Monday, February 12, 2007

Malaysia's most powerful PM

RM46.6 billion. That's how much Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, as Prime Minister of this trillion-ringgit trading nation, has empowered himself to approve for spending under the Ninth Malaysia Plan. That's more than double Dr M's budget as PM under the previous 5-year plan [RM20.8 billion].
In the context of "political economy", according to A. Kadir Jasin, it means Abdullah is "the most powerful Prime Minister" this country has ever had.
Read the analysis by The Scribe here and please heed to his plea to stay cool when commenting on this previously camouflaged fact.


  1. my dearest rocky & friends,
    let abdullah be with his power greediness and richness. we believe in Allah and Allah will show what is right and wrong undoubtdly... it won't take long nowdays...Allah will show it there and then... He pays cash nowdays
    we'll see at no time who is right or wrong.. wheather or not AKJ is right... or Rocky is wrong.. KJ is the traitor and anyone else... just have faith on the Almighty. meanwhile just continue with what we are doing.. write if you're a writer, make money if you are a businessman, blog if you're a blogger, do politic if you're a politician,... trust me God is great...

    May the Almighty bless all of us

  2. Rocky!

    I must tell you this good news. I have arranged the office court's diary and it looks like I will be in Wisma Denmark on the 6th of March!

    I ll see you there Rocky!

    Justice for Rocky Bru!

  3. Anonymous2:11 pm

    they say, money is power... so the more money I have, the more powerful I become... there's nothing wrong with this.

    although, it would be nice if all that money were spent for the benefit of the general populace... and NOT just a selected few.

    and, buying a brand new aeroplane with luxury fittings is definitively out of the question!

  4. just imagine the money can be used to buy votes??????? phewwwww.
    so next election confirm big mandate again

  5. Anonymous3:04 pm

    I like what AHM says, pray and leave it to the Almighty, prayers can be our most powerful weapon, ask for a rightfully guided leader adn we shall get, whoever he may be

  6. Anonymous4:54 pm much more.
    Is it because things are much more expensive nowadays or what?

  7. hmmm Tun Mahathir budgeted for rm20.8 billion in RM8... but how much did he actualyl spend?

    I heard that TDM overspent. didn't TDM used to have this thing called the supplementary supply bill which was often tabled by anwar ibrahim.

    although ppl tend to say that budget was balanced under tun mahathir but these supplementary supply bills was like political variation orders. hmmmmmm

  8. Anonymous9:59 pm

    Dear Mr Rocky

    If we Malaysians still do not realise this weakling but greedy PM has done to the country and make known our views through vote, then we dont deserve a better nation. If among us lament about this weak leadership etc, just keep quite and sleep.

  9. much more.
    Is it because things are much more expensive nowadays or what?

    Well if each tiang for MRR2 costs over RM1mil and each Polis post over highways at RM100k sure lar must have BIG BUDGET to spend!

  10. Dollah and co has been throwing so much 'Figures' and 'Numbers' lately. With just a year countdown to election, what could he make out with all those $$$?

    We all knew he failed his statistic paper and when it comes to numbers he couldn't save himself IF his ehem depends on it.

  11. Anonymous2:33 am

    you got balls.

    think of what?
    king and country?

    Ikut Suka Aku
    good motto

    Berani bikin intelligent expose?
    Bloggers are columnist?
    not only journalists gets shot and killed in bosnia, you know.

    The ONE or the 7?
    Tun's watching you.

  12. Anonymous4:59 am

    TDM silap! AAB salah! TDM bodoh! AAB goblok!

    siapa yang betul? siapa yang pandai?

    awak? kalau betul dan pandai sangat, berilah idea nak selamatkan negara yang hampir musnah ini? kalau pandai buat analisis, pandailah beri cadangan!

    tapi memang adat manusia "cakap tak seperti bikin!"


  13. Anonymous9:15 am

    Howcome hes doing the sleeping but we are getting the nightmares ?

  14. Dulu ingatkan Mahathir PM paling teruk, mr clean tidak la clean sangat rupanya.

  15. dek mat

    u seems awfully odd in posting the same post in AKJ's the scribe as well as bru's place

    are you being sufferring some kind of attention deficit ?

    Dr.M's exceeded his allocation ? but Mr. Clean's himself not only awarded himself an even bigger budget but what makes you think that he will not overuse the allocated budget ?

  16. rocky,

    Is this ISA threatening to kill you?

  17. ahm; you are the problem; another uneducated ignorant fool, duped and brainwashed about a fairy in the sky who will provide justice in some form. Wake up from your irrational delusion and educate yourself from the brainwashing.

    The only way things are going to get real, is by people taking responsibility; then forcing those in power to take personal responsibility for their actions; and everybody taking responsibility for their actions;

    Or stay in your deluded comfort zone that some almighty benevolent ghost or fairy or whatever you are deluded it is that is going to provide justice. If people got real; educated themselves in rational understanding, instead of being duped by stone age mumbo jumbo and other brainwashing that is provided by your corporate cult, then they would no longer accept this crap from those who should know better.

    Oh what holy fools!! Believing in some paranoid psychopathic God who lets works in such mysterious ways, and smites such innocent people down in such violent and terrifying ways, and by his almighty will, is going to provide righteous punishment. What a load of crap.

    There is no god and never was. I am sorry you are not educated to get your head around what has been happening in the last 50000 years or so of prehistory and cultural evolution. You have been deluded, duped, sucked in, fooled; but dont be upset, it is just what has been happening.

    Try educating yourself. Richard Dawkins is a very good place to start. Then start taking personal responsibility for your actions; stop brainwashing your children with riligious mumbo jumbo; start giving them a rational scintific education and having them take personal responsibilty for their actions; then society will start to follow.

  18. Anonymous7:57 pm


    let me tell u one SECRET. they all semua bukan kaya sangat. for example,they may worth rm500 juta, but hutang rm 520 juta. their total worth? negative rm20juta. its juz their estimated worth asset aje, excluding hutang. hmm..interesting is it??