel sorry for my muslim friends, men and women who are hounded by these sure-to-go-to-heaven bigots. These still believe that scores of vigins await them in heaven...and how in heaven's name can you copulate when you dont have a physical body? I feel sorry that this will not abate because Islam is being politicised.

  30. Anonymous7:05 pm

    There is a human lesson to be learnt here whether this situation directly,indirectly or dosent at all affect your kind.It is that only when your are in the hot shoe that you will know what it means to feel prejudiced against.There is no way at all that this lesson will get a homerun unless it is felt.Rocky's usage of the word "apartheid" also does help get this picture across better,especially to those who are not muslims but have parallel experiences and not necessarily of religious type of experience but as in BROADLY.



  31. Anonymous7:07 pm

    bang ATTAN,

    KERANA DI ALAM LAIN NANTI.."nafsi nafsi..




  32. Anonymous7:22 pm

    I cannot understand Jawi’s action…they just catch the small fry.. what about the big fish?
    I know one big fish that you can catch…this person in his early 30’s…wore beads on his hand ocassionally, purportedly having an affair with a female singer…a very powerful figure in this country although he is not the Prime Minister… his favorite place ZOUK and drink by the bottles...

    I bet my last RM that Jawi enforcement officers have got no balls to get him.

  33. Anonymous7:34 pm

    Saudara Rocky,

    Ini lah kita kata Islam Harakiri.

    Makan diri sendiri (oops.....agama sendiri)

  34. Anonymous7:38 pm

    What the @#$%$#$@ ! The dubious way some people from the lowest rung of society right TO AMONG THE TOP, earn their income is more HARAM than this girl who is earning an honest living without having to consume liquour as proven by the officials themselves.

    If these "officials" say that Islam doesnt allow her to be in that 'place'to entertain men who are not blah blah blah---then Islam also say that you should not earn your keep through dishonest (or corrupt--if you want to call it that) ways.
    What are you doing about that ?

    Answer that you self-rightous @@#$%$%#@#.

  35. Anonymous7:52 pm

    kenapa dok bising sgt perkara nie? kenapa tak atanya pemimpin Islam atasan yang berkempen Islam Hadhari? (tapi dah tau dah pun jawapanyer..tak pun jwpnnyer Human Right!..)
    Bila Agama dah dipisahkan dengan cara hidup mcm nie la jadinyer..belum lagie mufti,ulama dicaci dihina..
    Tunggu jer la balasan-Nya sbb semua org akan kene..Apa die? Waalahualam..

  36. Anonymous8:08 pm

    betul lu cakap tu bro..

    'There are a thousand other better ways if religious department still want to help promote a good image for Islam'.

    tapi bukan jabatan agama punya kerja saja utk meningkatkan imej islam, tapi tanggungjawap semua orang islam, tak kira ulama atau ular-dalam-semak, ustaz atau baru-nak-start, perdana menteri atau penyapu jalan, menteri penerangan atau blogger-jalanan. Tidak kira siapa, asal ucap kalimah syahadah dan yakin diri kita islam, menjadi tanggungjawap kita mengamalkan agama dan memberi gambaran kepada semua manusia keindahan islam.

    Marilah kita semua orang islam belajar apa yg patut dan tak patut kita buat sebagai seorang islam.

    Jika semua orang islam belajar dan tidak buat apa yg memalukan sebagai seorang islam tentu perkara ini tidak terjadi...

    bukan begitu tuan presiden !

  37. kepada yang muslim bertaubatlah. lihat dahulu diri kita sebelum membela si wanita atau menghentam penguatkuasa. diri sendiri pun belum tentu betul lagi nak kritik tindakan orang lain dan kemudiannya dijadikan asas kepada yang bukan muslim turut mengkritik tanpa ada asas islam di dalamnya. this is even more dangerous than exposing your arm.

    my advise to non muslim, mind your own business for the party that you thought is stupid is the higher authority in Islam. I'm sure you also dont like the others to criticize your religion higher authority

    simple word; woi jangan nak memandai mandai hal agama orang lain. kalau gatal sangat nak komen juga, sunat dulu... kalau tak berani baik diam

  38. I am so touched by the story of Puji. Those moral guardians will say she won't get any pahala because she said prayers for a Buddhist. But I think she will, lots and lots of it.

    Rocky, it's getting worse and worse. My Catholic friend ordered some religious books from overseas to be couriered here and some Malaysian Customs officer refused to let them in on the grounds that they would be offensive to Muslims! But they were for herself, not anyone else!

    How much longer must we put up with all this? They're not Little Napoleons, they're Little Ayatollahs. And they're even in non-religious departments.

  39. Anonymous9:14 pm

    Red alert! Red alert!

    Hijack detected!

  40. Do the religious officials listen?
    Time and again the Cabinet had to step in
    After a while it was quiet
    Then the ugly head rears to chaste the Muslim women

    Honest living one has to cherish
    The religious officials should read the texts
    Learn it by heart do it by compassion
    The Almighty Allah grants His grace
    To all His people rich or poor
    He doesn’t discriminate
    But the religious officials do!
    They think they are THE LORDS of this world

    I always maintain in my view
    Islam is peace and compassionate in its ways
    It is the holy than thou people who made a mess
    Like Jesus says
    “Many will call my name but they are the demons
    They want to rule their little kingdoms”

    If what they claim is illegal
    Of money earned and living honestly
    How hypocrite they become!
    They think they get no sin money?
    On taxes of many forms
    The government and state impose
    To pay their civil servants

    And what about the air they breathe?
    Pure without sin in the sky, is it?
    Nobody can claim they are sinless
    This is the tragedy of the so called experts
    Drawing out keris to ask people to obey
    In the end God will punish them
    For doing the wrong things

    I pray the government of BN
    Act wisely to benefit the name Islam
    Let the officials know what they had done
    Pushing ala Taliban a sin by itself
    Allah is the One who decides!

  41. Anonymous10:39 pm

    Malaysian footballers...about time you wear leotards?

  42. Anonymous10:57 pm












  43. Anonymous11:10 pm

    I though Perak is a more progressive state in the Federation.

    Are the conservative, narrow-minded religious officials there seeking to counter-balance their progressive and forward looking rulers?

    Perak never cease to amaze me.

    But if one were to look at this issue deeper, it is frightening that it has happened in ALL states in West Malaysia.

