Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Dr M transfers to IJN

Recovering. The doctors in Langkawi have allowed Dr Mahathir to travel back to Kuala Lumpur for observation at the IJN. Marina said her father is "fine".

update 8pm
The Tun is better.
Although visitors are discouraged, they still come to the IJN to try and see him. Ananda Krishnan got to visit. So did Lim Kit Siang.
When the Old Man was in ICU in Langkawi, I was told Pak Lah was planning to see visit. On his way to the hospital, however, the PM was told that his former boss was asleep and so decided to turn back from where he came. Dr Siti Hasmah, the Tun's wife, waited for Pak Lah, just in case.


  1. Just want to thank everyone for their kind thoughts and prayers.

  2. Semoga Allah panjangkan umur TDM. Amin

  3. Anonymous3:21 pm

    Get well soon Dr.Mahathir! My family and I, together with millions of other 'humans' would pray for your fast recovery and continued good health.

    p/s Dr.Siti Hasmah, please be strong and take care of our beloved numero uno.

    God Bless the No:1 couple.


  4. These UMNO politicians have this God given gift of clairvoyance. They know what is in the blogs and books even without reading them.
    I am also referring to the call by them to ban the book "May13" launched by Dr Kia on Sunday.
    What a display of blind arrogance?

  5. Anonymous4:38 pm

    harap dapatlah kiranya saudara minta Tun agar banyakkan rehat, pulihkan kesihatannya. Malaysia masih memerlukannya.

    Doa saya agar Tun kembali sihat dan meneruskan khidmat pada agama, bangsa dan negara.


  6. Anonymous6:32 pm

    Syukur Alhamdullillah,

    I have been waiting a good news. Hope Tun Dr.M will recuperate his illness as soon as possible.

    I still need him, and Malaysians do. Because, he has to voice out the mistakes/power abuse/corruptions/wrong decision-makings done by the current administration. Those need to be rectified.

    Tun Dr. M, listen to my plea. Take a good rest. We love you


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  8. Anonymous8:47 pm

    Wishing Tun a speedy recovery. All will be well.

    On AAB, are you sure he turned back? Sounds incredulous to me.
    Tun's family & Dr.Siti Hasmah would have warmly welcomed him & could do with some support & concern.

  9. Anonymous9:40 pm

    Dear Tun

    Love your hard hitting comments! You are really needed now. Please get well soon...as you take heaps of rest..we are waiting for you to get up & walk. cheers.....pepper

  10. Anonymous9:40 pm

    Dear Tun

    Love your hard hitting comments! You are really needed now. Please get well soon...as you take heaps of rest..we are waiting for you to get up & walk. cheers.....pepper

  11. that's a good sign for everybody! wish u better mr. fighter!

  12. Anonymous11:23 pm

    Saya berdoa agar Tun kembali sihat & sentiasa dipelihara, dilindungi & dirahmati Allah SWT.

  13. Allah selamatkan Tun dan memberi tun kesihatan yang terbaik di samping memanjangkan usianya,insyallah.

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  15. Anonymous12:33 am

    Why "On his way to the hospital, however, the PM was told that his former boss was asleep and so decided to turn back from where he came."??
    Not wrong to visit a sleeping patient, right?

  16. Anonymous1:58 am

    Sad isn't it... when Tun was PM.. tak habis habis kena kutuk from all quarters. Now when things are worst off - everyone here wishes that he take care and come back stronger for the sake of the country.. at least when he was PM, he made sure the rich got what they wanted PROVIDED the rich shared it with the less fortunate.

    Now only the rich gets away with everything... the poor are left to stand in the rain... for handouts from YBs that have verbal diahorrrea and thick skinned arrogance...

    if only Anwar had realised his follies/mistakes earlier and left UMNO instead of getting sacked. I would have believed in him. Instead he looks like a man with a vengence and an agenda against UMNO and nothing more...

    And by the way - can someone let Ezam know, that he is as painful now as when he was in UMNO.. sheeesh!

  17. Good to hear Tun is recovering.

  18. Anonymous5:15 am

    Seriously now, who would stop the Prime Minister from visiting Tun in the hospital even if the doctor advised that only family members can see him?
    I would think if Tun was asleep, Pak Lah could still go to the hospital and offer his best wishes to Dr Siti Hasmah or his children.
    Pak Lah could have been better advised.

