Thursday, June 21, 2007

Ku Li's incomplete address
For the recent forum on the legacy of Tun Razak, the organizers invited Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah to deliver an address. However, Ku Li did not get to finish his prepared speech; he was asked to cut it short in order for the organizers to let Tun Musa Hitam say a word or two. A blogger in the audience was utterly disappointed: "Musa did not make preparations," he wrote here.
A weblog dedicated to the man who came closest to beating Dr Mahathir in an Umno presidential election has published the unfinished address by Ku Li here.
Among other things, Ku Li listed 6 reasons why the Malays are still lagging in terms of economic achievements despite the NEP:
1. Malays are not united
2. Their minds continue to be subject to indoctrination
3. In a crisis, they are reactive rather than proactive
4. They are losing the battle against corruption and other trappings of capitalism and wealth
5. Malay ministers are becoming increasingly apologetic
6. The Malays fail to capitalise their strength in terms of numbers to form a formidable business network


  1. Anonymous10:18 pm

    Most of the time people can be rude interrupting others in the midst of conversation. I wonder how Ku Li felt being forced to cut short his speech/talks. friend.

  2. 1. It should read as Malaysians are not united.
    2. Minds continued to be subject to indocrination. It don't think it applies exclusively to the malays, look at the chinese/dll.
    3. reactive ? look at our recent flash floods in KL :-) i think not just malays but the whole society+govt.
    4. losing the battle ? if it has only not being given up from the beginning; walk the talk as oppose to talk the walk
    5. of course increasingly apologetic; look at all our bocor cases lately ???
    6. a formidable business network can only be viable if it is win-win for everyone. Look at the top 10 wealthy business ppl in asia with half of them being malaysians and if you may draw out to their race; non-malays.

    But in actual fact; the number of the minority is dwindling but do you see these non-malays businessman acting in concert ?

    They are prospering in their niche field or you may call it the blue ocean.

    It is unfortunate that opportunities and the economic pie is shrinking due to pathetic economic power being eclipsed by other larger ASEAN/ASIA neighbours.

    In the dog-eat-dog business world, how many applicable cases of win-win ? if there are such cases; it is isolated ones because both win-win parties happened to be of equal or strong economic bargaining powers to begin with.

    whilst the cries for towering malays and call for glokalisation has been the frequently chanted mantra; this looks bleak in lieu of the aftermath of globalisation - be it malays/non-malays ... if you do not start to think GLOBALLY and ACT locally/globally, your fate has already long been sealed by inactions.

    rather than to capitalise on their numbers/strength in numbers; the malays ought to be unshackled first from their insecurity of their rights/privilege being questioned and should think and act in this globalised world.

  3. Anonymous10:58 pm

    The 6 points are pointless for missing the key points where the race did badly in education and not able to accept openness in acquiring knowledge. Increasing emphasis on religion did not help either, why would the youth be encouraged to enter a religious university instead of acquiring knowledge in Mathematic and Science? You can't see your own problem but others can, is crystal clear.

  4. Would his 6 reasons be considered "seditious " ?

  5. If Kuli remains in the peripheral of local politics, then I'd say,

    Perhaps, his speech was cut short because his presence (in the context of local politics) has become irrelevant to the nation's future and the organisers made sure that perception remains so.

    Does Kuli have a plan 'B'?

  6. Anonymous2:42 pm

    "Melayu pantang dicabar!" This is the mantra being shouted everytime Malays is thrown a challenge, but we have to realise also with every challenge, there is opportunity to 'berkembang maju'. Sahutlah segala pencabaran dengan hati yang terbuka. Whilst school-children of other races are being taught to strive on diligently, or else will sink on the fringe of marginalisation; Malay children are inudated with various ideas of special rights and priviledges, of supporting certain people just to enjoy easy lifes. When all these children grew up, what do you think, my fellow countrymen, who will drown in the wave of globalisation?

  7. Anonymous5:15 pm

    I stay in a foreign country selling computers. A few days ago, a Malaysian sponsored PHD student came and bought a joystick. It was an old model and the connector type was serial, the question he asked was " can this usb connector be used on any computer?" This is one of the main reasons I left Malaysia. Ladies and gentlement, I rest my case.

  8. Anonymous7:00 am

    come on lah, mr/mdm anonymous (previous comment).. don't lah ridicule a whole race just because one guy who's doing a PhD (NOT in joysticks, i presume) couldn't tell a USB from a serial. i mean, i'm a malay and i'm planning to join your footsteps and leave Malaysia, but seriously, u said "one of the reasons" so give a less arrogant reason lah.. as for me, i'm leaving because i want to experience the challenges out there and not let malays be stereotyped.. and i'm not stereotyping other races either..