Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Brown-out on Pak Lah's wedding

The Don'ts. Now, you won't believe this! Editors from the mainstream media were summoned for a briefing on the wedding just now. Briefing by 4th Floor info chief, Kamal Khalid.

The instructions, in a nutshell:
No run-up stories on the wedding. No interviews with Nori, KJ, relatives, close friends..No reference to Jeanne as a "janda" (divorcee) or Pak Lah's biras (in-law). Use only releases by the PM's department or the PM himself. No Press to wait outside Sri Perdana this Saturday. Event for official media only..


  1. Anonymous6:55 pm

    I though Muslims are instructed to hebah/announce a marriage to avoid suspicion?

    Maybe PM does not want to overdo. I agree. He should not waste public funds since this is a private affair.

    Poor mainstream editors, they're being told like small boys by hap pas sik Press handlers.

    That leaves the bloggers to tell the truth. So what if PL is a duda and kak Jeanne is a janda, dude?

    So what if kak Jeanne is a former sister-in-law? Jodoh ma!

    Cinte bute looo.......

    Love is blind
    Love binds
    Pak Lah you'll be fine
    Have fun, take your time.

  2. Anonymous7:13 pm

    Dear Bro,

    Are you sure? You gotta be kidding me? Stop ridiculing us. How come? It's a wedding of the year (i presume, besides Raja Nazrin & Zawa Salim Davidson).
    The wedding ceremony should be made to public, broadcasted lively by media. Rakyat want to know how much costs to occur. Who will fund the occasion? Is it from Pak Lah's pocket or taxpayers?

    However, Pak Lah will inform us on these things. I love cekap, amanah, telus and integriti


  3. Anonymous7:20 pm

    Rocky, now is the time to show how good the bloggers are. We mainstream practitioners will be scouring all the blogs for the best and juiciest stories. Pity the emasculated press.

  4. Fuyooooo. Lagi dasyhat dari Raja Nazrin's wedding.

    -The Man Who Sold The World-

  5. Anonymous7:46 pm

    sure she no more virgin at 53, huh!and what's wrong with janda, lots of experience, she'll entertain Pak Lah to the limit, well regarding biras, i see nothings wrong with that, i guess if Hendon had younger sister and available, why not! and off you go Jean.. Anyway Pak Lah do enjoy your life while you can..forget about the country it make you sleepy.

  6. *Puzzled* What is there to hide? Janda ke, biras ke...those are facts. Hey gomen, you think we live in caves ah? That we communicate using "unga, unga" and smoke signals...come on! Have a little respect for the rakyat.

  7. Anonymous8:06 pm

    Official media cannot report. Maybe paklah wanna give bloggers the exclusive coverage! I will do the same if I were him. Simply need the best to do such an important job. :P

  8. Wow, I did not realize that the PM's wedding is sensitive issue that involves national security.
    This is an example of thriving press freedom of the press.
    If she is a 'dara' can the press report that?

  9. Anonymous10:21 pm

    oooh, so hush hush one ah, does not 1 ppl to hear the truth ah? so un-Islam Haadari ke?

  10. Sometimes I wonder whether the instructions is from Pak Lah himself or the info chief who took it on himself to be politically correct. I don't think Pak Lah gave that instruction. After all, a janda is a janda no matter what clothes she puts on, and a duda is a duda no matter what shoes he puts on. This whole this is just a guy marrying a girl. Must everything be turned into an issue?

  11. Apa lah Kamal! What a HP6 T4 mind!

    Among those reporters are bloggers and I am sure amongst those Pak Lah's family are informers to bloggers. We will know, like it or not ... hahahhahahahh

    People do not rely on your newspaper anymore for info. Anyone needing info can read here (unless rocky apply his right to censor):

    Former Jeanne Danker or now Jeanne ABdullah is a janda or divorcee to the late Hendon's younger brother. Jeanne is the household manager of the PM's residence. By her name, she is not a Malay but a Eurasian. For info on her job description, check out the PM Dept website. Yes, effectively Pak Lah the duda is marryign his biras. Nothing sensitive here. Alls fine to me.

    Jeanne has two daughters, so any aspiring KJ wannabee can replicate the KJ_Nori legendary car "incidental" car accident.

    Any aspiring AP King can help out your prospective cousins for this short cut to money and power. AP for cars is taken, so figure something else.

  12. Anonymous11:49 pm

    kamal and the boys never fail to amuse me.
    such amateurs. it is scary.
    he's making the whole thing into a security issue.
    imagine that, this hidung berhingus budak telling seasoned editors what to write and what not to, about the wedding.
    don't mention that she is a divorcee, that she was married to hendon's brother.
    how about that she is a eurasian?
    and that she is a very nice person?

    see...kamal. just leave it to the seasoned journos-lah. they will know what and how to write about the PM's wedding.

    they're not new at their job.

