Sunday, March 04, 2007

Wiki and I

Wikipedia on Ahirudin Attan @ Rocky's Bru.
told me I've made it into Wikipedia. So I went here to read about me. It sure has more stuff than what I've written about myself under my own blog's Profile.
But that doesn't mean I'm going to contest the Lembah Pantai parliamentary seat at the next General Election.


  1. hi bro,

    can i say that you have arrived?
    it was a matter of time before you got wikipediaed.
    But make sure they dont have inaccurate things written about you.

  2. Anonymous3:31 pm

    "But that doesn't mean I'm going to contest the Lembah Pantai parliamentary seat at the next General Election."

    I think you can try it. :) Who knows, you are the black horse in house.

  3. Anonymous4:37 pm

    Salam Bro,

    Another example of 'Malaysia Boleh" or 'Malaysia Boleh ke?'


  4. Anonymous4:39 pm

    Excerpts :-

    ...................But that doesn't mean I'm going to contest the Lembah Pantai parliamentary seat at the next General Election...........................


    Dear Rocky, why not ?

    The best way towards good governance of Malaysia is to deny the BN government the 2/3 majority they have been enjoying all this while.

  5. Rocky,

    Congratulations! I agree with Nuraini that you had arrived...come of age to the world of legacy.

    Please write more ... and give us something to nourish. You had been "quite" lately.

  6. hi rocky, so u're now famous (not that u weren't) am proud to say u're my former editor.

    btw, i have left MM Oct last year, now a full time freelance writer. enjoying it very much.. :)

    keep up your good work on the blog and else where.. and all the best in the law suit. i'm behind you and Jeff although i have not voiced out much.

    cheers, ee-tan

  7. okay,

    why shouldnt you contest the Lembah Pantai parliamentary seat next election?

    you know the clowns who get picked to stand for elections in easy constituencies?

    anyway, you know when an independent stands for elections,it is not about winning....

  8. Anonymous6:07 pm

    I have to take credit for doing this. I just thought it's appropiate with the existing article on Jeff Ooi, and the fact that you have been mentioned alongside him on several news sources. Funny thing is, the article was created when you were in court (around 3.00 pm, 22 February), so this rules out the possibility that you created this article as a vanity page. :P

  9. Wah, so fast announce candidacy, ah? Make movie first la. AN Incovenient Asshole, just like Gore.

  10. Wikipediaed? Is there such a word?

    So, Rocky, when your site meter hits 1,000,000, will you then declare your candidacy for a parliamentary seat as an independent? You know I love 'indies' for political office.

    Meanwhile, have to agree with Maverick S.M. that you're too 'quite'(sp?) lately.

  11. Anonymous10:07 pm

    wah..rocky....hahhahahahaha...inconvenient asshole..hahahhahahaha :D LOL
    congrats bro + lembah pantai vs ke most memorable pix of her is the one where she held up the MM's 'smut issue' with her face twisted in fury and her eyeballs on the verge of popping out...LOL...

  12. Anonymous10:16 pm

    Shahrizat just wetted her panties hearing she's got a challenger.

    She's going to have a bad night.

  13. Dear Bro,
    Your name will soon be a synonym with the fight against corruption.Five years from now this would happen..

    Student learning from NST no longer happy with 'pre-oku-pide' they would learn a new word in NST headline.

    "The good for nothing Chief Minister was
    rockybrued while accepting 5 million ringgit as an inducer to 2 million direct nego tender to build a public toilet. He will charged for corruption tomorrow"

    Word for the day:
    1:verb ,the act of catching swindler ,corrupt politician or those in power while their hands are in cookie jars.

    2: verb ,the act of telling people that RM500 million to stage Monsoon Cup is a waste of money or the money in the right hand and left hand belongs to the same person or any other stupid project for that matter.
    Eg: The boy was asking,"Hey ,dont you think this is some sort of a rockybru project?"

    3. Adj. description of special kind of face of those swindler who were caught as they appear in court (frontpage)with konon2 dignified,humble,concern leader or "sadin" look which of course not appropriate face to potray when the picture of them behind bars.
    Eg: With the face whiten and rockybru the convicted corrupt minister was sent to jail.

    4.Noun. Name of a person name Ronin Samurai Rocky who manage to start awareness of every Malaysian that the fight against corruption is the fight by all Malaysian,40+,long hair,6'4",ponytailed Eye Black (ala Dean Martin ),Big Fan of meerebus Maria...most of all Heart of Gold.(this is my addition to wiki def)

    Eg: Mr Rocky'sBru was awarded an anti corruption medal

    5. To describe as rockybruest of 2007 means the person is worst corrupted leader caught for the year 2007.

    Eg. Among the rockybruest leader ever made a a deputy youth leader (no relation to any party leader )

    The wiki thing is Goood Bro.

