Thursday, May 24, 2007

P. Ramlee Airport?

Veteran journo R. Nadeswaran has proposed in his widely-followed column, Citizen Nades, that the Bayan Lepas Airport in Penang be renamed P. Ramlee Airport. He had shared this idea with me during the Bum2007 night last Saturday. Why not? As Nades says, after all, P. Ramlee is one of Penang's most illustrious sons.
Orange County in California has renamed its airport after John Wayne and Liverpool now calls its airport the John Lennon Airport.


  1. Anonymous12:43 pm

    Since, you brought this up. I have heard of this idea a very long time ago when I was young, somehow it just fade away into history, and I think it would be nice and unique, and add a feeling of nostalgia to a Pearl of Orient island. I even heard that some old railway station is suppose to turn into a more historical concept to preserve the historical values. I also like that, then again ... :)

  2. wah! nice man.... I hope it comes true! P.Ram'Lee airport ... are we going to get a Siti Airport in the city? hahaha

  3. Rocky!

    I am sure even Karpal Singh would agree for I hear he has a collections of old P. Ramlee movie, like Lat, P. Ramlee is loved by every single moronic race in this country, so let's do it: Lapangan Terbang Antarabangsa P. Ramlee, P. Ramlee International Airport. along side Pierre Elliot Trudeau International Airport in Montreal Airport!
    Getaraaaaan Jiwaaaaa! Merry Christmas everyone!

  4. Anonymous1:05 pm

    yeah, i sokong nades.

    i was a great fan of p. ramlee. enjoyed all his movies and his songs too. such beautiful voice.

    however there is already a road named after him in penang, so i wonder will that stop the authority from renaming the airport after him?

  5. Anonymous1:50 pm

    This plan sounds good, as a way to commemorate the contribution done by P. Ramlee.

    Or in another way, as long as it's not named after AAB/KTK.

  6. I am for it....and how about an appropriate honorific posthumously awarded for this humble towering Malaysian.

  7. thanks rocky, it is that time of the year when people here think about p.ramlee. I also mentioned in my kosmo column and and that about time heritage commission of malaysia led by dato Zurina majid do something with p.ramlee as unesco could recognise this as intangible heritage. Singapore National History Museum already making him as part of their exhibits

  8. Anonymous2:52 pm

    Good idea. Agree.

    But will the GoMen mak it happen

  9. Anonymous4:05 pm

    Doesn't Pulau P. Ramlee sound better! or even Ramleetown instead of Georgetown. What about Saloma, everybody loved her as well!

  10. I want one of our airports to be named after one Rosminah binti Abdullah, popularly known as Rose Chan.

    After that, a taxi stand to be named after Siti Nurhaliza.

  11. Taxi stand? Come on ... a bus terminal at the very least.

  12. Anonymous5:15 pm

    Huhuhu I support.

  13. Anonymous5:26 pm

    Agree..for Penang Airport to be named P.Ramlee International Airport.
    But.....Siti Bus(t)Terminal ...excuse me! Then what about Sharifah Aini Sub-station or Mawi Commuter station? It will be a never ending debate.

    -Molten Cake-

  14. Anonymous5:42 pm


    I disagree for 2 reason.

    1) The airport is not structure fine enough to bear the name one of our country finest entertainer. The current state is too mediocre to represent an icon. The location of the itself isn't majestic being surrounded by factories. P Ramlee should have a national monument not a state monument named after him, the bridge makes more sense.

    2)Bayan lepas name is well associated with the MNC company around it. It will create confusion if name change especially to foreigner from different country.

  15. hey Rocky,

    YES, mighty fine idea. Thanks, citizen Nades for proposing that and thanks Rocky for posting it here.

  16. Anonymous6:30 pm

    rocky , how about renaming Penang International Airport after our beloved Prime Minister?
    Our Prime Minister is from Penang right and he is Penang most famous son.

    Charanjit Singh

  17. P. Ramlee. Malaysian icon.

    P. Ramlee International Airport?

    Just do it, man before AAB gets any ideas about it.

