Sunday, April 22, 2007

I'm a Thinking Blogger

Thinking Blogger Award.
There is no money in this award. You get it because someone thinks your blog makes people think. In my case, Nuraina A. Samad thinks my blog makes her think. What I've got to do for getting this award is to tag 5 blogs that are supposed to make me think. It's a clever con job but thanks for the award, anyway, Ena.

Every blog I open makes me think but lately these five have been making me think again or think harder.
1. Jed Yoong
This young lady runs Freelunch2020. She is about to go back to blogging anonymously because she has decided that there is a conflict in interest between FL2020 and her new job as editor of the Rocket, the official newsletter of DAP, an Opposition party. Her blog has made me think hard about freedom of the blog.
2. Bigdogdotcom
Big Dog blogs anonymously and passionately. A pro-Umno fella who was the first to come out to try and protect Jed Yoong's right to blog without fear or favour, even though the lady works for the DAP. Will he stop blogging anonymously to prove his point about blog freedom?
3. Tony Yew
An ex-Anonymous blogger, Alliedmartster launched his blog called Must Stop This for only one reason - to fight for justice for Audra, his dear wife, who was sacked by Malaysia Airlines for being pregnant the third time. He has changed his blog's name to Can you see it? and expanded its coverage to include issues that affect life in general. It's David vs Goliath and Romeo & Juliet in one blog.
4. Susan Loone
This former journalist is a consultant for an NGO based in Bangkok. She started the Bloggers United "official page" following the lawsuit against Jeff Ooi and I by the NSTP and 4 others. She seems to see a link between the DPM and the murdered Attlantuya, based on her postings on the subject, and recently created a controversy by proposing that All-Blogs must go to Ijok.
5. Jun-E Tan (formerly June Tan)
This student of blogs and bloggers has been in the thick of the blog movement even before the lawsuit and was present at the meeting to form the All-Blogs (she was even nominated for the post of Treasurer but declined). She is not afraid to speak her mind as she recently did when she responded swiftly and surely to Susan' with her own All-Blogs must NOT go to Ijok.

Now, for the commercials:
This award was started here.
Each of the five recipients above, after taking a bow, will proceed to award five others whose blog he/she thinks deserve this award.
Now, my dear recipients, should you choose to participate, please make sure you pass this list of rules to the blogs you are tagging. The participation rules are simple:

1. If, and only if, you get tagged, write a post with links to 5 blogs that make you think
2. Link to this post so that people can easily find the exact origin of the award
3. Optional: Proudly display the 'Thinking Blogger Award' with a link to the post that you wrote.

Please, remember to tag blogs with real merits, i.e. relative content, and above all - blogs that really get you thinking!


  1. Anonymous2:27 am

    hey hey rocky, what? an award without money???? anyway, thanks for the honor and happy to be cracking your head with some hard thinking. some people would prefer to call me "drama queen", hence the lable "high and mighty" :-). several controversies already, from "who is behind walk with us" "to all blogs must go to ijok". glad to be contributing to people's grey matter.

    as for the altantuya murder, though i see a link with dom najib, i also question if there could be a conspiracy? after months of speculations, the man actually said "no". even his wife is rallying behind him. still this "no" brings about more questions, for example, if it is not najib, then who????

    well, now gotta think hard about who are the five thinking bloggers. all your fault rocky, can't sleep tonight :-) since you also hijack already some of the bloggers i think who make me think!

  2. Rocky,

    that's a real cool list you have.
    thanks for being a sport.

  3. Anonymous8:31 am

    Tidak Tuan. Saya tidak pernah guna internet dan itu bukan tulisan saya! Saya tidak kenal tulisan itu dan rumah saya tiada rangkaian internet jaring pun.

    Tuan salah orang ni. Saya tidak bersalah Tuan!

  4. Rocky!

    There we go again! Its like an Academy award or Grammy award, this thinking blogger award is heading towards an elitist mentality, as I have expressed earlier over danger of self-aggrandizement! Why cant we just be a blogger and not put a tag, if that is so it is as though some blogs make people think, while others don't, as it will imply those who do not get tag are not capable of making people think!

    P.S. Every blogger that I have visited make me think and they are great! Anyway just a thought!

  5. Anonymous2:28 pm

    Coming from someone who gloated at Anwar being beaten near death, no, I don't trust you and Kadir Jasin.

    U owed Tun Dr M so much. You even echoed his view about MV Agusta.

  6. Oh that's just dandy.

    Free award sans money and nobody wanna take it.

    With Susan losing sleep having to 'think' about other 'thinking bloggers' after creating some controversies (he..he) plus BigDog going "I'm innocent" ala AI, I wonder how the other recipients will plead.

    Anyway, I'm just glad to say that I've met all five put up by Rocky and his summaries are right on the money.

    And now, the grand razzy award for the most 'blur' commentator..goes to..(I ain't telling and there's still no money).

  7. Hi Bru, my haste to get the next 5...forgot to post here too.
    In blog hopping, as usual, I came across so many other thought provoking blogs. So having made you think, I think you'll know what I am thinking, that I think what you think you did today isn't worth another thought!
    Well done, we need decisions! 66 it is!


    Shar...and it (Razzy) goes to...
    Ooops internet connection down..can't complete your sentence!

  8. Anonymous4:21 pm

    shar101, I know what you think last night! Don't lah like that. The razzy award goes to .........CUBAN

  9. Anonymous4:30 pm

    So you tag 5, who then have to tag another 5 each, so those 25 then tag their own 5... its like a wierd chain letter dude.

    Eventually everybody will get tagged, since everyone has the capacity to make someone else think about something...

    But your original 5, sweet!

  10. Anonymous4:41 pm

    thank you thank money, it's ok. it's an honour bro:D

  11. eeeh...just realised the full set of rule..
    including a blog tat was already nominated by sum1 else, issit ok? I nominated a blog ( FLunch) then realised Rocky did the same....aiyak silly me :(

  12. Anonymous8:02 pm


    congrats. n i see ur logic in picking ur five.
    Now i've been snagged too n i dunno wot who to tag. These things r viral eh?

    Award without money? hmm...
    at least we don't have to pay money.

  13. Anonymous6:55 am

    My dear Rocky,

    You intimated in an earlier entry "Ah, Freelunch2020!" that Jed might have been pressured to stop blogging, and why can't she be editor of DAP's publication Rocket AND blog as an independent freethinking blogger.

    It would indeed be interesting to apply the same THOUGHT to the question of why you haven't yet (or won't?) speak out about fellow bloggers' (Jeff and Paul) nasty encounter with the hooligan pemuda BN at Ijok.

    I'd like to ask, with all due respect if You, rocky, as president of All Blogs and as proclaimed THINKING BGLOGGER, to THINK about asking yourself the same question you asked of Jed Yoong.

    Can YOU blog independently and speak out AGAINST that violence shown at Ijok aganist your fellow Malaysians, brethen and bloggers Paul and Jeff? Can you put aside your BN loyalty and speak up on an sisue of civility and humanity?
    Can you THINK about that, Rocky?

    A reasonable request, no? Considering Paul COULD very well have lost an eye?

    Come to think of it, what can All Blogs do about PROTECTION for bloggers if the President of All Blogs chooses not to even speak up (as in publicly blog) about Blogger vulnerability when covering elections?