Friday, April 13, 2007

No to biggest. No to longest.

Most expensive kebab is the longest last straw on the biggest camel's back. A group of students from the Multimedia University has urged the varsity and its Student Representative Council to put a stop at their obsession with creating national records for the biggest this and the longest that. These students told blogger SK Thew that they saw no merits in spending RM24,000 to create Malaysia's "longest kebab" and that the money could have been used to:

1. can save a cancer patient’s life.
2. can pay MMU tuition fees for 2 years.
3. can fund a master student to complete 50% of his/her research.
4. can feed a starving child for 6 and a half years to live in Malaysia.
5. is the daily living cost of 6857 people in under-developed region of the world.
6. can prolong the life of 8000 people in famine-stricken countries in Africa for another day!

I say there's hope yet for our varsity students. Read the whole story here.


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  2. Anonymous6:21 pm

    RM 24,000 is a huge figure (for a poor Malaysian like me who struggles to make ends meet). Instead of wasting the sum for making the longest kebab, why dont we utilise it for improving the quality of higher education in Malaysia so that we can place at least one of Malaysian universities in the TIMES Higher Education Ranking in the top 10?
    Which one is more important and it makes we proud of as Malaysians? The longest kebab or getting into the top 10 best universities in the world? Of course, the longest kebab is more important...In retrospect, no brainer for the answer


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  4. yeah, jit murad too satirised about malaysian obsession with the 'sirap bandung' book of records!

  5. Anonymous7:17 pm

    Without the rhetorics, wow! Such a big kebab. That sounds so palatable to me :)

    I guess SK Thew has a point. Few years back, someone went on doing a record breaking "tallest nan" at Kuala Lumpur tower.

    As they say, simple things pleases the simplest minds. Generally, Malaysians thrives on these comical antics. Maybe its a substitute for real achievements.

    The drive to want to create a record is something positive. However, the feat that they chose to achieve is not!

  6. Bro,
    I did one post on this ridiculous subject under "World Champions us- Malaysians " some where in November 2006. We are suckers for grabbing unwarranted attention !Shame...shame...!

    Cheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeers man...(does that qualify me for writing the longest "cheers" in a blog ???heh...heh !!!

  7. Anonymous9:24 pm

    i was asked by a singaporean friend why malaysians are so obssessed with such meaningless record-breaking crap. and so i promised her there wont be anymore such feat since its been quite awhile there was any. but oh boy how wrong i was. even those baargers down south finds it ridiculous. when will we ever learn i wonder.

  8. Anonymous11:36 pm


    Finally, to know there are university students with some sense of priority comforts me a little bit more.

  9. WAts wif MMU?

    Recently MMU had another record breaking event.. creating as many kolam/ranggoli(using rice grain/powder)... objective was to promote indian culture.. fine .. wats wif the obessesion on breaking records..

    The idea is to teach the non- indians as well as foreigners the Indian culture and how to go about it in a proper way, not to turn the whole thinggy into freee art.. man they even had doreamon and Manchester United logo... ??

    Now this kebab thinggy?? food food and food.. can drive 23434554656576 km for food and in the same time can starve for record breaking... Jesus!!!

  10. Rm24K to do "what the heck for"!

    Malaysian bloopers doing blooming things just to get their name(s) in a record book.

    A long time go, this would have been a prankster-inspired event. Nowadays, it is par for the course and duly recognised by the relevant authorities.

    So I wonder who is more stupid.

  11. Anonymous12:34 am

    I guess Dr Mahathir got to take part of the blame of this "Bolih" mentality; it was during his regime that 'Bolihmania' rose to its greatest height.

  12. Apabila kita bercakap mengenai "Malaysia Boleh", ia sepatutnya merujuk kepada kemampuan Malaysia untuk bersaing dalam bidang-bidang ekonomi, sains & teknologi, pendidikan, sukan, dan sebagainya. Bagaimanapun, konsep ini disalahfahami. Maka berebut-rebutlah kita membuat ketupat paling besar, lemang paling panjang dll. Dalam soal lemang dan ketupat, kita tidak perlu bersaing dengan sesiapa. Hanya Malaysia yang ada lemang dan ketupat - sah, "Malaysia Boleh"!

  13. Anonymous1:01 am

    All these are signs than we have "inferiority complexes". We need all these "achievements" because we want attention, to satisfy our egos and short comings. We need "praises" to feel good and want others to "respect" us but sadly these are not forthcoming so we do more of these nonsensical things to announce to the world "hey, we are here, notice us. Say we are good boys and girls. We need to feel wanted. Otherwise we will do some more idiotic things."

  14. Anonymous1:23 am

    RM 24,000 is your average joe's salary...

    for 2 or even 3 years that is...

    ask the guy working in the kebab stall.

  15. Anonymous1:25 am

    Down with dubious records I say! Many Malaysians, I have no doubt, will agree with me.

