Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Perdana wedding

[pix from Malaysiakini]
9 June 2007. The Cabinet is expected to announce it in a while that Abdullah Ahmad Badawi and Jean Danker will wed this Saturday.

The akad nikah will take place at Sri Perdana, the PM's official residence. (By invitation only).

Jean is 54.

Congratulations, Mr Prime Minister and Mrs PM-to-be.


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  2. Anonymous12:01 pm

    Where it is due...CONGRATULATIONS Pak Lah! Selamat Pengantin Baru.

  3. Anonymous12:12 pm

    Jeanne abdullah was born 29 july 53.two children nadiah dan nadene.Has extensive experience in hotel and admin management. Worked at Hilton and Pan Pac. She used to run the DPM's official residence and manages the seri perdana.

  4. Anonymous12:12 pm

    this is not another tipu2 thing aaa? is this for real?

    btw, congratulation.

    semoga Allah panjangkan rahmat dan usia PM dan bakal isteri

  5. Yes, heartiest congratulations AAB and Jeanne Abdullah, our First couple.

  6. typical!

    -The Man Who Sold The World-

  7. Anonymous12:20 pm

    Nothing wrong with the news. In fact its good news and all negative elements should stop making an issue out of this.

    He is not marrying another person's wife.

    Nether is he marrying the second or third one, unlike some people here who claim to be virtuous but have more than one.

    Congrats Mr PM.

  8. Anonymous12:26 pm

    Please note that she will not be the 1st Lady and Pak Lah is not the 1st Family. if there is one in Msia, it is the King and Queen.

    Now will Zam be upset with the Pan asian choice of Pak Lah?

    anyway congratulations Pak Lah. Now if only you could focus and deliver what you promise us in your manifesto. But likely you will be still warming up....maybe we should send him some Viagra as present.

    RPK got it right long time ago. Maybe he was the cause of the delay.

  9. Anonymous12:43 pm

    Hoi, barely two years after his wife's death, Pak Lah is going to get married. Mourning period not over over yet, man. Apa ini.

  10. Anonymous12:58 pm

    Ah, so we will have an official First Lady this weekend. Congratulations to the bride and bridegroom.

    Is Rosmah furious?

  11. Anonymous1:04 pm

    our PM marrying another woman, meaning he expanding the family - in numbers and wealth baggage. Congratulations with the wedding, and Condolences to Malaysians for difficult & poorer living future...

  12. Anonymous1:19 pm

    Someone in Putrajaya was before quoted saying, "Rumours.. rumours are just rumours ... since when are rumours true"...
    Once again fierce rumours in this country turn out to be nothing but the truth.
    Every bloody reason to believe rumours the next time huh? cheers.
    Congrats Mr PM.

  13. Anonymous2:03 pm

    My good friend Sal says I will be the next AP King, since the last AP King is the cousin of the son-in-law.

    Should I laugh or look forward to that sinister remark?

    Anyway, I did not miss Loy's food with all these rich seafood :)

  14. anon,
    same person-lah, baru masuk Islam.

    Rocky, I don't think you, Sheih and me gonne be 'invitated' soon after our 'Malicious Rumours' last year!

    Takpa, we'll toast to the 'new' couple in the comfort of our homes.

  15. Anonymous2:39 pm

    With this announcement, it just proofed that BLOG News are more relevant and credible. BLOG News is many months advanced than the mainstream media.

    What ZAM has to say about this?

  16. Anonymous2:56 pm

    Congratulations to RPK for again, another accurate blogging!

    Hantu Gigi Jarang

  17. Love has got to be sweeter the second time around. Selamat pengantin baru, sir.

  18. Congrats to Pak Lah and coming soon Mrs Pak Lah, may your lives fill with Allah's grace

  19. Anonymous3:47 pm

    "our PM marrying another woman, meaning he expanding the family "

    Yoo anon.. jean is endon;s sister in law. once married to osman mahmud.. expanding what?? but i hope Jean is the cure to dollah's problems.
    wonder if jean is anti-kj ..ermm that will be good. ahahahha

  20. Anonymous3:52 pm

    kunta kinte,

    agreed, this is a good occassion. my only beef:

    1/ he lied to us about the relationship. reporters asked (followed up on blogs stories) about wedding and he said "rumours only". he said tak betol. that was a lie. he should not have lied lah.

    2/ what's your prob with people who marrry more than one? it is legal and moral.

  21. Anonymous4:05 pm

    Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Perdana wedding":

    [minor changes made - Rocky's Bru]

    You know what, I'm not going to be all pretentious and nice by wishing {Badawi] "All Happiness" for his wedding.
    Him and his entire cabinet are all jokers.
    Bcos for one thing, we've been lied to by [the PM] for far too many times and far too long. Why deny and then less than half a year later, announce the wedding. What a load of crap!
    This wedding will probably be paid by us taxpayers but will he be thankful and have a kenduri for us as his VIP guests?
    Mark my words, [the PM] will also prepare to retire soon and settle down with his sweet heart in a certain city down under, in a home most probably set up with our tax money.
    I am not happy with this news, not bcos I don't think [Badawi] should marry but how he treats us taxpayers as idiots.
    Which mean, a lot of the other stuff that he's denied like his private jet, private yatch, mansion in Perth and many many more that'll take a dozen pages to list, are, most likely, all truths.

