Tuesday, May 15, 2007

A question for Shahziman and Mat Taib

Have you read the blog today? Deputy Minister Shahziman was making threats about sedition and slander even before he read the blog. Read here [Blogger can be hauled up for Slander]. Muhammad Mohd Taib aka Mike Tyson, the former Selangor Menteri Besar, too. Go read the blog.

By the way, it still baffles me. Why did it take Bernama more than half a day to file the news flash on the incident where the PM "almost collapsed" (according to Bernama's own story here) in Lumut? Bernama has trained reporters to do these flashes in no time at all. Was there an attempt to black out the news? Was there any need to?/


  1. Bro,
    I'm surprised that towering moron who cannot even read English in the Brisbane Airport requesting him to declare RM4 Million in his suitcase(or is it RM2 million?) wants to bloody well read blogs in english ?? Tell him to go to for english classes ...only morons in UMNO can still bring him back into the Exec. circle in UMNO...(It is a pit full of blood-suckers from us the tax-payers fools !)shooting their foot with rubbish and they want preach to us about whats right and wrong ??? Not shy ah? Sheesh....shame on all who voted these crooks and morons !

  2. Anonymous12:24 pm

    Threats. this is the only thing idiotic ministers are capable of doing. As for Bernama, it is a shit news agency which is only good for parrroting the views of the powers-that-be. Rocky, this warning is aimed at you, but we will be behind you all the way. The struggle against lies, treachery, plagiarism, idiocy, hypocrisy continues. Lead the revolution, Rocky.

  3. Anonymous12:31 pm

    Keep it cool Rocky...they are just trying to unsettle u.

    Shame on them

  4. Bro., I think Mike Tyson baca your blog but you wrote in english .. dia isi airport form yang dalam bahasa Inggeris pun tak faham .. so how ???

  5. Anonymous1:13 pm

    A very good question to them.

    My teachers used to teach me don't simply jump to conclusion if I don't have a matter double checked. How about their teachers?

  6. Anonymous1:33 pm

    Berani Kerana Benar bro. As far as the public is concerned you did a service in providing readers with vital information. And you are responsible enough to follow up with clarification and updates - more than what we can expect from mainstream media.

    We are thankful for this great service.

  7. Anonymous2:01 pm

    Dear Rocky,

    Are we all not happy that our Mike Tyson from Batang Kali could read blogs written in English.

    Bravo Mike! you have come a long way.Do not articulate too much in English as your fluency might be monitored by Australian Customs,where you declared your illitracy instead of your cash.

  8. Anonymous2:10 pm

    The bugger have not even read the post and yet want to talk about slander ...uh uh uh...And no need to conduct an ivestigation to identify the blogger lah - this will cost time and money - the whole country knows

  9. Anonymous2:25 pm

    Remember...some goon mentioned professional mainstream papers don't lie. They report facts, so whether it's fainting or maybe dancing or sleep walking...whatever,they are always right.

    All prime ministers in the world are immortals, they don't collapse or faint. Come on, what? They just drop dead, I guess.

  10. create panic? hahaha
    thats a good one.

  11. slander
    n 1: words falsely spoken that damage the reputation of another
    2: the act of defaming [syn: aspersion, calumny, defamation]

    Rocky, that is the definition of slander. I am just wondering which part is slanderous about a person "almost collapsing"?

    How about we charge the Deputy Minister for false accusation?
    Oh..lets not jump the gun, we have yet to see who the blogger is...
    All Blogs to the fore...again!

  12. Anonymous3:16 pm

    Was it because Bernama EIC, Bro. Yong had to follow his blogger-hating Minister Zam to Kangar?

  13. Anonymous3:23 pm

    Penin, pitam, lembut lutut, loya-loya, rebah, jatuh, collapse, pangsan..... apa bezanya?

    Ni la ni oghang jantan yang subox lagi dok tak menikah.

    Tu la kami kamjat Sungai Dua dok kata, Pak Lah kena menikah balik.

    La ni Nori dah buntin, sapa lagi nak jaga Pak Lah.

    Kena menikah. Islam kata menikah tu macam buat masjid.

    Dok peduli apa sangat khairi tentang, Nori tak suka.

    Depa oklah, yang Pak Lah dok pelok bantai tu buat apa?

  14. Anonymous5:11 pm


    A birdie once told me that Bernama needs clearance from PM's department on "important" news. Hence the delay. This to the birdie is a fact, a practice, so political goons don't judge this actual practice (as told) a slander.

  15. Anonymous11:23 pm

    Dear Rocky,

    Didn't Mat Taib of Batang kali declare(instead of declaring the currency notes) to Australian Customs officials that he can't read English?

    Now he reads blogs written in English.Why not Blogers United propose an award for his achievement?

  16. Anonymous11:32 pm

    Mat has not read the blog or can't read it because it is written in English.If he could read English than Australian Customs should be notified.

  17. Mike Tyson?
    kakakakakakakkakka... wakkaakakaka
    sorry bro, I didn't get past the Mat taib aka Mike Tyson nick... wakakakaka

    will come back and read once i've 'clamed' myself..wakakakakaka

  18. Anonymous11:52 am

    what a lunatic 'senator'.

    dia ni satu contoh terbaik untuk "burung kakak tua".


  19. Anonymous9:26 pm

    how would mat taib know? he pleads ignorance and doesn't speak english. wink wink.