Friday, April 06, 2007

In search of a missing boy

The Malay Mail may still be The Paper That Cares.
The tabloid will be distributing 10,000 copies of Yin's pictures with tomorrow's Weekend Mail, which is distributed in the Klang Valley. Deputy Editor Yushaimi Maulud said in an SMS sent to this blogger the paper will also publish the boy's picture daily to help efforts to locate the missing 5-year old.
Yin has been missing since last Saturday.
Read the Malay Mail's report here.


  1. Anonymous12:41 am

    How magnanimous. A blog helping a mainstream tabloid with this search! Bravo I pray the boy is safe.

  2. Anonymous1:19 am


    good what the Malay Mail is doing to help find this little boy.
    let's hope and pray he would be found.

    So, how about the Malay Mail do a real story? On the young lady who was beaten up by the prince downsouth?
    now, that is a real story...

    but why does it feel that that was asking for too much from the Malay Mail?

  3. Anonymous1:37 am

    I'm still reeling with shock and disbelief over this news. That parents and minders of young children should not be so careless as to allow them to stray in a crowded shopping complex, near the escalator on a Saturday afternoon.

    On a few occasions I have come across wandering and crying children traumatised by the fact that they can't find their parents in a place full of strangers. How can this ever be allowed to happen?

    I can't think of any other reason apart from the carelessness or negligence of adults when they are given the responsibility of minding little children who don't know better.

    Don't they know better?

  4. Anonymous2:52 am

    Sorry the line should read "That parents and minders of young children should be so careless as to allow..."

  5. Anonymous3:36 am

    Bodoh punya parents. Just because they were in a shopping centre, they think they're in their own house... all safe and cosy, while they browse through the crap sold over there.

    But sincerely, I do wish they will be reunited with their son. Of course, this is the best case scenario. The worst case is, (no need for me to mention... there're so many... use your imagination).

    As with The Malay Mail, it has no choice but to be 'The Paper That Cares' once again to regain a few more readers it had lost. After all, you don't expect Yushaimi & Co. to come up with something innovative and original, right?

    Of course, in all fairness, I wish MM lots of luck.

  6. Anonymous3:39 am

    You're most welcome to it Rocky! Do post the Constitution when it's ready - who knows I may be tempted to upgrade myself to BLOGGER instead of blowing hot air as a mere OLD FEMALE FART!

  7. Anonymous5:14 am

    Parents never learn. this is a lesson. while shopping, never allow your kids to roam around unescorted. A painful lesson indeed.

  8. salam Bro Rocky,

    Semoga adik Yin selamat dan diindungi Allah s.w.t.

  9. i pray that the little boy will be found --- safe and sound.

    and OLD FEMALE FART (how are you,ma'am? haven;t heard from you for a while now..) has a point...
    how on earth did that happen?

    losing Yin must be punishment enough for his careless parents.
    i hope they will learn their lesson to never let their little children out of their sight when out shoping or anywhere.

    Let's hope Yin is somewhere with a nice family who had taken pity on a little lost boy wandering along Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman one Saturday afternoon...

  10. I really feel sorry for the plight of Yin and his family. How could such a thing have happened in the first place? We at the Alliance could help publicise and alert the public about this story. I hope a police report has been lodged and they are on the look out as well.Those in the vicinity of Sogo or thereabouts should take him and hand him to the police should they see him. Malaysians are a caring lot and when it comes to things like this and will sure do the right thing when he is found.

  11. Anonymous12:00 pm

    Hi Nuraina

    Yes - my heart bleeds for Yin and for his parents of course. Having almost a dozen cucu has made me all the more aware of safety and security for children. I'd protect them with my life and soul if it comes to that.

    I've been so-o-o-o busy lately with ini dan itu. Trying so hard to make myself relevant to family, friends and society while at the same time pursue my life's passions like heritage and the arts!

    Wait till you come to my age Nuraina! You'll grab at straws but will not compromise your principles and integrity! Which I'm sure you won't as Secretary of the Pro Tem Committee.

    I'm going to start a controversy here by suggesting that women have a lot more integrity than men because somehow we can steer clear of the power game!

    What say you Mat Rempit Hubris?

  12. old female fart,

    you must be a very young grandma. and so hip and happening.
    i dont have any cucu yet. But have a busload of nieces and nephews whom I so adore.
    I enjoy taking them out--- sometimes five or six at a time. Always careful to not let them out of my sight. I don't know what happened when little Yin went missing.
    There must have been some carelessness there but whatever said now wont help. Still, it wont hurt to remind parents to take care of their kids. Can't stress enough the importance of keeping your kids close to you when you're out in places like busy shopping complexes.

    anyway, OFF. please stay connected and get some controversy going.
    as for getting to be your age. believe or not, i probably am, almost. already clutching some straws.
    Start blogging, ma'am and join us.

  13. This kind of thing happens, you know. I remember the same thing happening to me when I was about the kid's age. Its not so much my parent's fault, in fact it isn't really anyone's. Little children are distracted easily.

    Well done, Rocky.

