Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Malaysia Nuke Cleared

Green light from White House! Did we know that we needed Washington's consent? In any case, we've got their permission! The American ambassador to Malaysia said the US has no objection if Malaysia pursues a nuclear energy program for peaceful purposes. [read here]
Interestingly, Dr Mahathir, in an article headlined Muslim Nations must have Nukes last September, slammed the US over its policy on nuclear weapons.
Dr M said he believed in a world free of nuclear weapons.
"My own opinion is that we should get rid of them ... All nations should (give up) nuclear weapons, in particular the very belligerent United States."
[read Muslim Nations must have Nukes here]


  1. Alright! It appears we're getting somewhere by being nice to the U.S.

    Will AAB now ask GWB for our two 'nuclear scientists' holed up at Gitmo to be released on good behaviour.

    After all, we've been extremely cordial and really, really want the FTA to be signed next month after the 'backroom' boys have had a shot at tying up the loose ends.

    Heck, we'll even throw in a pass or two for U.S. military nuclear vessels to berth at Malaysian ports for VMY07. (Screw ZOPFAN). But shore-leave sailors still have to pay the RM14 (abt US$4.00) ride on that ferris wheel by the lake and it would be advisable to inform them that the fireworks display does not mean that the natives are restless.

    Notice: In as much as there is responsible writings in the blogosphere, there must also be responsible readings too. Otherwise, T.I.C. articles can have dire consequences for the uninitiated.

  2. nampaknya lepas ni malaysia akn join negara2 yg bakal memiliki kuasa nuklear...
    memang semuanya bermula utk tujuan keamanan dan atas alasan utk jd punca tenaga...
    tp lepas ni mungkin akn naik taraf utk kuasa perang.maklum la,USA dh bg green light utk kerajaan 3 beranak buat tenaga nuklear...
    lepas tgk la berapa banyak negara islam yg jeles dgn m'sia selaku negara pengerusi OIC...
    lepas tu kt tgk la sape yg dapat tender utk bina loji serta segala kemudahan nuklear yg mungkin bernilai berjuta2 ringgit...wallahualam...

  3. I really dont like the idea. I know everyone is saying it but I am going to say it again... if we can't even manage our parks and buildings properly... how the hell are we going to maintain a nuke plant???????????

  4. Please-oh-please-oh-please let there be a meltdown like in Chernobyl. Just give the project to Samy V. Oh-pleas-oh-please-oh-please.

  5. Anonymous1:30 am

    that's the cleverest thing to say. really. you put things in perspective. scary.
    and amir,
    are you the malay male guy? you gross. love you dude.

  6. Anonymous2:42 am

    erm nukes sux? n cause cancer, diabetes...other diseases that make ppl ugly and worse in bed? what's with our current regime man..all money for the family, sell the country's assets to foreigners + kow tow to USA (Ugliest Slimy Ass)....

  7. Anonymous3:46 am

    Quotable quote:

    zewt said:

    if we can't even manage our parks and buildings properly... how the hell are we going to maintain a nuke plant??????????? Full stop!

  8. Get Out of Here

    Very soon every SEA countries would like to have one (it always start with power generation),and all the money for the welfare of the people would be spent on arming the state to the teeth...guess who would gain out of this.I thought we agreed at one time to make this a free nuclear zone??

  9. Anonymous12:57 pm


    That's Good News to fellow Malaysians. We Malaysia should develop Two (2) Nuclear Reactors on board the Cobra King Yacht and Airplane A319 for the Malaysian Mr. Primitive Minister to travel and sail around the world for as long as he live.

    He is no way good to the country either. That Bugger a useless chap, better keep a Bull Terrier than Sultan de' King.

    ha ha ah aha..

  10. Morons!(Means all of us stupid and pathetic Malaysians)

    Here's the bad news! People are already suffering from strange malady (diabetic, cancer, leukemia and sterilisation and high blood prresure) when housing developers were allowed to build houses on land once used for dumpsites over the years. For example, many houses were erected behind Kampung Kemensah where, once upon a time toxic waste old batteries and other poisonous and hazardous material which came from as near the Free Trade Zone areas) being dumped, I know I covered this shit when I was a reporter, now imagine people living on this contaminated land, and what other strange diseases that they are suffering from, in silence and not knowing what hit them! In Canada, for example, it is against the law to build human habitat over rubbish dumpsites and this law is very much observed. Back here, this weak and corrupt government is not upholding its very first sacred tenets of being a government in power! TO LOOK AFTER THE BEST INTEREST OF THE PEOPLE WHO HAVE ELECTED IT TO POWER! The Kemensah area water table was so badly contiminated from seepage from the hazardous contaminants in the eighties that poisonous water from the stream killed many zoo animals, of course the news was X-Filed!
    At the rate that we are going, I predict 20 years from now this country will become one of the many failed societies and countries alongside Afghanistan, Iraq, Sudan, Ethiopia and Pakistan where leaders are so corrupt and amassing fortune so they can live in the West!
    Someone is right, if we cannot maintain our country's assets, parks included, how in the hell are we going to maintain a nuclear reactor! Very scary thought!