  22. Anonymous4:08 pm

    The Accountant says,

    AAB and all his goons that denied those rumours earlier should apologise to RPK and others.

    They not only got the wedding news right but also the lady - so AAB cannot say that its something that just came up (pun intended).

  23. Anonymous4:20 pm

    Madmonk says,

    Congratulations RPK, the only Malaysian who can predict "lies" that become the truth. Hope you can keep up to this talent. Contrary to many lapdog reporters parroting the "official truth" which became many lies?

    Marriage? What non-national event? Anybody cares?

  24. Anonymous4:27 pm

    patah tumbuh hilang berganti..pak lah ku kawin!!

  25. Anonymous4:28 pm

    And one more thing, in other more civilised countries, the PM would have been asked to step down or apologise for being caught red-handed lying to his paymasters (without blinking his eyes mind you, see how professional he is now).
    Only here in the "Land Of Truly Asia" (Malaysia Boleh!) that the tax payers not only close 2-eyes to all the lies being told but proclaim their joy, prayers and blessings for the soon-to-be "newly" wed couple.
    Well, maybe the new wife could be the nicest person in the entire country but that doesn't absolve the lying PM from his wrong-doings. I demand an apology or statement to explain his earlier denial. And please don't give me the crap that the PM denied bcos at that time he's really not married, only now.

  26. Rocky!


  27. Anonymous5:02 pm

    DO you all think Dr Mahathir is invited?

  28. Anonymous5:15 pm

    Bru..just saw the official statement!
    ..Tsk Tsk was it a rumor then?

    Anyways, the next question will be will he be able to do a 'Nazrin'?

    I doubt so.....

  29. maybe enuf people talked about it, so he started considering it? to get married? like real Bollywood drama...

    anyways, CONGRATS Mr.PM and here's to a happy life after marriage :)

    hmm... 4 is not so PC anymore bro, even to the Sisters in Islam.

  30. Anonymous5:35 pm

    This morning, in

    Raja Petra wrote:
    Dear Dr MBS, you mean about Pak Lah nikah with Jean Danker? Aiyah, why you jump the gun? Today Pak Lah is going to mengadap Agong and after that he going to officially inform the Cabinet. After that only we should announce lah. Now you force me to tell all too early. What happen when Pak Lah mengadap Agong and Agong say, "Beta tahu. Beta dah baca kat Malaysia Today." Won't Pak Lah kemaluan besar? And we don't want Cabinet members all shouting "Selamat Pengantin Baru!" before Pak Lah can announce to them.
    06/06 08:06:37

    Hope YM RPK tak marah.

    Tahniah Pak Lah - dapat isteri baru
    Tahniah KJ - dapat mak baru

    Hope semua akan bekerja dengan semangat baru. Buang tabiat buruk dulu dan berubah dengan yg baru utk kebaikan semua rakyat Malaysia. Jika tidak kita mungkin dapat PM baru.


  31. harap2 akan banyak hormon kelakian terkeluar bila kawin nanti.... tak de la asyik nak tidooo aje.... tak de laaa jadi penakut kat anak menantu... kalaau tak, penakut... sampai anak menantu dah macam pm dibuatnya... sampai tak berani nak tegur..

  32. Selamat Pengantin Baru!

    Say what? Huh? Oh?

    Wasn't a rumour, after all....
    check it out.... u guys weren't lying...
    great stuff.

  33. "Jeanne Abdullah, who will turn 54 on July 29, is the eldest of four siblings. She was previously married to Endon's brother, but then divorced."

    So he's marrying his ex-sister-in-law in a way..

  34. Anonymous6:18 pm

    he wanted manchester united to play at his wedding.

    anyway, she was his sister in law, and her daughters called him uncle. now she is his wife, the daughters call him daddy. kj use to call her auntie and now calls her mak. she calls him her idiot son i hope. this one really keluarga 69 lah. like his home life, its tunggang terbalik just like the way he governs the country. so if he can marry his ex sister in law, he can very well make malaysia marry singapore and we can become a autonomous state of Singapura. yeayyy


  35. Dear Rocky,

    I don't mean to be rude.
    Isn't Jean Endon's former sister-in-law?
    Was she not married to Othman, Endon's brother?
    She was Othman's first wife, no?

    I don't think there is anything to be ashamed of, right?
    Facts are facts. And I don't mean to demean her at all.
    On the contrary, I hear she is, in fact, a beautiful person (as in a lovely person with a very good heart).

    Well, I am for one, very happy for the PM and his bride.
    At least our PM did not go looking for a nubile young thing who is young enough to be his daughter, or, horrors, grand-daughter!

