Thursday, May 03, 2007

Malaysian journo body wants bloggers recognised

Hail, NUJ! Norila Mohd Daud, the president of the National Journalists Union, has urged the Government to recognise bloggers and netizen writers as the new media. The NUJ's membership comprises unionised journalists from all media, including the ones owned and/or controlled by the government via the major political parties, directly or through proxies.
Norila makes her call in conjunction with the World Press Freedom Today. On behalf of the National Alliance of Bloggers, I would like to thank her for the NUJ's support for bloggers and for Press freedom.
Bernama has the story HERE.


  1. Anonymous11:06 am

    Way to go NUJ.

    A notch for National Alliance of Bloggers.

    World Press Day today marks the dawning of a new era. An era of Blogging and Netcitizen Media.

    Hope that All Blogs will promote healthy and progressive blogging attributes, amongst Malaysians.

    Freedom to express and tell. A powerful new channel where the masses free to express themselves and be heard.

    However, Blogging is NOT freedom to slander and tell lies. Like Monsterball did in Susan Loone's blog on a thread titled "Ijok: Mahathir slaps Pak Lah on the face", comment made 11am, 27 April 2007.

    "Dearest jeancumlately…I do not hate Mahathir…I loothe and despise his dirty politics. Mahathir got slapped by the sultan of johore. He wants to slap Pak Lah.?…dream on......."

    This person cannot substantiate his claim and posting. This is very serious. He accused a Ruler of this country slapping then the Prime Minister. And when pressured to produce evidence, he coyly insist to get that from Tengku Razaleigh.

    I am highlighting this comment Monsterball made here in Rocky's Bru special posting on Freedom of Press in relations to Blogging because this is NOT what healthy and progressive blogging all about. This is NOT the principle of Freedom of Press.

    Monsterball abused the freedom of blogging and freedom of press and LIED and DEFAMED a Ruler and former Prime Minister.

    Definitely should be a NO-NO is Bloggosphere!

  2. Yeah. Saw that on TV. Positive development for bloggers (unless they are identified as nothing but rogues, tin kosongs).

  3. hey rocky!

    that's really not bad! Good for Norila. Doesnt really matter if there is no response frm the govt. I believe if there is a response, it would be an old over-played tune.

    Happy Press Freedom Day!

  4. This is good news. Is this the Norila that someone mistook as Nuraina? I really cant forget that episode.

  5. Freedom to express and tell. A powerful new channel where the masses free to express themselves and be heard.

    I agree .... 1st pipe burst 2nd ceiling fall 3rd cracks 4th roof runtuh? but end of day BN says no problem sweep under carpet and everythings goes on as usual!

  6. Anonymous11:16 pm

    i agree with BigDog. freedom of expression does not mean freedom to commit slander or to tell lies in blogosphere.
    There is a clear line. One must be blind to not see that.
    in reference to monsterball posting what BigDog described as a lie, i am wondering did m.ball know it was a lie? if he did, why did he post it? i am now wondering about his motive.
    you know, it is a lie. I have never heard of such a thing -- that the Sultan of Johor slapped Dr Mahathir.
    I would advise m.ball to be careful about posting a slanderous statement like that.
    this is a blatant act of lying.

  7. Hei Rocky!

    Whats the big deal! Just reject anything that you find unacceptable like from bloggers monsterball or even mine! But the problem is this, you will accept this comment of mine, and then you also accept the rejoinder to my comment by monsterball and his like! Than it will go on, and on. In my case if a comment is not up to par with responsible blogging that borders slander I will just reject!

  8. Anonymous2:39 am

    I agree with nuraina. Bloggers should reject anything that lies. The blogging culture is at its infancy and yet issues about lies is already surfacing.

    So sad. Blatant act of lying is wrong!

  9. Anonymous9:45 am

    Bloggers now are recognised as private journalists in the cyber frontier (public domain). (Their journalism could be about anything & everything).

    Yes, did Monsterball lie or didn't he? Something like Sultan Johor slapped Dr. Mahathir is something very, very huge. A million people must known that already by now. If bigname journalists like Nuraina don't, how can only Monsterball know that?

    So BigDog must be right. Monsterball used blogs to lie. BigDog have Monsterball's balls for this one.

    This is a tricky frontier to get out of!