  13. Something for you guys... hahahaha

  14. What better example of the media being controlled !

    Now, even the known and undisputed facts (duda, janda, etc) are to be suppressed. Should Reporters Without Boundaries be informed about this suppression ?

    There should be a press kit with instructions that reporting is to be based on the facts presented within the kit instead of what must be omitted.

  15. Anonymous12:39 am pak lah will understand better what 'bocor' means. Shahrizat pls acknowledge!

  16. Anonymous12:52 am

    A pick from the Prime Minister’s Office early today (and was published by mainstream media)

    "Jeanne has two daughters, Nadiah and Nadene"

    So why on earth they was instructed not to make any reference to Jeanne as 'janda'?

    'Anak dara' can't even have daughter, u know...let alone two.

  17. Anonymous1:04 am


    The first so much "don'ts" I have heard in a wedding. Almost like the US President marrying the daughter of the top Iranian Mullah. Or the Prince of Wales marrying the Crown Prince or Japan's eldest Princess.

    Then again, we never had a Prime Minister in Office getting married before. Its the first.

    Its the first prime Minister also who appointed his son in law as the Deputy Chief Principal Private Secretary at the PM's Office.

    If Jeanne Danker wasn't a Janda, how could she bore Nadia and Nadene Osman and Osman Dato' Mahmood is still very much alive?

    Zorro used to drink with Osman at his pub in TTDI, for crying out loud!

    No interviews?

    Dato' Wong Chun Wai, Is this the more Press Freedom you were talking about earlier last month? Kamal Khalid, Media Co-ordinator telling ALL the mainstream media editors what can and cannot do in their paper/tv with regards to this wedding?

  18. I think it is silly having all this brownouts and all. after all it is all conducted within the tenets of islam hadhari. there is no fatwa against marrying your bro in law's ex-wife. it is not your fault that the b-i-l did not appreciate the beautiful person within then . in all probabality they were young then and never had their feet on the ground. could probably be disco kakis even.jodoh mereka tak kekal.

    but now all parties involved all older and more matured. demi moore and her new husband ashton kutcher goes on holiday with children from demi's ex-husband. and ex-hubby bruce willis tags along. how cool is that!

    malaysia pun boleh. that is what i would love to see. our pm with jeanne and the children and osman mahmood lazing together as they sail the seas of perth on holiday. cool ! malaysia boleh !

  19. Anonymous2:34 am

    She prettier than Rosmah though. Also more shapely.

    Rosmah pun married before kan?

  20. Anonymous4:00 am

    Put yourselves in their shoes and ask "would you like people to talk, speculate and gossip about you and then possibly call you by those names when you have a proper name?" Is it so wrong to ask for a little respect and privacy?

    So what if the PM's Department gave some 'don'ts'. That only pertains to the Editors from the mainstream media. It is not stopping bloggers from shamelessly saying what they want to say.

    How about wishing them happiness as some of our commenters have done here?

  21. Anonymous4:30 am

    this kamal khalid. what qualifications does he have? this punk telling newspapers what to do. what is this country coming to. nowadays office boys are telling gutless newspaper editors what not to print. Syed and Wong Chun Wai, where are your balls. Or have you two jokers hid your balls in your house. I bet you dont even have the guts to hide your balls in your house. I think you must have buried your soulless balls six feet underground. simply ridiculous. LANCHIAU (it's balls in hokkien, this translation is for Malays and others).

  22. Anonymous7:09 am

    I do hope nobody will try to suck up to Pak Lah and suggest naming a dewan at
    PWTC after Jeanne Abdullah to mark the happy momentous occasion.

  23. Anonymous7:33 am

    KJ said,

    His brother in law,wife and biras is happy with the marriage. But as you can see from his body language during interview at My Team actually he said the opposite. Macam orang sedih jer..itu pun macam dipaksa-paksa.It just showed that actually Oxford fella don't know how to act when thing get emotional...

  24. Anonymous7:41 am

    A Voice,

    Can you explain in detail about, so any aspiring KJ wannabee can replicate the KJ_Nori legendary car "incidental" car accident.

    Because if you read the Spy Thriller Book,It similar with this modus operandi.

  25. Anonymous8:38 am

    Kamal khalid
    kamal khalid
    seekor kerbau bawa lumpur
    habis satu kandang terpalit.

    The kerbau is a buffalo
    But you"re a professional fellow
    How could you be so shallow
    To believe those editors
    The first thing they did
    Was to "buka cerita"
    Telling Bru and other bloggers
    Of the gag order by Putrajaya.

    Allamak, are these the 4th floor boys?
    Should at least be half past four
    Not half past six or down on the floor
    Poor Wong Chun Wai!
    He spoke to soon
    To curry favor with kera and baboons
    Talking about greater freedom
    In the whole kingdom
    But now what?
    You can't report the wedding loo...
    Bloggers to the fore
    Dig to the core
    The rakyat want to know
    Who's Kak Jin (Jeanne)
    Whose money the PM is spending
    For the nikah and the wedding
    and for the honeymoon that's pending?

