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Chick-bashing prince is from Johor?

The police report. The story that the m-Star broke Kerabat diraja disiasat kes pukol kekasih on March 24 is the kind of story you would expect the (mainstream) tabloids to go to town with but it hasn' t been the case. Fathi Aris, the editor of m-Star, posted it on his blog and Susan Loone did a two-parter - The prince, the lady and the policeman and The prince, the lady and the policeman (2) - but that was about it.

Last week a copy of the police report lodged by Mohd Yasin Bin Mohd Yusof, 52, the father of the young lady allegedly beaten up by a member of the royal family, came into my possession. Copies of the same report, I was told, were also given to the tabloids, so we can expect them to follow with the cops and update us on the police investigation. In the meantime, here's what the girl's father allegedly had to tell the Johor Bahru police on March 16 . The police report was typed out in upper case:



  1. Kita sebagai rakyat biasa, yang tidak punya pengaruh selalu tersepit oleh penindasan...

    Keadilan harus ditegakkan bagi mengembalikan kewibawaan pihak polis dan institusi raja berdaulat.

  2. This is the kind of abuse (both the beatings by the "royality" and the balls-less inaction by the police) that gives this country a notch or two up in the world index for corrupt governance... and we all sit back and watch in horror !
    To the police I say "book him" and drag him to the courts -if you got the guts !Don't try to cover-up...transparent government? Bullshit !

  3. Sdr Rocky,

    When a coach of the Johor Youth Hockey Team was allegedly beaten up for sidelining a Johor prince in a tournament, the NST and The Malay Mail broke the story. Others followed.

    That incident sparked off the 2nd constitutional crisis, which led to the amendment of the Constitution which took away the immunity of the Rulers and the members of the royal family except in the performance of their official duties.

    Beating up people, cheating business partners and getting involved in pub brawls are not official duties surely.

    Our bother Dato’ Syed Nazri was in the thick of it then. I was the NSTSB group editor. When I asked then PM, Tun Dr Mahathir, about our reporting, he said it was entirely up to us.

    We took the risk and the people won. We have to continue to defend that victory.

    It does not mean that when a PM is made a member of the royal family by being awarded Darjah Kerabat, he should side with the raja and neglect the rakyat.

    This kind of incident, if not properly handled, will make mockery of the hadhari campaign, which is supposedly founded on civilization and civility.

    Don’t you feel that our beloved Malaysia is slowly sinking into a state of lawlessness?

    Please tell me that I am wrong!

    Thank you.

  4. Without pre-judging the Tengku Mahkota, can somebody walk us through the process of what happens next.

    I assume the investigation papers on this lady-bashing will go to the IGP who will then decide if it needs to be send on to the AG's office, who will then decide if there is a need for convening the royal court.

  5. Anonymous9:03 am

    Bingo.Johor again.This will cause a serious problem in Johor especially in terms of succession.TMJ is not immune to prosecution and if convicted he will not become Sultan.His position is already shaky because he is only a half royal - mum is mat salleh. The Sultanah would prefer Tengku Majid to succeed. Another mad royal with a history of beating up the rakyat.
    The law is very clear.Do the crime and pay with time!
    As a Johorean I am sick and tired of the the way this family treat the rakyat.TMJ has a long history of using and taking women for his use. They hide behind the goons in the Johor Military Force who answer their every bidding...otherwise...
    Bloggers have a responsibility to stop this nonsense. This is the 21st Century and the Johor royalties cannot abuse us anymore.
    Please help and protect the family of En Yasin.

  6. Anonymous9:30 am

    You are right Datuk KJ, it took the guts of dr m to change the constituition.

    Let's see what the police and the pm will do.....

  7. A thought just crossed my mind.

    There would be no case if the lady withdraws her report.

    So i do hope the lady and her family would be strong in their resolve to see that justice is done. They have nothing to fear for We, The People will be with them.

