Thursday, June 21, 2007

EU tells Malaysia off re NEP

Rommel says pro-Malay policy sucks. The EU's ambassador to Malaysia, Thierry Rommel, has openly criticised the New Economic Policy that favours the Malays. He described the NEP as discriminatory and amounts to protectionism. Rommel (I'm not sure if he's related to WWII's Erwin Rommel, the Hitler loyalist) stopped short of saying the NEP should be scrapped but, according to the AP report EU Envoy Blasts Malaysia's NEP, he told reporters separately:"We (in Europe) have bitten the bullet on a number of sensitive issues, why can't you?"However, if you read only Bernama, our national news agency, you'd think Rommel doesn't mind the NEP at all - Political will ensures success of Doha Round - EU Official.Rommel has set aside political niceties. I say we do likewise.

updates 22 June:
Big Dog calls Rommel "kurang ajar" and argues that foreign firms have continued to flourish in the last 37 NEP years. In addition, 80 per cent of local companies are listed on the stock market without having to meet the 30 per cent NEP requirements.
Freethinker is shocked and awed by the spin.


  1. Ah Mr Thierry Rommel..

    the ambassador who was rather cheesed off when I asked him how is the EU reacting towards UK being hesitant in adopting the Euro and that why the UK courts are also hesitating in opening their doors to the ECHR and wouldn't it rock the fundamental English law system of judicial precedent.

    That was two years ago. Hopefully Mr Rommel has changed in his approach towards answering questions, just as how a change in much needed to his otherwise mundane name card.

    -The Man Who Sold The World-

  2. Anonymous12:44 am

    the truth hurts doesnt it?

  3. Anonymous1:00 am


    I have to say he have made is point albeit too bluntly but in a way he was challenging us to change and IMHO for the better. I did not take his comment as too rude but he is right that NEP will cause us too lose world competitiveness. Every other country is bucking up and the NEP might be helping an elite group of people but is holding the entire country back.

    I don't entirely agree with the way he express his opinion but it saddens me that NEP has been rotting so long until someone else need to 'blast' us. I guess it has to be the cultural differences, western culture tends to be more direct. When I was posted in the states, I struck a conversation with a technician who is trying very hard to balance his expense. He was complaining that the being a majority (white caucasian) he has to struggle more as he lack the special privileges the minority have. He didn't mind the minorities had some special privileges because at the end of the day they were the minorities. Needless to say he is doing well right now and he admits being the majority he tends to get more breaks because there are more of them and humans tend to give opportunity to those similar to them.

  4. Anonymous4:21 am


    silap orang putih tu punya hujah..


  5. Anonymous4:53 am

    Is this a Nazi plot to destabilise the country and ultimately the NEP? Over to you, Umno.

  6. Anonymous5:37 am

    Thierry Rommel menunjukan sikap KURANG AJAR dan keangkuhan bangsa Eropah, cuba mengajar orang Asia menyelesaikan masalah orang Asia, dengan nilai ukuran mereka!

    Ini mentaliti penjajahan neo-colonialism, melalui saluran ekonomi.

    Analisis Rommel amat sempit dan cetek!

  7. Anonymous7:14 am

    Mr Rommel the EU can piss off, please explain first why Turkey which had applied to join the EU has been rejected thus far. Until then, you are your EU are not qualified to talk about discrimination here in Malaysia or anywhere else in the world.

    And for godsake I should think that DPM Najib ought explain to tell this Rommel guy what our NEP is about. Tell Him its not the policy stupid! Its the implementation that sucks.

  8. Anonymous7:29 am

    I expect the Oxford smarties from the 4th, floor to answer this---or maybe they are happy in their comfort zone.

  9. Anonymous8:03 am

    Rocky: (I'm not sure if he's related to WWII's Erwin Rommel, the Hitler loyalist)

    Dear Rocky,

    This is OT but various historical records showed that Erwin Rommel, The Desert Fox, was anything but a Hitler loyalist. He was first and foremost a military man, patriotic to his nation but not particularly to Hitler's NAZI regime.