    Bloggers please make sure
    Not duit rakyat aaaa?
    Belanja sendiri la
    Ini untuk suka-suka
    Bukan hal negara.

    Who care if Jeanne isn't a virgin?
    Or she was once the PM's kin?
    Married to Kak Endon's brother
    The PM is not a teruna either
    So what if he's a duda
    Dudda dudda dey.........

    Pardon me I am getting randy
    Thinking of the PM and his new lady
    No first lady please!
    Just a simple isteri Perdana Menteri.

    Onward bloggers
    Tell the story
    Keep the people happy
    Have no worry
    This is a free country
    Hell with Kamal Khalid
    Seekor kerbau bawa lumpur
    Habis sekandang media arus perdana terpalit!

  26. rokcy,

    takpa... tak slah pon. maybe tak mau melampau-lampau sampai tahap national enquirer.. i dont thin the paper rugi apa pon kalau ikut arahan ni.. maybe permintaan peribadi pak lah... so, ikut aja la kali ni... tak mudarat apa apon..

  27. Anonymous9:28 am

    Anyone is better looking than Rosmah....kakakakakaka

  28. Pak Lah ni kahwin Misyar ke kahwin biasa? Ke mutaah?

    Semua nak berahsia. Jadi soalan pelik-pelik akan keluar.

  29. Friends, OK, OK, Give this man a break!!. Lets him get married in peace and continue to enjoy life. We have more to gain by him having a lady to give him the leadership that only the other of our species knows best. With her at his side I believe we could aspect Pak Lah to be more dynamic in his leadership of the country. Perhaps lead the country with more wisdom. Have a nice day.

  30. Anonymous10:22 am

    Is Osman Mahmood (the Ex) now getting into the bandwagon of favours recipients as the same stature of Ibrahim Ahmad Badawi, Nonie Mahmood, Dato' Mohamad Fathil Mahmood and Rahmah Mahmood?

    Of course, not forgetting the other Rahmah, who is the Biras Gold Digger?

    Just for everyone to measure for size, Jeanne's daughter is running a batik boutique in upmarket Starhill Mall.

    You think an early twenties girl can afford to start an upmarket boutique if father just owns a Pub and Mom works as Seri Perdana Complex manager?

    Viva Abdullah & Sons & Rakan Rakan!

  31. Anonymous10:52 am


    U said..."No interviews with Nori, KJ, relatives, close friends"...

    ape hal the SIL appeared in a Press Conference declaring that they (the family) welcome the wedding!!!

    Ini kes syok publicity ka apa ka? I mean, man, dey contradict their own edict or dey just don't know what dey talkin bout...dishin out instructions to experienced media editors and yet doing the exact opposite...geeze...pity the wonder Utusan didn't jump the gun as they did on the Royal much for the Press is freer than it was before...but don't wait in front of Seri Perdana as its for official media only...

    Anyway for all its worth...Selamat Pengantin Baru!

    Bru, your bloved Info Minister not carrying live ah? hahaha...

  32. Anonymous11:14 am


  33. Anonymous11:17 am


    so much for brown-outs and 4th floor BOYS' instructions:

    Just ask the groom, cuit sikit, and there u go: he told all (Bernama interview). Sigh...the man's in love.
    He said he's known Jean for a long time as she was Endon's sister-in-law.
    of course, he didnt say she was a janda. no need to, i reckon. common courtesy, not tht there's anything bad about being a janda.

    well, i for one, am happy for the man. Good that he is marrying a single mother, and not a vestal virgin.
    And, yes so so many people have only nice things to say about Jean.
    She'll be good for our PM.

    Aaah..... to be in lurve, all over again....

    Let's hope our share market will react positively to this very good news for Malaysia.

  34. Anonymous11:47 am


    Madmonk says:

    Sure put a death knell to official claims that there is more press freedom compared to Dr M's tenure!

    It's a private garden party, so don't knock the walls. It's a national security issue and the weather should be fine. Better not rain, and no thunderstorm on Saturday, well, under the official directives, perhaps.

  35. Anonymous6:30 pm

    i dream of jeanie

  36. Anonymous4:25 am

    It gives shivers to my bones, but not sure if it does to anyone. Imagine you have cousins from young and have since been playing with them. Now I call them sisters, and Aunty Jeanne to Mom. Gasp!!!

  37. Anonymous10:07 am

    Kamal must have been his school magazine editor (although compared to what hes doing now--school magazines get more freedom), and still trying to be one.

    Or maybe hes been reading too much books on the old and dead KGB and fancies himself as some old-time cigar-smoking KGB head.