Friday, June 29, 2007

Najib mentioned in Altantuya's murder trial

Sunday 1 July 2007:
The DPM's press secretary said last night Najib Razak will not issue any statement with regards to a claim by a witness about a photograph that was not even produced in court. Tengku Sarifuddin Ahmad said it would prejudice the on-going trial if the DPM were to issue a statement. In the past, Najib has said he had never met and known Altantuya, and that statement stands.
The Bernama exclusive came in last night, here.
update 6.30pm
Our national news agency has not come up with the story. AP has it here [Najib Razak photographed with Mongolian victim, court told] a couple of hours ago, though.
NO such picture was produced in court, though.

original posting
Witness' account.
The DPM's name cropped up for the first time today. I was told that one of the witnesses spoke of having seen a photograph of Altantuya having a meal with the accused, Razak Baginda, and the DPM.
There will be updates here late but Bernama should have the story up by now.


  1. Bro, the prosecution failed to "stop" the witness from mentioning Najib's name, but veteran lawyer Karpal Singh was successful in "exposing" the DPM's name. Worms are coming out of the tin. Will Bernama have the "guts" to release this important development?

  2. Anwar brought it to the recent by election
    About Najib and Atlantuya
    Now in Court a witness testified
    On a picture she saw in Court

    Ijok by election Najib denied knowing Atlantuya
    When Anwar nailed it home to the people
    Maybe at that time there was no picture
    To tell a truth or just heresay

    Now a truth had surface
    About knowing Atlantuya
    So what now for Najib to say?
    Will he say he doesn’t know her?

    Now there is a twist to the case
    Maybe Najib had nothing to do with it
    Just met up when she was introduce
    Or he could say he was just passing by
    Saw Razak Baginda went to say hello

    There are many possibilities
    But Ijok election would haunt him
    For saying he didn’t know Atlantuya
    The Court records stand today

  3. Anonymous3:34 pm

    Altantuya, Antantuya
    Ayah Pin Abu Ya
    Haji Ismail Awang Keria
    Lebai Wahab Tok Imam Musa
    Tu dia dah keluar cerita
    Orang besar punya nama
    Satu ujian satu bala
    Salah-salah lingkup semua.

    Altantuya Antantuya
    Ayah Pin Abu Ya
    Dreba lori dreba kereta
    Naik moto naik skuter
    Bila hati maharaja lela
    Bila khayal mabuk kuasa
    Bila cakap dan buat tak sama
    Bala turun bertimpa-timpa.

  4. Anonymous5:15 pm

    bernama should have the story by now? fat chance!!

    i knew i would not see the news in bernama. this was posted at 1.28pm and i checked bernama website, no. then now at 5.00pm, i checked again, also no.

    bernama is the gomen mouthpiece, would it want to mention the DPM's name being implicated in the trial? of course not! you only get to read about this type of news fast on malaysiakini, not bernama nor NST.

    oh well, i was waiting and wondering when will his name come out in the trial... now that it did, let's see what he had to say.

  5. and the story begins...

    -The Man Who Sold The World-

  6. Anonymous8:01 pm




  7. With the news at AP out, pointless not to cover it

  8. show the proof first or ask Najib directly!

  9. Anonymous9:31 pm

    y can't the prosecution team check up on altantuya's and razak baginda's passport,see if the dates when they were alleged to be together in hong kong,china, the dates tally....?

  10. Anonymous10:44 pm

    Nothing will happen because Najib has scratched Pak Lah back (no evidence on the Kubang Pasu case)and Pak Lah will NATURALLY scratch Najib's back.

    And the KEMUNGKARAN continues under Islam Hadhari!!!!

  11. Anonymous10:47 pm

    I smell a rat, brudder Rocky. There is something rotten. Wondering what is the role of the prosecution. Are they for the defence or attack? God knows. Rock, in the meantime, continue our fight for justice. Inspire us, brudder Rock.

  12. Anonymous11:12 pm


    The dpps have failed in their sacred duties � for the country. They are the by product of NEP.
    They all have the hallmarks of the attorney general - gutless and useless.

    AG perfected the terms boot licking and ass kissing of the rich and powerful �. Dpps going around making it as their duty to implement and maintaining such �. SUCH IS THE COUNTRY�S WOES.



  13. i smell something fishy here. mmph...

  14. Anonymous10:34 am

    Agree, nstman. From the proceedings, one really wonders which side the prosecution is really on!

  15. Anonymous11:01 am

    The web of deciet is large as well as thick but strand by strand it disintergrates for truth to prevail.Be opinion is that this is just the beginning...time for some 4th floor spin pretty soon!

  16. Anonymous12:04 pm

    was told over drinks that the dumped prosecutor in this case have resigned. can someone confirm this? i stand corrected if its not true.

  17. Anonymous12:48 pm

    I am just wondering what language is used for this trial, English or Malay?

  18. Anonymous3:28 pm

    It's already reported in the Spore papers today.

    It will be difficult to keep this suppressed, if it is true.

    I suppose the order of the day will be "deny, deny, deny".