    Let's aim for real records we can be proud of. Here's some examples

    - Best University in Asia.
    - 10 Gold medals at the Olympics
    - Best football nation in SEA (not that high is that?)
    - Best managed economy among developing nations
    - Best racial integration record among multi-ethnic nations
    - World record in equitable distribution of wealth.
    - Best environmental awareness/management record among developing nations.
    - Best developing nation in the area of transparent governance and accountability.

    These are not just ideals. We can get there. Instead of these disgusting masturbation exercises for short term gratification.

    Who cares if you have the longest kebab in the world?! Sheesh! %$^%$#%$#

  16. Anonymous4:32 am

    My Bro Din,

    The days of creating meaningless records are over, ended with Dr Mahathir Mohamad’s exiting the scene in 2004. These days the Big Guy or at least the government in Putrajaya does not give a shit about “the biggest, the longest, the tallest or the highest” and whatever “est” shit they might be. This is no longer the time for that. Then it was the time of stamping our mark on the world’s map and our biggest signature is complete with the two tallest buildings in the world, a feat not likely to be emulated or even eclipsed by any other country. Bravo and now its time to move on, minus this shit of “syok sendiri” that will lead us nowhere.

    I cannot comprehend why the heck uni people were still hang such hang-ups because should they persist on doing so than their mental faculty is at best still having a seiged-mentality and were no better than that of the kampong abc making the biggest dodol, this new village xyz making the highest decks of moon cake. Or even some small association some remote are trying to advertise themselves by holding the biggest feast and some other morons getting married in suck a big numbers somewhere otherwise not normally heard of. Even the so-called solo expedition to some shit corner of the world by a lady dato’, who gives a shit? Or those monkeys to be airdropped onto some other shit part of the world. The end-game is who gives a shit and it does not help the Pak Longs, Mak Longs, Pakciks and Makciks in the kampongs or some Nyonyas elsewhere or even their children now studying in some unis.

    What the uni people should do is to check the declined in the standard of excellence or the lack of it. For example none of Malaysian’s uni was in the top five bracket of the best even in South East Asia, let alone Asian standard. The best two years ago was UPM’s Business School which was placed seventh and nobody knows how they fare today.

    So please stop this shit, it is nauseating and gives a bad taste in the mouth. There are other better usages of the fund like those suggested above. If, and only if there is no better idea on how to exhaust the fund, why not keep track on TV3 exposes on the long sufferings of our fellow Malaysians (like they were almost forgotten as if they do not exist) reported by the station especially the very heart-felt hardships faced by some school children who had to walk kms to get to their school in the deep interior in Sabah. Their gleaming white shoes and socks became so dirty and ugly while on their daily 5am walks to the school. These children deserved better attention because their MP and the stateassemblyman were very busy attending to their personal chores in Kota Kinabalu and Kuala Lumpur expecting contracts of becoming VIP brokers to fill their already fat wallets. It is sad that the MP was once the head of the state government and if he could not even lift a finger to help them when he was in office how does one expect him to do it now without any executive decision making ability. The children will continue to languish in the backwaters of Sabah while their so-called representatives who were expected to take care of them only takes care of himself and his family.

    So, like Brother Snoop Dog said ”drop (the fucking idea) like it is hot”. Drop it and get back into the real world. The world these morons were in will not get them nowhere. We want our students or uni fellas to be known as the best in education excellence, NOT making the best kebabs or some shit which were of no consequence and a total waste of funds. Get real man, or better still Grow Up Guys Before You Guys Grow Old!

    zukri valenteno
    Anakbukit, Alor Setar, Kedah

    (former coordinator of the first and the biggest ever contingent of Malaysian journalists (known as Joint Media Team Malaysia) to the Middle East in April 2003 to cover the US Invasion on Iraq)

  17. Anonymous5:01 am

    How can the education of our country be good when the people in charge on the Uni get the priority wrong??? Any one with more than some 'cowbrain' or 'oxbrain' will tell you that it is a waste or time, money and resources??? If you spend RM24K to make a record.. Some one can easily break the record by spending RM24k plus one cent... Where does end???? Call that an achievement?????? Do not be so shortshighted or kiasu??? How can such people be in charge on the Uni??? How can our education be good???

  18. Anonymous10:22 am

    ye lah. at one time, only the phone men want to claim they have the smallest.

  19. "What's The Matter With Kids Today?"

    There's something wrong with the kids in my neighborhood
    They always listen to your mom
    They disregard civil disobedience
    They'd rather do what they're told
    They don't drink, or fuck, or fight (they don't start fights)
    They sit home, and read, expand their minds

    There's something wrong with the kids in my cul de sac
    Their always going to church
    They dress well and they're speaking articulate
    They show each other respect
    They're never late, don't smoke or break rules (they don't break rules)
    They eat right, they study hard, they like school

    There's something wrong with the kids in my neighborhood


  20. i wonder how much we could have done with money splashed on all those longest lemang, biggest yee sang, biggest roti canai and whatever not. this is what i call smart wasting... wasting money in a way that makes ppl proud... supposedly.

    well... the question is... are you proud?

