Thursday, May 24, 2007

Malaysia's ex PM out of IJN

Dr M discharged. The doctors at the IJN allowed the former PM to go home at 3 pm today.


  1. semoga Allah swt sembuhkan tun untuk memberi ruang kepada beliau menyampaikan pandangan kepada rakyat.

  2. Bro rocky, terima kasih diatas ucapan takziah saudara atas pemergian abang saya. I trully appreciate it.

  3. Anonymous11:01 pm

    Dr Mahathir ,please get well as we still need you to keep an eye on the present government.

  4. Anonymous12:47 am

    My get well wishes to Dr M too ... :)

  5. Thank God...13 more years to Year 2020 Tun..You can do it! If anyone deserves to see it, it's you (Hey, we're here because of your vision!)! Keke =)

  6. Dear Dr Mahathir,
    I may not agree with many things you did while running this beautiful country of ours, but I cannot deny the fact that you are still the best PM we ever had.
    I am deeply saddened by what is happening now TO the country.
    I am happy that you are better.
    Please take care of your health, Sir.

  7. Anonymous9:58 am

    Dear Tun M, Hope you will have speedy recovery. We still have great respect for you and for what you have contributed to this country. You have given us the confidence and pride to be Malaysian. I am sure most of of still do.

  8. Anonymous12:22 pm

    Alhamdulillah. Semuga allah panjangkan usia beliau dan sihat hendaknya. Amin

  9. Anonymous12:48 pm

    Tun dearest,
    Please rest and get well soon. We want you to be around for a long time ... we all know that election is around the corner (Nov 07 is what they say) but go slow please.

    Pak Din

  10. Anonymous1:38 pm

    May God keep him in good health.

  11. Anonymous5:26 pm

    Dr M, get well soon and resume your attack against a bunch of incompetent sods. We need you to keep an eye on morons.

  12. Anonymous5:53 pm

    Tun, you were probably the ist international Malaysian....Mahathir and Malaysia was like lagu & irama, tak boleh dipisahkan....may GOD bless you and all your loved ones.....

    a people of the book

  13. Tun,
    all your childs are millionaires, of course, thank to you, halal haram i dont know, so, if you really2 want to fight for the truth, fight it to your death.

  14. Anonymous9:49 pm

    This is good news.

  15. Semoga Tun sembuh sepenuhnya dan berehat. Masalah negara serah pada orang lain.

  16. Anonymous1:39 pm

    Tun Dr M is trully greatest Malaysian ever lived (in spite of so many Malaysians who will think otherwise and pull some names that were totally irrelevant in our history). For all those that look down on the development he brought to the country, please go back to your parents' farms and stick to agriculture, give up your mobile phones, your cars and Astros, etc.

    All the best, Tun!

  17. Anonymous1:41 am

    Alhamdulillah! This is good news.

    Please take it easy, dear Dr M.

  18. Anonymous10:36 am

    Good God, our Tun is alright! Have always cherished the oppurtunity to have met you & wife during one of the dinners..........maybe it is worthwhile to create such oppurtunities for those who is not so lucky like me? This will keep you in better mind frame and let all anak Malaysia enjoy some time with you! Isnt it is what you have promised your kids? Long Live Tun

  19. Anonymous11:10 am

    Dear Tun,

    It was nice to see your smiling face again.

    Our family will always cherish your contributions.

    Take it easy, Sir. Take care of your health.


  20. Anonymous2:46 pm

    Syukur, syukur Alhamdullilah