Monday, April 23, 2007

Jeff vs Them: It's at Duta, not Denmark!

Walk With Us. All-Blogs vice president Jeff Ooi goes back to court to face NSTP & 3 others tomorrow morning. Please don't go to Denmark House because the Screenshots blogger will appear at the Courts Complex in Jalan Duta. Time: 9 am.
Jeff is being sued for defamation by the New Straits Times Press, its editorial adviser Kalimullah Hassan, group editor-in-chief Hishamuddin Aun and former NST group editor (now a PR consultant) Brenden Pereira. He was served his papers in January, about the same time the NST & 3 others + Syed Faisal Albar, the company's chief executive officer, served me mine through Shearn Delamore.
Tomorrow, Jeff's lawyers will apply to withdraw his application to strike out the plaintiffs' suit. As in my April 2 case against NST & 4 others, this move is deemed necessary because the NSTP & 3 Others have amended their original claims.
See you at Duta. Walk with Jeff!

No cost.
In my April 2 case, the Court allowed my application to strike out the suit against me by NSTP & 4 others with no order as to costs in view of the substantial amendments made by the plaintiffs to their suit (which was done after I had filed the striking out application). The plaintiffs had asked that costs be paid by me forthwith, which my counsel objected to. After hearing arguments for about an hour, the court agreed with my counsel and allowed me to withdraw the application with no order as to costs. It was my position as informed to the court that day that the plaintiffs should instead be paying me the costs as I had to file the striking out application before they sought their amendments. However, on advice by my counsel to conduct the litigation fairly, I did not proceed to seek costs and asked that no order be made in this respect.
On that day, I also reserved my right to seek further and better (FNB) particulars with regard to the amended suit or to strike it out.


  1. Anonymous9:26 pm

    whether it is denmark (something is rotten in the state of denmark) or jalan duta doesnt matter. What matters is the voice of the people. We shall crush them. We shall turn their days into nights, we shall let them see stars on high noon. Rocky, we will back you all the way, we shall never waver. Lead the revolution, Rocky. Lead the revolution, Jeff. It's a fight to the finish, and we shall prevail.

  2. Anonymous9:31 pm

    What a show!

    A landmark case at the newest Kuala Lumpur landmark.

    Best of luck, Mr Pro Tem Vice President Jeff Ooi. Everyone else, try to keep with all the legal jargons.

    We talk about at Mi Rebus on Tuesday.

  3. Anonymous11:05 pm

    The journey we began will see us walk side by side with Jeff and Rocky till we reach the destination. Whatever may come. Wherever it may lead us.

  4. Anonymous3:23 pm

    All the best Jeff.

    I must say that the support of both former NST GEIC Datuk A. Kadir Jasin and Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad will be crucial in clincing the case in favor of Malaysian bloggers.

    I remember the old days well, when the NST, under the helm of A. Kadir Jasin was truly a world-class outfit under a world-class, democratic Prime Minister.

    I am glad that both Saudara Rocky and Jeff Ooi explicitly acknowledge this, and have formed a pact of steel.

    I, for one, long for the good old days.