Tuesday, April 10, 2007

PM says no plan for blogger registration

Going round in circles. Abdullah Ahmad Badawi says existing laws are sufficient to take action against bloggers who "cross the limits". He says there is no plan to force bloggers to register. Am glad that good sense has prevailed but I say the government should stop going round and round in circles where blogging in this country is concerned.
Otherwise, we'll get deputy ministers and ministers shooting themselves in the foot, like here and here.
Who will believe when Zam defends (his) ministry's role as source of correct information?

[read the Bernama piece No Plan to compel bloggers to register, says Abdullah]


  1. Anonymous12:32 pm


    Sorry ingatan tak berapa bagus .. tapi ada sebuah film tak berapa lama dulu about US president upah a hollywood director untuk propagandanya ! mereka cipta "peperangan" yang tak pernah ujud untuk tontonan rakyatnya yang tak begitu bijak ..

    I think Sheih should know how it end !


  2. Anonymous12:54 pm

    This saying by John Stuart Mill, is probably too complicated for politicians like Zam to understand, (quote): :If all Mankind minus one were of one opinion, and only one person were of contrary opinion, mankind would be no more justified in silencing that one person, than he, if he had the power, would be justified in silencing mankind." (unquote) Put it in simple ABC for the misinformation creature, "Truth-tellers (applying to majority of bloggers) are not always palatable to any government lacking integrity. (Note: Still cannot understand!!) Well, better go for a candy bar!! We know, no point playing music to cows!!

  3. Anonymous1:24 pm

    Looks like the left hand does not know what the right hand does?????

  4. Bedol is 'awake' enough to realised his attempt at 'muzzling bloggers' is more than he could chew on unlike ZAM. Too bad, the casualty will be ZAM alone.

    Bedol is very similar to Bush, act all popular when it's crunch time even if it means stringing up his minions. 'Make No Mistake', Bedol is the every bit the worst politician there is.

  5. Anonymous2:02 pm

    we need federal cabinet level meetings to arrive at a common sense decision?

  6. Anonymous2:28 pm

    HP6 gomen lead by sleepy PM with dungus as ministers in XXL cabinet, what do you expect? Merry Go Round lo. The bggers have no idea what to say, what to do, how to govern and even worst still how to lie which should come naturally to politicians.

  7. Anonymous5:05 pm

    To alwayssomewhere

    Kalau tak salah, filem yang dimaksudkan 'Wag the dog' lakonan Robert De Niro & Dustin Hoffman. Betul ka?

    Saudara Rocky, sekadar untuk rujukkan, sila ke laman http://www.eff.org/ , terdapat banyak kes-kes antara syarikat koporat, organisasi dengan blogger. Mungkin boleh digunakan sebagai panduan untuk kes saudara

    Terima kasih

  8. Anonymous5:17 pm

    to skaliskala and anonymous,

    Yes it was Wag The Dog with De Niro and Hoffman. The spin doctors used the media to create a fictitious war in Albania to distract attention to the President's problems at home.

  9. Anonymous8:40 pm

    Time and again, we are bombarded with such idiotic, nonsensical comments or directives from the elected or appointed "dimwits" (if I may borrow the current popular term).

    And time and again, when the heated debate seems to be getting nowhere, we then get the *final* word of wisdom from our elected PM.

    Lo and behold, we then exclaim that "Finally sanity prevails and the word of reason has spoken". And we thank our beloved PM for keeping the "peace".

    I'll go further than the plot in "Wag the Dog" to suggest that all these insults to our intelligence are another form of "wayang" - a ruse to allow the "Chief Executive" to come out as the saviour of reason, and to maintain sanity among the confronting parties.

    Of course, if the ruse didn't follow the plot and actually runs the course that it was originally set out to go, then the dimwits can proclaim victory to their "Bosses" for having flexed their muscle and shafted us with their offensive brilliance.

    Whether these "wayang" are premeditated or otherwise, plenty of spin can be applied in any such way so that the "Boss" comes out smelling like a rose!

    So, have we all been suckered yet again, and what new games are we going to play next ? I can't wait ..


  10. There wasn't much else Dollah could say in the end, he had to face the facts. There aren't any anonymous locally hosted blogs or websites. Your web-hosting service provider will require your name, IC no., address, phone contact etc. Its your choice if you don't want to show your name on blog, but your registration record is there for the government to check if they want to.
    For the overseas hosted blogs, there's zilch the government to do about it, short of blocking the entire Blogspot.com or Wordpress.com domain.