    Good for you, Sir. May you and your lovely bride have God Almighty's blessings!

  36. rocky I tot you were pulling my leg! anyway thank god this turn out true just like that collapse rumour..... ;)

  37. Anonymous6:57 pm

    Altantuya, Antantuya
    Ayah Pin Abu Ya
    Awang Kecik Haji Isa
    Lebai Man Wan Cha
    Wak Sempeng Ustaz Musa
    Damai abadi matlamat dia
    Dia tak cari duit berjuta
    Rahsia Al Quran dia nak timba
    Al Ghazali dan Al Shafie tok guru dia
    Tiba-tiba dengan Jeanne (bunyi Jin) dia jumpa.

    Altantuya, Antantuya
    Gengis Khan raja Mongolia
    Kublai Khan cucu dia
    Tawan satu negeri Cina
    Khairy dan Nori kata apa?
    Kamal dan isteri setuju ka?
    Harap-harap mereka sangatlah suka
    Sekarang Pak Lah dah ada orang jaga.

    Tidurlah permaisuri
    Abang Lah dudui sampai pagi
    Mimpikan damai abadi
    Peduli apa kalau mereka tak restui.

    Hip hip horay
    Horay horay
    Lal lal la la
    Horay horay
    Tepuk tangan
    Goyang badan
    PM kita dah ada temannnnnnnn.
    (Doa buat kawanku Sudirman).

    KJ asal janganlah kecil hati
    Kalau pak mentua buat tak peduli
    Sebab KJ yang baru teman berahi
    Kak Jeanne itulah sekarang yang rasmi.

    Altantuya, Altantuya
    Ayah Pin Abu Ya
    Selamat Pengantin Baru dari kita semua
    Para blogger satu Malaysia.

  38. Good for you Pak Lah. Congrats to the both of you. Now that your "distraction" is soon over, hope you'll concentrate 100% on delivering your promises to the people. I've hoped that you would marry a more "knowledgeable" woman (a Hillary clone or something), who would inform you of things you do not know to prepare you for all the news conferences, local and international (heard of your many blunders), but, what the hack, Jeanne, with her management skills, is the next best thing! I've full confidence in her keeping your two children out of your hair.
    So PM and Mrs, may you two live good long lives and turn the country around.

  39. Anonymous9:49 pm

    hey, come on guys. in fairness to pak lah, it was also mentioned in some blogs months ago that rumours does not necessarily mean he denied such thing. so rumours cld just go any other way.

  40. PM finds his bride
    No more sleeping on his job
    Now he can smile walking home
    The place will be warm full of love

    He had lied as I remember
    Saying it was rumour
    Brother Rocky got it right
    What Zam will say?
    Pan Asian not good eh?

    Now is the balancing act
    When the honey moon is over
    The grilling roads of election
    He will announce it soon
    When he has tasted his fruits

    Now KJ better listens
    He has one shadow he can’t take
    PM will listen to his Mrs
    Skill in management good in hospitality business
    It is people’s management
    PM has found his guru
    In the comfort of his home

    Now we look ahead
    The better things we hope to get
    No more half past batons
    It should be full steamed ahead

    Congratulations Dato Seri
    Allah grace shines on your way

  41. Anonymous10:24 pm

    "two children nadiah dan nadene"

    hehehehehe KJ, you're finish.....

    now only 1/3 or 33%

  42. Anonymous10:34 pm

    Congratulation to our PM ABB and his new wife, wish he will have a exciting sex life from now! Is important he is recharged every night before coming in for meeting, so no excuse to fall asleep from Sat. God save our PM!

  43. So Zam .... who lied? Pak Lah & his MSM mouthpiece or the Bloggers?

    Or it was a 3 month courting?

    For lying on this one Pak Lah, I forgive you. Selamat pengantin baru.

    Can you retire after this please? I don't think getting married will make you significantly smarter or sharper. And, I fear there will be many more pengsan ... oppps pitam incidents :-).

    Whatever it is, can we bet will Pak Lah fall asleep or pengsan during the akad nikah?

    Do I feel mean for being lied to ...

  44. Anonymous11:33 pm

    Ini lah lawak paling bodoh untuk tahu 2007.lawak antarabangsa

  45. Anonymous4:25 pm

    Hi all,

    Dengaq kata ikut syarat tunggu rumput panjang dulu baru bleh kawin. Tak tau la rumput kat mana yg dimaksudkan. Perhaps sesapa boleh pi tolong tengok sat kat kubuq nu.

    Anyway biaqpi la kat dia nak kawin sapa pun. Pak mentua bukak posa, menantu pulak nak posa 100 hari nie. macam-macam sungguh.

  46. Anonymous10:31 am

    anyway congratulations Pak Lah. Now if only you could focus and deliver what you promise us in your manifesto. But likely you will be still warming up....maybe we should send him some Viagra as present.