  18. Anonymous6:39 pm

    how about Endon airport...

  19. Anonymous6:44 pm

    KLIA Airport should be renamed P. Ramlee International Airport. He's BIG enough. Thank you.

  20. Anonymous6:55 pm

    P.Ramlee airport is a great idea.

    I wonder how many of you know that the Taman in Setapak, KL where the house he lived in with Saloma is located has been renamed Taman P. Ramlee? And that the house has been turned into a museum which unfortunately gets a trickle of visitors daily.

    As for naming our excellent world class public infrastructure after other celebs like Mawi and Siti, I think they haven't done one thing that meets the traditional name conferring requirement - which is kicking the bucket. :)

    Not that I wish them dead, hardly, but I think legends are created only when they've reached the final destination. Life after all has many twists and turns.



  21. Anonymous7:02 pm

    Actually anonymous, the Penang airport has been remodelled, and I was quite impressed when I travelled there over Hari Raya in 2006.

    But I would also go with the other anonymous, that KLIA be renamed the P Ramlee International Airport.

  22. Anonymous7:12 pm

    No..I suggest we carry on with the usual fascination in naming public places e.g. all Science Schools ( Sekolah Menengah Sains) and Hospitals.
    Put the Kings, Queens, Princes, Princesses,Queens Mom etc. Regardless whether they have ever been to those schools (as students) or hospitals (as patients).
    Regardless whether they contributed any money or time to those places.

  23. Anonymous7:13 pm

    KLIA as P.Ramlee International Airport is a little too big a hat for the head.

    KLIA as Dr Mahathir International Airport would be the better fit.

    Hate him or love him, that is my thought of his contribution to this country.

  24. Anonymous8:21 pm

    I grew up with P. Ramlee. I cried, I laugh with P. Ramlee. P. Ramlee showed us the joy of growing up. He showed us what it was like to be Malaysians growing up in a multi-racial society without the hangups, racism, bigotry, extremism.

  25. I think it is a swell idea!

  26. Anonymous9:44 pm

    Why not. A Malaysian who truly deserves the honour.
    And sadly, who was only treasured after his passing.

  27. Anonymous10:20 pm

    Better than having PM, Ministers, MBs and CMs pictures posted over VMY and other posters and billboards!

  28. Charangit, you waiting to be assasinated? Look for a sleepy hollow to afix the name you suggested.

  29. Please lets stick to P Ramleee,the others Sharifa, Mawi (god no), Siti....these are minions.Next in stature to P Ramlee would be Sudirman.You guys stop introducing names....Nades coming back from Athens and Liverpool losing I dont think he will be in a good mood. Unless he is also a supporter of Stoke City.....Rocky's glamour club.

  30. Anonymous11:24 pm

    hai mambang!!!ko main airport..mambang??cobaan..

  31. The Gomen is no longer very proud of Puteh, I tell you.

    You know they censor his movies for TV screening these days?

    You can no longer see him drinking whiskey stengah anymore.

    I say we go for Rose Chan. Travelers will get all excited upon arriving at the airport.

  32. Anonymous1:25 am

    Heard awhile ago some connected businessman to current powers wants to relocate Penang airport to Butterworth former RAAF base on the mainland. The airport at Bayan Lepas is planned for some other development as it is sitting on valuable land. A very strong arqument for this move is that the airport will be close to Kepala Batas. If this happens it will be the fatal end for Penang. I pray it is just mischievous rumours.

  33. Anonymous4:17 am

    People in the US have funny ways to name their airport, besides John Wayne at Orange County.

    Louis Armstrong New Orleans was named after the iconic jazz, soul and blues singer, Louis Armstrong.

    New Yorkers name their second airport after their Mayor, La Guardia. So did people in LA. The international terminal in LAX is called Tom Bradley International, named after their first black Mayor.

    A lot of airports are name after war heroes. Logan Airport in Boston is named after Gen. E. L. Logan, a veteran of the Spanish-American War. Chicago O'Hare is named after a WWII ace, Lt. Cdr. Edward "Butch" O'Hare.

