Saturday, June 30, 2007

Bloggers send cyber stalker to jail

6 months for harassing blogger. A virtual "Wanted" poster put up by London bloggers has led to the arrest of a "serial harasser" in what's probably the first such case in the world. Researcher Felicity Lowde, 41, had been harassing a London bomb survivor - a blogger - for 14 months, accusing her of "making a living off the backs of the dead". She has been sentenced to six months' jail in. Read the full story here.

I can think of some people here who have been harassing Malaysian bloggers lately ....


  1. Monsterball!


    no one else BUT Monsterball!

  2. Anonymous12:55 pm

    You mentioned: "I can think of some people here who have been harassing Malaysian bloggers lately ...."

    Hehe...I'm just guessing, but you don't mean our (Dis)Information Minister, do you?

    - Amir

  3. Amir,

    How did you know?

  4. Anonymous2:58 pm on there.

  5. Anonymous7:06 pm

    Wouldn't it be a bit contradictory if the side that fought for internet freedom is the side that condone such action.

    I guess there's two side coin for everything.


  6. Anonymous9:52 pm

    estelle -- i don't think monsterball falls into that category. he doesn't harass anyone, he's just making a fool out of himself

  7. Anonymous10:43 pm

    To be honest, initially I was kind of taken aback by comments made to and by monsterball. But soon, I find him amusing. Then again, some of his statements at kickdefella had me thingking twice. Ok, I admit, I not too bright a fella.

    Anyway, I think monsterball is ok. He's just a silly old coot as I am, though you have take away 'old' when referring to me :)

    oops, forgot to sign off - amir

  8. Who are the some people here?
    Are they from the NST or the Information Ministry?
    I think the entire government hate bloggers and is stalking them.

  9. Hang dem old balls to dry.

  10. This old fart seems to enjoy attacking everyone under a pseudonym:
    He mistook you for you me (don't know of his problems with you).
    He thinks he can bluff all the people all the time, like some anonymous above saying he's "harmless" "he's OK" etc. The fact is he enjoy this privilege of stalking and revealing his details.
    Balls of such proportion:

  11. ...and trying to fool people with this identity?

  12. typo error
    "The fact is he enjoys this privilege of stalking and not revealing his details"

  13. Anonymous1:41 pm

    Rocky's Bru,

    May I impose and post the below?

    Monsterball, the Monstrous Ball
    Otherwise known as the Obnoxious Ball
    Never open up your house to this Nutty Ball
    Save your blog from obscenity of Savage Ball
    The hide of this Tragic Ball
    Equals the thick skull of this Empty Ball
    Rid blogosphere of this Ravaging Ball
    Begone! we say to Bullshitting Ball
    Alamak, staying put is the Abominable Ball
    “Leechingness” is thy middlename, Lonesome Ball
    Lepak somewhere else please Loitering Ball

  14. uik? uncle rocky, i though we already have a "WANTED" poster for him? hehehe