    Here is Wiki's blurb on him:

    Erwin Johannes Eugen Rommel (15 November 1891 – 14 October 1944) was one of the most distinguished German field marshals of World War II. He was the commander of the Deutsches Afrika Korps and also became known by the nickname “The Desert Fox” (W├╝stenfuchs) for the skillful military campaigns he waged on behalf of the German Army in North Africa. He was later in command of the German forces opposing the Allied cross-channel invasion at Normandy.

    Rommel's military successes earned the respect not only of his troops and Hitler, but also that of his enemy Commonwealth troops in the North African Campaign. Following the defeat of Axis forces in North Africa, and whilst commanding the defense of Occupied France, his fortunes changed when he was suspected (correctly or incorrectly) of involvement in a failed plot to kill Hitler in 1944.

  10. It does not matter who said it.
    The simple fact is, the NEP sucks.
    One has to be a non Bumi to experience the discrimination this policy had wrought.

  11. "Eric Reuter, sales and marketing director of freight forwarder ABX Logistics, said the Belgium-based company has a 51 percent Bumiputra partner and is required to work with local companies on government-related projects.
    The limitations have eroded his profit margin, he said."


    Just as what i had said in " Malaysia's 4 million poor workers" - NEP is the major contributory factor in our problem of low industrial wages, we have to keep our wages low so to pay the higher cost that mainly created by the policy of NEP, foreign labor is not the cause of low wages, but rather they are the consequent!

  12. "We (in Europe) have bitten the bullet on a number of sensitive issues, why can't you?"

    And no one at the event asked him about why the EU can't accept Turkey as a member?

  13. "We cannot be as flexible as we want to be and chances that corruption comes into play is higher. It is an interruption to the free market,"

    I have lots of chinese friends who for many different reasons(which are not important) failed to pursue for higher education (many of them even drop out in form 3)but nonetheless they are doing very well in their respective industries and enterprise.

    Just compare this to Bumi protectionism policy of education in area like MARA, University Placement quota and vocation training. Every Bumi has at least a diploma now, but What results we have got here? Do you know the market is paying $900 for a UUM PC graduate? We all know the issue of education is not how many degree you have! It's about value, in a global prospective!

    All racial centric political policy will eventually point to a wrong direction, no one can change this fact. The main reason NEP is still here and will still be here is because it has become a political tool rather than as an instrument.

    It is now going too far, too long and too wrong!

  14. Why let NEP roll?
    The shell life has ended
    Don’t give it another name
    It makes a face
    For the other races

    Tun Razak and his cronies then
    Crafted this policy to benefit the Malays
    Camouflaged for all races
    The leaders knew and know what race to go

    Now look at their backbones
    How much sand has it built?
    Why there is no solid beam for support?
    Malay race will lose in the global runs

    Najib wants the Malays to go ‘Glocal”
    How could he when NEP shackles them?
    The Malays must realize before it is too late
    The world community needs strong back
    And the brains to hit the right note
    Every time many runs

    NEP has failed
    Only the leaders never want to accept
    Let it go for the betterment of the country men
    In it Malaysia will benefit
    As she marches forward to Vision 2020
    Unless Maya prediction comes true
    The whole world will disappear
    On 23/12/2012!

    So we use to hear
    Life is short
    Better enjoy it
    Before it all disappears

  15. The BN government reminded us -rakyat all the time, that we rakyat should be thankful (to our political leaders) and gladly appreciate their effort in our country building, as well as the good and stability done by the implementation of NEP.

    I wanted to ask them as a servant to us as rakyat, is that not their job to provide us with all we have?

    I wanted to ask them there are so many countries around and in our region who have prosper and over take us notwithstanding the fact that they don't have NEP? (I still remember my father use to entertain his clients in Taiwan and Korea in the 70's, now we might not afford it even in Indonesia)

    I wanted to ask them, is it not true that a happy living and a decent education for our sons is our BASIC HUMAN RIGHT? Why do you want to take credit for something so trivial?

    If you want credit, do a Bill Gate, a Google or a Armstrong lah!

  16. Anonymous11:22 am

    I guess the truth hurts. This must be what the emperor feels when the kid blurts out the truth.