    Dulles Airport in Washington D.C. was named after the CIA Director during President Dwight D. Eisenhower's time, Allen Dulles. Dulles was sacked in 1962 by President John F. Kennedy, who was assassinated a year later in Dallas. The main airport in Queens, NY is called JFK.

    What is most interesting is the McCarran Airport in Las Vegas. It was named after the US Internal Security Act (ISA), also known as McCarran Act.

    P/S: Mr O' Kobau ni tak habis habis dengan Canada dia!

  34. Anonymous4:45 am

    Lets get it rolling man... a few suggestion from me.

    1.Penang Airport -
    P.Ramlee International Airport (PRIA)- Shortform.
    2.Senai Johor- Sharifah Aini Airport- Kak Pah Port.
    3.Kuantan Airport-Kak Peah Port.
    4.Ipoh Airport- M. Daud Glitters @ Kilau. Kilau Airport.
    5. Kuala Trenganu Airport
    Saleem Iklim Airport - SIA.
    6. Alor Star Airport - " Still thinking of a good name " .
    7. Langkawi International Airport-
    change to `Gamat International Airport " GIA.
    etc etc...

    James Hangar.

  35. that's a "cool" suggestion. if there was just 1 malaysian icon who can stand tall among all of us - "pendatangs" or "originals" or whatever, P. Ramlee's the man. It would be an honour for Penang to do so. Go for it! Many thanks to rocky and nades for bringing this up too.

  36. Anonymous8:52 am

    P. Ramlee? Fine to me. Kalau
    bocor sana, bocor sini tak payah!

  37. Oh Lordy me, this is a fantastic idea. Nadesvaran should campaign for this in his column. The blogs which I see is crapped up between a power-crazy drama queen and the team of Malaysian hunk Rocky and the suave Jeff Ooi who by the way are both heavyweights, by any damned measure, if you ask me.
    Who the FCUK is Susie Loonie and what's the other joker, Ktmoc?
    I am laughing so loudly in cyberspace that there is a whole right there. Susie, baby, you can get your fat ass in there.
    Sorry, I got carried away.
    The blogs should help Mr Citizen in this campaign. Nice touch -
    Lapangan Terbang P Ramlee.

  38. Saya Sokong...sokong... but by naming after a famous son of Malaysia, would the airport like, pay royalty to P.Ramlee's trust fund or Foundation ? would the airport building and premise itself allocate a percentage of airport tax to be channeled to upkeeping all other significant P.Ramlee musuem (like the one in Setapak) and other places of P.Ramlee's family assets and to his children themselves ??
    He was, yes, truely Malaysian alongside Lat and me !
    Cheers ...a toast to his memory !!

  39. Anonymous1:39 pm

    Yes, just do it! P. Ramlee Air port is great.
    At least donot name after the royals. Of late, there seems to have a revival of feudalistic mindset by renaming all the existing state hospitals after royal figures, that include airports. Name after P. Ramlee before someone else name it after some royal figures.

  40. TwoTablet,
    FYI, soon after my father retired, there were calls to name KLIA after him to which we the family said no in keeping with my father's own principle that no structure or road should be named after a person still living.

    In retrospect, given events since, wouldn't it be really funny if they'd ignored us and gone ahead? ;-) How do you un-name an international airport?

    I think it's a nice idea to name either airport after P. Ramlee. Then instead of KLIA, we'd call it PRIA!!!

  41. Anonymous7:45 pm

    I think better call it Tunku Airport because Bapa Malaysia stays in Penang for a long time.
    What about calling it Asam Luksa Airport? Also good right?

  42. Rocky!

    To Bigdogdotcoom! Ekau lupo tulih Pierre Elliot Trudeau International Airport in Montreal, dan Lester B. Pearson Internatiional Airport in Toronto, named after canada's former Prime Minister! Aden cadangkan KLIA di tuka kan namo kepado Mahathir Mohamad International Airport (MMIA) and it is about time too! A man whoo created modern Kuala Lumpur and Malaysia should be totally honoured, and it should be done while he is still alive!

