Saturday, June 23, 2007

EU envoy told off over NEP slur

"Do your job, Mr Rommel. And get your facts right." The Deputy Prime Minister is not amused by the EU envoy's unsolicited view on the "pro-Malay policy". Najib said as a diplomat, Rommel's job was to help enhance ties between his country and Malaysia but what he seemed to have done was on the contrary. Rommel also had his facts wrong about the NEP, Najib said.
Read Bernama's Don't meddle with Malaysia's domestic affairs, warns Najib.

Ironically, the national news agency did not have the story on Rommel condemning the NEP. None of the major newspapers had it, either. My original posting here was based on the report by foreign news agency AP, EU Envoy blasts Malaysia's NEP.


  1. Reaction should hv been sooner!

  2. The objective of NEP is to be lauded. However its implementation has left much to be desired. Instead of benefiting the privileged few with the connections the share should be given to Malay cooperatives where all Malay employees should belong. This way the benefit would be spread to benefit as many Malays as possible. At the moment the privileged few would have to resort to Ali Baba arrangements in which only the few non-Malays with connections benefit. So the many non-Malays complain unfairly blaming the many Malays who have only their jobs to cling to. With a shrinking economic cake the country is now experiencing as more and more foreign investments bypass Malaysia for other Asian countries such as China, Vietnam and Singapore, the dissatisfaction and frustration are growing at the expense of the many non-Malays and Malays. Thus a more equitable economic policy and formula is imperative for the continued wellbeing of the country.

  3. Anonymous10:28 pm

    I agree with Simon Wee. Helping our Malay brothers is a noble thing. I think nobody can dispute it. In fact, i am very happy to see Malay entrepreneurs succeed. But sad to say only the chosen few are reaping the benefits, leaving the majority an unhappy lot. Oh by the way, Umno and BN acolytes will be having a field day demonising Rommel.

  4. Anonymous11:05 pm

    I don't like how the NEP is being abused by a greedy few, Malays and non-Malays alike. But that does not mean Rommel can tell everyone that my home smells of shit and expect me to look down in shame and thank him profusely for his frank observation. If you guys are OK with that, go kiss his white ass.

  5. mandella, we should take advice as it is given and see if we can improve and not to kiss his behind. I am sure he won't be the only one having such opinions about Malaysia.

  6. Anonymous1:00 am

    Reading AAB dream for 2057 is clearly put M'sia a better and more advance country than any of EU state now. AAB dream for M'sia
    unimaginablem, we will have Nobel laureates, truly global corporations, respected and market-leading brands, internationally acclaimed poets and artists, among the largest number of scientific patents in the world and even the best football team in Asia. Our students and professors will dominate Ivy League universities and our own universities will be citadels of excellence for international scholars. We will be pioneers in alternative energy, drawing on our strength in biofuels. Our cities will be the most liveable on the globe, blending cosmopolitan facilities that are rooted in a tolerant and just societal ethos.

    Yes come on our Malays brothers lets us show the world that we the Malays has the winning fomula "NEP" and we will make it!

  7. Anonymous1:20 am

    AB dream is just a continuation of the "feel good" pre-election push. It will remain a dream without meritocracy. And meritocracy is anathema to NEP. Unless of course AB will make that grandstand decision to rollback the NEP. Dare to dream?

  8. haha FAT HOPE Pray hard my friend

  9. and datuk n said, "leave us alone you SOB. this is our country, it's none of your business." as expected, the "chosen few" will go berserk over his statement huhuhu.

  10. Anonymous10:33 am

    stop blaming NEP for whatever they weren't and aren't.
    Pickup the pieces and move forward. It has been 37 years, Malaysia, and frankly speaking only the richer among the richest and not the poorest among the poorer (be it any races) is the one always complaining..
    GROW UP!!

  11. If I am a NST/Bernama reader I will be wondering what the heck Najib is talking about.

  12. Anonymous5:29 pm

    I would hazard a guess that the good Datuk Seri N wouldn't know what "globalisation" is, even if it sat up and bit him in his posterior!

    But then, this stultifying complacency is par for the course as far as the Malaysian government is concerned. Or, to put it more elegantly, why worry when we have in-demand commodities and a cheap ringgit that will bring foreign investors knocking on our door?

    Prevarication, obfuscation, the deployment of red herrings, emotive appeals to "race and dignity" - these are the modus operandi of the day.

    I think that the EU envoy was being kind in phrasing his remarks as he did. Somehow I don't think that the EU political leaders are going to cut Malaysia much slack, the more so when they have so many other countries in Asia hungry for foreign direct investment.

    It would indeed be ironic if the proposed EU-Asean Free Trade Agreement negotiations were derailed because of Malaysian government policies (and not because of a refusal to deal with Myanmar). The more so if the EU were to decide to conclude bilateral FTAs with the more amenable members of Asean.

    Or as an investment banker once told me - "Malaysia ain't the only game in town".

  13. Anonymous5:37 pm

    "NEP slur"
    what's the slur? WHEN THE TRUTH IS HARD TO SWALLOW? is that when truth becomes slur?

  14. Can anyone can refute what Rommel said is false?

    I guess truth hurts and hurts badly.

  15. Anonymous7:20 pm

    Rommel should not have interrupted the "Malaysia Boleh" dream. Why bother to talk to walls.

  16. well, the richest among the richest are complaining about people who said nep is a cow dung, mr. anonymous. fyi, i'm a malay, and by no means rich. and of course i'm complaining about the nep because it didn't work on all malays. it only work on the chosen few. one of them is datuk n.

  17. Anonymous9:35 pm

    Can anyone help me with answers. NEP has been aorund for many years.