    But WHY are the more right-minded Muslims taking all this nonsense quietly? WHY aren't they speaking up? WHY are these 'religious authority' individuals being given a free hand to do what they like with impunity and at the same time giving their religion a very bad name and perception?

    And if non-Muslims speak out, they are told not to meddle in Islamic matters etc etc.

    Is Islam Hadhari dead?

  44. Anonymous11:45 pm



  45. Anonymous12:47 am

    mr rocky..

    jgn membela perkara yang tak betul. Penguatkuasa melaksanakn kerja mereka sahaja. Kenapa nak ungkitkan isu samada artis tu dimalukan atau tidak? ingat en atan, kat blog u ni ada non muslim join sekali.. tak perlu besar2kan hal ni, kita tidak mahu imej Islam dipermainkan sedangkan mmg itu kewajipan umat Islam, cegah kemungkaran di depan mata. jgn ungkitkan kenapa perkara yang lain dibiarkan, sbb pemimpin negara tiada roh islam yang kuat. kita yg tak kuat gak ni, jgn membela kemungkaran, diam sahaja dahla. jgn kita dpt saham dosa lak klu membela artis2 tu..

    Ingat Hadis Nabi (lebih kurang maksudnya)- jika kamu nampak kemungkaran di depan mata, hendaklah kamu mencegahnya dgn tangan. jika tidak mampu, cegah dgn mulut, jika tidak mampu juga, cukupla kita benci dalam hati.

    Kita ni lemah iman en rocky, tapi jgn tunjuk kejahilan kita dgn menyokong kemungkaran. Salah tetap salah. Samada malu atu tidak, awak tak layak nak ckp, sbb awak akan menjejaskan agam suci kita.. Fikir sebelum menulis rocky. jgn pakai tulis je.. Saya ni cuma mengingatkan je, kita sesama muslim, jgn memalukan agama kita.


  46. Anonymous1:22 am

    hello?? she is definitely wrong?
    apa yg wrong sangat?

    who died and made you God? no one has the right to judge Siti Noor coz it is between her and Allah - butt out!

  47. Mr Rocky,

    We can be permissive and forgiving. But we also has adab and akhlak as true Muslims. I don't know how you raise your children, but I am not about to let my daughters running around scantily clad. The singer must have indecently exposed herself to merit the callup by the religous dept. Was she just sleeveless? Or braless? If it was public performance she should dress decently. Other singers can do that, like Dato Siti Nurhaliza and many others. Public performances are watched by pak cik, mak cik and their children and their grandchildren. Private performance, ok. But even so, for being a Muslim she can't perform only in her undies.

    Muslims are bound by hukum. We like it or not, we have to adhere. For you, if you find certain values unacceptable, just do as you please. But, don't criticise fellow Muslims who wants to do it the correct way. Don't tell the religious department that Muslim girls should be allowed to wear bikinis in the public and Muslim men should be allowed to drink arak.

    Now I doubt what cause you are fighting for.

  48. Anonymous7:22 am

    Muslims are suffering and dying in Iraq, Palestine, Chechnya and Somalia.
    Muslims live in abject poverty in India, Bangla Desh and Indonesia.
    Muslims in Malaysia are spared all of the above! If the case of Siti Nor Idayu is all our well-educated and well-paid ulamas are concerned about, it's a reflection of their ignorance, inferiority and cowardice.Surely all you need is a lot of 'iman' not to be sullied or affected by that haute couture. Just hold on tight to your 'tasbir' and don't look!!
    Although if my daughter wants to dress like Siti, I would say to her."Tone down, please. Let's discuss this like adults. Remember, 'kita orang Melayu.....'

  49. Anonymous9:41 am

    That is the problem with many of your guys out there like Student_ipt & Ahm. Kita kata dia tak ada telok. Don’t even dare to voice your own rights…Ini baru Jawi saja..apa kata kerajaan?
    Can you two tell me that is she is not employed (given that she need to make a living and the money, and she ahs good voice that can sing) can Jawi give her enough money to live?
    And for Ahm, it is not a question of sunat or not. Even you, I believed have sunat cannot stand on your own two feet. You are simply a bad example to your religion. If you cannot show a good example, how you expect to convince Islam to others.

  50. Anonymous10:19 am


  51. Anonymous10:30 am

    “According to Islamic laws, a Muslim woman is not allowed to serve or entertain a man who is not her husband in a place where immoral activities usually take place,”
    Ini tentang ISLAM yang bukan ISLAM tu belajarlah sikit2.

    =hello?? she is definitely wrong?
    apa yg wrong sangat?=
    *tepuk dada,tanya selera*

    ambillah contoh dari 'student_ipt' semoga ia memanfaat kita lebih lagi pada saya.

  52. Anonymous10:33 am

    Pak Atan,
    Masih banyak rupanya tentang Islam yang bapak perlu belajar.

    Saya mempunyai ramai kawan bukan Islam. Mereka pernah bertanya saya tentang kenapa lelaki Islam boleh kahwin sampai empat, kenapa babi dan arak diharamkan, kenapa pentingnya nikah...kenapa itu dan kenapa ini....

    saya tidak pakar agama dan menjawab sekadar yang pernah diajar oleh Tok Guru Muqaddam saya dulu-dulu....namun saya berpuas hati kerana kawan-kawan saya selepas itu termenung panjang selepas mendengar penjelasan saya.

    Walaupun mereka tidak memeluk Islam tetapi mereka geli untuk makan babi sampai kini.

    Mesejnya jangan bapak menjadi api yang kelak akan membakar diri sendiri.

  53. Anonymous10:53 am

    Happy vision 2020 ... ;)

  54. Anonymous10:54 am

    mr Ocper,

    Skrg bkn masa nak ckp isu samada dia ada keje atau tidak.. idayu tu muda lagi, lebih baik pegi belajar dan dapatkan keje bgs2. plg senang pun, org mcm dia senang dpt nurse, alasan tak keje tu dungu. mana ko tau dia takde keje?

    salah tetap salah. negara ni klu susah, byk agensi boleh tolong, plg senang pegi masjid kat ipoh (kes idayu ni), jumpa pak imam mntak tolong. Saya org perak, saya taulah sistem kat perak camne. Ni sy bg jadual Tuanku Sultan, Setiap Jumaat Minggu ketiga, Sultan akan solat jumaat kat masjid INTIM kat dpn politeknik Ungku Omar. Selalunya,pas semayang Jumaat, mmg ramai rakyat dtg mengadu dgn Tuanku dgn pelbagai masalah, Tuanku Sultan Perak Ok, semuanya tuanku layan. Masjid Negeri saya tak pasti minggu keberapa sbb tuanku pun tukar2 tempat solat Jumaat kat masjid Kuala Kangsar gak.