  17. Anonymous12:13 pm

    I believe Mr Rommel has just insulted Tun Razak the Second PM of Malaysia. He should study this part of Razak's legacy carefully before passing judgment.

    I hope the son, the Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib, has the guts to put Mr Rommel in his place.

    Of course, the NEP is not perfect (what is?) but it has provided us the kind of stability and racial harmony that it aimed to achieve. That alone has made it a successful socio-economic policy. Remember, too, many countries have adopted the NEP-style approach because it is a successful policy and given their own historical and socio-economic backgrounds. Of course these are Third World countries which the likes of Mr Rommel do not care about.

    But Mr Rommel must not sweep aside the very relevant fact that many - ah, so many - foreign companies and non-Malay entrepreneurs which have made it because of - and NOT in spite of - the NEP.

    Mr Rommel would do well to look at his backyard, too, before publicly accusing Malaysia of evil and ills. The question of Turkey aside, which many of the commenters here have touched, just look at Europe's policies against Islam and the Muslims. This blog quite recently highlighted the "minarets" issue in Switzerland and we have watched and read news about European brutality and bias towards the veiled and the bearded ones.

    And the numerous protectionist programmes that the EU have implemented to protect its own economies and businesses would make the NEP's ills seem so forgiveable.

    And the EU itself, Mr Rommel. Wasn't formed to create a European Fortress to harm thy neighbours?

  18. 'Big ticket' item on the negotiating table i.e. government procurement contracts.

    The U.S. wanted it during their FTA talks with Malaysia which eventually died out.

    Now, the E.U. is doing the same thing.

    After all, the NEP is a hugh and lumbering target for others to take potshots at.

    Anyway, Europe is becoming more and more right-wing e.g. France with Sakhovy (sp?) and Thierry Rommel is part of that change.

    That said, we do have our own problems to sort out i.e. NEP, not the policy but the implementation.

    Perhaps, a little of AAB's Islam Hadhari will help solve the matter and heck, man, he's got an honorary doctorate for it in Moscow. Just wondering when he did his thesis with all that snoozing going on.

  19. Anonymous1:15 pm

    i really dont understand you malay people.
    people say a little bit from his point of view, the usual rhetorics
    1) shut up
    2) get lost
    3) mat salleh dont know what he talking about
    4) keluar dari malaysia (oops thats an MP)
    5) turn around ask why turkey not in EU i.e hypocrite

    why cant you just ask yourself why he said that? does he have an agenda? does he have a reason? do we need a rommel and a backman to tell us our country is going to the dogs with the Never Ending Policy (NEP)

    one commentor was spot on saying its not the policy, its the implementation and if we continue to have the same Govt in control, the implementation will continue and everyone will SUFFER, unless if you are ketua cawangan UMNO or related somehow to UMNO and its buddies. then you wouldnt be reading this blog.. you be doing no. 1-5 as stated above.

  20. Anonymous1:29 pm

    REAL TRUTH hurts - badly.

    Yet we still get this feeling of ostrich-like denials among these people that matter to this truth.

    How sad!

    When LKY mentioned about that cowboy town down south just before the causeway, these people jumped like ostrich-on-fire. Shouting for apology every each ways - ignoramus & intellectuals inclusive. Now LKY has been proved right & yet what do we hear from these people?

    Now this commence from the representative of EU. Same ostrich-on-fire like reactions.

    'Kurang ajar' should be YOU as it takes an outsider to say something that happened right in front of your eyes & yet you claimed righteous in its act of implementation!

    Education down the drain, like in many similar cases. Or is it you only pick & chose things you like to say? Bearing in mind where your bread is been buttered?

    NEP is a failure through & through. Over the years the majority of the poor Malay still remains in the same situation compare to those well-connected one. AS indicated by the GINI coefficience this group of Malay is still worst off among their OWN KIND & yet being continue to be used as a the yard-stick & logic to prolong an act that keeps them in the loop!

    Any logical conclusion will rightly states that NEP should not be continue as the timeline of 38 yrs is too long for a failure to be upkeepped. Yet pending crisis is still been blinded to these group of people who matter.