  8. Anonymous10:56 am

    Well, I for one, fail to see why we need 'kings' in the first place. One is a luxury, a bunch of them is just plain silly and extravagant.

    Kings who mess with sports associations, Kings who chased ( and still do) artists..You don't see this in Thailand, and look how respected he is..

  9. Anonymous11:03 am

    dear tunku,
    do you remember what happened on 30th January 1649?

  10. Anonymous11:10 am

    This discussion in here is provided that there are:

    1.Yasmin Mohd Yassin's story is real and correct.

    2. Evidence. Without evidence, how to prosecute Tunku Mahkota Johor even though Dr. Mahathir ammended the Constitution for these sort of things. What if no evidence and/or witnesses and nothing to incriminate the heir apparent to the Johor Sultanate?

    How go let the Justice process follow trough?

    3. If there is a police report, let the police finish their investigations. Then only can determine whether the case is genuine and there is a case, like being reported. Personally, I don't think the current IGP is the sort of man who would cover up cases and defy the process to earn justice

  11. Anonymous11:36 am

    For heaven's sake! When are our girls going to learn that they get involved with the Yellowed ones at their own peril? And when are these Yellowed ones going to realize that they own this world and they are not God's gift to women!

  12. rocky,

    your guess is as good as mine.
    let's see what happens next.
    and it has to be Johor...again.

  13. Anonymous1:19 pm

    The Johor Sultanate originates from Aceh, Sumatra. Perhaps it is something in their blood?

  14. I only want to comment on the police protection report made by En. Yasin.

    If it is in Kelantan of old, this kind of police report normally made by "orang-orang kampung" who had invovled in the fight. Both sides would make police report of this nature for the purpose anything happen (for example kena kapak bungkus), the police can go after the opposite party. Until anything happen, the police will not do anything.

  15. Anonymous2:29 pm

    This story about this Yasmin's story unable to do a police report will most probably not get into the mainstream media print.

    The folks in the kampungs, especially the Johoreans, will not get to know about this.

    Their perception about the Tunku Mahkota Johor is very high, especially the TMJ's annual Kembara Mahkota where he and the family travels all over the state, on motorbikes visiting the most boondocks of places, sleeping in the most meagre kampung folks home, eating their everyday regular meals, diligently for a few years now. This is a very popular mesra rakyat annual event which is very highly regarded.

    To them, Tunku Ibrahim Ismail is a model Sultan Johor in-waiting. This family also spent a lot of time, money and effort with the Johor flood victims in too many relief centres last December-January flood in Johor.

    Not many of these folks have access to internet, let alone blogs. So their perception of Tunku Ibrahim is expected to be high and they would still want him to replace his father when Sultan Iskandar dies. The fact that his son, Tunku Ismail Ibrahim is made the Raja Muda shows how much Sultan Iskandar is making sure the lineage is set.

    Unless the case against Tunku Ibrahim made by this Yasmin is solid enough to warrant IGP to instruct full investigations and build up a case so that the DPP is able to prosecute him, then all these discussions is just opinionated.

    Even that, the DPP has to prosecute Tunku Ibrahim in a Special Tribunal, not in regular criminal courts. That is provided by the amended constitution which Dr. Mahathir revoked the immunity of the Royals on private capacity, back in 1993.

    So many limitations to this episode. That is why no real case have ever been successfully brought against any royals in this country, even though the law that provided immunity against the private conduct has been repealed in 1993 (14 years ago).

  16. Anonymous2:51 pm

    out of curiosity, could the chap also the mastermind behind the renown 'iskandar gang'?

  17. Anonymous4:05 pm

    Ohh ingatkan tengku bendahata, rupanya tmj. well it has been a race between tmj & tengku bendahara. yes both are not worth it but somehow they have the blood. between them tmj is much better but thus case will be well celebrated by bendahara camps. i wait for my datukship.

