Wednesday, May 23, 2007

The Star's blog directory

AllMalaysian Blogs Project. The government can try all it can to paint bloggers black but The Star, the largest English-language daily in the country, will cash in on this phenomenon of new media and citizen journalism.

Together with Genting Bhd, the newspaper has launched AllMalaysian Blogs Project is "to gather ALL Malaysian blogs under one umbrella site from which readers can search for various blogs."

Who is it for? Malaysian bloggers. Your blog can be about anything - as long as it's not unlawful, pornographic or in, er, bad taste - but only those with a Malaysian slant will be considered for contest prizes. There are two contest: one for bloggers and the other for those who read blogs.
Contest period from 21 May to 29 July.

Blogger the_ _earthinc, however, oubts that The Star/Genting's blog Project would be a friend of free speech. [More details here and here].


  1. Rocky!

    Blogging is useful in a country where real news are censured and I know countres like China and Iraq rely heavily on "real" news via blogging! Back to Malaysian Blogs Project, the system wil always rely on the weakness of the rakyat by coming out with a scheme such as competition then giving out prizes! Well I think if only 20,000 bloggers out of 11 millions why the need to make "bloggers" feel appreciative and the attempt to round them up! I think Bloggers Aliannce should not entertain this notion concocted by a local paper and a gambling casino! So Rocky just ignore the Project! Draw the line dude!

  2. Anonymous11:44 pm

    Why the need for unification or an umbrealla body or a directory list in the first place?

    The idea of coming together being in close terms with each other is indeed noble but why spoil it with a formal sense of unification?

    The true identity or blogging was about having a personal character and with all this 'coming together', 'umbrella body' blah blah'll just be another organisation more bothered about who's taking up the next presidency or trying to solve who's the mole within.

    Why must people spoil something beautiful in the name of progress or development? It brought down real time civilisations, and now it's threatening down the blog-sphere.

    Perhaps some people would like to be in the limelight, getting their new found 'fame', well there are others out there who appreciate the current scene.

  3. Rock,

    jangan marah, ye? allow me to promote my virgin blog, general interest stuff:

  4. Anonymous1:03 am

    Rocky, dont be stupid and be fooled by the Star's ploy. The Star, like the NST, is going all out to weed out the so-called recalcitrant bloggers. This is another ploy by Wong Chun Wai to trap the genuine bloggers. Basically Stars wants bloggers to be compliant and subservient to the powers-that-be. Wong Chun Wai, this is a last warning - dont play games. The bloggers have your number, you hypocrite.

  5. Another 'MonsterBlog-wannabe'?

    This is the ultimate carrot! Temp bloggers to 'register' themselves with $$$.

    But Genting?
    Duit Kasino... haram ler to some!

    so all yall bloggers who wanne 'register' yourselves, go ahead, maybe, just maybe you might get PAID. heheheh

  6. Rocky why dub post?

  7. wattachack. thanks, i killed the other post as soon as i got yr comment. i suppose i needed to underscore a point there.

    man who sold the world. even if we have an umbrella body or a super directory, the blogosphere will still be big enough for those who don't want to belong.

    thank you.

  8. Hmmm...just wondering if the failure of AMBP will lead to the notion that NAB will follow suit.

    There are 'gremlins' abound, folks.

    Keep your eyes peeled and your mouse squeeky clean.

  9. If it is a portal project by the likes of the Star and Genting, what do you expect them to say? That you can post anything unlawful, pornographic, etc?

    It is up to any blogger whether they would like to participate. If felt intimidated or just 'tak suka', don't participate lah. There are other portals around and like what Rocky said, there is plenty of room in the cyberspace for those who don't want to belong.

    Its a recognition that blogging is a force to reckon with. The real-time info and opinions posted are just invaluable, something the MSM and the governments are still grappling how to deal.

  10. So this is here, how about Bloggers United?

    Only bloggers know what's best for bloggers. I believe that bloggers should stay as bloggers.

    What say you?

  11. Rocky,

    assuming Star has no ulterior or sinister motive other than its Wong Chun Wai's brilliant idea to have a strategic partnership with Genting --

    this is really a contest for personal bloggers -- those who blog abput their life, travel, etc..
    they are looking for these bloggers to join in and get some publicity (and popularity among the like-minded) for their blogs.
    I had a look at their blogroll.
    Rocky, this one aint for you.

    Trust me, this project will attract blogs like those on NST's Monsterblog.

    Even if there is some sinister underlying motive -- I'd tell them to go ahead with it.

    The bloguniverse is big enough for everyone...

  12. Anonymous7:52 am

    donno if this apropriate. Sorry if its not. Anybody noticed NST article yesterday about some indecent blogs (pg 12). Not about the article but the picture accompanied it. Its a blog called 'mari melucah' or something and nst didn't blank-out the web address. So nice of NST to advertise a porno blog address to the public.

  13. wattachack.

    errr...whythehack everyone spells "wattahack" wrong? whattahack, wattafck???? hahahaha

    why i'm not listed as your machai as well in your blogroll! can i get below Mob's Crib.... (dielar that sounded gay!)