    P.S. Many factories in the Hulu Klang Free Trade Zone, with companies like Harris Semi Conductor and Texas Instruments have been ejecting heavy metal into the Klang River, when the DOE officers closed both eyes! The ejection of hazardous effluence is also being conducted around the country with full knowledge of the local authority and the government! People are dying from contaminated water! And while this is happening this country is being ruled by the Prime Minister's Son-in-Law! I believe you Morons do not deserve any sympathy from the world community!

  11. Anonymous4:17 pm

    To Freelunch2020,

    Diabetes is most often caused by dolts who don't/won't control their diet and consume too much sugar for their kidneys to process properly. Cancer doesn't just spring from radiation. And ironically, one method of treating cancer is through radiotherapy.

    We could conceivably get technical assistance and material, vis-a-vis India and the US, like monsterball said. And it's even better because we don't have a nuke weapons program like the Indians or Norks. But like zewt said, knowing our government and national culture......

  12. Anonymous6:29 pm

    To me nuclear plant technology is very different from nuclear technology. Nuclear technology can be use in many ways. So ...

    1. What is the threats of having a nuclear plant technology?

    2. Who is going to bare the cost of having it on our backyard?

    3. Are we gonna use energy efficiently just by having a nuclear plant?

    4. How are we gonna get rid of the nuclear waste?

    5. How long is the nuclear waste gonna be store at our backyard?

    6. Will our future generation be burden more when we go down this road?

    7. Does it really help global warming?

    8. Do you really think that a nuclear plant gonna save you more money in eletricity bill?

    ... you decide ... :)

  13. CGOPD,

    Bingo on the nuclear free region.

    Check up on what ZOPFAN meant when it was initiated years ago in November 1971.

    This was pre-TDM era.

    This was a time when the world had a bi-polar military power regime.

    This was a time when political ideologies were distinct and the 'good' guys wore white whilst the 'bad' guys wore black.

    Now is the time for AAB to remember what ZOPFAN meant.

    Or will he be remembered as "The One who kept our children out of parks and buildings, tucked safely in nuclear-fallout shelters instead".

    *Last paragraph was inspired by ZEWT*

  14. Anonymous10:53 pm

    hey pasquele
    tks for the info. rocky, hope u don't mind if i curi-ed his comment to post on my blog.

    nstsaint: hello. well, i understand that research has shown that exposure to radiation is DIRECTLY correlated to an increase in the number of cases of diabetes + cancer.

    i don't see why we need a nuclear programme. energy-wise we have hydro, if bakun goes ahead, all will be well.


  15. Anonymous6:21 am

    erm. rocky, what happened to my comment about research showing radiation exposure is directly correlated to diabetes/cancer.


  16. Anonymous9:32 am

    If M'sia has nuclear energy, S'pore also wants! But S'pore has got to build its nuclear plant in Johor; S'pore no space lah....

  17. Anonymous10:30 am


    I like your comment. Singapore should go for one (1) Nuclear Reactor too, and Iskandar Region should lease them a land for the Reactor.

    If they happens to go nuts over Malaysia, we bomb the reactor and both "Kaput"... We'll see Singapore Island turn turtle and that Lee Kuan Yew sinks like Titanic, in that muddy dirty Selat Terberau.

    Win some, lose some ma....

  18. "8. Do you really think that a nuclear plant gonna save you more money in eletricity bill?"

    Heck no!!
    They're gonna charge us premium. You can bet on that!! Else how to pay for the multi- billion RM nuke plant??

    Toll hiway pun tak habis-habis bayar lagi. Makin naik, ada lah.

  19. Mokhtar Kassim said...

    Quotable quote:

    zewt said:

    if we can't even manage our parks and buildings properly... how the hell are we going to maintain a nuke plant??????????? Full stop!

    monsterball said...

    mokhtar kassim.....By praying hard 5 times a day for God's help!!

    Tuan Rocky, saya pilih tulis dalam Bahasa Melayu sebab dengan angkuh dia akan berkata dia tak faham Bahasa Melayu - tulis dalam orang putih pun selalu dia buat-buat tak faham juga, dah berapakali dia kata I dont understand.

    Juga, dengan angkuh dia akan tulis perkataan Melayu dengan cara yang salah. Dan, bagai biasa, dia akan kata, kalau berani tulislah dalam bahasa (Inggeris) yang dia boleh faham - hanya untuk menghina.

    Jahat sungguh binatang yang bernama monsterball ini. Orang seperti ini datang untuk memecahbelahkan sahaja. Dia akan berlagak seperti pembela orang tertentu. Apabila orang itu memberi muka kepadanya, dia akan membodek orang itu cukup-cukup supaya dia dapat peluang untuk membuat kotor, kencing dan berak di tempat orang itu. Patutlah BGDC panggil dia tua kutuk.

    bukan kali pertama dan sangat sinis ayat kurang ajar dari si perut busuk ini: By praying hard 5 times a day for God's help!!