  18. Anonymous4:22 pm

    Kembara Mahkota has been such a funfair for Johorian. To prepare each kembara alone, indirectly State Gov have to spend millions, well the lawyer behind Kembara denied, he said Kembara fund are all from private sponsors. Well millions of sponsoring motorbikes, their hotels, foods, fuel, balloons, posters, women etc are better spend directly to the poor. It to strengthen TMJ images. Tengku Bendahara can be much worse but he is laughing now.

  19. Anonymous4:42 pm

    and the blood of the bugis pirates live on....

  20. bigdog,

    perhaps you may want to visit the kampung-kampung in johor to gauge for yourself the truth of your remarks on tmj. ppl upstairs attached too much value on his kembara thingy, but go to the kampung-kampung, and get a feel of the ppl downstairs. the earth has a different smell!

    btw anonymous, the royals of johor, like those in selangor and pahang, are of the bugis stock from sulawesi island (south). in fact, some members of the cabinet share similar roots.

    tok kadir j was refering to the constitutional amendment in the early 1990s. (there was an earlier one in the early 1980s.) but to claim that the hockey incident (or the scoop by nst?) sparked off the 2nd amendment was we thought an overstretch of the imaginations.

    it was an open secret then, that the government was having too much of a 'problem' with the blue-blooded ones (fed & states). some were genuinely guided by their noble interests in protecting the rights of the rakyat jelata, but most others were guided by personal interests (nepotism, cronysm, or simply 'a kuda kepang').

    the incident obviously presented a timely opportunity for the government then. as the mainstream media were owned by parties supporting the government, they played to the gallery, and we were wondering indeed, what ever happened to 'adab-sopan'? just because a few well-known royals had committed errors, that shouldn't give anyone any license to put everyone of them into the same basket. but it was then.

    and if we are not careful this time again, we will surely trek that old road of 1983 and 1992.

    may God bless us all with right guidance on the most honorable path.


  21. AAB is now buddy-buddy with the Johor royal family, so this case will probably be played down or buried altogether.

    The Mainstream press live with a different reality, dictated by what Zam/ FAK wants them to publish or not to publish. Take for example what Ku Nan said about bloggers. Apart from Oriental Daily, the MSM just pretended no such thing was ever said.

  22. If all this is true, the person I feel most for is his no-doubt, long- suffering wife. From her newspaper columns, Raja Zarith comes across as a most wonderful, compassionate human being. And Johoreans are lucky that she has especially embraced them to her. I thought she has tamed him, shown him the errors of his ways. Civilized him , as it were. But alas, it is not so. The leopard still sports his spots !

    What a lousy example he is setting for his son who had the singular honor of leading the Indian 61st Cavalry Regiment at the Indian Independence Day parade recently.

    I wrote to a Delhi friend then:

    "... this interesting news in the online edition of 'The Hindu' newspaper.

    We are so proud of him !
    His mother has brought him up good. She is a very humane, compassionate lady and does a lot of charity work and must have instilled some wonderful values into him."

  23. Anonymous5:45 pm

    Please differentiate between Tunku Ibrahim Ismail, Tunku Abdul Majid Idris and Raja Zarith Sofia.

    She is a humble princess, received Oxford education and involved with many charity organisations like Mawar and Red Cresent Society. Infact she did a lot of work to ease the suffering the people affected by the December Great Flood.

    I think Dato' Marina has a story about this.

    Its unfair to make sweeping statements just because they are Royals and/or belong to the same Royal Household.

  24. Anonymous7:08 pm

    More to the point the Johor royal family only have their throne courtesy the British. You'll note that the Johor royals are the only one of the nine families to pose for their official portraits in British imperial style costume rather than Malay regalia. So frankly it doesn't matter if the Crown Prince's mother is English does it?
    Now what about the episode with the golf clubs and a year or two back on that island where one of the family gate crashes a mat salleh wedding party.
    Hopefully some day one of them will pick on the wrong guy and get a dose of their own medicine.