  14. Anonymous4:08 pm

    to Old Female Fart who wrote, "...I'm going to start a controversy here by suggesting that women have a lot more integrity than men because somehow we can steer clear of the power game!"

    judging by your comments, I get the impression that you are a person who has had some formal education... and, I'd even stick my neck out to say that you are an intelligent person.

    however, there is one thing that is noticeably lacking and that is... wisdom!

    as a simple example, is it wise to compare cats with dogs?

    or, for that matter, is it wise to compare bitches with dogs?

    cows and bulls, perhaps?

    so, without going into too much details... if not, one would need to know what are your definitions of a lot more and integrity and Power Game and, if they are what I think they are then maybe you might have forgotten people like Rafidah Aziz or Hilary Clinton...

    funny thing is... how much more?

    a kilogramme, metre or cubic metre more, or what?

    but, to cut a long story short... each species has it's own God given functions, so, why is there a need to reinvent the wheel... so to speak?

    is it integrity that makes more women marry into security?

    or, is it integrity that drives more women to vanity?

    and, is it integrity that tempts you to support Barcelona Football Club just because you like the colours of their jerseys?

    admittedly, there is safety in numbers but why do... what appears to be... sane, intelligent people keep harping on the minutiae of the sexes?

    insecurity, perhaps?

    anyhow, dear Old Female Fart, since you appear to have convinced yourself into believing that women have a lot more integrity than men, maybe you should ask God why there were no prophetesses, only prophets?

    lastly, in lacking wisdom Old Female Fart is not alone because if one were to add up all the wisdom that could be mustered among all our politicians, it should be equal to minus one!

    so, heed Alexander Pope's words of wisdom... "A little knowledge is always dangerous."

    no wonder kids get lost these days!

  15. To anon 408pm,

    I think old female fart was just joking or just wanted to provoke a response by saying such a sexist remark...and i'm going to respond in kind by saying that when a women is advocating women issues or engaging in male bashing its called womens rights or feminism but when a man is defending men rights than its called least from the viewpoint of women.After all how many times have we heard the lines.."biasalah orang lelaki..gatal" or 'orang lelaki ego" or other such inane comments.And they even have women publishing industries recycling the same old one-sided trash. As if egoism or flirtatiousness or personal ambition is gender blind or gender proof..... Hahahahhaha...what patent nonsense!

    Ps- Please take my comment in the same spirit that i took old female farts- Lite humor!- bad for accuracy, reasonable entertainment value and uttered in good spirit.

    PS-Sorry Rocky for digressing.

  16. off & mat rempit:
    women tend to generalise all men. it's a fact. but if i were to say that, i'd be guilty of generalising women. so i won't say it. but it's still true: women like to generalise all men.

  17. Anonymous1:13 am

    Mat & Rock

    Men who have integrity are of the noblest breed, of the highest calibre because they are more likely to be confronted with the most trying of life's vicissitudes - where their uprightness/purity/honesty/moral virtue will be put to the test.

    Being in positions of power as prophets and leaders puts men in situations where difficult decisions have to be made, which may not be a clear black or white but rather, verging on grey.

    Women are less likely to be confronted with these situations in their more protected world, cocooned world where it is easier to nurture these attributes of integrity. Even in positions of authority, they tend to be guided by a deep sense of morality. Perhaps this stems from the fact that motherhood makes women the natural nurturers of mankind - the Mother Earth if you like. It's a great responsibility to bear.

    Women will lose more and more of this innate integrity as they clamber for positions in what is predominantly a man's world outside.

  18. My heart bleeds for Yin and his family. But please, please don't be so quick to blame the parents. Sometimes it is just nobody's 'fault'

    I remember the same thing happening to me and my daughter when she was about 3. One minute we were checking out a greeting card to get her dad, and the next - she was gone! So I know just how Yin's parent's must be feeling. But maybe one thousand times worse - cos I still have my little girl. They haven't found their little one yet.

    May god's gentle hands guide him back into your arms.

  19. Being Malaysian, we always have the 'point fingers' mentality..How I wish we could stop playing the blame game and pile further distress to Yin's parents..It could have happen to anybody..even you and careful we might think we are..I just hope all will ends well..

  20. Anonymous3:14 pm

    People who blame the Parent must be childless and heartless. It is not so easy to keep an eye on a young and active child, whilst shopping in a busy shopping centre. There are many distractions there that will lead the child astray.

    What about Sogo's fault in refusing to allow the Parent to view the CCTV video on the day itself but only relented 7 days later when it was too late?

  21. My heart bleeds for Yin and his family. But please, please don't be so quick to blame the parents. Sometimes it is just nobody's 'fault'

    im sorry Pat, but this time its his parents to be blamed. In malay paper (not sure wether iss metro or utusan) it stated that, this is the SECOND time Yin got lost.

    But yeah, I pray they will find him.

  22. Yeah, its also in the link that rocky provided us:

    'Apparently, this was not the first time Yin had gone missing.

    The last time was at the Tesco supermarket in Ipoh.

    Sadly, still didnt learn from the past experience.