Sunday, May 20, 2007

Bum 2007 a success!

Bloggers, united. I met young bloggers Lim, Daphne and June. Veteran bloggers Pok Ku, Pak Idrus and Zorro were there. Soh Chee Wen, a big corporate name from the 90s. Citizen Nades. Friendly non-blogger Sonia from CIJ. All-Blogs exco. Malaysiakini. Foreign journalists and former journalists. Maverick, Mahaguru, Kugan, Stanley, Shar101, Shanghai Fish, Big Dog, A Voice. New politician Tony Pua and veteran politician Tien Chua. A former PM's daughter. A genuine Tokoh Wartawan Negara's (and ex-ISA detainee) daughter. The only blogger sacked from Umno. Asia's No 2 most progressive person. Taiko of bloggers.
Beyond the speeches, Bum 2007 brought together for the first time the main characters in Malaysian blogosphere. Syabas Desi, Howsy, Lucia, Li Tsin, Nat, Mob1900, and (the M.I.A.) Jed Yoong. A quarterly do would be lovely, in association with All-Blogs?
And Pok Ku has put up a slide-show on his site here.


  1. What business was Soh CHee Wen to be there and in the honoured table?

    THat man is a crook that destroyed many companies and jobs!

  2. Anonymous2:42 pm

    Really miss the function lah brother.
    Apakan daya laut china selatan memisahkan kita.

  3. This one obviously came for the food, don't know his nick, (until I look at his waist then I realise I have to move my chair for him to pass through)..

  4. Anonymous4:24 pm

    Great work, gathering and lovely pics ... blogon ... cheers! ... :)

  5. "THat man is a crook that destroyed many companies and jobs!'

    Nice chap, pleasant, came over to have a word with me. I told him I was from Omega (where he was fined for abettment) to which he replied
    "It's all right, never mind where you are from" and wish me an enjoyable night

  6. Anonymous6:03 pm

    husin lempoyang, there were many people who are not suppose to be there in the first place..yet they are there..typical in any form of organisation.

    goes to show, even without any solid background, experience or qualification (one can be a masters of PHD holder, but produce 'coffee-shop' materials) can be part of the so called 'elite' group eh...

  7. Rocky,

    syabbas to the organisers.
    And, oh, you forgot to mention that lit-blogger Sharon Bakar was also there.

    It was a good mix of people.

  8. Ena,
    Of course, Sharon Bakar was there. And many whose names we still don't know. I hope I have the chance to meet them again.

  9. Sorry bro, off topic. Terima kasih kerana tinggalkan jawapan panjang lebar di Saya ada beri sedikit komen seperti berikut "Terima kasih Bro di atas penjelasan jujur dan ikhlas. Tetapi anda sekali lagi telah melakukan kesalahan. Kesalahan anda ialah menulis secara hitam putih dengan jujur dan ikhlas. Mana boleh macam tu. Kita kena jadi professional macam rakan-rakan empat bersaudara yang saman anda. Sebagai professional, kita kena menulis yang tidak betul. Atau teknik professional terbaharu ialah menulis dengan pungkok seperti bro rehman. Kalau tidak kita ni tahap amatur je. Oleh yang demikian, saya merayu bro tidak menulis pasal PM kita pakai pampers. Tolong ya."

  10. Anonymous9:49 pm

    Abang Rocky,

    Just one unrelated question: Were you shopping with your family at Jusco IOI Mall Puchong on Saturday (19th May) afternoon?

  11. Anonymous9:52 pm

    It was a beautiful evening. I enjoyed every minute of it. Thanks to the organisers. Of course, the food was first class. Let's have more of these gatherings. And I appreciate Soh Chee Wen's presence. That man has paid for his sins. It's time to forgive and forget. He can contribute so much to the nation.

  12. i notice some ppl are not really nice ppl and some not so nice ppl are actually nice ppl... goes to show never judge others by looks....

    ps: benny pls don't make fun of ppl that look different. racism is about skin, but it also comes in sub-depths as well some will not admit they are.

  13. Bro, Happy ONE year old as a blogger.Right now at the stroke of midnight I guess I'm visitor No 1,280,273 and may I be the first to wish your blog "Happy Birthday "
    Cheers and a round of drinks man !!!

  14. whatahack,
    ps: benny pls don't make fun of ppl that look different. racism is about skin, but it also comes in sub-depths as well some will not admit they are.

    Noted, I wasn't making fun of anyone, It was what's on my mind at that moment.

    Big men are what I fancy, I know most of the rikishi's (sumo) weights. So no offence. I have a number of sumo links to my page that I commented on their weights (check it out)I am a Sumo fan by the way. The grand sumo tournament is running live until next Sunday. Everyday from 3-5 at NHK channel. The yokozuna has won all fights so far.

    Big is beautiful, man!

  15. Happy Birthday Bro! No more saman Okay! To think of it, depa nak saman pun samanlah....

  16. Anonymous1:09 am

    glad to hear those who attended had fun :) those who didn't, awww. but before the criticisms come in let me stress that at such meetings, ppl from PKR, DAP, Umno AND Gerakan can sit together at one table without breaking into a riot. muhibbahnya.

    when eli pointed that out to me, i felt humbled that we learn from each other more than we think by virtue of being connected through one similarity, blogging.

    now how cool is that? :)

  17. regretfully, was unable to attend as i need to attend to kids....sigh

  18. Anonymous1:26 am

    I second Stephen's motion.

