Thursday, May 03, 2007

World Press Freedom Day and Rocky's Defence

Rocky vs NSTP & 4 Others. Today is the World Press Freedom Day! And mMy lawyer Edmund Bon will file in Kuala Lumpur today my defence in the defamation suit filed in January against me by NSTP and 4 Others.

For other events in Kuala Lumpur to mark this day, check out Jeff Ooi's Screenshots.
Or head for Central Market where the Centre of Independent Journalists is holding a two-day People's Art Fest.



    How do we, as individuals, celebrate this day?

  2. Rocky,

    What a coincidence: Your defence (in the defamation suit filed against you by a newspaper) is being filed on World Press Freedom Day.

  3. Bruxx


    As I have told you (the same goes to Jeff), this case will take a long time.

    This is a new case. It's bound to be a test case. All parties are mindful of the fact that a precedent will be set or have to be set.

    It's for this reason that the plaintiffs and their agents have been amending their submissions. They cannot afford to lose.

    This is the case of David vs Goliath. Goliath cannot afford to be defeated. There’s no turning back for them. They have to win this case.

    As NSTP’s shareholders we may want to attend its upcoming AGM ask some questions about this case.

    So you and Jeff must be prepared for a long, long wait for justice.

    Thank you.

  4. Anonymous3:54 pm

    Dear Rocky,
    I have to be sincere and there no possibility of an olive branch offering or mediation in your case. There is a time for everything. Even as I stand united with you and Jeff, I also do not wish for friends or foes to travel that long and lonely road in court. Please do not reply if it perjure your case; it is just my thot anyway. v9

  5. Rocky

    I was mourning thursday ... Man Uuuu Uuuuu ...

    Couldn't come, two sleepless nite straight of football.

    You know my spirit is always there with you.

    Man Uuuuu Uuuuu .... :-(