    A Fan of the Red Barn

  19. That was a bad decorum. As PM of this country I expect him to represent us and visit the TDM regardless of whether he was sleeping or not.

    Itu baru proper.

    But I guess Pak Lah pun kena rehat juga. Tapi jangan tidur kuat sangat!

  20. Tun, banyakkan berehat. Tun terlalu penat. Insyallah, banyak lagi hulubalang kita yang boleh sambung perjuangan tun.

  21. Anonymous9:42 am


    Sorry to sideline your blog theme. Please see Jeff Ooi blog: "Press Freedom....Fast forwarded without Rocky".

    I just want to say, there's no love lost even when they by passed you. Pak Non (SUN), Bunn Negara (STAR) and Azman Ujang (Bernama) joined in via phonecall with a "typical Government speak" according to Jeff. Anyway, I am sure you know all this. Just in case, you're too busy...

  22. Hi all, thanks again for the kind wishes.I just want to clarify that nobody got to visit my Dad at IJN.They got to visit us, the family, but not him.We can't have him tired out with visitors so hope everyone understands.

  23. Anonymous11:32 am

    Saya doakan Tun cepat pulih...jangan bagi Tun dengar Singapura kini dilantik menggangotai Jawatankuasa Pembangunan Wilayah di Malaysia...anak muda yang sihat pun kena heart attack. Allah lanjutkan usia Tun, InsyaALLAH>

  24. My mother nearly cried when she heard Tun was at IJN. Our prayers are with him always. Tun was one of my most memorable on-air interviews back at ntv7. A great man deserves great blessings.

  25. Semoga Tun cepat sembuh.

  26. Anonymous2:27 pm

    i remember this great man when I was on a flight duty to Johannesburg.... God only knows how tired he was, yet he was gracious enough to allow all of us to take pics and pose with him.

    I pray that he will get better soon and help bring back the glory days of Malaysia...

    At least, while the rest of us malaysians are afraid to vote for the opposition, the presence of TUN would at least help keep check the excesses of UMNO and BN..

    .. touche!

  27. Anonymous3:35 pm

    in the bernama website, it said that the "former leader suffered a mild stroke last nov...". i don't actually recall a stroke. it was angina or something wasn't it?

  28. Anonymous3:57 pm

    I think we shudn't waste time deliberating if the man 'who thinks he's the PM' was right or wrong in not visiting Dr.M. I think we shud ignore him and continue OUR PRAYERS FOR Dr.M and Dr.Siti's CONTINUED GOOD HEALTH AND WELL BEING.

  29. Anonymous4:24 pm


    My prayers are with you ....

  30. Anonymous4:36 pm

    Dearest Rocky,

    Kesian che det.... may he be well again, speedily!

  31. Anonymous6:22 pm

    "Happiness keeps u Sweet , Trials keep u Strong, Sorrow keeps u Human , Failure Keeps u Humble, Success keeps u Glowing , But only God Keeps u Going"

    GOD BLESS Dr.Mahathir and family.


    p/s heard that some churches in Sarawak had conducted special prayers for Dr.M's speedy recovery - Amin.

  32. Gaban Sakti, you are right, that was not a stroke last November. It was a mild heart attack which he recovered from. Thank you.

  33. Anonymous3:29 am

    Bro, Tun dah mulkan apa yang terdaya. Nah sekarang terserah kepada rakyat Malaysia. Buktikan bahawa TUN tidak keseorangan. Jadikan ianya realiti.

    22tahun Tun telah bekerja bersama-sama kita untuk membina negara. Baru 4 tahun Pm memerintah habis semuanya huru-hara. Hari ini semakin ramai pemimpin UMNO diperingkat Cawangan dan Bahagian secara terang-terang menganjurkan program menceritakan isu semasa serta masalah yang semakin runcing melanda kepimpinan negara. Kepada kita diluar UMNO, ayuh mulakan usaha mengikut peraturan dan undang-undang negara agar kepimpinan sekarang sedar kesilapan yang telah dilakukan.

  34. Anonymous6:27 am

    No probs marinam. I'm very receptive with medical terms. I have to be :-) All the best for the doctor.

  35. Rocky. What happened to your first report on Dr M?

  36. Anonymous3:58 pm


    You gave us strength,
    You gave us pride,
    You gave us self belief

    You inspired us
    You inspired our children
    You continue to inspire us

    May God Bless you and get well soon.