    Claiming that many others also benefited from NEP is just a smoke screen. These people just work around the system, like anybody else who want to survive in a real world. Just imagine what would be like if they dont have to work around these NEP-made restrictions?

    For a start, cronies & corruptions will have lesser chance to prosper.

    Another hypocritical claims that NEP buy peace for the whole of Malaysian to work & live! Just give some credits to our Malay brothers for their level of understandings & peace-lovingness - OK? THEY are not the people that those umnoputras claimed to be. Malay folks in Kelantan & majority of the rural areas prove that! So much so that the umnoputras is again using them to justify his claims of richness - what is mine is mine, what is yours is mine too.

    So what are you going to do about this? Run amok, kill some body, riots?

    Dont keep repeating the rubbishes that have been put around. Give US something NEWS to justify your pretended blindnessness.

    The world is not waiting - either you catch up or you're way laid! Or should I say the poor rural Malay would be the sitting ducks?

    OUT there nothing is a SUM-ZERO game. Better you fight to get what you want - not waiting for crutches every time.

    One can only be tough is one has gone through hell - yet now we've many softies shouting tough just to wait for handout....

  21. Anonymous3:12 pm

    It's a pity that bigdog, anakjawa etc can't explain why FDI (foreign direct investment) into Malaysia is falling.

    UNCTAD stats for the period 1999-2005 show that Malaysia got 0.39% of total world FDI inflows. For comparison purposes, Singapore got 1.61% and Thailand 0.43%, of world FDI inflows over the same period.

    To put it simply, foreign investors don't find Malaysia an attractive destination compared with the likes of Singapore, China, India or even Vietnam.

    The PM is currently in Russia trying to attract more Russian companies to do business in Malaysia. Unfortunately, Singapore is already Russia's biggest trading partner in Asean, and several Russian companies are already set up in the republic.

    Ditto for India. Singapore accounts for 40% of Asean's trade with India, and there are more than 2,000 Indian companies doing business in the republic.

    And if you don't think that Malaysian govt policies have something to do with this. then you are either terribly naive, or you couldn't be bothered if the country goes down the tubes as a sidelined player in a globalised world.

    But, as Pak Kadir Jasin said in his blog, it's the frogs and toads who are in their comfort zone, never mind if the water they are in is heating up. And we all know what happens to boiled frogs and toads, don't we?

  22. Anonymous3:21 pm

    anybody who doesnt agreed with NEP pls leave the country and go, you're not wanted here. No arguement that's all. Period.

  23. Rocky!

    Immediately after 9/11 Bush, Blair and Azanar (former Spanish PM) had a special meeting in Madrid. One guess what they were discussing about? Wrong! They weren't discussing about terrorism or terror a week or so after the Twin Towers were destroyed!

    They met to talk about the critical level of mass migration of Northern Africans into Europe via Spain! One would think that immediately after 9/11 the only topic was "fight on terror".

    Yes! It is true! Europe is moving extremely fast towards the very far far right! Nicholas Sarkosy, a proverbial right winger who hates his Hungarian immigrant background, be came French president at the blessing of the US government and possibly US money! Segolene Royal (real French and from old French family) must be defeated at all cost, (lots of US dollars involved).

    Segolene was to change the demographic landscape of France had she won the election, by giving more opportunity to non-white French opportunity. Even at the final stage Sarkosy victory was liken to Bush and Al Gore, the ballot boxes were stuffed or fixed at crucial voting stations!

    Pim Fortuyn, the dead Dutch opposition leader was shot because he was dead set against sending non-white immigrants back to their original countries! Van Gogh grandson was killed because, like Fortuyn, he was advocating anti-non-White Dutch campaign with such great fervor!

    Swedish of Assyrian descents are now suffering for the first time a serious brunt of racism in a country considered, in the past at least, as haven for refugees! The Assyrians flee to Sweden from Turkish's ethnic cleansing pogrom in the late 40's and 50's.

