Monday, May 28, 2007

Rocky vs NSTP and4 Others

Duta Courts Complex, 28 May 2007: The lawyers and I wanted to have both the striking out and the injunction to be heard before the Judge. The plaintiffs, however, insisted this morning that the striking out be heard before the Registrar. Reason? They wanted to reserve their right of appeal to the Judge, if it became necessary.
Malik Imtiaz, my lead counsel, indicated to the NSTP lawyers that if this is the case, the hearing of the injunction application before the Judge in June would have to be deferred pending the disposal of the striking out application, which is now fixed for clarification and/or decision in early August.
Parties have taken directions to put in written submissions. Meanwhile, we will write to the judge to request that the hearing of the injunction application be deferred pending disposal of the striking out application. We will write to the judge and ask for deferment of the 28 June. Early August will be next date.

Consolidation. Notwithstanding the above, 19 June 2007 remains the next big date for Jeff Ooi and I. On that day, our lawyers will argue on our behalf the merits of merging our two cases. Jeff, the Screenshots blogger, is facing a defamation suit by NSTP and 3 Others.


  1. Anonymous12:50 pm

    Tactics after tactics after tactics to delay the whole process. What a cheap way of stoppng you to write about the stinks kali and gang.

    Two conclusion :
    1. They know their chances to win are not that great - or they won't be thinking about 'appeals' already.
    2. They know that you know (and are bloody scared that you will let the people know as well) about lots of news about them.

    Dont they know sooner or later people will know just how much they stink ? Time is definitely not o their side !!

  2. Anonymous1:35 pm

    The legal process is always an interesting circus to watch. Sometime its a little bit confusing, especially for the untrained eye. Regardless, its also a test who's able to run long distant.

  3. Anonymous1:53 pm

    their fees are paid by a listed company which is NSTP; so what do you expect them to do when their pockets are not hit.
    by the way, rocky, thought there is a fund being set up to defray the legal costs. Whats the latest, rocky? I am not rich but will be there to contribute.

  4. Anonymous2:06 pm

    I just see "defer","defer", and still "deferring".

    Hmmm...... as JeffOoi said before, this already made both of you can't write anything related to NSTP.

    The art of the war?

  5. They think they are rich
    They can do and scramble the poor guys
    Leaving nothing or crumbs to take
    Ah…the power of money
    It builds the in sane people
    Until it is too late
    When the devil waits at the gate

    Every road trees or bushes
    It makes poetic scenery
    It makes knowledge looks great
    Yet there are those who try
    To make the learned people look stupid

    Exchanges of ideas
    Reporting what is known
    The party should reply
    Not hiding in litigations
    To cobweb the poor guys
    Ah…the power of money
    It makes a decent man cries

    Challenges and debates
    Excites the minds to creative
    Stifling growth isn’t the way
    Only the miser wants his ways

    What is not true?
    It says who tells it so
    Go for the challenges
    Have balls to make the differences

    28/5/07 5.53pm
    p/s dont give it up...there much at stake for all of us. I enjoy reading your articles

  6. wear rubber boots, bro.

  7. Begini sajalah Sdr Rocky,

    Anda perlu bersyukur dan berterima kasih walaupun tiada sumber kewangan yang besar seperti NSTP dan empat plaintif, sdr mempunyai apa yang mereka tiada punyai iaitu ketenangan jiwa.

    Sebab itulah saya bertanya kepada mesyuarat agung tahunan NSTP mengenai kos yang kita sebagai pemegang saham terpaksa tanggung untuk mempertahankan kepentingan empat individu itu.

    So far they had spent RM70,000 of shareholders money -- a bit of it is yours and mine. Ironic isn't it?

    Did you notice one of executive director shook his head in disgust when we pressured the chairman for answers?

    This young man was a newcomer to the NSTP and the media world, yet he was full of smug for himself and disdain for the old timers like us and other minority shareholders who were present at that AGM.

    These young executive directors don’t like us to ask questions. But I think gone were the days when NSTP AGMs lasted half an hour and minority shareholders were treated with respect by the former chairman, Tan Sri Jen (B) Ghazali Che Mat and directors like late Tan Sri Lee Siew Yee and Tan Sri Mohd Desa Pachi.

    These young hotshots are the people who turned around the company by stripping and selling assets built up by their predecessors since the early 1970’s. Now, other than the media assets, the NSTP has little or no other assets.

    Never mind that we had to demand to be heard at the AGM and they are using the company’s money to bring you to court. There’s one thing, Alhamdulillah, that you and I have – good health. We must thank God for giving us reasonably good health. We were told at the AGM that the two editorial representatives of the board are gravely ill. They are both very much younger than me. I think they are younger than you as well. Money and power mean nothing if you don’t enjoy good health. So, let us be grateful.

    I wish you, once again, all the best. And Jeff too. Incidentally, Jeff is budak Pendang like me.

  8. The opposition needs time....they are migrating to another law firm yes...the lawyers I mean. No fear brothers, we are united.

  9. Rocky, Datuk dan semua,
    alhamdulillah - kebahgiaan dan ketenangan jiwa itu lebih penting dari semuanya. apa guna bangga dengan kekayaan 150 juta, pakai kereta mewah, runtuhkan rumah dan bina rumah, lari dari saudara mara, lari dari tanggungjawab, lari dari AGM, menipu jadi adat, kaki putar alam bila diberi peluang menulis, hilang kawan, hilang adik beradik, hilang maruah - cuma bergayut kepada orang nombor satu negara dan menantu negara - tunggu masa jatuh seperti nangka busuk.

  10. Anonymous8:16 pm

    Agree with the good Datuk Kadir.. for those who have done ill-will, it will be a matter of time Master Fate catches up with him. Cheat others of what is rightfully theirs, treat others badly while you were in power, and who knows what waits for you at the next bend in life's journey? Who knows what lurks in the dark corners of the hall of retribution?

  11. Mustang,
    I'm sorry I can't publish your comment but thank you for the "walk with you and Jeff" wish.

  12. Is this the same Duta Court which 'bocor' a few days ago?

  13. Anonymous4:01 am

    am behind u all the way rocky...and also jeff...good luck and god bless..

  14. Anonymous12:03 pm

    this is gonna be a long-drawn war. Given the state of our legal system, the verdict would probably be announced in 2020. By then NST would probably have a new boss or folded up. By then the judges will be so confused they wont know what the case is all about. So Rocky, not to worry, the case will die by itself. already people are so confused as to what is going on.

  15. Anonymous7:23 pm


    Sorry to digress. But this has something to do with attempts to silence you and Jeff and to scare other bloggers. The unravelling of human rights and freedom.

    Another fine "F" for Mr Nice Man PM. No, not "first" but for "failure".

    Saw this quote in a Malaysiakini report:

    "Human rights under the ‘Mr Nice Guy’ Abdullah Ahmad Badawi’s administration has regressed further in 2006,” Suaram’s executive director Yap Swee Seng told a press conference at the launching of the report in Kuala Lumpur today.

    So much for NST's pontification of freedom and openess under Mr Nice Guy.

    Who wrote that famous article Bru? One of the chaps who's suing you and Jeff.

  16. I'm not going to comment on the issue at hand, because to be perfectly honest, I don't know enough of what is going on to be able to make an informed comment...

    All I wanna say, is, good luck, and I hope Uncle Jeff and you have the strength to see this through...

    Whatever it is, after meeting you, I think you guys are not as ganas as they make you out to be...=)