Saturday, May 19, 2007

Malaysian bloggers come together

Embrace and Engage. A big night tonight for bloggers in the country. Aimed at bringing together socio-political bloggers, the Bloggers' United Malaysia 2007 has attracted the non-Sopo's as well as friendly non-bloggers. I will be there to speak about the National Alliance of Bloggers - what we've done so far and where we are going.


  1. Anonymous1:03 pm

    Good luck Rocky and have wonderful interactions and exchanges! Flesh is willing but spirit is still weak!

  2. Anonymous1:20 pm

    The BigDog is in for the food. Do you think it'll be nice?


  3. rocky,

    yes -- an occasion to embrace and engage. And certainly timely to tell fellow bloggers -- our blog brothers and sisters -- about the National Alliance of Bloggers.

    I think the last month or so, All-Blogs has made an impact. I am sure everyone wants to know where All-Blogs is going and where it is taking its members.

  4. Anonymous2:08 pm

    Sorry, a bit too far for me. Maybe some other time.

    To all the bloggers attending, have a great and fruitful time; and not to forget fun as well ... happy blogging and cheers for the weekend ... :)

  5. Anonymous3:44 pm

    eh bro.gua nak renew my NPC punya membership news bulletin pun
    sad la

  6. Anonymous4:10 pm

    No doubt a big nite, tonite. Can't wait to read your speech. Have fun putting names to faces. I'm sure many of your readers are now wiser from the collective wisdom of fellow bloggers and commenters.

  7. Anonymous5:39 pm

    Beer (any wine), good food, good company and chance to get together and bash the idiotic powers-that-be.

  8. all the best, friends. we are indeed united.

    friendship. BLOGSHIP.

  9. Anonymous2:22 am


    Why can’t you post your speech up now so that fellow bloggers can digest your ideas and perhaps prepare question(s) for the meet?


  10. *sigh*

    Man U didn't win.

  11. A small slideshow of the night is on my blog.
    Pok Ku

  12. As I trained my eyes at the foods section, someone else was having the same thoughts as me... (didn't know what the "excuse me " is all about until I saw his large body size...)