Friday, May 18, 2007

Wrong info on Kalimullah

NSTP chairman says sorry to A. Kadir Jasin. Yesterday, I quoted the NSTP chairman as saying at the AGM that the deputy chairman could not attend the annual meeting as the doctors had ordered him to rest at the Pantai Hospital after a recent back op. He was so confident with the info that when a shareholder expressed his doubts, the Chairman suggested that he verify the info. The shareholder did and discovered that the deputy chairman was NOT at the hospital. The shareholder relayed the info to the Chairman and later left a comment on my posting here.
I am taking the liberty to reproduce the Chairman's sms to the shareholder in this posting. Some of the shareholders at the AGM yesterday [and many of the directors and the MCM members) are faithful readers of this blog, so I hope this will help inform them that the Chairman had been misinformed and that Kalimullah Masheerul Hassan was not at all admitted to the hospital. In fact, the deputy chairman only had a physio appointment.
“Thanks Datuk. I am now informed he was not checked-in but he was required to do physiotherapy this morning and that was why he could not be present this morning.
“In fact the seating arrangement this morning included him and the secretary had to quickly rearrange things.
“Sorry my info was slightly wrong. You may want to verify that he had to do physio at Pantai this morning. Salam, Dato’.”
Nuraina A. Samad, a shareholder, has her take here, At the NSTP AGM 2007. Big Dog is not a shareholder but he has a question: The NSTP Chairman lied?


  1. Rocky!
    From afar I can actually reflect that the state of being of our society is not really good. Lets face it! Lying, conniving, betrayal, double dealing, dishonesty, back-stabbing, power-grabbing,power hungry are totally embedded in our now pathetic Malaysian psyche! I pray that we can do a total mass spiritual cleansing to save our pitiful soul!

  2. Anonymous1:03 pm

    kallimullah and kallimuLied same person ka ?

  3. As far as I know a physiotherapy appointment is not a life and death thing that the appointment must be kept at all costs.
    Physiotherapy can be done at any time and even at home.
    If indeed there was an appointment with the physiotherapist, that appointment could have been rescheduled if one has another important matter to attend to.
    Being absent on such a flimsy excuse is an act of irresponsibility.

  4. Totally, utterly unbelievable.

    The chairman of the NSTP did not or could not provide the correct information pertaining to his colleague's 'absence'.

    "Ahh...ZM, would you care to comment on this issue of spreading misinformation which you have accused bloggers of? How would you 'classify' the NSTP chairman in this instance?"

    Non-professional will be suffice, I think. It registers just as much.

  5. Anonymous2:08 pm

    Hey bro, here you have it. The first miss-step by nasty pee. Go the whole hog and don't let them off so easy. Remember, they were not so gentlemanly with you.

    The day of and for Rocky is here - seize it.

  6. Anonymous4:28 pm


    A million apologies will not turn back the time - he still doesnt have to explain to the shareholders. He has been saved by a lie--intentionally or not !!!

  7. Anonymous4:53 pm

    Lesson of the Day:

    Don't believe anything your deputy says. Check and double-check!

  8. Anonymous5:19 pm

    Bro Rocky,

    Give the man a break will ya?. After all he is "sick" and it would be totally inconvenience to attend an AGM in this condition.

    The chairman can't be blamed for the inaccurate statement earlier as his "soru" his determined by the deputy.

  9. jangan terkejut perangai dia ni. saya nak khabarkan satu cerita. anak saudara dia kahwin di perak. kad kahwin diposkan kepada orang ini dgn menelefonnya terlebih dulu. dia setuju. akhirnya di hari perkahwinan dia tak datang dengan alasan ke sabah. apabila disemak, dia ada di kl dan tidak hadir kerana penghantar kad kahwin tidak ke rumahnya menjemput. bukan kaki temberang kah?

  10. Anonymous7:34 pm

    I don't get this...the chairman says his deputy is hospitalised and can't make the AGM and yet the seating arrangement had been prepared for him...who's the liar then?