    Skrg, apa yg penting, benda salah jgn dipertahankan. Kita yg tak mampu ni diam je dahla.. takut dapat saham dosa plak klu membela dia. Ingat, walau susah camnepun, masih ada saluran yang boleh bantu, cuma samada kita nak buat atau tidak je. Walau melarat camne pun, Melacur diri pun tetap haram, tau tak?

    Sahabat Nabi dulu, walau melarat camne pun hidup dia, dia takkan gadaikan maruah Islam. Kita ni Camne? Fikir2kan.

  55. Anonymous11:07 am

    did someone mention braless? shit i missed it, didnt i?

  56. Anonymous11:12 am

    Too many holier than thou attitude here.

    AHM, I dont think non-muslim sibuk jaga tepi kain orang muslim. tapi banyak sangat hal yang terjadi melibatkan secara langsung atau tidak langsung non-muslim.

  57. Anonymous11:28 am

    Dear All :)

    Indecent exposure is a crime in this country, right? Please correct me if I am wrong. If this Malay girl wears undies and see-through blouse bra-less, that's indecent. In this case, the club owner should be dragged to court for allowing her to dress indecently. If she is wearing that dress in the picture and they say it's indecent, I don't want to comment la.

    One way to do these kinds of things better is to make the Religious Dept work a bit. Raiding a place is easy but very unfriendly and not effective at all.

    Every time Jais or Jaip receive a complaint, send a plainclothes officer to investigate. To accuse someone of "encouraging immoral activities" is very general, subjective and serious.

    If true the girl's wearing undies and braless, it's so easy to take pics with your handphone. armed with this evidence, the Relisious department should confront the club owners (in the office not at the night club). the department MUST DISCIPLINE THE CLUB or the CLUB OWNERS, propose that the state government closes clubs that manipulate the workers, especially the Muslims, to attract customers. We can do that with all the KTVs in KL, can you imagine how people will respect the religious department? No need for all these raids ... memalukan sesama Melayu saja.

    Why act tough against Siti? She is just a worker there, cari makan. Do you know if she has an old mom to care for or kids to fend because her ex-hubyy was a bastard? Do we know if her club owner did not force her to dress sexy (if she did dress sexy, my apologies to you Siti) if she wanted to keep her job?

    Once again, I repeat: the Religious Department should take on the big boys - the club owners, the hotels, and other entertainment outlets (where maksiats are likely to happen, they say). The big boys include also the VIPs who frequent private parties in public places ..

  58. Anonymous11:31 am

    student_IPT I believe you are an intelligent person. Let’s not waste you talent to become somebody in the society. With your thinking like this...macam mana Melayu mahu maju? Let be real and face the reality. Do you honestly think the government can give anyone $1,000 a month to support you and your family? Tell me which agency can even give half of that if you are not employed? What else you could do if you are not good in school. Kalau mau pergi ke universiti, you need to have a good result. But if you don’t, will the government accept that?
    The welfare department can only give RM60 to the poor on monthly basis. Go check this out yourself if you don’t believe this. Apa mau beli with RM60? Let’s be real lah bro. That is why Melayu like you will never progress anywhere.

  59. Anonymous11:40 am

    After 50 year we have the Merdeka, we are not progressing. We are retrogressing instead. While other races have moved forward, we Malays have still alot to catch up.
    If such trends continues, like arrestign a fellow muslim and tell them what we can wear and what we cannot wear, how are we to be a superiour race. We live in a modern society and we have to progress with time instead. Such action will only shame the Muslim.

  60. Anonymous12:27 pm

    petai bakaq:

    soal nya bukan TIDAK BOLEH memperkuatkuasakan undang2 syariah walaupun ini bisa dipertikaikan. Isu nya ia lah sikap pegawai ISLAM yang bersikap menghina orang2 yang MEREKA tangkap.

    Petai Bakaq -- cara nya, saudara.

  61. apart from telling muslims wat they can or cannot wear, the moral guardians have also made it impossible to enjoy true religious freedom in the country. sigh

  62. Anonymous1:15 pm

    I still go to pubs for unwinding after an extremely long day of work and business. Pub which offer a good live band and singer also offer a clean atmosphere that is just great for relaxing. All these 20 odd years, neither I nor patrons have imposed unnecessary demands on singers and band members like drinking alcoholic drink. Together, we talk about their dreams, listen to their problems and nod at their responsibilities to take care of aged parents and young siblings. I am not advocating drinking or going to pubs, but a band and a singer can teach me more about religion than a mug of beer or a Jais officer. No pun intended. whispering9

  63. Anonymous1:20 pm

    When religion is separated from daily life, this is what happens.

    For Muslims, the sanctity and singularity of Islamic law is clear; you're a Muslim, thus you are bound to the law. Whether or not you do, that is between you and Allah. Granted.

    But there is a fardhu on Muslims to amar ma'ruf, nahi mungkar. If within a society there are wrong-doings, then the society must right that wrong. (READ: If within a Muslim society a Muslim is doing something wrong, then the Muslims within the society must do something to relieve the society of this wrong.)

    That is at the personal level.

    I would be careful, as a Muslim, to denounce the move by religious authorities to "correct a wrong". It goes down to the core of your own declaration of being a Muslim; if we denounce the word of Allah SWT thus we are musyriks. (This is no my decree, this is His.)

    Yet I do feel for the seemingly trodden people like the singer. Where is the equity in this action, when for as far as the eye can see there'll be women not covering their aurat?

    If the government wants to preach the religion by the book, then why are Muslims allowed to even have access to booze-selling joints? On the extreme - but still within the rights of Islamic law - why is liquor being sold in a so-called Muslim country?

    Why wasn't Osu Haji Sukam chaged for gambling? He was taken to court fro not paying a casino in the UK for gambling, yet authorities here in Malaysia seem amazingly quiet?

    Why does Malaysia Airlines serve liquor?

    Staying with the Siti episode, were there not any Malay ladies within 10 metres of the venue that were inapproriately dressed? And if "inappropriately dressed" means not covering the Muslim aurat, half the town would be behind bars.