  25. SHAME, this word is no longer in the mind of authorities. There is no more integrity, dignity, in the governance of malaysia

  26. Anonymous9:15 pm

    We pay for their jobs (sign documents, attend ceremony, read scripted speech) and this what we get.

  27. Found on the Net:
    The modern Royal house of Johor (or Johore) trace their descent from one 'Aidarus of Aceh in Sumatra, a Sayyid from the Hadramaut in Southern Arabia. His male descendants came to rule over four states, Johor, Trengganu and Pahang in Malaysia and Lingga in Indonesia. The family frequently married into the old Royal House of Malacca-Johor, and succeeded to the Sultanate on the extinction of the male line in 1699. During the following two centuries, the once mighty empire continued its slow decline, prey to new powers from Europe and the wider Malay world.

    more at:

  28. Anonymous10:43 pm

    Most of these so-called Royal families have their black sheep. There is also a story of a princess from Kedah who abused and abandoned her child. Not only that, she had performed sexual acts, whilst unmarried, with another prominent Royal from the Negri Sembilan clan, in full view of the child. When the child was finally rescued by the father the child had to get psychiatric help to overcome the distress.

  29. Anonymous12:21 am

    Wow Johor again!!! We rakyat are screwed. Thank god I live in Selangor where we have a Sultan that is with the rakyat instead of bashing us up.

    Guess no matter what education you receive or free money your way, the inner you never goes away even with the threat of new rules hang over you.Maybe some think they are above the law or whom they know will rescue them.

  30. Anonymous6:33 am

    mohd noh satibi,

    the douglas gomez case was the final to speak.
    we all knew of the many excesses and abuses in johor with regards to the behaviour of the Johor Sultan. Cases of physical abuse to peoople, includng ranked civil servants and the ordinary folk went unreported simply because of the fear -- there was real fear of the sultan's power to just do what he liked. perhaspmsome werefact some,fiction. but it was not ajoke.
    the douglas gomez case did finally lead the national leadership -- that is, dr mahathir to act.
    so tok kadiaq was not exaggerating. gomez's case wasnt the first. but it was the first to be reported (to the police) and supported by the media, and the people.

  31. Anonymous7:40 am

    Thank God I live in Selangor.....and the Sultan is a his late father.

  32. Anonymous9:53 am

    since a kadir jasin was polite enough to write, "Please tell me that I am wrong!"... well, please allow me...

    you are WRONG... DEAD wrong!... which in your case, unsurprisingly, has always been the norm rather than the exception.

    for starters... how many new laws have been introduced and how many amendments have been made to existing laws since 1957?

    quite a few, hasn't it?

    so, isn't it obvious that the REAL problem lies in the ENFORCEMENT of these laws?... which in our case is almost negligible... well, SELECTIVE at best.

    our problem is that our beloved Malaysia is fast degenerating into a state of SELECTIVE prosecution.

    however, contrary to popular local beliefs this selective prosecution isn't based on race but more along the lines of politics and finance... you got money and connections you get a GET OUT OF JAIL FREE card... know what I'm saying?

    furthermore, another of your logic has gone askew when you wrote, "When I asked then PM, Tun Dr Mahathir, about our reporting, he said it was entirely up to us. We took the risk and the people won."

    firstly, you were actually doing the then PM a BIG favour, am I not correct?

    after all, he was raising a very delicate issue and hence needed all the support he could get.

    so, do you, in your right mind, think anyone in his position would reject to this kind of "offer"?


    secondly, if the PM himself gave you the green light, what risk would you be referring to here... "We took the risk and the people won..."?

    and, interestingly enough, did the people actually win or you did?

    had the people won, then why is the girl's father having such a horrid time just to lodge a Police report?

    we are not even talking about prosecution here... just lodging a Police report!

    now, try selling your logic to Encik Yasin and see if he buys it?

    if he does... then I rest my case.

    finally, a sycophant will always remain in-sync with his chosen way of success although the usual excuse is called diplomacy in these days of political correctness... I think?

    what on earth am I talking about?

    well... a hint, "This kind of incident, if not properly handled, will make mockery of the hadhari campaign, which is supposedly founded on civilization and civility."

    please excuse me while I go in search of a barf bag!

    p/s a slightly different version was sent to Jalan Sudin... what's that number again?