  43. if there's only one main airport in a place, it should remain named after the place, especially when expecting it to be more used by international travellers - so that the rest of the 150 nations in the world won't have to change their travelogues whenever mentioning the place's airport.

    we're not exactly like the other countries where there's not much need to promote destination.

    just keep things simple to attract more business and dough.

    but spruce up the terminal so that at least that's the first impression people will get going to the silicon vall.... oh what's the use anymore.

  44. Anonymous12:01 pm

    No, no, no!! Absolutely No!! P Ramlee ni bad influence on society these days. He kaki whisky, playboy, disco boy, nite club boy, joget boy, moral lucah. Not good for us. Dia era lama. Sekarang era baru. Mesti follow ajaran agama. Kita protes!

    No, to P Ramlee. No, to PRIA.

    Tunku Abdul Rahman International Airport (TARIA) OK.

    Mahathir Mohamad International Airport (MAMAMIA) for Alor Setar (Jitra) airport.

  45. Anonymous2:42 pm

    It is me again . charanjit singh. if we do not agree to name Penang International Airport after our beloved Prime Minister , then maybe we can agree to name Penang International Airport after our current Prime Minister father.
    Haji Ahmad Badawi is our Prime Minister father and also one of the founding father of Malaysia. He have done a lot for Malaysia and is a proud Penangsite.

  46. Anonymous10:54 am

    i agree with neurolept lah.

    in perak, u will find this practised widely. for those who know ipoh like the back of their hands, u'll remember tiger lane, kampar road and gopeng road. well they are now jalan sultan azlan shah, jalan raja permaisuri tuanku bainun and jalan raja dr nazrin shah. all in the family, eh.

    and then let's not forget the ipoh airport (sultan azlan shah airport) and all the new bridges between kuala kangsar and gerik and community/private colleges. semua atas nama orang orang bergelar kerabat diraja.

    can't we just revert to their old names? or even if the authorities don't want anymore of the roads with british names, at least name them after famous local personality or event or food or produce or place. not obscure rulers.

    funny sense of historical humour this perak govt has: the two roads parallel to the birch tower near the ipoh high court and the state mosque are named jalan maharajalela and jalan dato sagor... really intriguinglah their sense of cynicism. might as well just demolish the clock tower meh. (remember the two malay chieftains were hanged for the murder of birch!)

    come to ipoh and you will see what i mean: jalan sultan iskandar, jalan sultan idris, jalan sultan azlan dan macam macam jalan lagi.

    pening kepala dibuatnya.

  47. Anonymous5:28 pm

    If it is by way of one's "contribution" to the country, there are many more 'sons' (and daughters too) of Penang who should also be considered. I'd rather leave it to you all to list down the names.

    Also, what about immigrants who contributed just as much, if not more, to the country?

    I only have one example in mind, at the moment, and that is the late Tan Sri Loh Boon Siew.

    He imported Honda bikes which led to the creation of the first automotive assembly plant in the country - Mak Mandin, for the bikes. Later, he imported Honda cars, which were then assembled here. (Now Honda cars are taken care of by Honda M'sia Sdn Bhd).

    Because of 'Boon Siew Honda', thousands of jobs were created for the local morons since the 1960s and shitload of taxes earned by the Government (a.k.a. Super Moron).

    Other parties that were created and/or prospered by it include bike workshops, spare parts industry, accessories industry, tyre industry, fuel and oils industry, bla, bla, bla... so many lahh...

    And that's just the automotive side of the man and his family's business empire.

    Just an idea of mine...

  48. Anonymous6:42 pm

    Mahathir Mohamad International Airport (MAMAMIA) for Alor Setar (Jitra) airport.......priceless.

  49. Anonymous1:08 am

    We should just rename
    Georgetown, "(P) Ramlee City".

    After all, Georgetown / George Town
    is plain confusing as most
    people would identify the name
    with Georgetown University or
    the dozens other similarly
    named entities or towns
    throughout the world. (Just GOGLE it!)

    See the link attached to my name for a forum discussion on this bolder suggestion.