    And that list would include Rafidah Aziz, Jean Danker, Rosmah Mansor, SIti Nurhaliza, Noraini Abu Bakar, Jamilah Ujang, Anna Chong Abdullah, Suriati Abu, Norfairuz Azizan, Juliana Karthigesan Abdullah, Rose Abdullah, Azian Halim Abu, and go on... add any name.

    So, as a nation, are we going to practice and apply Muslim law?

    As a Muslim, are we going to protest each time Muslim law is applied?

  64. Jangan jadikan isu "cari makan", "periuk nasi" dan "rezeki" untuk menghalalkan perkara yang mungkar. Kalau camtu perompak, pencuri, penyamun, peragut, pelacur dan pengedar dadah pun biarkan je la, jangan tangkap, jangan hukum, sebab depa pun cari makan?

  65. There is more to women than her clothes.. Ayu is my dear friend,
    known her for years.. her family sang for a charity shown in our school those days.. she is smart,
    witty and has a great personality plus she's a good singer.. i'm hating the tabloids and all those people who didnt even have the decency to make sure she remains anonymous.. you call that sexy??? MAn i think they should raid the shopping mall in KL .. and arrest everyone... Ayu's family is going 2 harrassed by this.. my heart goes out 4 her..

  66. Anonymous2:28 pm

    Dearest Bro,
    Tumpang lalu
    Dear All,
    I went to visit BD just now in DSH.He went thru the operation with flying colors but he is bit weather beaten self(what do you expect).Apparently he is not scolding everyone but everybody!! Thats what he said..., honest .Then I know he is the BD that I came to know.

    Dear BD,
    The subsequent days and a few months would be a trying times ,mood swings and anger would be the menu of the days to come.You promised me the steak when you lose the first 50Kg …looking fwd to it and I want it welldone !!!.
    All of us are giving our undivided support in your struggle and I would like to say on behalf of everyone that “We Miss You Big Time” .You come back to blogosphere y’hear and we can start this banter and fight on the blogosphere all over again….looking fwd to that.

    Yours Sincerely
    Bond,JeBon (Shaken but Not Stirred)
    7th 7 07
    Reporting for His Majesty @11am

  67. Anonymous2:57 pm

    After having read so many comments, I gather the majority here agree that there are more major things such as corruption and crime which even JAIP could look into; I whole-heartedly agree. So why the gripe here? How come the many of you are not complaining or even commenting as you should on matters which are more relevant, such as corruption, crime rate and abuse of power?

    Take a look at past articles in this very blog; articles of more urgent matters attract less comments. Don't you think this really matter little to you compared to corruption, crime rate and abuse of power? But the many would like to comment and take turns at basing JAIP, only because they are doing what they have been asked to do? I may not agree with how JAIP handles the matter...but so long as other matters are of more comcern, I let it lie, for the moment.

    Here's the thing: could it not be that this matter is being blown out of proportion just to cloud the focus of many on other urgent things? If you're talking about human rights, then how come you're silent on issues such as ISA, oppressed villagers - Kg Beremban, Kg Semarak and so on - and just too many to mention here?

    I have no qualms about Ahirudin's writing on this non-issue; it is his blog and he may well write what he please. But let's not all of us get dragged into this non-issue. Varmose! Go find something usedul to do, as I about to now :)

  68. We can all applaud the day when the religious department pay the poor girl's monthly earnings so that she can stop working as performer.

    They should walk the talk, or are they more concerned about people following what they interprete than about people making an honest living.

    People can't live on faith alone.

  69. Anonymous3:37 pm


    Senang cakap.

    Can you get another job for Siti Nor Idayu? A job which pays her the same amount of money?

  70. Anonymous4:07 pm

    I fully agree with your last comment ocper. they'll come up with that kuman depan mata tak nampak gajah nampak crap.. it doesnt matter.if these people keep doing this then malaysia is sure goling to be talibanized.. currently i am staying in the UAE full of muslims but ironically they DONT have all these raids. they have laws (which makes sense..) we have discos here,nite clubs pun ada, you see the pak sheikh and their tasbih having juice next to a jew lebanese sipping wine. again , correct me if im wrong, but there's no paksaan in islam.. or is it..?

  71. Anonymous5:51 pm

    "my advise to non muslim, mind your own business for the party that you thought is stupid is the higher authority in Islam. I'm sure you also dont like the others to criticize your religion higher authority"

    Why am I not surpised to see this kind of comment here? Apahal? Tak puas hati ker? A lot of religions have their critics, and very vocal critics at that. I only know of followers of ONE religion that will get into a hissy fit when they get criticized. Then you get wierd things like riots and burning of buildings.

  72. Reported in the Star:

    “They asked to see our MyKad but one officer refused to touch the cards, referring to them as najis (unclean),” she said.


    “They put us in a tiny room and turned up the air-conditioner. I heard one officer tell the other: Bekulah dia orang (Let them freeze),” she said.

    People, don't you think that this is an insult and abuse? Can these people be brought to the court?
    Our country is very, very sick.

  73. This what the Perak mufti said today (reported in the Star):

    “It is a sin for a Muslim, whether man or woman, to work in places that serve alcohol as they are considered to be abetting illicit activities,” he said yesterday.

    This means that all the air stewards and stewardess who are Muslims will have to look for a job elsewhere because liquor is served on the planes. For a start, why not restrict Muslim flight attendants from serving the liquor eventhough they are just holding the bottles.

    Ok, ok, I already hear some Muslims say "Don't comment on Islam if you don't understand Islam!"

