Saturday, May 19, 2007

NSTP Chairman apologises

"I should have checked". The NSTP chairman, who misinformed the company's AGM last Thursday [here] about the absent Deputy Chairman's whereabouts, sent blogger-publisher A. Kadir Jasin another SMS yesterday after reading this blog.
“Dear Datuk, I saw your piece in Rocky’s Bru just now. I gave you a short reply yesterday because I thought a long story was not necessary. But since you put a question at the end about somebody in the NSTP management not giving me the correct information, I have to clarify in full. Nobody in NSTP gave me the wrong info. The mistake was mine. I should have checked on the latest first before informing the AGM.
The actual events are as follows:
On Saturday, 13th I called on Dato’ Kali to enquire after his health. He told me his Pantai Dr wanted him to rest in Pantai for a week to relieve the pain developing on his neck. He was going there soon.
When Dato’ Kali was not able to attend I assumed he was resting in Pantai, and informed the AGM accordingly.
Actually that was not the case. When I got your msg that he was not checked into Pantai, I checked with NSTP, and they gave me the correct information, which was that he had to go for physio to Pantai that morning. The mistake, therefore, is all mine and I apologise. The information was given in good faith.”


  1. now, at least someone is's good that the NSTP chairman has no qualms or hang-up about apologising although he was not entirely in the wrong.
    Obviously. he was not in the know -- of the latest with regards to his deputy.
    shouldn't someone from the NSTP management correct him about his deputy?

  2. Anonymous2:45 pm

    The Chairman of NST reads your blog!
    The Chairman of NST reads your blog!
    The Chairman of NST reads your blog!

    Will he get into trouble with Kali?

  3. The Chairman of NSTP cannot even rely on good correct information from NSTP...Get it?

  4. Anonymous12:38 pm

    Zam and associates, are you reading this truth???

  5. Anonymous2:17 pm


    How did Chairman of NSTP get past the firewall??