Saturday, June 23, 2007

Vindicated Wee to hound Bank Negara Malaysia for inaction

BNM could have saved MBf. Lawyer-politician Wee Choo Keong waited 14 long years for his application to strike out an ex-parte injunction obtained against him by the now-defunct MBf Finance [read my earlier posting here].

Last week, Deputy Registrar Azwanida Affandi struck out the injunction against Wee on the grounds that:
1. It discloses not reasonable cause of action
2. It is scandalous, frivolous, vexatious, prejudicial and/or embarrassing
3. And/or is otherwise an abuse of the process of court
Justice delayed is justice denied, Wee said. From 1 March 1993 (the day he filed his application) till now, many things have happened: the MBf Finance CEO is dead, Anwar Ibrahim is no longer in power, and MBf Finance has now been brought under another bank.
Why did it take 14 years to decide on Wee's application?
I have to wonder because I am an interested party. The NSTP and 4 Others have filed a defamation suit against me for 50 postings on my blog and I have applied to strike it out. The NSTP and 3 Others have filed another suit against blogger Jeff Ooi and have obtained an injunction against him, and he has also applied to strike out the case. It's been more than half a year and many things have happened during the time.

Wee, I am happy to report, is not stopping here to set things right.
"Bank Negara must be accountable and must explain why it did not take any action on the complaints I lodged against the CEO of the MBf Finance, the late Tan Sri Loy Hean Heong. Had Bank Negara taken the necessary actions against Tan Sri Loy, today there will still be MBf Finance, but without Tan Sri Loy. Bank Negara has failed in its duty to protect the investing public. I shall pursue my complaints with Bank Negara."


  1. Anonymous4:20 pm

    The judiciary is a vital cog for a well functioning democratic country. Compromise it at your own peril.
    Sadly, the judiciary independence in this country has long been compromised. And the courts have lost a lot of goodwill and respect these days with their actions and inactions. Its now up to the government to restore back the judiciary to its previous heights thru its strategic apointments.

  2. One has to believe
    The right one feels is there
    Other may have called wasted time
    It is justice one seeks to find

    Even walking on a tight rope
    Even ropes in with injunctions
    One is still fighting
    For a cause one believes it is true

    It is the powerful and rich
    The power play they make
    The small flies like many of us
    We believe we can make a difference

    The mighty will fall
    It always will be in the end
    When the darkness glow with light
    One knows it is a good fight

    It may take years to fight a case
    Sometimes one wonder how come so slow?
    Don’t the judges want to finish off pending cases?
    Then one feels justice seems so far away

    One has to dream
    Otherwise what one’s living for?

  3. Anonymous5:27 pm

    Wee's case took 14 years. Frankly, the judges must have gone to sleep or completely forgot about the case. NST's case against the bloggers will probably take 40 to 50 years. And that's just a conservative estimate. I won't be surprised if it takes 60 years. So Rocky, treat this case as a joke because you probably won't be around to hear the verdict.

  4. Rocky,
    Must tell Wee not to fret too much. He is lucky. At least he is vindicated and must count his blessings. Justice delayed is better than justice denied, haha


  5. Anonymous6:50 am

    Pardon me for my ignorance, but are you talking about the lawyer/politician Wee CHOO Keong?

  6. Anon 6.50am!
    Yes, that Wee CHOO Keong. Correction made with apologies, and thank you for the alert.

  7. Anonymous9:43 pm

    Bro Rocky

    Now that Wee Choo Keong has been vindicated. Bank Negara is still publicly accountable for its inactions after having received complaints against the CEO of a finacial institution.

    Bank Negara should also make public whether any of the director in AMbank Bhd had taken any personal loan from the then MBf Finance Bhd. I have heard that an AMbank director had taken a very huge laon from MBf Fiance Bhd.