  74. sdra ahiruddin
    ramai bekas wartawan media perdana menganggap diri mereka keramat. biasakah sdra lihat penulisan mereka:
    1.saya dan anak saya macam ini dan macam tu (tapi bila kita tahu latarbelakang mereka, nak muntah)
    2.ada wartawan memberitahu, dia tdk pernah mengundi kr nak bebas. adakah boleh masuk akal seorang warganegara yang menulis kempen utk org ramai mengundi, sedangkan dia sendiri tdk mengundi. spt ketam menyuruh anaknya berjalan betul
    3.adakah sdra biasa terjumpa wartawan ditahan mencuri, wartawan merogol, wartawan tak bayar hutang, wartawan cuba memasukkan bapanya ke rumah orang tua dsb (saya biasa jumpa wartawan malaikat spt ini)
    4.adakah sdra biasa jumpa wartawan islam makan babi, minum arak mabuk tidur di depan pejabat mereka (saya biasa jumpa)
    5.adakah wartawan biasa menulis tentang kelemahan mereka. adakah?
    6.akhir sekali saya minta tolong sangat, jika wartawan keramat/ malaikat ini tdk tahu asas islam, tdk tahu kerja jabatan agama, tdk tahu amar maaruf nahi mungkar, tidak faham tentang mabuk, aurat, dsb - mungkin kerana dia sendiri bergelumang dgn benda-benda tu, tlg jangan menulis dan memprovokasi orang lain lebih-lebih lagi masyarakat bukan islam yg tdk tahu tentang islam.
    jangan kr hari ini kita disokong, kita gah, saya bimbang esok kita jadi macam salman rusdie.

    bagi saya yg ilmu agama terlalu kurang, lebih baik kita pijak jabatan agama, jab mufti dll utk bertanyakan perkara ini.

    adakah kita sanggup bawa isteri kita dgn pakaian tdk senonoh, letakkan di ruang legar mid valley, tontonkan tubuh, punggong, buah dadanya atas nama kebebasan. adakah anak gadis kita yg belasan tahun - kita pamerkan tubuhnya sebegitu.

    cubalah wartawan tulis cerita tentang - minum arak kerja orang tdk waras, main judi kerja binatang, bersetubuh cara haram kerja anjing dan babi, makan babi kerja bukan orang - adakah penganut agama bukan islam boleh terima. cubalah wartawan yg anggap dirinya keramat tulis sebegini. cuba provok. lihat reaksi.

    inikan kita agama lain dr mereka. jangan sampai ada orang meneropong kita, isteri kita, anak-anak kita dari segi amalan dan aktiviti harian utk menentukan siapa pula kita.

  75. Anonymous9:04 pm

    Wahai En Ahirudin

    Kenapa perlu diberikan peluang musuh musuh Islam menghentam Islam?? Orang bukan islam walau macam manapun tetap akan menentang Islam, amat sedih jika orang islam sendiri memberikan mereka peluang. Fikir kanlah! Yang haram tidak boleh dihalalkan...kecuali dlm keadaan darurat, this is HUKUM ISLAM, orang Islam yg mengucap Kalimah Shahadah dan berpegang kpd erti shahadah tidak akan mempersoalkan nya...

    Jangan dipergunakan oleh mereka, mereka sama sekali tidak akan memberikan peluang kita orang islam menghentam mereka?? Tapi kita?

    Hamba Allah...

  76. Anonymous9:43 pm

    this mufti should be elsewhere. read what he says. women are supposed to stay at home; be a housewife, satisfy the sexual needs of man at home, bear children and then take care of the family. they are not supposed to work.
    hey, women out there. this is whats gonna happen to you all if this sort of mufti is around in town. whats the government doing? elegant silence again?

  77. Anonymous9:49 pm

    Ocper ocper. what happened to you bro? After 50 years of independence, The Malay like Ocper still like katak bawah tempurung.. Still want to defend his idea although he know that his idea was very stupid and not help the Malay to be more progressive..

    Dey thambi, that's why melayu tak boleh maju. Cannot be susah dahulu. Excellant in exam doesn't guaranteed you to get into university. Ok, For Idayu, if she don't want to be nurse (not enter university, only nursing college), i suggest she better taking cooking course. Try to be chef, ok what. Bro, chef can get RM 2000 per month bro. You don't know ke? What a pity are you..

    Bro,we Malay can be the best nation if we try to minimized the hiburan. It Is because we are Muslim. Allah SWT said, the Muslim can be the best umat if they always follows Allah's way, bro. Without be a singer, she can do many jobs i believe which she can get better salary like chef i mentioned before. But, we must do some effort lah, like chef, try learn how to make delicious food. That's easy man, why u want to worry? No need to remember rumus2 like me. (I will be an engineer, starting this 15th of July. Alhamdulillah)

    Bro, the important things is we must prepare our akhirat. Whatever we do, remember, do the right thing. That's normal la we do mistake sometime. I as muslim hope and doa idayu get hidayah Allah SWT. There are many ways to earn living, but, the question still, ARE YOU WANT IT OR NOT.. be a singer not a good choice for her. Dekatkan diri pada Allah, Insyaallah, jalan kesenangan itu ada.

    Ocper, be matured, man. Don't defend the mistake.. Think the future. You think she can become singer for 20 or 30 years? I don't think so. If she can become a chef (for example), i think she can open very good business like restaurant when the time has come..

  78. Rocky,

    The Perak mufti has commented on this unfortunate episode...

    I reserve comment on this as I hate writing on something when I am angry.

    The poor girl just wanted to make an honest living...being paid monthly.
    She probably doesnt have the funds to cut an how can seh earn her money ?
    By using her God-given talents to perform and get paid for it.

  79. Anonymous10:38 pm

    Hey bro student_ipt

    I suggest you stick to your study lah. Your arguements are all stale. Theres nothing new.

    You can help by not wasting the governments money . I presume you are under scholarship, or at least one who benefits from PTPTN.

    Be a brilliant scholar, then , come out of the university (?) and help fellow Muslims who really need the help.

    Yes BRo we Malays can be the best nation---I hope you'll pass your exam brilliantly !!

    Good luck in your coming exam---.
    Oh when IS your exam ?How many papers do you have to sit for ?

    hint, hint,--giving you a better topic to write about

  80. Anonymous10:39 pm

    Sdr Rocky,

    Thank u for letting the debate flow freely. It's good to see that most people who leave their comments are not trying to hurt each other's feelings.

    To me this unfortunate event is far from being about religion. There is nothing wroing about Islam. It is a perfect religion. The perfect religion, if I may.

    This is a question of compassion. If we Muslims cannot and will not show compassion for each other, how can we live by example for non-Muslims to follow?

    Sdr, I see you are taking a beating from some of your visitors. They seem to know your lifestyle and found you therefore unfit to comment about the religion. They are right, of course, because they are holier-than-thee. Actually, I'd be skeptical myself if you were to discuss religion as a science. But like I said, the issue here is compassion and about doing things better for all, Muslims and non-Muslimns, to see.

    I know you won't say this to them but I'll say it for you.