  14. Anonymous10:27 am

    Madmonk says,

    I smell a rat in the works!! You bet mice and lapdogs are behind. Adios! Wisdom must come to the fore.

  15. Anonymous10:46 am

    Madmonk says,

    Remember my previous posting that this scenario is expected to happen, the "maybe" quote. Creating dissension? This is more a political move as we know who the proponents are. I agree with nstman, his views.

    Lapdogs will also be lap sitting, depends whose laps. You won't be even surprised that all this new settings lead to a source to the almighty...with full moral support. Yes, keep guessing.

  16. Anonymous12:19 pm

    Personally, I don't see the problem and issue on this one either; to have a more vibrant and healthy Malaysia blogsphere for bloggers. To me, it is a good thing. I might join and still walk with Rocky and Jeff in any way I can. Cheers for the day ... :)

  17. yes the more the merrier... i hear another one is coming later! weldone malaysia will be center of blogsphere even for the wrong reasons! hahaha

    rocky why you dowan me to get down under mob'? LOL wink!

  18. Anonymous1:12 pm

    yeah i agree with mr nobody. no problem at all with AMBP. why bising so much over it (to some people)? if you don't like, don't join BUT also don't criticise.

    AMBP is totally different from all-blogs. some people had been hinting that the one who start or the one who support AMBP are the ones against all-blogs. not true at all since the concept of both are different.

  19. When I opened your comment box it siad no comments yet. I said I smell something fishy. Probably when you deleted the dub, so also my comments.
    Sidekick forgive sidekick....before we get some senile comments.

  20. Anonymous2:10 pm

    '..even if we have an umbrella body or a super directory, the blogosphere will still be big enough for those who don't want to belong.'...sigh. Sounded just like our MPs. And I actually believe it was 'one for all and all for one'. Farewell my king. v9

  21. Anonymous3:38 pm

    How many Malaysian bloggers area actually bothered about registration?

    It's just like the voting many aren't bothered to practice their rights because it's not against the law for a person to not vote.

    Afraid that all this hoo-hah about what's being planned by various parties for Malaysian bloggers will just end up being like 'hangat-hangat tahi ayam'

  22. all ye moslem bloggers stay away ... money and prizes from Genting are haram...:-)

  23. Monster-blog is Kali's machai blog lah...cant you guys smell the cat piss? And this Star-Genting thingy is genuine tom-cat piss. I am pissed, therefore this pissy lingo. Rocky, I have been spiritual-less for already 22 hours. Shar101, Ancient Mariner help!!!!!!!!Have I to wait for another X hours for Astro Nite.

  24. Anonymous11:16 pm


    Why you only just discovered that monster-blog is Kali's macai blog ah?

    Aiyaaah. I know long time ago mah. It's run by Zul Mack or is it mack Zul whatever-his-name.

  25. Gee, I hate watching withdrawal symptoms.

    Kinda makes me wanna 'start another blog association'.

    Still, patience has it's virtue and the golden bru..brew will taste a lot better for it.

    Meantime, cracker for you, Zorro?

  26. Anonymous8:48 pm

    shar101 you are too late another association just formed! drop by my place..... hahaha

    National Alliance of Illogical Liars - NAILS

  27. Anonymous9:54 pm

    This is a comercial thing lah! The Star don't want to be left out so Chun Wai and Michael Arias cook up something lah. There'll be many bloggers who will fall for this, esp those who write for shok-sendiri! This also means that the Star see potential in blogging, or is fearful of blogging. They must have thot that the best way to deal with bloggers is to engage them! Boleh try lah..but not sure if serious bloggers will take part.

  28. it's a very good move on the part of the star. sad thing is though that the contest is open to malaysian CITIZENS rather than malaysian RESIDENTS. seems unfair to exclude some bloggers at the starting line and i hope the organisers can be persuaded to amend the rules. (not because i want to win, but so i don't feel excluded)

  29. Anonymous10:26 pm

    Looks like Rocky's Bru special brew is gossip about editors in the mainstream media, of which Rocky is no longer part of.

    This blog may be best described as an agony aunt outlet to air frustrations or old grudges.

    Like Madmonk's (who is really....) wild allegations.

    At this rate, Zam is right, there is a need to classify bloggers.

    Btw, has anyone like Rocky actually checked with The Star as to who is behind AllMalaysian Bloggers Project?

  30. Anonymous1:43 am

    ya lar...after whack everyone at NST, now attack Star la.

    wong chun wai has defended bloggers in his sunday column, on the beat, on many occassions -- most notably with regards to that indonesian journalist who complained about Tourism's shoddy PR.

    bloggers seem prone to conspiracy theories la...will wong be so free to bother with all this ar? surely he has other matters to attend to?

    whoever want to start blog directory also can la?

    bloggers should quit speculating on bad image to our country......

    -electronic gossip fan-

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  32. Anonymous12:29 am

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