Sunday, May 27, 2007

Marilah Singapura .. A Visit Johor Year special

Najib's task to woo Singapore to Iskandar. So, it has officially begun. The Deputy Prime Minister will go to Singapore tomorrow to start laying the red carpet for Singapore to invest in Johor's Iskandar Development Region.
I want to adopt an open mind on this but that I will need the government to be open about its schemes regarding the IDR. Mohd Najib Abdul Razak and team can have their meetings with the Singapore investors behind closed-doors to obtain their "frank feedbacks" but the rakyat must not be left out as they can provide very frank feedbacks, too.

An uphill task. Najib needs to minimize policy boo-boos and maximize public support for IDR. The 4th Floor kids and their Public Relations advisors have blundered once too often where the IDR is concerned. Remember the proposal to make it a no-passport zone for Singaporeans? And, very recently, the fiasco on the formation of the Malaysia-Singapore joint-ministerial committee? These, among other things, have made many Malaysians suspicious about the agenda behind the IDR. Najib needs to tell those kids to stop messing up the project.

If the government wants IDR to be a success, it needs to stop the 4th floor kids from shooting its foot. And it needs to carry out a better PR campaign. Not one aimed at the Singaporean investors but one for the Malaysian public. The people need to know the truth.

Read the Bernama's story on Najib's mandate in Singapore here.


  1. Poor chap. If IDR is successful in attracting segelintir (few and far between) investors from those countries, they will say its Pak Lah's brain child. If not, well, NTR bungled and did a lousy PR job, not Pak Lah's fault!

  2. Anonymous8:47 pm

    For Najib Tun Razak it is a case "damn he does" & "damn je doesnt".

    He got no choice maa!

    Must show loyalty to the numero uno - even if means political suicide.

  3. Anonymous8:58 pm

    Why Ghani not leading the delegation. I might be wrong but I thought Pak Lah and Johor MB are joint chairman of IDR, so why DPM going to Singapore? Is Ghani not good enough?

  4. Singapore will always invest in Malaysia whether it is good or bad times. IDR seems more like a rush to reel in fresh 'dough' at the shortest time possible. Good business takes time no matter how good the 'carrot' may seem.

  5. Anonymous12:23 am

    As a responsible rakyat, I demand that all fortcoming issues discussed in the meeting must be brought to the cabinet and debated prior to any approval on the policies to be implemented.

    NTR must ensure all transparencies and the rakyat must be well informed. No power should be granted to the 4th Floor Kids to do anything as they wish anymore.

    National security and sovereignty are at stakes here. Its just not about economics only.

  6. Anonymous12:37 am

    4th Floor kids,
    MOVE ASIDE ... let the men do the job!!!!.

    What happen to the MAMPU feedbacks ???? Tak mampu cakap saja tak mampu before more PEKUNGs will be exposed !!!

    Argh, kids nowadays !!!!

  7. Rocky!

    If you are the segundo you pretty much have to do what your numero uno ask you to do! In the case of NTR he has to do what AAB wants him to do, but I am sure he will inform the rakyat on the progress report in our dealing with the Reddotter!
    BTW! The wedding went really great!


  8. Anonymous10:12 am

    Hey Bru!

    So it takes Najib to do the job now?

    Whatever happened to Mr "this is my idea" and his joint Ministerial Committee?

    I guess everyone got wise. That ONE really does't know what he's talking about. He'll put off investors with his inconsistencies and lack of sleep, than pulling them in.

    All the best to DS advise, you'd better wise up too...soon...

  9. I happened to listen to part of Lee Kuan Yew's speech he made in Japan the other day. (Heard it on Channel 5)
    He was speaking on issues pertaining to working with other countries in the region.
    He said, "When working for mutual interests we will co-operate but when it involved our nation's interest IT HAS BE COMPETITION!!!". (or words to that effect)
    It will be plain stupid to assume that Singapore is going to pour in millions of Sing Dollars into the IDR to promote our interests. It will go there to compete.
    With our bunch of pseudo-intellectuals and stupid politicians, can we win in any competition with Singapore?

  10. Anonymous12:39 pm

    Mr. Smith said...

    "...With our bunch of pseudo-intellectuals and stupid politicians, can we win in any competition with Singapore? "


    Aiyaaah! No need to ask maah.

    We oredy know the answer.

    Seii lah!

  11. Anonymous12:50 pm


    Keep up your good work. We in Sarawak love to read your blog.

    By the way, just to let you know that the plural form of the noun 'feedback' is 'feedback' and NOT 'feedbacks'.

    Keep it up buddy.

  12. Anonymous12:54 pm

    More wealth for cronies and crumbs for nation!!

  13. Anonymous3:46 pm

    Why am I reminded of a mendicant seeking alms?

  14. There's no doubt NTR's trade cum diplomatic delegation to RDC is to attempt to prise open the purse strings there (including global fund managers) and bring in FDIs for IDR.

    All this hogwash stuff on the JMC is just a ruse to give it a facade of legitimacy which will benefit nobody else but the insiders.

    Which brings up a rather pertinent subject - Malaysia's sovereign credit rating. Are we broke and now intrinsically dependent on RDC's good offices and references to proceed with nation building projects?

  15. Anonymous6:08 pm

    Poor Najib.they;re fixing him real good. Whichever way the IDR goes, Najib is the loser.

  16. Anonymous5:10 pm

    they tried to fix him up in Ijok..but he in day out he was in his life depended on it. If Ijok suffered it will be the beginning of the end for Najib. Now they give him IDR, if he screw up..he is a goner.

  17. Anonymous6:59 pm

    Regarding IDR, I have just one question:

    Its main port is Port Tanjung Pelepas(PTP). So are the Singaporean investors going to bypass Port of Singapore and promote PTP?