  33. Anonymous11:08 am

    Not all royals can be lumped together with Johor and Pahang. Thank Allah for Selangor and Perak.

  34. Anonymous8:26 pm

    This (below)is from Wikipedia - and know it's not infallible - but I remember reading similar things in other reliable sources - another person who'd know is Farish Noor - he's written about Sultan Abu you can see the current royal family were enthroned by the Brits. Perhaps they'd like to take them back....?

    In 1855, under the terms of a treaty between the British in Singapore and Sultan Ali of Johor, the control over the State was formally ceded to Dato' Temenggong Daing Ibrahim, with the exception of the Kesang area (Muar), which was finally handed over in 1877. Temenggong Ibrahim opened up Bandar Tanjung Puteri (later to become Johor's present-day capital) in south Johor as a major town.

    Temenggong Ibrahim was succeeded by his son, Dato' Temenggong Abu Bakar, who later took the title Seri Maharaja Johor. In 1866, he was formally crowned the Sultan of Johor. Sultan Abu Bakar of Johor (1864 - 1895) was the one who gave Johor its own constitution and developed its efficient administration system and constructed the Istana Besar, the official residence of the Sultan. Due to these achievements, Sultan Abu Bakar is known by the title "Father of Modern Johor". He is immortalized at the Sultan Abu Bakar Monument. The monument is built in the seafront directly opposite the courthouse.

  35. Anonymous5:23 am

    Long live Selangor and Perak royalty.

    To actually think that this johor pirate's great grandfather was a SIR of the british empire. And see how his lineage has turned out to be.

    Bapak Borek Anak Rintik. U can see the johor sultan's face.....this is a pirate face. (A grumpy pirate)

  36. Anonymous1:25 pm


    You referred to: "The modern Royal house of Johor (or Johore) trace their descent from one 'Aidarus of Aceh in Sumatra, a Sayyid from the Hadramaut in Southern Arabia. His male descendants came to rule over four states, Johor, Trengganu and Pahang in Malaysia and Lingga in Indonesia. The family frequently married into the old Royal House of Malacca-Johor, and succeeded to the Sultanate on the extinction of the male line in 1699. During the following two centuries, the once mighty empire continued its slow decline, prey to new powers from Europe and the wider Malay world."

    Can I suggest you refer to Shaharom Hussain's "Sejarah Johor"? You will get a clearer understanding of the transfer of power in Johor from the descendants of the Kesultanan Melaka, which ended after Sultan Mahmud (Mangkat Di Julang) in 1699; to the Bendahara Johor family; and subsequently to the Temenggung clan, and the role of Anak Bugis Lima Bersaudara (Daeng Merewah, Daeng Chelak, Daeng Perani etc). The current Johor Royal House is a direct descendant of Temenggung Abdul Rahman; who was succeeded by Temenggung Daeng Ibrahim; Maharaja (later changed to Sultan) Abu Bakar; Sultan Ibrahim; Sultan Ismail and currently Sultan Iskandar.

    During the rule of Bendahara Johor, one Raja Kechik of Siak claimed that he was Sultan Mahmud's son (Sultan Mahmud had no heir to the throne when he was murdered), and tried to invade Johor to claim the throne, but he was repeatedly defeated by the Anak Bugis Lima Bersaudara, who got friendly with the Bendahara and Temenggung, and married into the clans. There was also a period when Johor seemed to be governed by two rulers, i.e. Sultan Hussain (a descendant of the Bendahara Johor) and Temenggung Abdul Rahman, which eventually led to the Perang Jementah, but 17th-19th century Johor politics is best appreciated by reading Shaharom Hussain's excellent starter to Johor's history.


