Sunday, April 01, 2007

The NPC President and I

Mokhtar Hussain. My brother Mokh, 46, a seasoned journalist from the national news agency, Bernama, is President of the National Press Club. Some 50 delegates from all major newspapers attended the AGM on Friday and made me stay back as the club's Adviser. I am more than happy to help Mokh and his new exco go further than I, with his help and my exco, have pushed the club for the last four years as its President. [Jalan Sudin posted yesterday, Shanghai Fish's take is here, and the Bernama piece is here].

I am now putting together a plan to form a national alliance of bloggers. It is a grouping that aims to promote blogging and protect bloggers in Malaysia. More on the proposed alliance after my court case against NSTP and 4 others tomorrow. It's at Denmark House, 9 am.


  1. Anonymous6:27 pm

    Hi Mr Mantan Presiden,

    Congratulations on your retirement. So you are starting a Blogger thingy. Kudos!

    About your legal thingy tomorrow, a lil' bit out of my usual Monday morning schedule. However, I am in full solidarity in thoughts, wishes and Blogosphere spirit tomorrow when you walk the few steps of Denmark House lobby and take the lift to 10th floor.

  2. Will definitely support a national alliance of bloggers. =) Keep it up, and don't hesitate to ask if you need backup/help. I'm sure lots of us are willing to give a hand!

  3. OK, get the national alliance of bloggers going and registered and count me in. It would be a good forum for the exchanges of ideas. Thanks.

  4. Saudara Rocky, satu usaha yang baik. Semoga berjaya merealisasikannya. Saya turut menyokong usaha ini.

  5. The irony is it's being held in Denmark House ... I'll be there with you in spirit!

  6. Anonymous9:34 pm

    All the best rocky.

  7. Anonymous9:42 pm

    Good idea, the national alliance of bloggers. But first you have to fight the evil suit against the bloggers. Rocky, you will win this case against the forces of evil. You will prevail. Justice will be done. Your fight, and our fight, against evil, hypocrisy, plagiarism, deceit, lies will prevail. We will fight against evil together. We shall prevail. Lead the revolution, Rocky. We are behind you all the way. The nation is watching. Rocky, your sacrifices will not be in vain.

  8. Count me in for the national alliance of bloggers. It's high time for Malaysian bloggers to have it.


  9. Anonymous11:27 pm

    Congratulations to the new President. But please do note that a lot of NPC members didn't even know about the AGM.

    There are a number of us who would like to keep our membership alive.

  10. pengalaman sudah ada. cuma tolak sedikit dan tarik sikit. insyaAllah berjaya.

  11. Anonymous1:35 am

    Hi rocky,

    Wishing you all the best for tomorrow's court case. Keep us updated here. We are behind you...Rock on!


  12. Anonymous1:37 am

    Dear Rocky,
    I'm afraid I'll be at work on Monday, but wishing all things good tomorrow!

    e wong

  13. Bro Rocky,
    Sorry I cant make it today ,all the best .Our Prayers are for you and Jeff.
    As for blogger assoc. i am all for it.

    Psychiatric Office.

    Politician Pt:
    I got problem with my nerves,everytime i placed my hand in my pocket,feeling the 10's.20's and 50's coins,My hand become sweaty,heart beat faster and i become uncertain...

    Thats a common disease amongst politician now cause by bloggers

    Politician Pt;
    But why the coins?

    Thats the are afraid of change!!

  14. Hi Rocky ,

    I wished I could be at the court to give you the emotional support but I couldn't make it . I wish you success and keep us updated of the latest development . Thank you

  15. Anonymous10:54 am

    Please be assured of my support as well as that of countless others even though we may not be around physically with you.

  16. Anonymous10:59 pm

    congrats bro :D lifetime adviser eh?

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