  11. Sdr Rocky,

    Sorry for the incomplete fact in my earlier posting to you. I am blogging on the run. Just landed in Jakarta. I have been invited by Audit Bureau of Circulation (ABC) Malaysia, which is holding its XIII ABC Media Workshop here, to talk on blogging.

    The following is the complete statement by NSTP Chairman, Dato’ Seri Mohamed Jawhir Hassan, sent to me via sms in response to postings in your esteemed blog:

    “Dear Datuk, I saw your piece in Rocky’s Bru just now. I gave you a short reply yesterday because I thought a long story was not necessary. But since you put a question at the end about somebody in the NSTP management not giving me the correct information, I have to clarify in full.

    Nobody in NSTP gave me the wrong info. The mistake was mine. I should have checked on the latest first before informing the AGM.

    The actual events are as follows:

    On Saturday, 13th I called on Dato’ Kali to enquire after his health. He told me his Pantai Dr wanted him to rest in Pantai for a week to relieve the pain developing on his neck. He was going there soon.

    When Dato’ Kali was not able to attend I assumed he was resting in Pantai, and informed the AGM accordingly.

    Actually that was not the case. When I got your msg that he was not checked into Pantai, I checked with NSTP, and they gave me the correct information, which was that he had to go for physio to Pantai that morning.

    The mistake, therefore, is all mine and I apologise. The information was given in good faith.”

    On my part I thank Dato’ Seri Jawhar for taking bloggers seriously.

    I hope we had not been too hard on him yesterday. As I said in my address, the AGM might prove to be a baptism of fire for him.

    Thank you.

  12. Meet the Usual Suspects including this alleged 'Liar' blogger at BUM2007 tomorrow!

    cya there Rocky!

  13. Rockybru,

    Am a regular here.

    Agree with anon (4.53pm). Chairman of public-listed co should be sacked for not checking facts.

    Also agree with Mr Smith on Kali's excuse too flimsy. No doubt at all physio can be done anywhere anytime.

    Shareholders must demand accountability and responsibility from the BoD.

    Most minority shareholders are ignorant of corporate affairs. Therefore, it's incumbent to form a minority shareholders assn to protect their interests and elect members knowledgeable in the running of affairs to scrutinise the operations and management.

  14. MC is so easy to 'acquire' nowadays, only RM2-5 from Kliniks. I recommend the one at Kg. Pandan, fast service, no questions asked. ;)

  15. Anonymous11:59 pm

    Never mind the 'shoulds'.

    Can anyone enlighten me of the legal consequences of a company rep lying in an AGM?

    Not that I'm saying anyone is lying of course, since they could merely be 'mistaken in the mind' :)

  16. Anonymous12:20 am

    miss AGM because of physio appointment? I guess physio schedule can be easily revised to accomodate such an important person, isnt it? or is there something else; like knowing he be grilled on the suit and the attendant legal fees?

  17. Anonymous12:26 am

    So much words and comment! Why? Spin as you like, your dep chairman didn't attend the AGM because he didn't want to! That's all! It would be too much of a pain in the neck to face the Scribe and Rocky Bru in public. Why face them when one can hide!

  18. in reporting business "assuming" is death penalty. never ever assume, get your fact right and confirmed! datuk kadir will sure agreed, will you.

  19. Bro,
    wah... so now even gods and mullah's can lie meh ?

  20. Anonymous8:03 am

    I absolutely and totally agree with the Pantai doctors' to kali.


    so bloggers --leave him to ressttttttttttt.

  21. Anonymous10:12 am

    Physio is basically urut.

  22. Anonymous11:49 am

    Bro Rocky

    You know Kalimullah and the NSTP under Kalimullah. The chairman was jsut being conssitent with the NSTP policy of "N=NEVER S=SPEAK T=TRUTH.

    Kalimullah also lied in hhis article of June 11 - right. So please don't balame them - lying is speaking to them.