Monday, May 21, 2007

Time flies - One year later

First anniversary. My blog is 1 year old today and - borrowing from aMIR and admitting it so I don't get accused of plagiarism - "Oh, what a year it has been".
The joys, but more the troubles. The writing was on the wall from the start, I suppose. Hardly two weeks after I started blogging, the NSTP management decided to firewall my blog, thus denying the general population of its journalists and editors the right to access Rocky's Bru [For Adults Only? 5 June 2006]. And then the lawsuits [Bloggers sued in Malaysia, 18 January 2007] that brought about the desire to unite bloggers [Bloggers United: No Fear, January 13 2007]. And the formation of All-Blogs to protect bloggers and promote blogging [National Alliance of Bloggers set up, 5 April 2007].
During that one year, I have made more brothers and sisters than I have lost. Huge net gain.
Here's looking ahead for another year. Thank you all.

Thank you for the birthday postings:-
Anon From Miri
Big Dog, formerly Big Guy
Ena of 3540 Jalan Sudin


  1. Happy Anniversary!! Worth the net gain I reckon.

  2. Anonymous12:34 pm

    Hi bro

    Here's wishing you all the best on the first anniversary of your blog.

    Take care.

  3. Anonymous1:22 pm

    Wah, baru satu tahun ke..gua lagi tua dari you ler bro :)

    Nevertheless, it was a good one year, lets hope for many more to come.


  4. Anonymous1:30 pm

    Yes Rocky,

    From stanley. Happy anniversary! A lot of things can happen within one year. Just read some propaganda statistics from a mainstream newspapers, in 2003, there were only1.6 million TMnet users and jaring some 70,000 users. As at March 2006, only 9.4 million dail-up users...52pc Chinese, 37% Malays and 7% Indians. So now 11 million IT users..time flies!

  5. Happy 1st anniversary and to many more to come...without fear or favour and no loss of fervour.

  6. Anonymous1:47 pm

    happy anniversary ... cheers again ... :)

  7. Anonymous2:03 pm

    I've been following ur blog since your early days...all the best!

  8. Anonymous2:10 pm

    Sir, You deserve another birthday greeting, in Arabic now. Eid Milad Said.

  9. Anonymous3:04 pm

    Today I picked up a great thought from someone in the heritage movement. Anniversaries, including our 50 years of Merdeka, should be a time for defining the way ahead not so much harping back on our past laurels. Remember the glories of past leaderships and their achievements YES but see their relevance to the present and future. Preserve the old (and old-world)values of our forefathers BUT redefine them for our children and grandchildren. Things move so fast and the contexts of our lives change so much, there must be time to pause and take stock.

    Happy anniversary Rocky - in the light of all you've gone through, it's worth taking time to rethink your strategies and chart your future path(s). Good luck!

  10. Anonymous3:05 pm

    rocky bru;

    happy birthday or happy anniversary? both also can i guess.

    well done and looking forward to another year of your exposes ;-)

  11. Anonymous3:21 pm

    Best wishes and congrats!!
    Here's wishing u endurance and spirit.
    "The world is round and the place which may seem like the end may also be only the beginning."


  12. *blowing balloons

    the birthday wishes been done so now helping out with the decor...

  13. Anonymous3:56 pm

    Happy Anniversary! Rocky.

  14. Rocky,

    There's a truism in what OFF wrote.

    History is history.

    If you were good in the past, you can be better in the future.

    Raise the benchmark, there's a lot more that needs to be done, especially for All-Blogs, bloggers and Malaysian citizens in general.

    Besides, contrary to what 'small-minds' might say about you, you're not the type to bask in the limelight.

    For some, they seek greatness to validate their existence. For others, greatness is thrust upon them in recognition for what they have within themselves. Not everybody can discern the difference and not everyone can bear the load.

    Who dares, wins.

    P.S. And for heaven's sake, brush up on your speech presentation, will ya?

    P.P.S. Almost forgot. Happy anniversary on your one year old blog. Done walking, get running.

  15. Congrats Rocky! You made Malaysians question their basic rights and its like pinballs...they all fall!

    But its better to fall and to wake up than to be supressed and fight for the truth. Chilis happy hours used to be from 3 to its 3 to 7.....some loyar buruk had to cause a scene!..

    Cheers mate!