    I have seen American International Assurance Co Ltd (AIA)is doing business in Malaysia with 100%foreign equity. Why is AIA receiving such a special treatments?

    Can the government exempt a foreign company like AIA from the NEP?

  18. Anonymous10:29 pm

    Actually, we should ask them to do a simple calculation of how they accumulated their wealth over the years. We understand that politics need money and lots of it to sustain. If you cannot give like a Santa Clause, supporters will move to those who can.

    But, taking the above into consideration, can any self rightous politician come clean to declare their income and compare with what they have now? Then we will accept what Nazri say as the truth and accept NEP as the way forward.

  19. Anonymous12:36 am

    the truth is, beng and your kind, this rommel has been forced to make that comment. he does not believe the nep is that bad. come on, just look around. last 37 years, malaysia has done quite well what. trillion ringgit trade, fdi up, country peaceful with no racial or religious bloodbath. not like thailand and its coups, thaksins, and pattani insurgents. not like philipines, so poor and so backward and stupidly proud of their press freedom. not like indonesia, fat and can't take care of itself and losing its territories to us-led rebels.
    if thailand, phil, and indon had nep, they would have been better off today.
    singapore? it's not a real country .. i agree with my fren nazri even though he is stupid x infinity.

    so rommel been asked to say that so that abdullah ahmad knows that the eu also can squeeze our balls, not just the russians or the americans. biasa lah this kind of politics. we malaysians supposed to unite like mahathir days and whacked the foreigners bhut here we are, we've got beng and his kind who are really another version of sarong party girls.

    go kiss their asses, beng. you guys are so pathetic. wah, dont angry la .. the truth hurts what!

  20. EU is part of this world, like it or not they can say their piece.
    If 'The Naj' ever gets invited to EU, then he could 'speak his mind'.

    But do you think he will speak on your behalf? That NEP has did us good, giving Bumis chances to advance themselves and set a level-playing field?

    Nah, he'll be playing dress-up with cardigans, checkered pants and having a cuppa. Jolly Good, Ol Chap!

    Now 'The Naj' is playing 'champion of ethnicity' again, this time he's wielding an invisible keris and divert anger towards 'the white men'. Stay focus, ppl.
    Disagree with Rommel? then prove him wrong on all accounts, don't just vent frustration and holler for blood.

  21. Anonymous1:54 pm

    anon 00.37am,

    Singapore not a real country?

    Wow - it must be one hell of a microscopic entity with only about US$200 billion in foreign reserves.

    And it has a microscopic stock exchange that somehow managed to con the mighty Tokyo Stock Exchange to purchase a 5% stake in it.

    Let's see. More than 120 banks have offices there, many with regional HQs. It's tiny little airport is only served by some 70+ airlines with flights to more than 180 destinations worldwide. It's airport will soon open a 3rd terminal that will give it a handling capacity of 64 million passengers annually.

    And it's the biggest trading partner of the US, the EU, China, India and Japan within Asean.

    And, of course, the Spore Armed Forces can kick ass around the region any time they choose.

    Not a real country? Give me a break!

  22. Anonymous4:40 pm

    NEP is simply making the Malays less competitive. They'll never be able to compete if ever put on a level field.. NEP's to blame. I feel sorry for them. All the quotas, and Bumi discounts, and privilleges. Blatant discrimination, and in this day and age too..

  23. Our government can say and rebukes all they wanted.
    But Facts remains as facts.
    Actually we did not need Rommel to say anything,but he did.
    Rommel only "reminded" us as voters to use our votes as power.
    Use our votes to pushes out the NEP.
    Not only NEP .but ISA..OSA..semi value, bodoh minister , bocor minister..and a sleepyhead PM.

    Unless you all still wanted to gives BN your vote,nothing will ever changes then.
    Thank you Rommel.

  24. Anonymous7:54 pm

    They can't handle the truth that's why Singapore is not a real country.

  25. Anonymous12:41 am

    Bro Rocky

    Malaysians must ask the government whether the government is serious in the implementation of NEP.

    If the government is sincere and serious in impementing the spirit of NEP then American International Assurance Co Ltd (AIA)should have 30% of Bumiputra equity. But AIA seems to be a powerful Jewish organisation that it is exempted from NEP.

    How can this government exempted a Jewish company fromt he NEP? If this is the case then NEP is just a big joke. It is not a serious policy if certain Jewish organisation is exempted from the NEP.

    The government must explain why AIA is allow to operate in Malaysia with 1090% foreign equity.

  26. Anonymous2:27 am

    Use your votes wisely in your next elections.

    Kiss those fat asses, gee...

    AAB is getting bigger tummy than those days when he was still DPM, if Datuk N become PM in the future, will he get fatter?

    Honestly, I think i will see that.

    For those who think that Malaysia remains a competitive country, please go overseas and please see yourself.

  27. Anonymous4:37 pm


    There are two issues that must not cloud the understanding of the NEP. The abuse of NEP where Khairy Jamaluddin can buy shares from Kalimullah through easy loan is one thing. The aim of the NEP to correct wealth imbalance is another. Of course there will be abused such as KJ but these are things that even UMNO members are asking, when is our chance? How come you r rich so young without working?

    So how to ensure only the well connected run away with the goody. Is Kalimullah a Malay? Why does he gets the shares. Is it becuz the 2nd Finance Minister is also Indian? This kind of questions bugged theb Malays. The Chinese/Indians should not think the Malays are happy with Nep. They are aware of the immense wealth Indian like Ananda and Chinese like Robert Kuok with his sugar monopoly, talk about merit, has amassed while they struggled and hounded by the Govt. with measly PTPTN loans to put their children to university. So danke Herr Rommel for bringing it up.