    During the Bosnia-Herzegovina ethnic cleansing in the early 90's I documented many interviews with Croatian and Bosnian army officers who said the European contigent of the UNPROFOR was in cahoot with the Serbian army under Ratko Mladic and Radovan Karadic creating a camp where Bosnian women were systematically raped as part of the ethnic cleasning. In Bosnia-Herzegovina and Kosovo, European UN contigents allowed Serb soldiers went on a killing rampage then blamed the Kosovars!
    Angela Merkel is still a closet communist hailed from East Germany who hates non-white Germans especially Black, how she won the Chancellor-ship was beyond, but my German friends said the German political elite wants someone heartless to deal with immigrants in post unity Germany!

    So Rommell you and your likes can go suck a duck for all I care for I am a Malay and I will defend the NEP, but first I have to get rid of Malay leaders who have betrayed the spirit of this economic program designed to help my people!

    So in a nut shell there is no such thing as a real war on Terror its a make believe, but the war is on the preservation the perceived superior white culture from the perceived another "Yellow Horde of Genghiz Khan"

    P.S. Did we all realise that all of the petroleum and oilfields are found in countries hostile to the US GOvernment and Europe!

  24. Since 1974, majority of the rakyat voted at every single Gen Elections on policies like NEP and maintain ISA and yet there will be idiots, saying that both failed and will destroy the country.

    And yet the majority of the rakyat still chose BN and these so called "failed policies", over and over again.

    And thats the truth!

    And yes, if you think you cannot agree with the majority rakyat, you should leave and find another land which do not practice NEP like affirmative action policies and ISA and Art 153 like draconian laws.

  25. Nampaknya begitulah Persekutuan Malaysia kita dewasa ini Sdr Rocky Bru.

    Every Tom, Dick and Harry -- from Singapore to the EU -- are telling us what we should and shouldn't do.

    The government is not even allowed to help the poor who unfortunately are Malays and other Bumiputeras.

    Apa agaknya kalau keadaan terbalik dan majoriti yang miskin dan dibantu oleh DEB itu bukan Bumiputera tetapi kaum-kaum lain?

    I am proud being a Malay and I am equally proud being a Malaysian. I shall continue to be a Malay no matter the curse and the prejudice.

    Kenapakah secara tiba-tiba dan mendadak kita kini diberi syarahan mengenai apa yang kita boleh dan tidak boleh buat?

    Apakah kita sudah tidak dihormati dan disegani lagi?

    As for this EC fellow, I believe, he should be more concerned with the injustices and alienation the EC countries inflict on their minorities who, unlike the minorities in Malaysia, are poor.

    Apakah penjajahan bentuk baru yang disebut-sebutkan selama ini akhirnya menjadi kenyataan?

    Apakah selepas 50 tahun merdeka kita kembali "dijajah"?

    Minta dijauhkan Tuhan.

  26. Anonymous6:17 pm

    it's always so hard to be honest with ourselves....we take a long hard look at ourselves in the mirror only to forget moments later how we really look like....self examination, self justification, it's so so hard to say we're sorry....we @#$% 'ed up, let's take the long & narrow road....instead,'s just human nature to want the toll free highways to a problem free & comfortable life.....we are only 50 years old a a nation, and we want to compare to civilisations that have existed for more than 2000 usual we are no different from many other peoples & cultures around the world......we want it all.....and we want it all....NOW..!!!!!!

  27. Anonymous6:57 pm

    See - all these so called ignoramus & intellectuals' comments.

    The facts & figures are out for the world to see & yet we've these people talking about maruah!!!!!

    Where to hide the face OR perhaps there is NO maru when the side of the buttered bread is called into place.

    Perhaps they know too well that ONLY in Bodohland can they be champions, in ALL endeavours. Once outside the comfort of Bodohland - NO Fight! (my apology to MB & the likes).

    More like pseudo-cham - chimpanzee perhaps? On 2nd thought the good primate might object to this forced inclusion!

    Hypocrites all round......... You deserve what you sow.

