Monday, March 19, 2007

In Malaysia, the Government fears blogs

And it tells the mainstream media not to take from the blogs

Got this from Susan Loone's, who got the pic from Malaysiakini, who got the story from its sources in the mainstream media, who got the orders from the Gomen of Abdullah Ahmad Badawi. Add this to FAK's reprimand on the phone and you get the idea about Press Freedom.
Read also her scoop that says the Sin Chew reporter DID NOT LIE.


  1. Whoa! People, they are ganging up on us bloggers and sledgehammering the 'truth' down into oblivion, not transparency.

    That audio recording will reveal who is telling a lie. Hope Susan will get it on, pronto.

    Will it be like Nixon saying "I'm not a crook".

  2. Anonymous1:22 am

    Mark my word, fellow commentators - soon there will be only one mainstream media! The merger that didn't take place will take place, and whatever remains of press freedom will go down in a pile of oppression, suppression and damnation! By issuing this letter to the mainstream media, the ministry (Government)is flexing its muscle to curtail any independent thoughts editors and journalists may have. The ministry (government) is actually taking over the decision-making role of editors.And if editors from the mainstream media (Dato Khalid, Mr Yong, Dato Hishamudin, Dato Manja, Dato Syed Nazri, Michael Arias, Dato Wong and their cronies) do not protest, then they create history by being the best government stooges of all time.

    Bloggers are the victims of their own success! And the very people who speak of transparency are the real killers of vibrant free speech!

  3. Anonymous1:32 am


    If I am not mistaken - and some guys smarter than me will soon correct me - Ian Fleming in The Man With The Golden Gun wrote -

    "Once is a happenstance, twice is a coincidence, but three times, it's enemy attack"

    And the guy getting the roasting these past few days, could turn out to be rather prophetic, even if rehman does not know it.

    Lawsuits, ministers warnings, veiled threats, now an official ruling, you know, there's now more than one sandwiches in the basket, for us to declare the looney picnic is open.

    But you know what dude, the circular issued has once and for all severed any strand left of this administration's perceived, or believed, as the, self-proclaimed enabler of a freer media environment.

    I am not sure the internal security ministry knows the political implication of the letter to the PM's promises of freer media. But since the minister and PM is all but one person, one would think that there is now a total disregard even to show off a veneer of tolerance to a questioning media.

    And dude, if that is the case, which I am afrad I am likely to conclude, we probably have not seen anything yet.

    And dude, based on your experience as editor dealing with the ministry , its action often comes in waves, always trying for some agenda.

    Take care dude, and you bloggers out there.

    I am lighting a candle for sanity.

    ps/ get the guy married already. rumour shumour.

  4. Anonymous2:51 am

    rocky dear;
    i thought you were really witty in your paragraph there :=)
    yes we all get it from somewhere sometime from one another all the why can't we work together? the government's fears are becoming so apparent now..wonder what next...?
    Rocky, am not waiting for that..but am certainly waiting for your 2mil mark!

  5. Anonymous3:04 am

    Rocky Bro

    This is press freedom to Mr I Do Not Know PM. You cannot blame Badowi because he was not aware of such instuctions because "budak Tingkat Empat" did it. So it was not Bodowi and we should not blame him.

    The Son-In-Law is the de facto PM so one cannot really blame Bodowi because he honestly didn't know about most things happening in the country.

    So let forgive Bodowi because he was asleep most of the time - working too hard at nite!!!

    Any way this is press freedom for this government.

  6. Writers in any media should stick to the truth. If such truths are critical of the government of the day, so be it. If such criticisms are construed as being "anti-government", so be it. The problem, as always, is the infantile administration in charged of Malaysia today. This problem finds no allies in press owners who are often pawns, prone to playing the "understanding" and submissive role. Only if more people stand up for sticking to the truth.

  7. Anonymous7:42 am

    Bro Din,

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  8. Today, Bloggers United has completed our 2nd month and negotiating the 3rd. Is it safe to say we will be contemplating the 4th month before FAK flugged all Bloggers. I am also contemplating daring him to.

  9. Anonymous8:24 am


    See, dia takut; thats why he said, "my friend rocky bru has no prbolem with me, he has known me fdor quite sometimes"

    And the feeble attempts of denial at the end of the recording is a shame.

    Oh, good morning by the way.

  10. Bro,

    An Anti-Bloggers agenda.
    The government is out on the offensive.
    Trust me... the attack won't stop. It will continue, in many forms.
    But, it is coming after only a few "dreaded" blogs. Yours included, I am sure.
    The lawsuit against you and Jeff was the start.
    The government is very afraid of what the blogs can do.
    It is their perception, rightly or wrongly.
    You know this. Goes without telling.
    The govt is making the blogs to be an opposition alliance.
    That is why, among civil servants, the word "blogger" frightens them.
    If you ask me, there are other people the government should be afraid of.

    Oh! Malaysia!

  11. Anonymous9:38 am

    was just reading about this in theSun free newpaper, page 10.. is it a crime to have an opinion. and only a fool will 100% absort what they read, without thinking about it 1st. so dont tell me the media is going to take 100% bulat bulat from what the bloggers have to say..surely professionals have to do their study too 1st, right?

  12. Bro, like I said, and now they have issued a black & white.
    The ball is in our court, do we stand united? Bloggers United!

