Saturday, June 23, 2007

Bio-med student, 22, missing

Update, Sunday 7pm
The girl is back home, safe and sound, according to the Star's on-line breaking news. Thank God.

PETALING JAYA: Student Siti Mariana Suhaimi, 22, who was reported missing since Friday night, has returned home, much to the relief of her parents.
The Kolej Universiti Teknologi Malaysia final year bio-medical student went missing after leaving her campus in Shah Alam for her boyfriend’s home in Klang on Friday night.
Her disappearance caused a frantic two-day search by her parents. They lodged a police report, sent out text messages to all their friends. Her missing person story was even covered by several online blogs.

The Star's updated story here.

Original posting:
Siti Mariana
. I have never met Capt Suhaimi Aziz, 47, but my heart goes out to him right now. He's out there looking for his 22-year-old daughter, Siti Mariana, who has been missing since Friday night. The Malaysia Airlines pilot lodged a police report at 4.15 am (Saturday) and hasn't stopped searching for his girl since. He has sent sms to all his friends asking for them to pass the message around and for people to look out for his daughter. One of his friends relayed the sms to me as I was having supper with my girls. I have just spoken to the Capt, to get more details about what happened. "I don't know what to do, except to pray and to keep looking," he said.

Siti Mariana was driving her metallic grey Kancil BHF 7472 on the way to meet her boyfriend in Klang between 7 pm and 8pm yesterday (Friday). Her last sms was to her boyfriend, sent after 6, telling him that she was on her way to pick him up. The final year bio-medical student at Kolej Universiti Teknologi Malaysia in Shah Alam never reached her boyfriend's place.

I pray that Suhaimi will find his girl, safe and sound.


  1. Anonymous12:26 am

    may be posting her photo will help. scary with the surging crimes these days. pray she is not one of those.

  2. Anonymous12:37 am

    It's scary these days. My neighbour has stopped her daughters from driving at night in the wake of the crime situation in the country. Let's pray everything will turn out right.

  3. Anonymous1:01 am

    I agree with you totally, it is scary these days. The highways can do with more patrols, especially at night. I know of an incident involving a colleague recently who is a reporter whose car was broke down in Kesas and this is in broad daylight. One motorcyclist stopped and she thought he was going to help, instead he took out a knife and robbed her of her phone, jewellery, and money. It was so daring and desperate!

  4. Rock,

    Can you get hold of her photo.

    Will do a posting at OBE to widen the search.

  5. Praying for Suhaimi and Siti Mariana.
    Would you be able to get hold of her photo? I can help in some way too.

  6. shar/jt,

    will try and get a pic from the capt. tq all.

  7. I hope Siti Mariana shows up soon, in one piece.

  8. Saya doakan semoga Siti Mariana selamat.

  9. scary....since i'm always driving alone. hope nothing bad happens to siti mariana.

  10. rocky,

    yes, a photo would be useful.
    i will post it.
    whatever i can do.
    i have nieces around that age.
    i worry everytime they go out. they aren't worried because somehow they think the places they hang around at are so protected, so safe.

  11. Pray for her safety.

    I had personal experience of a case with a very similar story. Not a good outcome.

  12. Let's have the picture out. Will do what I can to help.

  13. People missing people running away
    Young adults leave home abruptly
    People kidnapped people murdered
    What is progress when we sunk so low?

    It could be drugs taking
    Unemployed in dire straits
    People never show neighborliness
    One living in the fast lane
    Of the marketing mantra
    “Every one can make it big!”

    In our country
    Manual labor foreigners came
    Populated the countryside
    Flashing out in the malls

    Do the Police have control?
    You bet as well as mine
    Crimes wave soaring
    We gated our surroundings
    The spirit of village slowly disappearing
    We each live in our own neighborhood

    Last week I read a posting
    About Michelle Lai gone missing
    She left her hand-phone behind
    Now I don’t hear update
    She is a 22 years old Chinese woman
    Now Siti Mariana too
    Aged 22 years old
    It could be the same gang
    Slavery in the country perhaps

    The Police should set up a special task force
    To catch those involved immediately
    This crime has become high now
    Because the police never takes it seriously
    So the bad hats will continue their trade
    Because every one can make it big!

  14. Is it a crime if I catch this predator and castrate him. He will be alive,for sure, but that would prevent many deaths and worried parents. How many years will I get if I give myself up and plead guilty to magnanimous act of shortening his eligibility? I'd like to know....maybe form a vigilante group to help the police, without letting them know. Anyone joining?

  15. Anonymous2:22 pm

    remember the days when they post pictures of missing children on those tetra-pak drinks. I think er should bring back this pratice

  16. Bro,
    Just did a posting of these and a few other shocking crimes I said in Nuraina's the police are not doing enough !
    I draw your attention to "qoute of the Day"-can't remember by whom the other day
    "after all that is said and done...more IS said than done "
    ....thats how to best describe our good police and authorities of enforcement and our Ministers !
    Cheers !

  17. Anonymous5:20 pm


    Just caught the Star on-line breaking news. The girl Siti Mariani has returned home this afternoon. Unharmed. Alhamdulillah but I hope it was not a prank as we don't need one. Terima kasih.

  18. What happened to her since Friday night? Where did she go? Very Funny.

  19. At last, the parents are no longer worried...
    Whatever lies behind her disappearance, we'll just have to wait and see....

  20. Anonymous6:10 pm

    That's the update from the Star. Girl's back home. thank God. The sad truth is that whenever a girl disappears we assume the worst, and are often proven true.

    The country is going to the dogs...but we can do something if we collectively want to.

    I've been giving some thought to the safety of women n children in public...will blog abt it later.

  21. uncle rocky, picture will be very helpful. then all us bloggers can post in each blog. readers can help too (including budak2 tingkat empat, if they are still human, and are reading our blogs :p). either post it in your blog, or email. mine's hope she's still alright, though...

  22. Rocky spoke to Veera Pandiyan of the Star and the girl is really safe, thank God!

  23. Anonymous8:56 pm

    Rocky, thanks a million. Be that as it may, we are thankful the girl is okay. Rocky, keep up the good work. Bravo, Rocky, drinks on the house.

  24. Thank God Siti Mariana is safe and back home with her parents.
    I am sure she has a valid reason for what happened.
    Thanks for posting the update.

  25. Anonymous9:58 pm

    "One of his friends relayed the sms to me as I was having supper with my girls."

    you sounds like Charlies Angles la rocky...