  28. Anonymous7:21 pm

    Herr (or perhaps Heil) Rommel should pick on countries his own size like Russia, Israel, China, India, USA, UK, Australia etc etc. The chances of finding many well-off, well-fed non-Malays in Malaysia are much higher than locating well-off, well-fed non-white, non-EU immigrants in the EU.Clean up your act first and then you can pontificate

  29. Anonymous8:48 pm

    why isn't our local media reporting what been said by EU's ambassador to Malaysia, Thierry Rommel. Is the government afraid of what the people might think and realised that the time have some to abolished NEP.
    NEP need to be abolish and replace with sometime else. There is no place for NEP is the world of globalization and free trade.

  30. Anonymous10:55 pm

    The government is not even allowed to help the poor who unfortunately are Malays and other Bumiputeras.

    So the poor chinese & indians & other races have to beg in the street? cause NEP states this lot is not to be helped? enlighten us...

  31. Anonymous11:33 pm

    Dear Abg. Rocky - I just have this one thing to say to Mr./Ms. Pasquale in response to his/her remark about Rommel the moron. "well said and I thank you - your thoughts are very well shared by me!".

    FYI - the Mr. Rommel who seems to talk so big ain't so big in his own native land. A certain former boss of his once said (this is a fact but please do not ask how I know), " my entire career, the biggest mistake I've ever done was to recommend Rommel as Head of Delegation to the EC in Kuala Lumpur.."

    Nuff said. Rommel could try pushing his weight around and play all Rambo but who wants to listen to a moron who thinks flexing his 'muscle' in malaysia would creep malaysians out?

  32. Anonymous12:28 am

    is this a coup before he leaves his post in Malaysia? good bye and good riddance, on a pas besoin d'un mal poli--i am being polite...--/kita tak perlu org "kurang ajar" di tanah Malaya ini.

  33. Anonymous1:35 am

    My, my , my....

    Get a load of all these crybaby's whining about the European poking his nose into the matter of "local policies".

    Not too long ago, I recall Malay-Muslims poking their noses into the affairs of a certain European country for banning religious symbols (incl. hijab) in public schools. What an outcry that caused.

    Simply goes to show, time and time again without fail, that some people have double standards.

    Actually, this recent spate of negative attention from the rest of the world is not something happening in a vacuum. It is just that a certain segment of the Malaysian population and its representative body of politics have been acting far too long now under the illusion that their actions are exempt from consequences.

    Perhaps this is the first lesson in the further education of these Malaysians.

  34. Anonymous5:57 am

    a kadir jasin:
    Kenapakah secara tiba-tiba dan mendadak kita kini diberi syarahan mengenai apa yang kita boleh dan tidak boleh buat?

    I guess the principle of "do unto other as you would have them do unto you" is in play here right now. Keep playing the classic siege mentality and you will not ever learn why the world is reacting the way it does now. Keyword here: REACTING. Every action has an equal and opposite reaction. Globalization will ensure that people like kadir jasin learn that lesson thoroughly now.

  35. Anonymous10:28 am

    why talk about the history of someone else or another country when we are talking about ours.

    The current issue is the NEP not its grandfather or the EU's ambassador grandfather.

    if we keep comparing history, nothing will come out of it. we learn from history not compare.

    why ask about turkey and the dictatorship in the country? not to mention the instability and the lack of free press in that country compared to other EU countries.

    i believe that skilgannon1066 is right.

    wasnt putrajaya a NEP project? i wonder how is business going on over there. kinda obvious aint it?

  36. Anonymous10:49 am

    hello saudara rocky,

    sebenarnya dasar ekonomi baru dan dasar-dasar gantinya itu ada kebaikannya iaitu menghapuskan kemiskinan dan pengagihan ekonomi sekata.

    namun, saudara, kita juga tahu dasar-dasar ini tidak praktikal lagi dan harus dimansuhkan kerana ia semakin menampakkan orang Melayu macam orang yang tak ada kekuatan diri untuk membangunkan diri sendiri.

    walhal, setiap kali tengok tv atau baca akhbar (berbahasa melayu) yang diterampilkan adalah keagungan melayu zaman dulu, lama.

    kalau orang melayu ini kuat dan bersemangat serta gigih, maka saya rasa sudah sampai masa orang melayu sendiri menolak dasar-dasar yang membuatkan mereka tempang seumur hidup.