  81. Anonymous11:31 pm

    Another case you might like to consider is that of Revathi Massosai, who was separated from her husband and detained by the religious authorities because she does not want to be a Muslim anymore and insists on being a Hindu. It was the most popular story on BBC World News Online earlier today, which is how I learnt about it (a friend overseas told me about it) ( I'm not sure whether this story has appeared in any of our major dailies, but it has appeared in Malaysiakini.

    Not only does this reflect very poorly on our country's reputation, but it is also a manifestation of the very real erosion of rights of citizens in our country.

  82. Anonymous12:58 am

    Well ~ very interesting topic.


    Maybe its a diversion trick by religious department people. They are trying to keep us out of focus on Atlantunya case.

    I suspect so. There must be a conspiracy theory behind this. They can`t be that stupid or are they?

    As "Melayu Mudah Lupa" ..."Melayu Malaya Lagi Mudah Lupa", if you watch filem " Panggilan Pulau" Directed by P.Ramlee ~ you can see half naked women in sarong.
    Showing their armpit hair! and not even advertsing any BO product!!
    How`s that for early malay culture?

    What about " Puteri Gunung Ledang concert for public viewing?"

    Try harras the political figure wife and see what will you get?

    Hell will break loose, I tell you. Thats for sure.

    Small kuchi-rat is sweet little Siti Nur Idayu ~ you can bully la.

    Flexing your muscles to a todler - poor cute little Siti ~ she was at the wrong place and at the wrong time.

    If you attend the malaysian academy awards...( name a few...) you`ll find some of the woman are scantily dressed. How about that?
    Double standard?

    Give this poor little soul a break. She wants to be a singer.

    Get her to join kumpulan Raihan, Inteam, Rabanni or team up with the nasyid girl/s - Waheeda.

    Maybe with that the religious department will give the green lights and drop all charges.



    She is cute, isnt she? Sweeter if she is in Tudung...and will definately melts the Tuan Haji young at heart silver hair species.

    Bro rocky...just keep your cool. Stay awake always. !!! :-)

    John Labu.

  83. Anonymous3:59 am

    The news get mentioned in the British Press ...,,2120837,00.html

  84. According to a BBC report :

    A Malaysian woman held for months in an Islamic rehabilitation centre says she was subjected to mental torture for insisting her religion is Hinduism.

    Is this really a religion of tolerant - and one that claims "No compulsion in Religion"

    How would Muslims react if Non-Muslims are prevented from converting?

    Does the Golden Rule applies to Muslims?

    The answer depends on whether who you see yourself first - Muslim, no-Mulsim or Human Being.

  85. Anonymous9:58 am

    What about all the WTFs ,WTHs, s*** words used in malay drama? Freedom of speech meh?

  86. Anonymous10:08 am


    tolong jangan jadi bodoh... siti nor idayu menyanyi memang cari makan. dia pun boleh jadi kerani, pembantu rumah...tapi ini pilihan dia. Kalau dosa, dia tanggung, dia yang akan di soal. Dosa, pahala, dia tangguing dan dia dapat.
    kalau kita percaya bahawa kita kena tegur kerja yang mungkar -- berani lah tegur pemimpin2 kita yang merompak, mencuri, berzina.

    pokok, nya, siti nor idayu tidak merompak, mencuri dan menyusahkan sesiapa.. pokok nya Siti BUKAN PEROMPAK, PENCURI atau pegawai yang makan duit haram dan harta anak2 yatim atau orang2 tua atau pencarum tabung haji.
    Dia tidak memberi masaalh kepada sesiapa. mungkin kepada diri sendiri sebab berhadapan dengan pegawai Islam yang bersikap menghina dia, dan juda yang gatal dan miang.
    Kalau dia harus jawab, dan dia harus jawab kepada ibu bapa dan Allah SWT.

    Jangan nak memperlekehkan Islam dengan memperlekehkan pendirian sahabat2 kita yang melihat isu ini dari segi perikemanusiaan,

    Yang sudah menghakimkan Siti Nor Idayu dan juga, dengan tidak langsung, saudara Ahirudin, tolong tanya diri sendiri -- siapa kamu yang boleh menjadi hakim?

  87. Anonymous11:19 am there was nothing abt someone being topless here. big deal. lets move on.

  88. Some people can see a speck in your eye and not the log in their own.

  89. Anonymous1:17 pm

    I (MINDACERGAS) have to agree with the Perak Mufti. All these Malays / Muslims that are engaged in immoral activities - be it dressing, gambling, drinking singing, or even leading, investing, managing companies engaged in such activities must be stopped.

    The test for the Mufti is to ensure that he is not abusing his office to catch individuals - especially powerless small fry's like Siti Noor Idayu but to also go after the big fish.

    To help the Mufti I am starting a post for him here:


  90. Anonymous2:23 pm


    What is wrong with you to protect non-muslim dan kuncu kuncu mereka yg pretend to be muslim menghentam agama mu sendiri? Sia-sia mak bapak ko bagi nama islam cantik (kalau itu betul nama ko!!). Memang dosa dia, why so silly for you to defend dia buat dosa, tu apa masalah ko!!

    Tak payah lah jadi another Sister In Islam champion. Dah terang lagi bersuluh! Tak payah berselindung disebalik human right!!

    Orang Islam, walaupun bukan ustaz bukan mufti, tapi tak hentam agama sendiri, unlike you, lagi baik! Tak ada orang menghakimkan Idayu atau Ahirudin, mereka yg cari pasal, dah tahu benda haram disisi agama, masih cuba nak jadi spin-doctor untuk menghalalkan! Kalau dah ditegur tu, at least senyap dan bertaubatlah, ni lagi nak menegakkan benda haram! Pergi kat press, pergi guna blog! Alih alih kita fitnahkan & rosakkan agama sendiri! Masya Allah! Dunia dah nak kiamat! orang Islam sendiri hentam agama Islam!

    Nonmuslim if they condemn Islam, nothing strange abt it, let them do - they will never stop until kiamat!, but for a muslim to do it or to provide platform for them to do it, then as a muslim with limited knowledge, i found this to be a very very strange situation, nonmuslim will sure be happy!

    Moga anda dan semua diberkati Allah dan dibukakan hati untuk melihat kesucian Islam. Amin.

  91. Anonymous8:54 pm

    I say mufti. Go after Tiara Jacquelina lah.

    Say, Raja Nazrin's new wife gotta watch it with his state's religious officials on the prowl.

  92. Anonymous9:38 pm

    manusia bukan hakim,

    Moga2 anda di berkati Allah juga.

