Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Sackdefella or Keepdefella?

Poll on Sheih. Someone suggested a poll to settle a question if Sheih Kickdefella, who is an Umno member, should be sacked for working with the Pas-led Kelantan government.
The Malay Male has responded to that suggestion and started the poll. Please go here to sack or not to sack Sheih. For the record, Umno last year sacked Zaharin Mohd Yasin, a veteran party member, for his blog.


  1. Anonymous4:15 pm

    Kickdefella's gonna get kicked! kicdefella's gonna get kicked! Heck how else would Umno respond to this. They do it for lesser reasons...now that they know who the real Sheih is someone would want his scalp to gain credit.

  2. Sheih's blogging activities could be subject to Umno disciplinary procedures, because it comes under "personal conduct" - I'm not suggesting that it is right to do so, just that they can do it if they wish to.
    His going to work for a Kelantan state government agency is NOT grounds for any Umno action. If I read Sheih's posts right, he's taking up a bona-fide official appointment. PAS happens to be the party in power in Kelantan but there's nothing in UMNO's rules of conduct that prevents him from taking a state government appointment. Of course, he may likely to be doing work countering UMNO, but that's a separate issue. I'm sure there are UMNO members who work for the Kelantan State Govt, even at fairly senior levels.

  3. Anonymous6:52 pm

    Zaharin important Bahagian person, so have to be sacked coz he's influential.

    Sheih, not so important kot or UMNO people don't listen to him.

    sorry, just rubbish talk.

  4. What puzzles me is how such a highly principled man could ever belong to UMNO!
    If one has a formed conscience, with high morals, is God fearing and righteous, he/she would never associate with a party that is evil to the core.
    Shall I put it in another way. Why should an angel associate with the devil?
    As for me, I had never voted for the Barisan Nasional because my conscience would not allow me to
    vote in robbers to fleece my country and enrich themselves.

  5. If Sheih was never important, now he surely is. Pas has thrown out the bait, would Umno bite? Certainly worth watching.

  6. kickdefella gonna be sacked because of serving the rakyat.

    this is interesting.

  7. Dear rocky,


    To me, this issue really questions Sheih integrity..but then again maybe we shouldnt be to suprise. After all as the saying goes, the company we keep is a reflection of who we are. Everyone knows that Sheih gives special treatment to Monsterball on his blog.In fact Sheih even calls him a "father figure".This to me partly explains why Monsterball is so brazen in his rudeness.

    BUT WHAT I CANT EXCEPT AS A MALAYSIAN IS HIS ATTACKS ON the blogger known as "A VOICE" regarding voices gout sickness in the latter blog posting titled " Pain: Gout Explained"...Additionally he goes on a rampage in his attack of the blogger known as BIG DOG. Read Monsterball' attack on in BIGDOG's blog here;

    His vilification of BIG DOG includes inter alia, saying that Big Dog should have sex with Monty's pet dog.Of course, Big Dogs religion is not spared. The rest, I think is too rude to rewrite here.

    Anyway, if you read his comments on both he does speak alot on behalf of Sheih. From u get a feeling, he is brazen enough to do so partly because of Sheih special treatment of him. In fact, when somebody questions his behaviour, Monsterball in not so many ways question the person right to do by saying he( Monsterball) is 'the front liner" .

    To me, if Monsterball's behaviour is unacceptable, then so is Sheih blind endorsement of it.To me, Sheih cannot be totally exculpated.

    Don't think any decent and sane Malaysian should tolerate it.

    Go ahead. Read for yourself.

  8. Anonymous10:23 pm

    sack him! and in 6months he will be out of PAS too. Itu tabiat this guy. He is too romantic to be doing anything political.

  9. Anonymous10:24 pm

    It's actually show the actual scenario regarding UMNO member and grassroots member.

    I can say Kickdefella case is a tip of iceberg.Bijak pandai didalam UMNO sememangnya sudah meluat melihat kepimpinan sekarang dan ada yang mengambil langkah drastik untuk menjauhi UMNO.

    Kemenangan BN dipiliharaya kecil di Batu Talam,mungkin Machap @Ijok tidak mendatangkan apa2 kesan kepada pembangkang.Pembangkang hanya menunggu Pilihanraya Umum dan banyak Isu2 hangat akan meletus semula.

    Silent majoriti didalam UMNO sebenarnya confuse dan mual dengan orang yang berlagak macam pemerintah dan menggunakan status keluarga sebagai batu loncatan utk kepentingan diri.

  10. Anonymous10:43 pm

    For that post, Sheih is considered a public servant right? Public servant stays even if there is change of government.

    Does that mean all umno members cannot work in public sector if BN kaput?