  16. Congrats & Happy Birthday!

  17. Happy Anniversary! InsyaAllah, there will be more to come.

  18. Bro, Happy Birthday and all the best wishes of the day! How young do you become today?

  19. good stuff rocky! here's to more years!

  20. Bro,got it wrong.It's your blog's birthday. Happy Anniversary and looking forward to the year ahead!

  21. Anonymous6:21 pm

    May there be many more like years for Rocky's Bru ... unless the FAKs and ZAMs of this world snuff it out.

    Congratulations for surviving the first year, bro.

  22. Anonymous6:40 pm

    Happy Anniversary to your blog, bro!

  23. Anonymous6:56 pm


    Happy First anniversary.
    Thanks for dropping by, and sure I will let you know if I happen to be in KL.


  24. Anonymous7:03 pm


    Happy anniversary! Others must have told you, but I'll join nonetheless. I believe you have given blogging a profile higher than anyone has ever done in recent years. For that alone, you deserve a pat on the back. There are bloggers and bloggers. The fact that you were once a journalist has helped make a difference to the approach and presentation in the last year or so. In the early days of your career as a journalist, you must have gotten a thrill to see your byline in the newspapers. As a blogger, you carry that byline all the time, but the thrill is now getting to read the comments sent to you by your audience. You have a community of your own now Brader! Enjoy and make a difference!


  25. Anonymous7:04 pm

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  26. Happy first Anniversary, Rocky.

    Sorry cant make it to NPC tonite. Best rgds to everybody

  27. Hi Rocky, Happy 1st Blogday! :) It was nice meeting up with u again at the BUM dinner.

    Here's to many more years of blogging and making waves!!

    p.s. have posted the camwhore pix from the dinner on my blog..;)

  28. Anonymous10:03 pm

    Rocky, congratulations. For the past year I have been reading your blog intensely from Day One. Sometimes I wonder whether you know the price you have to pay for pouring out your soul and the need to speak out.
    And you got the guts to tell everybody who you are. Sometime I wonder why you chose to fight. I admire you. You got guts, brudder. You could have taken a different path and enriched yourself. You could have ended up as a Datuk, or as a multi-millionaire You could have been somebody. Or you could could have been a contender (with apologies to Marlon Brando in On the Waterfront). You believe in principles and I respect that. It is a high price to pay. I respect you. Your fight against opppression, lies, treachery, bigotry, plagiarism, racism will cost you dear, especially in our nation, but I think you know what you are doing. Be that as it may, you have achieved in a year what many would have taken years to achieve. Congratulations. To strive, To seek, and Not Yield.

  29. Anonymous10:08 pm

    Happy 1st anniversary, bro.

    1.28 million hits within a year. That's pretty respectable, I reckon.

  30. Sdr Rockybru,

    Congrats on your milestone. May you chalk more miles ahead.

    Criticisms and brickbats are all part of the package of seeking new frontiers.

    cheers and toast

  31. happy one year anniversary rocky... keep blogging...!

  32. Happy first Anniversary, Rocky.

  33. Dear Rocky
    You know I've been visiting since Day 1 and I must say, you've gotten the attention you wanted. So, congrats on your 1st anniversary. From an ex-journo to a journo "somewhere between veteran and retired", please continue to exercise the sense of fairplay and justice for all. Give all and sundry a fair hearing, keep an open mind and joy will be yours!
    Syabas, bro!

  34. rocky,

    what a difference you have made!
    happy 1st anniversary!

  35. Anonymous12:15 am

    Hey Rocky dear, happy anniversary. keep on rocking others with your blog :-)

  36. Happy Anniversary Rocky. May you have many more exciting years with happiness and good health.

  37. Anonymous9:14 am

    Salam. Tahniah, bro. Hari-hari gua tak pernah miss baca blog lu.

  38. Anonymous11:48 am


    hei rocky, u r giving too much praises to those nst's fuckwits and nitwits in the IT department.

    Yes, at first sakit juga hati kenapa they blocked your blog. Good source of storieslah.

    But, after some fiddling, at least we could read ur blog in the nst without being traced...ha! and even then for some time already ma!

    And, stupid former GE and the black monk thought they could stop us from reading you and jeff ooi in the NST building. Bodoh! Bodoh! Niamah! Niamah!

    Well, happy anniversary pertama, ex-boss!

  39. Anonymous1:31 pm



    So far i have been nameless in your blog-site--but rest assure i will continue to read and to contribute--albeit namelessly.

    Again --wish you well !