    Happy Birthday Rocky's Bru. The most prolific one year old blog in the country!

    Big man, big issues, big problems, whatever..............

    The BIG guy here is Rocky. I am so glad we lived to see this blog reached 1.2 mil visits after a year.

  19. Drat, I missed saying hello to Nuraina. Elida would be cross with me.

  20. Happy Birthday 'Rocky's Bru'!
    Virtual Coffee for all!

  21. Rocky!

    Congratulation on the suuccessful BUM 2007 night,even though I am not invited! But can you post AKJ write up on Career Diplomat turns Politician on your blogsite and see how people react to it, I think even our Malaysian High Commissioner there is becoming a member of the reddotter xclusive club, if you know what i mean!

  22. Rocky!

    Congratulation on the suuccessful BUM 2007 night,even though I am not invited! But can you post AKJ write up on Career Diplomat turns Politician on your blogsite and see how people react to it, I think even our Malaysian High Commissioner there is becoming a member of the reddotter xclusive club, if you know what i mean!

  23. yes benny - big is beautiful especially the opposite (selfcensored)....LOL

  24. Happy Bday Rocky Bru! when we get cake for you to blow?

  25. "Big is beautiful, man!"

    Oh. Oh gawd. That just put some horrible, horrible mental images into my head...

    That's it, I've been studying too much.

  26. Happy Birthday Rocky Bru!

    You are one year wiser.

  27. I seh man.. As I sit here in the swamp battling mosquitoes the size of Subang Jaya semi-dees, I regret indeed to have missed the BUM event, a chance to presh flesh, and exchange bacteria (the good kind, I hope), with the Bolehsia's Starotaspheric Band of Bent Minds.
    Which is a BUMmer, with all puns intended.

    I am, however, happy with its success, as attested to some snippets I have gathered,from Punditry (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd.

    An I am hoping for more of the snippets thereabouts in your esteemed links sir, as to further inject questionable doubt as to the "halalness" of my salary...

    And Oh, Congrats for the anniversary Bro' Rocky, and I shall look forward to day ahead. And so would you.

    Good Day, Bro!

    (Slamet Hari Ulang Tahun Blog-nyer Pak Rocky!)

  28. Happy Anniversary Rocky's Bru. May you touch 3 million by your next anniversary

  29. Rocky,
    Had to drop in and get out too quickly. My daughter's bday, and with that had to do the fatherly thing...
    But I saw the crowd, which I estimate at over 100.
    Good job to Howsy and gang.
    Bloggers to the fore...again!
    Missed the chance to meet up with the others!

    OBTW....Happy 1st RockyBru day!

  30. Pokku,

    Tumpang lalu, Rocky.

    Pokku, dont worry.... I am saying hello to you her. My fault too. I wanted to say hi! to you but you were deep in conversation with a couple of bloggers and I was with several, myself. By the time I wanted to say hi, I couldnt find you.
    Lousy excuse, I know. But, that was what happened. Time just flew..
    Please kirimg my salam to elida.
    i do visit her blog.


  31. Anonymous10:29 am


    apparently, your blogs speaks faster than your mobile phone LOL!

  32. Anonymous10:50 am

    Mr President
    Mabruk on the unqualified success of BUM 2007, and Happy Birthday. Oh what a year it has been.

  33. Rock, my SIDEKICK, tonite I will "down the hatch" with you and our other illegally co-opted exco of all-Blogs. Who was it who said,"Because you all are creating an impact, that is why you will get the attention of the ops." Rocky, All-Blogs dont intend to eat the elephant in one bite....those who thing it possible, go choke...dont say we didnt warn you.

  34. It was nice to see Rocky there...

    Cheers everyone!!!

    Telco Talk

  35. Dear Rocky,

    Last Saturday (May 19) was a great evening for me. Thanks to my local sparring partner, Desi/Desiderata for making this special event possible.

    I was given the opportunity to meet for the first time members of our emerging 5th Estate---Bloggers United. I have yet to meet a better bunch of patriotic and courageous Malaysians like Marina Mahathir, you, Raja Petra, Jeff Ooi and Citizen Nades of the Sun Daily. That also includes a great guy called Zorro who enjoys good wholesome beer.

    I am an interested bystander and occasional commentator. I do not have my own blog. I merely "tupang" Doc Bakri's. So I am by definition not a blogger.

    I admire your dedication to a cause of your own choosing. We should meet at Devi's Corner in Bangsar at any time convenient, Just give me a call as you have my name card.

    I have reported this event to my wonderful friend and public intellectual Doc Bakri in faraway California. He has posted my comments on his webblog under "Exchanges with Din Merican" together with his usual cogent response. Please visit his blog.

    All the best to all in bloggerLand.

    Salams, Din Merican

  36. Anonymous1:23 am

    to everyone who attended the gathering, thanks for coming. thanks for supporting us.

    links of all those who posted about the event can be found on our official blog (

    if you know of links that have not been added at the blog, please let us know, and we'll update the list.