  37. Anonymous2:45 pm

    hmmm.. but the biotch main kayu tiga what? even regular joe would beat his gf if he found out she's cheating.

    just because he's royalty he has to be pious kah?

  38. Anonymous9:43 am

    oit.... well its darn true tat million(s) are spent on the kembara and those $ all comes from Tunku himself, private sector, responsibled politician and the government. these $ are spent for the benefit of the rakyat. charity are channeled tru kembara. money spents on hotels??? derrrr....alor those who have gone tru kembara well darn know tat pple following kembara stayed at kampong hses, hostels, polis hostels and even the Tunku himself stayed at kampong hses... kembara has its own funds and with these funds the kembara moves... these irresponsible report on kembara and on the bashing of the gurl is just a plot by some irresponsible ungrateful kerabat to topple down Tunku.. a lot of things has been done for this ungrateful kerabat and this kerabat is still ungrateful... alor kerabat pls wake up wats not urs is not urs...

  39. Anonymous12:35 pm

    repot yg dibuat keatas tmj dah pun ditarik balik sbb difahamkan semasa repot dibuat sibapak ni tengah bekecelaru dengan desakan2 drpd anak raja yg lagi satu tu dan jugak kuncu2nya yg mendesak supaya repot tu dibuat utk memalukan dan mengaibkan tmj. tak abis2 anak raja lagi satu tu buat hal. difahamkan juga tindakan utk mengaibkan tmj ni menjadi jadi sejak anak tmj dilantik sebagai raja muda johor. kirakan anak raja yg lagi satu tu benganglah dengan tindakan sultan yg membuat perlantikan rmj tu.

  40. Anonymous2:38 pm

    He got his marketing strategy deployed effectively..

    Out of all the royalties in malaysia, none have been pulling publicity stunts and media manipulations as much as them..(even pahang royalties is a far second)..whether intentional or unintentional, they seems to love it..

    Lots of things can be done quietly, but no..not for them..everything need to be paraded..

  41. Anonymous12:26 am

  42. Anonymous12:29 am

  43. Anonymous3:46 am


  44. Anonymous11:50 pm

    first of all...yes..there is nothing can be said in defense of the said allegations.

    but allow me to higlight a fact not made known to public that..the said coach received what he deserves for crashing into the palace grounds under heavy influence of alcohol..thus he got what he deserved...

    ROYAL is ROYAL..too bad some are not born within the family..but i guess if you may acted way overly than the king himself.

    and i despise those titled given ppl i.e datuks/tan sris/dr/ir/ar and families who acted royally than the royals themselves!

  45. Anonymous11:52 pm

    first of all...yes..there is nothing can be said in defense of the said allegations.

    but allow me to higlight a fact not made known to public that..the said coach received what he deserves for crashing into the palace grounds under heavy influence of alcohol..thus he got what he deserved...


    ROYAL is ROYAL..too bad some are not born within the family..but i guess if you may acted way overly than the king himself.

    and i despise those titled given ppl i.e datuks/tan sris/dr/ir/ar and families who acted royally than the royals themselves!

  46. Anonymous2:11 am

    and i despise those titled given ppl i.e datuks/tan sris/dr/ir/ar and families who acted royally than the royals themselves---> siapa kita nih sebenarnya nak berlagak sangat ni..xkira sultan,anak raja,dato, tan sri.... last sekali semua mati, masuk kubur, jawabla sendiri depan Allah.. hidup nih sementara beb..mungkin kita nih selalu lupakan..huahuahua..

  47. heard alot of stories about ur Johor "hero" KL/Selangor but seeing things with my own eyes here....Pity y'all with this kinda "arse" running loose,abusing Sultan,huh??