    buat apa melaung 'takkan melayu hilang di dunia' jika kita masih tidak boleh berani melepaskan dasar-dasar sosio-ekonomi dan sosio-politik serta religio-politic yang berat sebelah dalam negara yang bermajoriti melayu.

    tak malukah orang melayu bila dia tahu kesinambungan kewujudannya itu adalah bersandar kepada dasar-dasar yang jelas sekali memberinya pelbagai peluang untuk maju secara automatik.

    saudara rocky yang saya hormati, saya tidak mahu berbicara panjang. cuma saya mahu saudara lihat kepada diskriminasi terlindung dalam dasar-dasar yang diwujudkan untuk memajukan melayu yang majoriti.

    sebagai contohnya pemberian gelaran kepada ketua-ketua pengarang NST itu sendiri. saya yakin saudara setuju dengan saya bahawa saudara shivadass dan brendan tidak diberi apa-apa gelaran seperti dato' bila menerajui kumpulan NST. juga sama dengan saudari hardev.

    tapi lihatlah sendiri apabila saudara syed menjadi group editor pada bulan januari. baru tiga minggu menerajui NST sudah dijadikan dato'.

    mungkin saudara bertanya apa kaitan perkara ini dengan dasar-dasar tertentu kerajaan untuk menaikkan martabat ekonomi, politik dan agama orang melayu.

    sebenarnya tidak payah kita berusaha meninjau dan meneliti dasar-dasar ini dari sudut makro tapi ketrampilan mereka dari sudut mikro dalam isu pentadbiran harian.

    tidak payah juga kita menuding jari kepada implementasi NEP, NDP atau NVP. sebenarnya selepas tiga dekad orang melayu dipimpin dengan tongkat-tongkat ekonomi dan politik, mereka sudah tidak boleh lihat bahawa dasar-dasar ini hanya langkah sementara untuk membantu mereka menguatkan posisi sahaja untuk masa depan.

    dasar-dasar ini sudah sebati seperti darah putih dan darah merah dalam diri mereka. ia seperti roh dalam badan. kerana dasar-dasar inilah melayu masih hidup dan belum hilang lagi didunia.

    tapi alangkah malang saudara rocky apabila melayu tidak mahu melepaskan tongkat yang menampakkan ketempangan ketara mereka.

    lebih memalukan apabila melayu mendabik dada, bangga memperlihatkan ketempangan mereka dan marah mahu menerjang orang yang mempersoalkan kewujudan tongkat-tongkat ini. (cuba lihat sahaja respon-respon tertentu di blog saudara ini.)

    ah, memang melayu sudah tempang. mungkin dia juga akan hilang dari dunia ini satu hari nanti kalau dia masih bersandar berat atas tongkat-tongkat ini.

    satu hari tongkat-tongkat inilah yang akan meluputkan sakti dan waja diri melayu. saya harap itu jangan berlaku dalam masa terdekat.

    kata rommel itu ada kebenarannya.

  37. Anonymous4:26 pm

    Pak Kadir

    Are the "poor" amongst us only "Malays and other bumiputeras"?

    And how is it that the Malays and other bumiputeras are still "poor" 50 years after Merdeka and 38 years after May 13, 1969?

    Are you telling us that periods of 38 years and 50 years are not long enough to reverse the economic status of the Malays and other bumiputeras?

    Would you care to tell us just how much in public funds has been spent on trying to achieve this noble objective of uplifting the poor, deprived and discriminated-against since Merdeka? Would I be wrong in hazarding a guess that it would be countless billions of ringgit? And what have we got to show for all this expenditure over the past 38 or 50 years? An admission that we have failed and that we need yet more time and more money?

    To take your own analogy a little bit further, boiled frogs and toads land up as tasty titbits on somebody's dinner plate. The unwanted bits are tossed out.

    And if one doesn't have the economic nous to appreciate that, then I despair for our country's future.

    One can jeer at Singapore's pretensions and chutzpah, but at least that country has a clear view of what it needs to do to in order to grow and succeed in the Darwinian world of globalisation.