  10. I too am curious as to SS Goh aka monsterballs' source of info. He has not denied so this SS Goh/ monster must have some knowledge of the slapping incident which must have happened in his presence together with the Sultan of Johor and TDM and Tengku Razaleigh..that's privvy to monsterball otherwise how come no one knows... SS Goh must also be very close to Tengku Razaliegh...but hey can SB investigate this or is SS Goh a foreign operative ? heh...heh... like they say "loose lips sink ships " over to you SS Goh...please comfirm this slapping incident for all who are eager to know the truth...even commenters must be responsible lah...dont just lie and shoot your mouth off....I did tell you to take my advice, did't I ? maybe your 'mamma' can help you now..!

  11. As much as we have a HP6 administration that needs to be 'engaged' through a variety of public discourse, there's an equal responsibility for bloggers to watch their own backyard.

    Upholding freedom of speech will be meaningless if 'trigger-happy simpletons' are allowed to roam freely in the blogosphere brandishing this new-found weapon of democracy.

    We do not want 'liars' in government and the same applies for blogs.

  12. TDM said at the recent conference to let blogs correct the msm & he rreminded to tell the truth. THose reminders are fair and worth taking as advise, whether you like the man or not.

    For those who chose to lie like many of pak lah's bloggers/website, it'll just died and if lived, ignored. Commentators who lie will be crucified by other comentator and lose credibility.

    So, lie as you may, but you will end up lying by yourself. Yes, credibility. Its worth more than money.

  13. Anonymous7:15 pm

    Nolah Stephen......

    How can somebody with deplorable social etiquette and uncouth behaviour like SS Goh get close enough to HRH Sultan Johor and/or Dr. Mahathir when he was the Prime Minister and to know about this incidence?

    Monsterball is an incurable showoff! He would have blurted these sort of things far more earlier and people must know about it. Big time journalists like Nuraina Samad and Rocky also never heard of such stories, neither does friends in the Star, so impossible this exist.

    And would Dr. Mahathir, then as Prime Minister allowed HRH Sultan Johor to go scott free, had he really been slapped?

    Nolah, Monsterball aka SS Goh is a COMPULSIVE LIAR! He abused the principle of Freedom of Speech and Freedom of Press to tell a LIE so big, that he actually insults and defame a Ruler (later the Supreme Ruler of Malaysia) and also then the Prime Minister.

    Monsterball is the sort of man who has no or minimal cyber etiquette also.

    Its the principle here has been breeched. Monterball aka SS Goh abused the Freedom of Speech and Freedom of Press and he told a LIE and refused to withdraw when asked to substantiate.

    So not worthy to blog!

  14. Read in Malaysiakini's highlights that Zam proposes categories for bloggers such as "professionals" and "non professionals". Lack details coz I don't subscribe.

    Does that mean that liabilities are different?

  15. DN,

    Short answer: Yes

    If you're a professional, they take all your monies.

    Non-professional, they take what's left.

  16. ..n i tot professional blogger mean somebody pay u to write for them. while non-pro r amateurs like most of us...

  17. Anonymous2:22 pm

    To Jeff Ooi/Rocky,

    I find your articles relating to Dato’ Cecil Abraham offensive. Whilst I am not his biggest fan and may have been responsible for forcing him to leave Shearn I must state that he is merely performing his professional obligations in representing the NSTP Group in the claim against the both yourself and Rocky.

    This does not warrant the kind of comments you have posted on this website of yours. I believe the proper forum is for the dispute between you and the NSTP Group to be litigated in the courts.

    Save your comments and soundbites for the court room.

    I conclude by stating that Shearn will continue to grow without Cecil. He is not the be all of this firm. Individuals such as myself, Sai Fong, Rabin to name a few are more than capable of leading Shearn to greater heights.

    I plan to use to ideas developed by Cecil to carry Shearn forward. Blogs such a your that attempt to ruin Shearn’s reputation are of no significance. Shearn has been around for 100 years and will continue to grow with or without Cecil!

    Robert Lazar
    Head of Litigation
    Shearn Delamore

  18. Anonymous3:45 pm

    Very well said Mr. Robert Lazar. I'm confident SD would do well too simply because it's got many good people working in it - from the partners & lawyers to the staff. Here's to many more good years to come.