    I do not think that I have maligned my beautiful religion.

    My not-so-nice words are for those MUSLIM officers who humiliated Siti Nor Idayu.

    Don't preach, mister. I do not know your qualifications and you do not know mine.

    Siti Nor Idayu may have violated the Islamic code of dressing. But I maintain that THAT is not the way to deal with it.

    So, May Allah SWT open your eyes too.
    And NO, you are not judge. REMEMBER THAT.

  93. Anonymous9:44 pm

    Manusia bukan hakim!:

    Awak terlalu kasar mengkutuk intanbaiduri malah awak menghakimi pendirian dia walaupun nama awak 'manusia bukan hakim'. Bukankah ni sikap hipokrit?

    Kedua, kalau seorang tu ikhlas jujur nak nyanyi, tak berniat nak buat benda yg buruk, biarkan saja. Dosa pahalanya biar dia tanggung.

    Yang penting, awak jaga kelakuan awak sendiri. Tu yg paling mustahak -- urusan antara kita sendiri dan Allah SWT. Usah terlalu emosional pasal orang lain.

  94. Bond, Jebon (shaken but not stirred),

    thanks for the update on the Dog. I havent visited him after his surgery, but we spoke. he was whining, alright. the barks will come later and then the bite. He's reading the blogs already, can u believe that?

    To Intanbaiduri especially,
    Thank you for keeping your cool under fire. No, you are certainly not maligning your beautiful religion. Some people want to think you are because that's how they've been taught to react to anyone/someone like you.

  95. Tolong tangkap dan saman sama orang ini yang memeluk, bernyanyi dan menari kepada orang bukan suaminya lagi berpakaian with "exposing her body" during a performance and "encouraging immoral activities".

  96. Anonymous8:30 am

    Dear Intanbaiduri,

    If you have the gut to start addressing you comment with "Jangan jadi bodoh" to Ibnawawi, then you have to be prepared to accept similar from others. I dont know who is Ibnawawi, i hope he/has could respond to you.

    I believe Ahiruddin would be more happy if all writers have some ethics not to use vulgar words, but since you used it, then you open-up the war! Maybe "bodoh" word means nothing to do, but it showed that you also already JUDGING others!! Your 2nd posting seems better. Yes, i dont know your qualifications, i dont think mine is better than yours. Whatever qualifications you or i have, all Muslim could preach to the best of her/his ability.

    I am definitely not to judge anyone, pls keep your CAPITAL down. If giving opinion if seen as judging, then you should stop giving opinion as well.

    To Pendekar Bujang,

    Thanks very much for the advise, yes, i am taking care of my kelakuan - same advice to you. I take your advice with open heart. I am just responding to open debate.

    To Ahiruddin,
    Thanks for the space! Most of the time you didnt respond but you did to Intanbaiduri....

    Take care everyone!

  97. Anonymous9:38 am

    I'm so tired of this debate. But I can't help to join in.

    Firstly, I don't agree with the Jabatan Agama's random raids. They must be fair. If they want to be moral police, please be fair. Start with the big fish first, only then they should tangkap these small fries. For example, tangkap those Muslims openly drink alcohol at the press club, first?

    Secondly, from reading this blog and the comments, I can see that many of us just don't understand the basics Islam. From my observation non-Muslims and non-practising Muslims here don't respect Islam at all and feel they have every right to say nasty things about the religion and those who try to defend it. That's 50 year's of independence for you!

    Non-Muslims should learn to respect Islam and people who are trying to practice it. When these Jabatan Agama people make arrest on Muslims, I think it is best non-Muslims stay out of it. It is a sign of respect. The majority of practicing Muslims in this country have been very tolerant to those of other religions. Don't you think?

    So, please don't try to make this a big issue.

  98. Anonymous10:53 am

    Lelaki dan wanita mempunyai aurat. Kenapa Jabatan Agama hanya melihat kepada wanita sahaja?

    kenapa tak peregi tahan orang lelaki yang main bola pakai seluar pendek tu?

    Sya kurang setuju dengan cara kita menangani masalah ini. Seolah-olaj Jabatan Agama kini menjadi Polis Moral sedangkan ada banyak lagi isu yang perlu diperhalusi dan di tangani.

  99. Anonymous11:42 am

    I'm going to seek an exclusive licence to make 'burgas' for malays. It will provide jobs in Kelantan, Terenganu, Johor, etc if I can find Malays willing to work for very little money or I might set up in Indonesia..all halal (although Indons don't worry about religion). Should I speak to the SIL before somebody steals my idea? Or maybe I can partner the mufti?

  100. Anonymous11:54 am


    i must apologise for having to come back again. But only this once and then I'm out of here.

    It pains me to see that some commentors don't seem to understand what has been written, and are quick to judge, that any comment which seems to be favourable to Siti, is a direct affront to Islam.

    Pity them for their narrow and blinkered minds.

    Thank you.


  101. Anonymous3:11 pm

    To si prihatin: As a Muslim, I totally agree with you on your 2nd and 3rd point. On the 1st point, it must be understood, random raids have to be carried out becoz the Jabatan Agama has no capacity to carry out simultaneous raids in all suspected places. Big fries have been hauled up but the press "chicken" out when it comes to reporting. Besides, the authorities will do their utmost to cover up. Remember the incident that involved one well known artiste and the high profile son-in-law of #######? Who dares report it in the media?

    To the others, Muslims and non-Muslims, who know very little about Islam, pl. refrain from making comments. For the Muslims, let us be reminded that in akhirat (ie the hereafter) all of us will be "questioned" in the Court of Allah, regarding our effort in reducing or eliminating of all "kemungkaran". An epidemic begins with a few germs. If uncontrolled, you know what'll happen. Take the example of the bird flu. Only upon suspicion of the existence of bird flu bacteria, all chicken in the Sungai Buloh area have to be exterminated (they use a softer word "cull" but the meaning and effect are the same). Hope you get the message.

  102. come to think of it, if muslims cannot sell liqour(not drink)in hotels, can a muslim be a money changer where you make money from money? I don't know, so is grateful for some comment.. Thanks

  103. Anonymous12:29 am

    I think it is best non-Muslims stay out of it. It is a sign of respect. The majority of practicing Muslims in this country have been very tolerant to those of other religions. Don't you think?

    So when they come and throw out other religion's gods we also must shut up to please ppl like you too?....