    If only our own ministers, politicians, businessmen and scribes had such a single-minded clarity of vision and purpose!

  38. Dear Kadir

    Am sure the majority of the minority is not against the government helping the poor malays. all they are asking is help to be extended to all the poor regardless of race. after 37 years of NEP, is it not unfortunate that majority of the malays remained poor? What about the Indians who today has only a negligible share of the country's wealth. Isnt it time to review and come up with a more equitable policy that helps everybody regardless of race? and create this unity feeling through equitable policies so as to continue the nation building process.
    as you are kadir, I remain a proud malaysian.

  39. Anonymous12:02 am

    kadang kadang kebenaran tu pahit n susah ditelan...thankz theirry rommel..

  40. Anonymous11:47 am

    Well done Mr. Rommel ~ I am a proud tax paying citizen of this country, I am considered part of the minority that pays considerable taxes to help the majority.

    The NEP is supposed to bridge the gap, agreed, but the NEP has in fact handicaped the Malays. Only the elite Malays like Khairy have rights to procure shares at par value.

    The NEP does benefit a "select" few priviledged people and thats why they are reluctant to let it go.

  41. Anonymous12:01 pm

    Thank You Rommell. Thank you for your integrity in speaking of what you truly believe in and not being afraid of it. We need more politicians in this country like you. Politicians who are unafraid and unhindered by others to truly represent the people's views. The NEP has outlived it's true purpose. As citizens of Malaysia, it is (every) malaysian's right to have equal rights to everything. No race is superior to any other.

  42. Anonymous7:30 am

    *la la land*

    it all reminds me of the emperor's new clothes.. and he's been wearing it for 50 years!
    sadly the state of my dearly beloved country will not change, not in this decade, or the next, or the ones after that, as long as the inheritance political system we have today, remains. new figures replace old ones, steadfastly retaining the same mindset and practices. meanwhile the world around us continue to move forward, while we stumble into oblivion. C'mon, wake up and smell the roses!

    * the 30% goal has long been achieved. the powers to be just worked the numbers like enron execs to bluff their way to more nep bling bling (riches).

    * and to help that number dip < 30%? bumis with hand-out shares sell theirs for easy money! companies are required to replenish the bumi pie, hence the cycle goes on and on..

    * the 30% pie gets eaten like this- 10% of the bumis downs 90% of the dough, gloat with fat and taking it all the way to the bank. for the sake of the perpectual 90% poor bumis, the nep show must go on and on and on..

    * and when folks bold enough to question the scheme, be it local, 2nd-class local, or foreign, whip out the cards! hmm.. we've got the race card, religion card, national security card, blah blah..

    let me just say this - the nep was a bourne out of necessity, well, once upon a time. it's the execution by the ever corrupt hands and minds that screwed up our country!

  43. Anonymous9:59 am

    I'm a Malay living in KL, and I hope I'd be the first Malay to say this:


    NEP is feeding the poor kampung people enough money to buy a Kancil or a Wira, then show it off like they're some freakin' celebrity. Then they (the poor kampung people) sit back in the same hole that they came from and continue to complain how the govt should help them by sending someone to wipe their a$$.

    Not all Malays are a recipient of the NEP, and these people have to work their a$$ off in order to make a decent living while their poor counterparts are having a whale of a time showing off their NEP-aided Kancils.

    For all the Malays reading this, do something about it. Don't "melatah" every time someone says Malay is no good. IT'S A FACT! Sikit2 nak kipas. Ada Orang Melayu maju sikit, korg jatuhkan/pulaukan dia.



  44. Anonymous11:19 pm

    Sorry to say that Malaysian gov is just protecting their own interest, in Islam it says to be fair to anything Islam people do but in this case I don't think so. The NEP law is stupid, is like a rich man gives his child everything the child wants like feeding the child even the child is 30 years old and when the father has pass on, the son just don't know what to do with his life as the father has always been feeding him.

    Sorry to say, that's why all the other race in Malaysia is doing so well as they are independent, with no one to help they, so they struggle to get what they want in life. That makes they what they are today....

    Steve Rowen

    So they Prime Minister says 1 Malaysia??? Funny!