    Shar. . .just as well, like what Clinton said,"I did not have sexual relations with that woman"

  13. Anonymous12:16 pm

    Hi Rocky,

    Since you're an experienced journalist, may I ask you the following:

    (1) If you want to advertise your blog, say, in the NST or The Star, will they accept it? If NOT, why?

    (2) Presently, does our country's Publishing and Printing Act encompass the Internet media in any way? If yes, what's the scope?

    (3) If the answer to (2) is NO, then on what ground does a grieving party sue a blogger or commenter for libel?

  14. Anonymous12:16 pm

    Rocky, looks like you are getting your 2 million mark soon. My NST friends say their favourite blog is Rockybru. Eat your heart out, NST. Long live Rocky's revolution.

  15. i am of the opinion that it is unnecessary for the ministry to issue the letter. the people (including the newspaper editors) are matured enough and they can think for themselves. do not treat the editors, writers and journalists as a bunch of school kids.

  16. Weak leaders with weak morals fear the truth. They even fear theie own shadows.
    Confident leaders with integrity will meet all forms of criticisms with intellectual rebuttals and arguments.
    It is onerous for uprighteous men and women to make journalism a career in Bolehland where one can be told what to write and what not to write.
    Where one is told (before press conference) what questions to ask and what not to ask the VIP.
    Where a journalist can be admonished even by a civil servant for asking "embarrassing questions".
    Where one is told how to mock Opposition leaders.
    What is journalism when an entire group editors can be displaced when there is a leadership change in a political party.

    What is so great in being an editor or even a group executive editor when he has to take instructions from politicians.
    In Malaysia, journalism is for stooges.

  17. Anonymous3:22 pm

    Sdr Rocky,

    Maaf tidak dapat sertai makan-makan Malaysia. I was told that the mee rebus is really good.

    Sekali lagi kita mengucapkan terima kasih kepada Kerajaan (Islam Hadhari) kerana memberi pengiktirafan kepada kewujudan blog dan sekaligus mempopularkan blog dan laman berita Internet.

    Terima kasih daun keladi kepada Kementerian Keselamatan Dalam Negeri.

  18. Anonymous3:29 pm

    Former business journalist Mohamed Mohamed Said (known as Moe among close friends) passed away at 3 am this morning.

  19. Anonymous4:58 pm

    Looks like bloggers are winning this battle..will we win the war..time will only tell.

  20. audio evidence? what audio evidence? me wanna listen to some audio recording. shar101?

  21. Anonymous8:31 pm

    A sentence in paragraph 3 states:

    "...menyebabkan orang ramai membuat kesimpulan sendiri..."

    -so the public are not supposed to think and come up with their own conclusions?

    The whole of paragraph 4:

    -a clear threat if you ask any reasonable man.

    Paragraph 6:

    -further emphasises the earlier threat

    Sadly, our media is all controlled by political parties. Can't there be any neutrality?

    Now I am begining to wonder, are we living in a communist country?


    p/s: We're no better than Singapore, moulding robots and unopiniated individuals.

  22. This is impressive. I'm beginning to think the average blogger has far more credibility than the mainstream media.

    The government unwittingly agrees.

  23. Anonymous10:36 pm

    If you want a glimpse of what the future holds for the media of Malaysia--- just look down to Singapore--and you will see what is to come.
    ..and methink its not just the media that is going to be duplicated...

  24. Anonymous11:14 pm

    Obviously things haven't changed with the govt depts - look at the way they write that letter, berjela jela panjang just to come to a couple of points. Am sure it took them many man/woman hours just to complete that 'task'.

    Tsk tsk tsk...nak jadi fully developed nation konon. First world infrastructure, third world mentality?

    How do you shape the population's thinking if dissenting views are not allowed to be seen or heard, let alone debated? Where is the freedom to express one's opinion? How do you promote and dessiminate ideas and voice criticisms if the media don't carry any of these? Or is the govt so scared that truth be told and consequently prevails?

    Just to digress:

    1.Bank Simpanan Nasional sold 128 million ECM Libra shares - never knew it was also a share market player like EPF; the profit (or loss) was not disclosed

    2. EPF bought RHB Bank at around RM1.80 per share, when it could have bought them at a low of 52 sen a year ago. Obviously the fund managers there don't believe in Benjamin Graham's 'value investing'.

    RHB Bank also has a debt of RM3.6 billion which is part of the deal.

    There must be something in investing that we fail to understand.

    3. And RM2 billion spent on National Service? The cost of a packet of maggie mee must have gone up considerably!

  25. Zewt,

    It's Susan's prerogative to go ahead with revealing the audio recording on TA's press statement as reported by Sin Chew.

    That expose by itself would be a major setback for the Interior Ministry trying to curtail mainstream print 'collaboration' with bloggers.

    It's her scoop!

  26. Anonymous11:38 pm

    You know what, all the editors are emasculated. they don't have any say, they know it. what the hell, all of them get a big fat pay to just play the tune of the powers-that-be. I am challenging my good friend Syed Nadzri, who was supposed to be a gentleman who values press freedom. But just look at him, a pathetic figure who is just a puppet on a string. This is an open message to Syed - prove that i am wrong. Do you have the balls to do it. I know you dont have the balls. I pity you and the emasculated compattriots in the NST. So sad, brudder. Rocky, you have been very nice to Syed but it's time to take off your gloves. you have your work cut out for you.

  27. time to throw down the gauntlet eh?

  28. Anonymous12:47 pm

    saudara rocky,

    teruskan usaha murni anda dan agi idup agi ngelaban..

    live wothly and fiat sapienta virtus.