    Ayat itu datang dari orang yang pernah menulis seperti ini:

    They do have a tidak apa attitudes with a relaxing life and leave their future to Allah.

    Sebab itulah dia tulis: By praying hard 5 times a day for God's help!!

    Dia juga pernah menulis:

    It is the Malays that is racialistic ... Bottom line……you malays need to change

    Alahai... si jahat yang menyuruh orang berubah.

    Dan lebih sinis lagi, dia tulis ini:

    Bismillah Hirohman Nirohim
    Alhamdulilah Hirobil Alamin
    Astag Firulloh Haladim

    Setelah melepaskan kejahatannya yang terkutuk, memang lumrah dan memang stail dia, akan tulis begini:

    I am sure you love to see other races being rediculed. That's your natural character….too sensitive but love to laugh over others.
    I think it is time we be more open minded and accept criticisms…especially the malays…why be so sensitive?

    As you said, Tuan Rocky, it doesnt take a rocket scientist to know what you should know!!

    You dont have to tekan publish if you dont want to. i wont ask you why, why? i dont have that dirty stinking habit of forcing people to publish my opinion - macam setan tu.

  20. We have certainly NO need for nuclear energy. Our hydroelectric systems were doing fine, the last time I checked.


    But I do find it amusing that Russia of all countries, is "concerned" about the military conflict, even warning the US against striking Iran.

  21. Wasn't Bakun Dam supposed to take care of our energy needs? What happened to that, anyway?

  22. Well, we're still on the conquest for the longest undersea transmission line.

    Some sources say the Bakun dam is three quarters complete as of late last year with completion in 4 years.

  23. Anonymous7:03 am

    pasquale's P.S.: And while this is happening this country is being ruled by the Prime Minister's Son-in-Law! I believe you Morons do not deserve any sympathy from the world community!

    Got to hand it to you, pasquale. You always go to great pains to spare our feelings. ;D

    But to the matter at hand... We probably shouldn't be surprised if this getting the nuke for piss go-ahead from the yanks carries the stench of the SIL. After all, I believe at present the country needs an alternative energy source like an extra hole in our lower recesses. Like you said, we haven't even begin to address the problems of the contaminants we've allowed foreign entities to foist on our land that they wouldn't dare to do in their own backyards.

    What else haven't they sold... our waters, our air-space, our lands... boy we really have been trimmed, tendered, cooked and delivered. To borrow a popular yank saying, put a fork in us already... yup, we are so ready for the pecking!

  24. Dear Mekyem!

    Certain issues are beyond good manners! Why should I spare you Morons the great pain of being stupid! You people love to be molly-coddle, sweep stuff under the carpet business, do-not-mention-it syndrome for you will hurt their feelings crap! Did you know that Malaysia is number three in the world for a country with a massive reserve of ground water, yes numero three! We will give it for free to Singapore, or Singapore will invade this country not for anything else but for our water reserve, yes with the help of the US arsenal, wake up you MORONS! Meanwhile, what did we do! We tricked the rakyat into believing that Bakun was for the common good, we will sell hydro-electricity to the world, yes all in theory, but the real reason was/is Bakun is still a scam to log the ancient rainforest in the Bakun areas, where some of the trees are believe ot be as old as 1000 years! Bakun was never intended for what it was originally intended for, it is just for pure greed and to steal the timber along the way destroy the water and river tributaries systems and destroy the water catchment areas for ever! ON other issue! The ACA D-G was not a spic-and-span clean bastard, but he was closing in on someone, may be more than one who are close to the power that be, I was told and what the NST did to him was a pre-emptive attack to destroy his credibility. Pre-emptive is a god strategy used by the Israeli to fight wars in the Middle-East! Sometime there is more to it than meets the eyes! But as usual Morons have no thinking power due to excessive consumption of carbohydrate! I am so totally bored with you mother@##%$@!

  25. Anonymous4:21 am

    Dear pasquale,

    I never failed to appreciate your in-your-face comments, even when I hate your guts. And many times, like now, I can really see where you are coming from.

    Thanks for that bit of twist to the ACA D-G story. Very interesting. Have to admit that I'd be one of those taking that whole wayang at face value otherwise.

    Would like to say that this particular Moron's excuse is distance but I doubt if I wouldn't be just another hand-wringging dot in the statusquo, good only at complaining to my officemates and neighbours and whinging online, if that isn't the case. Even when not apathetic, I think we Malaysians either lack real fire in the belly or the imagination to do what it takes to stop the robbing and the rotting. Perhaps we really deserve the government we get.

  26. Dear pasquale,

    Don't hold back. Tell us how you really feel.

    Yours deliriously,

  27. wah, didnt know my comment was so inspiring haha...

    anyway, it's true. the thought of having a nuclear disaster and blaming it on god aint going to be a good sight.