  48. baca cerita macam ni,mengingatkan aku pada seorang hamba Allah yang megah dan terkejar-kejar kerabat di-raja yang sudah terang-terang berkeluarga dan terkenal dengan cerita skandal dengan ramai 'betina' kat luar sana nun.

    ceritanya dia dah menikah senyap-senyap kat sebuah surau/masjid kat area johor tapi tak pernah pula aku tengok sijil nikahnya.

    bila ditanya 'jantan kerabat' tu cakap ada dalam simpanannya.

    yang hamba Allah ni pulak dah jadi macam 'betina garit',ada je aku dengar cerita tentang perlakuan jalangnya dengan pelbagai jantan yang bagi aku amat tidak dewasa dan membosankan.

    tup,tup,kalau dapat je call dari jantan kerabat tu,nak juga dia berjumpa walaupun selalu dilupakan macam tak wujud langsung.anonymous

  49. Anonymous7:01 pm

    helo when ur with the royals there is no justice as the law is in their hands...the sultan of johor was never convicted 4 his crimes what makes then people so sure that his son will be convicted??

    no way...when it comes to these kind of things there is no justice as the & they just sweep it under the carpet & pay the families 2 shut up or they will be handled..this happenes in all the Royals All Over The World...

    the ones in power will do anything to stay in power & no one can stop them

  50. Anonymous12:13 am

    Personally I hope the role of Royalty should protected. enhanced and developed to play a more respomsible function. They should act as a balance between the national interest and the politicians from either divide i.e BN or PKR.

    Their have an active role to play bila rakyat "di-tindas". But currently most sultans avoid being proactive to public needs. I do not know why?

    For examaple, when the rakyat gather at their door with a amemo, they should have the courtesy to invite the leader and speak a word or two. They need not agree to the demands. This is what I have seen in other matured royal households.

    Again it not what the princes and sultans do but what the rakyat wants the govt to do.

    If the Fed does not take action (or makes private deals with them), then the rakyat have to change the government of the day just like what the rakyat did to the MIC,UMNO,MCA policticans who have been making deals amongst themselves at the expense of public.

    Kadir Jasin beams with ego when he says that he broke the story of the sultan's misbehaviour. As a group editor, then, he should have broken many stories of the misdeeds of mahathir like the 100 million lost in many mamak deals e.g trying to corner the world Tin Mining, Dabling in FOREX and incurring a loss of 10 Billion, writing off bank bumi debts taken for his cronies, defaming Tan Sri Norodin Zakaria, Salleh Abbas, tan Sri Ani Arope to name a few. But Kadir had no guts to speak up as he made many millions in the Real Mild privatision of NST etc). So Kadir, u have no right to talk about the Royalty when u sold yourself and jounalism in this country for money. Now u are easting roti canai and the tarik in S17 Krishna curry house which those did not sell themself also can afford to. Jo Jorean

  51. biasa la....big man with the big name....siapa kita sebagai orang biasa nak kata apa2x.....just follow the call la...macam pencacai je...

  52. Anonymous8:54 am

    Looking at the 'police report' is this for real? Not to knock anyones intergrity but a scanned copy of actual report posted would be better... To silence all would be critics.. Don't you think?

    -truly 1Malaysian-

  53. Anonymous9:52 pm


    Jangan cepat melatah. Baik kita tunggu dan lihat. Takkan seseorang senang2 atau suka2 hati nak pukul orang kalau takda sebab. Adakah perempuan itu bercakap benar atau beliau mengambil kesempatan atas sebab berkawan dgn TMJ. For God sake, let the police do their work and Pls dont jump into conclusion. Tq

  54. Gopal Raj Kumar7:23 am

    The only reason this article is of interest to those who read and comment on it is that it involves the sensation of a Royal being involved.

    Just because there is a complaint of physical abuse lodged, does not necessarily mean we can conclude it is as reported fact.

    The truth of abuse (spousal abuse) is that the vast majority of Malaysian men have in one form or the other at one time or the other been involved in this situation.

  55. Anonymous1:11 pm

    What happened to that caddy? Did he die from a stray golf ball or something? Did that lead to Mahathir's famous constitutional amendment regarding (sovereign) immunity of a Ruler?


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