  21. Anonymous11:07 am

    for those who blame it on Malaysia Boleh by Dr. M,

    u come to MMU, nowadays its all about GEMILANG of Abdullah. No more MALAYSIA BOLEH on the banners lah, duh!

    MMU is busy making money, they don't care about the students. U got read newspaper? last month a saudi arabia student was arrested for drug trafficking in cyberjaya! foreign students = big society porblem! and who contributed this? MMU and LKW college!

  22. Bro
    checkout a 13 year olds take on the enviroment...

    Only snag is she is a die-hard MU fanatic !

  23. Anonymous11:45 am

    that's our other problem. blame M, blame M. take a look at AAB's records, man!

    Tallest: His story on how government bought plane for him and the Agong.
    Second tallest: His story on the RM30 millon yacht.

    Longest: His 3 years as PM is the longest premiership ever in the world! Or it feels so. Millions of Malaysians cannot wait for it to end.

    Biggest: Those millions, who now are the biggest fools for electing the PM, AAB.

  24. Anonymous12:10 pm

    M or AAB, they're all politician first, PM later. In their sham defence - a man has gotta do what a man has gotta do.

    But as I can recall, this whole utterly useless world record breaking streak started with the tallest flagpole in Dataran Merdeka, was it not? I was still in school then and I remember asking, why? Honestly, why?

    On the bright side, it is comforting to know that some university students do have common sense in them.


  25. Our government just has the inane ability to waste copious amounts of money.

    Looks like it's infectious.

    It makes me sick.

    No one will actually be impressed with these kinds of silly achievements. Not the rest of the world, and not even us.

  26. I take exception to this comment though:

    foreign students = big society porblem! and who contributed this? MMU and LKW college!

    I work in Cyberjaya and I don't see foreign students being a problem.

    As much as I have a right to go overseas to pursue my education, they have a right to come here.

    And most of them do obey our laws.

  27. Anonymous3:22 pm

    It's all due to the media lah...they all like to give publicity ma. if they don't give publicity, nobody bothers. media also like to put themselves in their own newspapers or tv.

  28. Anonymous3:27 pm

    Apa? Kerja lain tak da kah? Suruh pergi universitdapat ijazah, buat kebab pula. Kalau pergi interview, bakal majikan tanya "what's your greatest achievement during your U days?" dia jawab, "I broke world record for the longest kebab" lepas itu bakal majikan jawab " Well , you are the fastest person to leave this room. Thank you and good bye"

  29. Kalau pergi interview, bakal majikan tanya "what's your greatest achievement during your U days?" dia jawab, "I broke world record for the longest kebab" lepas itu bakal majikan jawab " Well, you are the fastest person to leave this room. Thank you and good bye"

    LMAO!! You sure have a sense of humour, Anon.

  30. Anonymous6:45 pm

    erm yar..that would have been 'challenging' making the erm,,,longest kebab....LOL

  31. Hey people ... if this longest kebab of juicy kambing can feed me, "saya sokong"!

    Please, some brilliant University kids, why not for go for the biggest bowl of shrimp cocktail or largest periok of sambal tumis ikan bilis or biggest pot of bayam rebus ... do so and invite me!

    2 weeks of bland food from pantang of purine rich food ... is getting to me .....urghhhh ... I am losing my perspective of right and wrong!

  32. By the way, shag-hi stephen, you've just broken South American football comentator's goooaaaallllll ... scream record for the longest exclamation.

    Now you've just own a world record. Malaysia Boleh cheers for you!

    What is such a snag about being an MU die-hard!

    Hidup Man U!

  33. Check this out at Malaysia Book of Records.

    The Oldest Living Man is Omar Abas from Kampung Jeram Manir, Terengganu. Born on September 26, 1857, he is now 144 years old.

    The oldest man ever recorded in history never surpassed 125!
    Can submit our Tok Omar for Guinness World Records dee ni maciam. Remember the air-lifted national to north-pole? It gave me the heartiest laugh. Maybe that could be entered into MBOR too.

  34. Anonymous10:43 am

    Kerja bodoh.

  35. That's interesting, mob.

    It means our malaysia book of records is not credible.

  36. Screw the poor.

    "Let them eat kebab."

  37. Anonymous10:57 am

    For record purposes, certain people in our midst seems to belong to the Singaporean "kiasu" mentality. Since a leader is so fond of raising the "keris", why not ask him to stand there (on the same spot) unmoving for 7 days and 7 nights raising the keris....some record!! Or a politician who can tell strictly lies non-stop for 24 hours. I am sure all of us have some pretty "wise suggestions" for these goons to carry on their breaking record purposes.

  38. I agree. It's time our Malaysian youths set their minds on doing something substantial, lest we be the butt of the world's jokes.

    2020 is coming, are we prepared?

    Or are we still panggang kebab di belakang rumah?