  104. 97 comments on this issue alone.
    It seems that we have have a piece to add, don't we?

    Firstly, let us remind ourselves that we are in Malaysia. This country belongs to us. Chinese,Dayaks,Eurasians,Indians,Kadazans, Malays,Naturalised Malaysians, Sikhs and others (Its in alphabetical order, if you want to make this an issue, too!)

    Malaysia, is SUPPOSED to be governed by our constitution. (recently the trend is to deviate from this) As long as we, the society stands by and start to say that this only applies to him or her, then I'm afraid, there isn't much of Malaysia that we can pass on to the next generation.

    An inch here and an inch there, we will soon have to go to separate diners for men and women!

    Ahm 8:55, thanks for your contribution to Malaysia. Petai Bakaq, given your analogy, we should go vegetarian then.
    Given the attitude of some commentators here, since non muslims are not supposed to comment on Islamic matters, then I suppose, non pork eaters should not comment on pork either! Sheesh....haven't you heard of one mans food is another man's poison?

    I did not have problem getting pork in does that mean that PAS as radical as they are have sinned??

    Please, enough already, we are all here AS EQUALS! (except in the eyes of the BN govt...)

  105. Anonymous2:18 pm

    ...gua tak tahu nak cakap..ini benda ade jugak betui di bhg mufti...dan idayu...pandai-pandai la bro rocky...salah blogging bab agama...jgn mkn diri dah laaah...jgn sampai bangsa & agama lain ambik kesempatan using the www...ini pesan gua ...gua pun boleh tahan buas yer..tapi pandai-pandai la....bro..

  106. Anonymous11:12 am

    'and yet they close 1 eye to all the corruption and abuse of power that's going around...'

    6:11 PM
    copy and paste.
    'and yet they close 2 eyes to all the corruption..........bla bla bla shit ....i just can't get any further.

  107. Anonymous12:45 pm

    Has this gone unnoticed? These so-called guardians of the faith have this strange propensity to keep women in their 'place'.

    Their attention to detail in the context of happenings with women is interesting, demonstrating how very occupied their mind is with women most of the time.

    These so-called religious officials are the ultimate hypocrites. All we have to do is take stock of the number of times they have raised a hullabaloo concerning issues that really matter to good living, and the future.

    Literally none comes to mind when I attempt to account for the number of times these religious fanatics have fought against corruption, environmental destruction, child abuse, marital rape, paedophiles, gang rapes, murder, crimes against humanity, ethnic harmony, ethnic cleansing, abuse of women, gender inequality, pollution, dirty cops, dirty politicians, stupid politicians and many more.

    One things for sure...their top-of-mind priority is either women or sex. And to add to it all are some obsessed buffoons in our parliament who have all the time in the world to join the fray.

  108. Anonymous10:11 am

    Did Siti Nor Idayu expose her body and encourage immoral activities?

  109. Anonymous12:09 am

    Hey Rocky

    Let's rock n roll instead!

    Then, all our trouble'll b gone!

    Shoot, wait a minute, gotta chk if RnR is HALAL!

    B bak in a mo!

  110. Anonymous7:14 am

    The author of this blog is a Moslem.

    Yet, he drinks liquor.... so in this entry, in this issue.. he is a bias towards the negative side of Islamic Teaching.

    No wonder he defend Siti and her work. Coz, that is the type of place where he used to visit and drink.

    Is he a good moslem? I bet his answer is "ini antara aku ngan Tuhan.."

    Typical Moslem sinners with their answer. Pity to those who try to enforce Islam basic teaching...bashed by these group

  111. Anonymous10:09 pm

    “According to Islamic laws, a Muslim woman is not allowed to serve or entertain a man who is not her husband in a place where immoral activities usually take place,”
    Ini tentang ISLAM yang bukan ISLAM tu belajarlah sikit2.
    betul tu!tapi bukan sikit2,banyak sikit ada baiknya.

  112. Anonymous3:54 am

    "From my observation non-Muslims and non-practising Muslims here don't respect Islam at all and feel they have every right to say nasty things about the religion and those who try to defend it."

    And why not? Don't you think that Islam and Muslims should respect other religions and ideas? They don't! Muslims want to impose their rules, ideals and morals (or lack thereof) on others - so why should anybody respect Islam. It is a religion of hate, violence and oppression. This is what a non-Muslim sees when we look at Islam and Islamic societies.

    When Muslims start respecting others, and when they start respecting human rights and other beliefs, then we can talk. Until then, they do not deserve respect.

    J. Kactus

  113. Anonymous11:53 pm

    Terima kasih "manusia bukan hakim" kerana gesaan untuk saya membalas hentaman "intanbaiduri".

    Ungkapan "tolong jangan jadi bodoh" tidak akan menghantar saya ke neraka. Keengkaran dan sifat munafik yang menghantar seseorang ke neraka, itu pasti.

    Tanggungjawab kita terhadap Allah SWT semudah ini:-

    Engkar => dosa => neraka
    Taat => pahala => syurga

    "I'm a moslem and I booze. I hate those so-called fanatics and I symphatise with moslem women who entertain drinking men with their good looks and sweet voices. And I am right, they are wrong."

    Hmmm.... doesn't sound right to me.

  114. Leave the religious policing to religious ones. Its obvious you do not understand anything about Islam, so I suggest you either go learn or be quiet. Furthermore the action taken was on a muslim so why are you all getting so uptight? Just like the non-muslim chinese and indians handle their religious affairs, leave the muslims to handles theirs.

    Whether small fry or not, that lady deserves what's coming to her. In Islam, whatever she would have been earning is definitely 'haram' for her and her family and muslims know that nothing good can come from haram.
    learn more islam:

  115. Anonymous5:55 pm

    J. Kactus : You are nothing but a xenophobic. You can choose to take the high ground by respecting other people even if they don't respect you but you didn't. You chose to be low with the very people that you seem to hate. If Islam is an oppresive religion or its followers offend you, does that mean you can start war with them? One of the true reasons why there can never be peace in this world.

    I'm wondering what if malaysia legalized prostitution. Does it mean that it's ok for a muslim girl to work as a prostitute. I mean it's legal and some might say that it' a 'halal' way of getting 'fast and easy' money. I know it's against Islam but so is this girl's current job.
    Same reasoning am I right? I'm confused...

  116. Anonymous12:54 pm

    We can be permissive and forgiving. But we also has adab and akhlak as true Muslims.
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