  11. Anonymous10:56 pm

    Keje ngan kerajaan ataupun keje ngan parti itu berbeza. Mesti dibezakan dan mesti tahu membezakan. Bukan mcm oghang umno...parti dan kerajaan tangkap sama je... itu sbb pemimpin umno lantak duit rakyat semcmje

  12. Anonymous11:12 pm

    can the following scenario be true?

    everyone knows that sheih is an umno youth leader. one day he decided that he had enough of what is happening in the party (I'm sure he is not the only one) and started critising the party by making less than complimentary posters.

    the "powers that be" called him in (that explained why he went missing for sometime a while back) and hatched a plan.

    he exposed himself, continue his attacks on umno and also shows his support for the opposition. the opposition took his bait and invited him to work for them. its a coup, but who's coup is it really?

    starting from 15 april sheih will have to be told of PAS' plans, at least some of them (how else is he going to function without knowing their plans?). he will do his best to meet his employer's expectations because he is a professional and is paid to do his job. in fact, i think he will do a good job.

    sheih is still an umno member and his employers cannot do anything to stop his activities during his free time. after all sheih did not hide this fact from them and they went into this deal with their eyes wide open. what will sheih do when he meet his umno exco friends? so who will benefit the most?

    far fetched? maybe... but then again, maybe not.

    good nite all

  13. Anonymous1:13 am

    Sheih is a professional and joining the Menteri Besar Kelantan Inc based on his production experience and capabilities. He is not working for the PAS political party.

    Sheih is just doing a career change, in a town which is close to his heart. Maybe Sheih's talents is a scarce in that part of Malaysia.

    If Sheih will be penalised and expelled from UMNO, now that's politics! So be it.

    Kelantan UMNO have had endless scores of "Cah keting" culture, which include the maze spray attack on former UMNO President Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad, 28 July 2006 at the Kota Bahru airport.

    Nothing is a surprise anymore when one talks about Kelantan UMNO politics. Its a class of its own within UMNO.

    On the issue how Sheih managed his blog, alia epistles has accurately summarised what happened in Kickdefella blog, with regards to this character, "Monsterball". Yes, its unfair to bring the politics of other blogs into Rocky's but this issue involving this person which has infected other blogs. This is a lot of peoples' dismay.

  14. Anonymous8:57 am

    Do you really believe that a person can be a true professional if he is divided in his affiliations, especially in a politically biased enviroment? No bias, no side track, just a matter of fact one tract working mind?

    To me being a pro is doing a job with conviction and commitment 24/7 and at the end of the day, you are proud of the job done.

    This is just PAS' way in getting Sheih to join the party and also to get the bloggers' community to be on their side.

    So, Sheih should make a stand - is he UMNO or PAS? Why should he wait for UMNO to make a decision for him?

  15. salam & hi...

    saya mengikuti blog tuan & rakan2 dengan penuh minat...

    dlm cerita sheih ini, pandangan saya ialah sheih ingin membuktikan 'regardless of political background' semua rakyat malaysia adalah berhak untuk negara Malaysia...

    rakyat malaysia berhak untuk menentukan halatuju negara ini dengan fikiran & pemikiran yang terbuka serta lapang dada...

    rambut sama hitam, hati lain-lain...tapi dalam kelainan hati itu, tiada hati yang mahu negaranya hancur berkecai kecuali hati itu benar-benar 'buta'....


  16. Bro,
    For Sheih it's "the home-coming local hero "thinggy.. and so be it...it does'nt matter if Sheih is sacked from UMNO or is working for PIS... he is my friend and he is always welcomed in my company.. Cheers Sheih and good luck man !

  17. Anonymous12:17 pm

    "Inter Alia's Epistles", you have been spamming this message about monsterball-bigdog cat fight all over the place.

    Who doesn't know monsterballs' monstrous comments by now? Many times, I don't like them too.

    But, I disagree with you about Sheih in this matter. Bigdog had snarled at monsterball without any reason or provocation for several weeks. Knowing monsterball, I don't believe bigdog did not expect monsterball's out-of-proportion reaction. As expected, monsterball stepped right into the trap laid out for him. Bullying/conspiracy that resulted in overreaction is not unexpected.

    As for Sheih, he did not take side, did he? His judgment is highly commendable.

    If bigdog and monsterball wanted to fight in the mud, let them have their days. Just a reminder for monsterball, stay away from any reference to race and religion. Avoid injuring bystanders.

  18. jangan marah, tapi saya berpendapat sdr sheih harus bebas drpd politik kepartian untuk menegakkan integriti dan meneruskan perjuangan; wallahu'alam!

  19. Sheih moving to KB has nothing to do with his position in or affiliation with UMNO. UMNO does not take care of its own people. Sheih is small in UMNO's eyes. He is controversial and that rocks UMNO rudderless drifting sampan. His scripts are not accepted by UMNO controlled agencies. This gem of a man is closeted, his talents unrecognised. Man does not live by bread alone. He has very young dependents. UMNO had a chance to help him but Sheih cannot contribute to lining their pockets. So he is of no value. He has to live and his homestate saw the chance and it takes a man of Husam's calibre to recognise a potential in Sheih. I voted "Who cares a shit" in Malay Males poll. So many of us cannot be wrong. I will miss this guy that I just came to know at my unmasking. But I will make the sacrifice and say God Go With You, Sheih...and dont forget my monthly supply of home-made (as opposed to commercial mass-produced )budu.Ciao brother.