  19. Well this is the true legacy of TUN DR MAHATHIR

  20. Anonymous4:55 pm

    anon 12:04 pm,

    Yes, true. He is now with BAM exploring career in badminton.

    anon 11.12 pm,

    Get a new excuse la.

  21. Rocky!

    It a classic kangaroo court, one cannot help but to wonder whether the witness is being paid to say the two words "najib razak"!
    First of all, if at all such picture exist it must be produced at all cost! Second, if such picture exist, many people man or woman have been photograph with Najib as he is a public figure! Thirdly if it can be believed, how really stupid can this Razak Baginda be to actually being insensitive enough to bring a girl or any girl to an official function where Najib purportedly to have also attended, and I don't think Razak Baginda is that stupid! And I don't think such dinner even took place! People! Remember how Anwar Ibrahim being subjected to such "kangaroo court", and now this former Islamist Deputy Prime Minister is seeking revenge at all cost, and yet he is a very religious man, or so he claims himself to be! Anwar should offer support to Najib for he knew the pain he had to go through when he was charged with sodomy!

  22. Oh Najib is involved alright.

  23. Anonymous8:05 pm

    the on-going trial has made me better understand the average Malaysian mentality.

    do you know why the average Malaysian is always interested in supernatural?

    it's because, as the word implies, when it's supernatural there's no logical explanation... so, you just let your imagination run wild.

    and this, in turn, breeds the superstitious mentality.

    this superstitious mentality is very dangerous because, just like Herpes, once you have it... you have it for life!

    it's dangerous because no matter what facts are presented before their very eyes, they still stick to their superstitious beliefs.

    the only way to convince them is to allay their superstitious beliefs and make some profit out it... which explains why there are so many con-artists in our midst.

    remember in the beginning when all these people, under the guise of "investigative mind" quoted the accused wife's words of wisdom "...he doesn't want to be the Prime Minister?"

    now, after the T-shirt and boxing-match episodes since the start of this trial... I wonder if it's wise to put too much emphasis on what was said.

    however, a superstitious mentality will never accept this... so, it wanders off to another moot point.

    now it clings itself to the words of a witness who, a day later, claimed that she did not understand the question that was put to her the day before regarding the threatening SMS.

    it goes without saying that the superstitious mentality does not understand the phrase the creditibility of a witness.

    the con-artists tricked the superstitious mentality into believing that the victim was a professional interpreter.

    yeah, right professional interpreter indeed... read the 6 notes here.

    I, for one, would not have the heart to bring a professional interpreter of such calibre into a billion RM deal when an internet connection to is available.

    the quality would have been more or less the same... very, very difficult to understand!

    moreover,... wasn't this submarine deal done in France?

    so, what is a “... besides bringing up her son she strived to learn Russian, English and Chinese. Her master’s, bachelor’s degrees and diplomas in Chinese Language and many other certificates bear witness to her increasing knowledge, certify her good command of those languages..." doing at a billion RM deal in France?

    since when have the French started speaking Russian, bad English or even Chinese, I wonder?

    mind you, the above statements came from the father of the victim and it was posted in the
    self-proclaimed Altantuya expert blogsite!

    to be honest... after seeing how the blog owner looks like... I can understand her deep desire to seek cheap publicity...

    hey, if you looked like her... who could blame you!

    any micro evidence to turn this trial into a political missile for some dubious con-artists would be seized upon by talentless con-artist with gusto... hey it's shark feeding time!

    as for the "mysterious powerful hands" behind the scenes... hey, this is Malaysia... since when do you need to know a Minister to get everything done?

    know the All-Malaysian saying, "I have a cousin brother working in....?"

    go figure!

    p/s this was also sent to the Jalan Sudin blogspot.

  24. Anonymous8:19 am

    If Eric Chia can be acquitted, surely Najib can be too?

  25. Anonymous7:06 am

    Its the picture. Don't believe it!


  26. Anonymous10:18 am

    There is no truth in this world. Those with powers & wealth controls all. :) Live with it!

  27. Anonymous1:27 am

    To the reasonable man or woman who can think logically, everything points to a cover-up. Doesn't the guilty party know that however well he covers up his tracks, the truth will come out finally. The fact that the immigration records can be expunged is an amazing act carried out. If this doesn't point to great authority involved, something would not add up.

    I cannot believe that more than those arrested are not involved. It is getting more interesting by the day. With the Police report launched on the presence of such additional very important personalities, more will come out in the coming days.

    How can someone live with the conscience of having wantonly taken a life? The tragedy for power is that it is self-effacing and it has the power of convincing itself that even the vile acts that is done can be justified. How sad to see the rich and powerful justify all kinds of wrong.

    It is simply sad that such heinous acts can be carried out so easily. What a shame to see so many lives involved over the dastardly act. The 2 police personnel were obviously pawns who simply wanted to please their big boss and score points for future rewards. Still a crime is a crime. I feel sorry for the families of those arrested who have to agonize over the evil wishes of someone high up.


  28. It a blatant lie that Najib Rajak did not know Altantuya. Come out and prove it. you are not your father's son.