  14. rocky,

    wow... that is quite an achievement. you've definitely made a name for yourself. of cos, we can do away with the law suit.

    maverick... think you've referred to nuraina as nuraini... it's nuraina.

  15. bro,

    i am not 3540 jalan RIONG ( as on your blogroll).It is jalan SUDIN.

    er, er.... how come you hve it as RIONG?

  16. Ena,
    Three thousand five hundred forty apologies!! How did that happen? I suppose I was missing Jalan Riong when I was listing you on my blogroll. It is Jalan Sudin now!!
    Looking forward to your Tuesdays with Bapak. Also this Tuesday's mi rebus. And rendezvous at Wisma Denmark.
    Jalan Sudin ...
    Jalan Sudin ...
    Jalan Sudin ...

  17. Rocky,

    you are forgiven. of course you are. you have APOLOGISED, therefore FORGIVEN.
    if you hadn't, you'd still be forgiven. the fact is, you did.

    MEE REBUS on tuesday. YES..
    OKAY.. next TWB? of course....
    stay tuned

  18. Anonymous10:00 am

    Rocky, Jalan Sudin is a nice place. But, don't mixed up Lembah Pantai after reciting Jalan Sudin too many times ya. lol

    Parliamentary seat. Why not?

  19. Anonymous10:01 am

    Saudara Rocky,Alhamdulillah you made it into the Wiki. Kalau ada peluang contest sajelah. Siapa lagi yang kami benar-benar harapkan kalau bukan mereka yang mahu menegakkan keadilan.

  20. Anonymous11:25 am

    Congrats ur a Wikipediac...

    but don't go spoil it laa. No bertanding business all. Journalists turning politicians hav a way of becoming sanctimonious pricks IMHO.

    P.S. galadriel will consider herself lucky to be invited to sample certain widely touted-to-be sedap mee rebus.

  21. Anonymous12:14 pm

    Dear Rocky

    Thumbs Up!!! man.

    You should consider being member of PKR or DAP and go for Kepala Batas Parliamentary Seat in coming GE 2007 man.

    Bet you can win easily... With more than 2 million blog readers and supporters, you can make youself Deputy PM (not Deputy Primitive Minister) man.

    Be a Believer of Success, and you will Be One.

    Thumbs Up! and Keep Good Work Up!!

  22. Anonymous12:29 pm

    Hi Rocky
    Congratulations. Hikmah di sebalik your legal suit agaknya!

    I just started reading Blogs end Dec06 and didnt really have the chance to browse much of yr old postings. Hence, I consider the Wikipedia write-up a heaven-sent cos it has most (if not all) of the relevent postings.

    This definitely will be a busy week for me, on top of the other hot stories surfacing past few days. Yummy!

    All the best, Wassalam.

  23. bro,

    may i use this comment box to thank zewt for correcting maverick on the spelling of my name.
    thanks zewt. maverick is not the first to spell my name as nuraini.
    it is a common mistake, really.
    thanks again, zewt. no offence taken, maverick. appreciate it.

  24. Anonymous5:13 pm

    Dear Rocky

    Thumbs Up!!! Again from me.
    Rest assured, your future will go far and beyond your imagination.


  25. rockybru also deserves to be in the encyclopaedia britannica as a fine example of an intelligent, concerned and moderate man.

    that's more than one can say for those media blokes of low quotients.

  26. hmmm.

    wonder how brenden pereira will be decribed in wikipedia?
    kalimullah hassan?

  27. Found your True-Calling with Jeff, you blokes are indeed the a great Lethal Weapon/Rush Hour team!

    The WIKI on you and Jeff will indeed grow with your pursuit of justice and the truth at Bolehland.

  28. Congratulations on being Wikepediaed... :o

  29. Anonymous8:19 pm

    Dear rocky,

    Finally your name is there. Congrats. It means that there is a volunteer who has been your fans since your case has come into the mainstream newspapers. As I am one of your supporters, i am glad to see it. Why dont you just contributes some facts bout yours there? At least we know the authenticity of the stories. Expect my call to your mobile some day.We might meet up again...Thanks

    p/s:Should stop subscribing and reading NST....ahaks.

  30. Been wiki-ed huh? :)
    Oh, the inconvenience of fame...